A Sign of Affection

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They nearly tumbled to the floor as they hastily walked through the door and took off their coats. Their lips stuck together, never parting, except for the occassional second long separation as her tongue chased his. After what felt like an eternity of being locked in eachother’s embrace, he pulled her back firmly, and as she leaned forward hungrily, their desirous eyes met. Neither of them had a doubt about what was going to happen in the next few minutes, the only question was who would make it to the bedroom faster. She won. As he entered right behind him, she pounced. Wrapping her arms around his neck and shoulders she clutched onto him, careful not to fall as she covered him in hard, open-mouthed, sloppy kisses all along his neck. She could feel his erection pulsating against her bottom and she moved up to his ear, letting out a moan, she ever so slightly licked around the edges of his ear before flicking her tongue against his earlobe. At this, he breathed in deeply, pulled her tightly into him, and pushed her back against the wall. They were both fully dressed besides their coats, but she was so wet and he was so hard that they might as well have been stark naked. With her back resting against the wall, he pushed his massive erection against her, rubbing it against her crotch and inner thigh. When they both thought they would come right there, he finally loosened his grip, and she slid down his belly and waist, over his penis, and snapped her legs down, feet hitting the floor. He was between her thighs, and the shock of the manuever she had just pulled combined with the warming sensation all around his genitals made his eyes bulge, his heart beat quicken, and his penis swell to a size neither of them had ever witnessed before. He pulled off her blouse and greedily undid her pants as she wrestled with him to undo the buttons on his shirt and slacks at the same time. They wanted eachother so badly they could taste it. Literally, he was craving the taste of her juices, and she was salavating at the thought of him coming in her mouth. It wasn’t but a few moments before he was completely naked and she was down to only a few items. Pushing him back onto the bed she said “I want you. I know you want me, but you’re going to have to wait. Trust me, I’ll make it worth your while.” With that she exited the room. A few moments later she returned wearing a floor-length silk black robe. As she walked to the bed, he met her at the end and pulled her on top of him, his penis pressing into her belly button and lighting a fire between her legs. He rolled her over, pushing her to the head of the bed, and slowly, lovingly, untied and opened the robe. Surprise, surprise, she had made it worth his while. Under the robe she was wearing a sheer nighty, only coming to 3 inches below her waist. He could see everything about her body; the hardness of her nipples, the indent of her waistline, and the little black thong she wore underneath. He stared and she smirked. Pulling her out of the robe completely, he layed her across the bed and began kissing her from her lips all the way down to her belly button. At this point, she pulled his face up to hers and devoured him. She knew something had to happen soon or she was bound to come right then and there. He knew it too, and he pushed his hands up her sheer nighty, sliding it up her torso, pausing to play, ever so gently with her nipples, and over her head. She reached down and grabbed his shaft, groaning as she did, and began rubbing him. “Mmm…” he said, and wanting him any way she could, she moved down and began licking all around his head and up and down his shaft. He thought he might explode from the pleasure, but wanted to please her just as much so swung over back on top of her, ran his fingers down her side, slid them under her panties, pushing them down her legs, felt her slick wetness and glided all four of his fingers into her. She shouted with pleasure, and pleaded for him to continue, but he didn’t. They both wanted to feel good, but more importantly they wanted eachother to feel even better. Taking matters into her own hands, she flipped him on his back, pushed the sexy black thong the rest of the way off her legs, and crawled on top of him. Spreading her legs, and placing her knees on either side of him, she lowered herself onto his steaming erection. “Aaah!!” They both sighed in pleasure, as his penis finally inserted into her. It was so deep, deeper than it had ever been before, and she loved it, not only that, but it seemed to pulse and contract, each time expanding inside of her. She began to swivel her hips back and forth, and hearing his delighted cries, moved them in a circular motion, while rocking herself back and forth. Faster and faster she moved and faster and faster he pumped into her, as they both moaned, and cried, and begged for more, until finally…. “Oh! Oh! OH!!! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! MORE!… Oh my God!” They came at the same time, and then they both collapsed next to eachother on the bed.

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