Adventures in Jennifer's World Ch. 3

Chapter 3:

I suggest you read the previous chapters first to get the references.

Jennifer recovered nicely. Any marks of the rape she suffered had disappeared, and the psychologist who saw her (only twice) had discharged her with a clean bill of health, citing that there were no lasting effects of the rape in her mind.

Eric kept her busy. Since the sale of the house, and the start of the college year coming up in a week, he had helped her to piece together what she wanted to do. He knew that Jennifer was interested in trial law, and knew she would have at lease 7 years of schooling ahead. He acquired certain materials necessary for her to get herself ready for her first days, and took her to the college for registration. They told the admissions department they were brother and sister, but when they started kissing in the quad they had their heads scratching!

Eric, Angela and Jennifer were just finishing dinner when a there was a knock at the door. When Eric answered the door, he found Alan there.

“Alan!” Eric said warmly, “Come in! How are you?”

“Alright,” he said. “I healed up ok, but the ribs still give me a little trouble now and then.”

“Jennifer will be so glad to see you! I know she hasn’t seen you for a week or so, but she has been so busy with college registration and stuff. I’ll let her know you’re here…”

“Uh, wait,” Alan said. “I need to talk to you first.”

“Um. OK,” Eric said. “Here—come into my office.”

The two went into Eric’s office to the left of the front door. Eric closed the door and motioned for Alan to take a seat. Eric sat down behind his desk.

“OK, Alan, what’s on your mind?” he said.

“Well, I wanted to ask you about Jennifer. Ever since that day in her house when Jake—Jake…”

“I understand. Go on.”

Well, she – did things to me that I know she couldn’t have learned from books, and I was wondering, um, where, um…”

“Where she learned it,” Eric finished. “Well, there’s no easy way to ask me, as you’re trying to, so I will spare you the embarrassment: Angela and I taught her.”

Alan looked stunned. His mind was working overtime. He looked at Eric, and felt an anger swell up at him, but also a measure of envy that it was Eric, and not himself, that taught her. Eric interpreted his thoughts to this extent.

“I suppose you want to take a shot at me,” Eric said, calmly. “I think I would feel the same if I were in your shoes. I will not apologize for my actions, though. But before you take your shot, I suggest you talk with Jennifer first.”

“I don’t need to,” Eric said, suddenly calming. “I guess I can’t blame you. I don’t know the entire story, and I don’t like to make decisions like that until I have all the facts. I know Jennifer’s hot. I have a sneaking suspicion that she instigated it. If you don’t mind telling me, how is she? I mean we were rudely interrupted the last time, and I wasn’t able to judge then…”

Eric started laughing. “Wow! I never expected that! Well, I could tell you, but I think you’ll have to answer that one yourself. I’m sure you’ll be able to. Now come on. I think the girls are wondering where I went off to.”

Eric got up and led Alan out into the den area. It was a hot August night, and Alan unbuttoned his shirt. Eric was only in shorts. He went into the kitchen as Alan sat down.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the kitchen. It sounded like a pot hit the floor. Jennifer then flew into the den and ran to Alan.

Alan could not believe his eyes. Jennifer was wearing the sheerest nightie that he had ever seen. He could see her beautiful tits bouncing as she ran toward him. She hit him at a full run, nearly knocking the breath out of him and sent his ribs screaming.

“Alan!” she cried, kissing him all over his face. “I am so glad to see you! I’m sorry I’ve been too busy to see you all week. I missed you!’

Alan couldn’t get a word in edgewise, as Jennifer’s mouth and tongue were all over his face. She grabbed one of his hands and planted it on her right tit, holding it there until he started to fondle it and tweak her nipple. She squealed at the contact. Alan’s cock was getting hard.

” I think she’s happy,” said a woman’s voice.

Alan looked over Jennifer’s shoulder and spied Angela. His cock grew harder at the sight. She was wearing a nightie as sheer as Jennifer’s, and her tits looked just as big. Her red hair was striking against her skin, and he could see the patch of red hair just above her pussy. Eric was standing behind her, looking at them.

“I think you’re right, hon,” Eric said.

Jennifer squirmed. “Well, are you gonna finger-fuck me or what?”

Alan turned his attention back to her “Hon,” he said, “don’t you think we should go somewhere more…private?”

“Why?” she asked.

“Well, we are in someone else’s den-“

It’s my den, too. I live here!”

But I don’t want to impose-“

“Impose, hell! I’m gonna invite them into this soon!”

“W-Wait a minute! I-I don’t know-“

Jennifer stopped squirming. “Alan, I am a very erotic woman. I have tasted the forbidden fruit and found it quite tasty. I enjoy the sex I have with the both of them, and-“

“Both?!” Alan asked incredulously.

“Yeah, both, Alan. What, disappointed that your girlfriend likes to make it with other girls too?”

“Let them work it out, hon.” Eric said to Angela.

“No,” Alan finally said. “I just never-“

“That’s been your problem,” Jennifer said, just a touch severely, “you never did. Hell, I had to initiate our trysts. You need an education, Alan, and I think it’s high time you received that education!”

Jennifer got off his lap. She bent over and kissed him, rubbing his cock for a moment, and giving him a good look at her wonderful tits. She then stood up and walked over to Eric and Angela.

“Angela, are you up to a good romp and give these guys a show?”

Angela smiled wide. “Always!” she said.

“Good. Eric, please sit with Alan, and give him a running commentary, OK?”

“You got it,” he said.

Eric went over to Alan and sat down next to him. Jennifer then turned to Angela, and walked into her open arms. The two women started to kiss each other passionately.

Eric started his commentary. “You see, Alan, these two really enjoy each other. They give each other pleasure that neither you nor I could give them, but it does not exclude us. You see, once they are done with each other, they will want us, and then the real party will start!”

“What are they going to do?” Alan asked.

“Just watch.”

Jennifer put her hands on Angela’s nightie straps and moved them down her shoulders. The nightie slipped to the floor, and Angela kicked it away. Jennifer started to kiss down her throat, gently licking along the way. She then started to kiss around her left tit, heading toward the nipple and areola.

“AAAH!” Angela purred.

Jennifer reached the nipple, and gently bit it. Angela squirmed at the contact. She then started to roll the nipple in her mouth, making Angela squirm even more. One of Jennifer’s hands grabbed her ass while the other one found her pussy and started gently massaging the clit in slow, lazy circles.

“Oooh, yes!” Angela hissed through gritted teeth.

Jennifer switched to the other nipple and started to nibble on that one. She then inserted two fingers into Angela’s pussy, moving them in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Angela couldn’t stand any longer; she crumpled a little bit, and went to her knees, bringing Jennifer with her. Jennifer stopped what she was doing, stood up, and removed her nightie slowly, cupping her pussy, then her tits, as the material passed them. Angela was licking her lips at the si
ght. Jennifer then threw the nightie near Angela’s. She then returned to the floor with her, and kissed her again.

Angela pressed her back, and then laid her on her back. She then went straight for Jennifer’s tits, lickin
g and biting them, just as she had done to her. Jennifer’s moans became audible.

Angela started to kiss down Jennifer’s stomach, leaving little bites along the way. Jennifer bucked a little at each bite. Finally, Angela reached Jennifer’s clit, then licked and bit that bud.

“Ooh, ooh, aah, ah shit!” Jennifer hissed. “That’s it, suck my cunt, you whore!”

“Why’d she just call Angela a whore?” Alan asked of Eric.

“That is her pet name during sex,” Eric explained, “and Jennifer’s is ‘slut’. If you use those words during sex with them, they will fuck your brains out!”

Alan stored that information.

Angela’s head continued to move to between Jennifer’s legs. She was now licking and sucking her pussy lips, licking and biting her clit, and shoving her tongue into her pussy hole. Jennifer started to become louder.


Angela maneuvered over Jennifer’s face, placing her pussy near her mouth. Jennifer took one long lick along the whole length of her pussy slit and made Angela buck. She then grabbed around Angela’s waist, holding her in place, and then buried her head in her snatch, eating her as ferociously as she could stand. This made Angela reciprocate, and the two women were locked in a 69. Both were eating each other’s pussy hard, and neither let up.

Then they started to roll. They had done this the first time they had sex together, and they enjoyed it so immensely that they added it to what they normally did to each other.

Both Alan and Eric had hard-ons. Their cocks were like solid iron from watching the girls. Eric removed his shorts, and Alan stripped to let his cock grow free.

“See what I mean?” Eric said.

“Oh yeah!” Alan said, slightly stroking his cock.

The women’s rolling landed near the men’s feet, then back out on to the floor again. Their soft moans from eating each other steadily grew louder. Suddenly, Angela threw her head up, lust in her eyes.

“Ah, Oh God!” she screamed. “Jennifer, you’re gonna make me CUM with that wonderful tongue of yours! You’re gonna—Aaauuugggh, I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”

Jennifer bit her pussy lips as Angela started to cum. Sweet juices flowed from her. Jennifer drank and lapped it all up. Angela’s pussy lips became more swollen and so sensitive that when Jennifer nibbled on them, it sent Angela into another mind-boggling orgasm!


Angela couldn’t talk any more as her body was racked by a third orgasm. Jennifer did not let her bounce away by tightening her bear hug around her waist, locking her pussy in place at her mouth. Jennifer continued to bite and lick Angela’s pussy.

Then Angela shoved her head back into Jennifer’s pussy so hard that it made her gasp in surprise. She started to bite, suck, and lick Jennifer’s pussy and clit with such a violent intensity that Jennifer let go of Angela and grabbed the rug on the floor for support.

“Oh, shit!” Jennifer gasped. “Rip that pussy up, you whore. SUCK ME DRY!”

Both men were now breathing hard at the sight.

“These two discovered each other about 2 months ago,” Eric told Alan, a little shakily. “They really went after each other then! I never had seen such a sight! It had got me so horny that I had a hard time standing!”

“I can se why!” Alan said. He had never seen a sight as erotic as the one he was being shown now. His lust started to rise past what he had ever felt before, and knew that he was going to fuck Jennifer hard! He could not stop staring.

Eric looked at Alan. “Ever made it with two women?” he asked.

“Uh, what?” Alan said, somehow not understanding the question.

“Did you ever make it with two women at the same time?”

“Oh. Um, no.”

Eric smiled and turned his attention back to the women, and then gasped in surprise at what he saw.

Angela had swung around, leaving Jennifer’s body splayed on the floor, gasping. Angela still had her head buried in her snatch. Then she lifted Jennifer’s luscious ass into the air, and continued to lift it until Angela was on her knees, still eating her out. She then grabbed her tits and stood up! Jennifer bent her legs down Angela’s back, and placed her hands on the floor. Her tits were near her mouth, and she started to kiss them. She had a dreamy look on her face. Angela slowly turned them toward the guys, looking at them with unbridled lust in her eyes.

Both men lurched forward a bit. “Oh, shit!” they said simultaneously as their cocks gave a lurch at the vision.

Jennifer started to pant. All of a sudden, she went rigid.


Angela tightened her grip as Jennifer started to cum. She started to lap up her pussy juice as it started to flow, but it was too much. The juice started to flow down Jennifer’s front, making her stomach and tits glisten with the tracks of that moisture. Angela lowered Jennifer as her spasms became more violent.

Angela continued to lap at Jennifer’s pussy while her body rocked from the orgasm. Jennifer could not control the tremors that racked her, and realized that she was in the throes of a multiple orgasm! Each lick from Angela sent a new wave of orgasmic pleasure through her, sending her once again over the edge. She clawed at the carpet, slapped Angela’s beautiful firm ass, and panted.

In a few minutes, Angela rolled off. Her own orgasms left her a little weak, and she was sure that Jennifer was in no better shape. Her pussy and thighs were completely wet, and a little juice still dribbled from her hole.

Angela crawled around to be head-to-head with Jennifer. She then looked over at the two men, snorted, and then turned to Jennifer.

“Honey, I think we crippled our studs!” Angela said.

Jennifer looked over. It was a bit difficult to do, as her body to continue in the tremors of the ebbing multiple orgasms. She saw what Angela was referring to, and started to laugh softly.

Both men were on their knees, hands on their thighs for support. Their cocks looked rock solid, with a little precum on the tips. There faces, however, were a mask of pure concentration and lust, as it looked like they were willing themselves NOT to cum!

“I think we overdid it,” Jennifer whispered.

“Nah,” Angela said, “I think we did just right. Look at your man. I don’t think you will be directing your fucking later!”

“I think you’re right!”

“Ready for round two?”

“In a moment. I need you to rub my pussy some more so I can finish cumming. I still am, you know. Finish what you started, whore!”

Angela laughed and placed her hand in Jennifer’s sopping pussy once again and started finger-fucking her. Jennifer started to spasm once again. Angela decided to finish her off quick. There were two men who needed their attention now, and she wanted to get to it. No sense in just the women having a little fun!

Jennifer and Angela just gave Eric and Alan the show of a lifetime! How will they respond? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures in Jennifer’s World!

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