Afternoon Shift

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I’ve been at my job for about 2 months. I work in the front office so I don’t really see too much of the warehouse people.But for the last 2 weeks since it’s been nice out I’ve been taking my last break outside by the picnic table.

I first notice him driving up in a black Cadillac Escalade, sun glasses and a killer smile. He worked the afternoon shift so I really wouldn’t run into him. He would wave and smile every time I was sitting outside and I’d always smile and wave back. Then one day he pulls up on a Harley Davidson motorcycle looking sexy as hell. But this time he didn’t wave. He just started walking over towards me.

Hi! I’m Andy. Hi! I’m Sue. Nice to meet you Sue. Nice to meet you too Andy. I look into his eyes and there the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. We talk for a few and then he had to get into work. I get back into the office and asked my friend Jan what she knew about Andy. She said he was a flirt and a very nice guy. All the older women treated him like a son and all the younger women were madly in love with him. I could see why.

A week passed and I didn’t see much of him. The plant manger was going around asking for volunteers to work the weekend. They were doing a complete inventory and needed as many people as possible. I said I would work to help out and he asked if I wouldn’t mind working the afternoon shift. They needed someone who could key in numbers fast. I said sure (hoping I’d get to know Andy better).

They told me to work afternoons Friday and I could wear causal clothe. I showed up in shorts and a tank top with a built in bra with a T-shirt over that tank. My long black hair was pulled back in a french braid.

I was getting my stuff ready out in the warehouse and I heard someone coming up behind me. I turned around and there was Andy looking sexy as hell. Hey Sue how are you. Great.How are you. I’m really good now and then he smiles at me. And I melt.

They put everybody into teams of 2 to start. And some how me and Andy where put together. We were too count the high racks. I was nervous at first about going up high but Andy told me I was in good hands with him. We’ve been counting for about an hour when I turned around suddenly and Andy was right behind me.My breast brushed against his arm and my nipples hardened instantly. I could feel myself blushing. Andy just smiled and lend into me and gave me a very good kiss.

They bought us pizza for lunch and we were outside eating it and I could feel Andy watching me eat. When lunch was over our manger asked me and Andy to stay behind and clean up. So we did. As soon as everyone was inside Andy pulled me up against him and kiss me very very hungrily. he told me he was hard from just watching my mouth eating the pizza.And boy was he hard and big.

We teased each other the rest of the night. I asked Andy if he wanted to come over for a drink and he said yes. He followed me home and as soon as we walked in the door he had me pinned up against the door kissing, touching me. We both shoved are pants down I wrapped my legs around him and he slammed into my wet throbbing pussy. We both came immediately. I could hardly hold myself up.

We pulled our pants back on and I got us a beer and we went outside and sat on the deck. We talked for a bit and he pulled me onto his lap and we started kissing, touching. We had our clothes off in no time. He slowly pushed inside of my pussy taking his time as he sucked on my tits. I couldn’t believe how horny I was for him. I starting moving faster on him taking him deeper inside of me. yes Andy fuck me . fuck me harder. I came first and then he soon followed.

We ended up in the shower next soaping , touching each other. After I cleaned his cock I went down on him in the shower as he leaned on the cool tile watching me suck him off. After we dried each other off he carried me to the bed and went down on me. He kissed, licked, sucked my pussy tasting my sweet jucies.He had his face deep between my legs as he thrust 2 fingers in my ass making me push against his mouth more. Till I finally came in his mouth. When he kissed me I could taste myself on his tongue and mouth. He finally slid into my waiting pussy where he buried himself deep inside me fucking me harder and faster almost pulling out and then slamming into me again, again till we both exploded.

We dozed for awhile. And he woke me up by kissing my whole body inch by inch. when he made it to my toes I told him it was my turn……I slowly kissed up his body taking little bits…….when I get to his cock I tease him….nipping, licking, sucking………he thrust his hip……..I suck harder………I can feel him getting harder and bigger……….he tells me to climb aboard and ride him………I ride him slow at first taking him deep inside me making it last….until he sits up and bites my nipple my pussy sucks his cock deeper and we both cum together………..we snuggle and fall asleep

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