An acidental afair

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Ella and her husband Tod were on they’re way to Michele’s house for a weekend of couples games and drinking . They did this function about once every six monthes just to share things and even further they’re friendships . Though Tod and Ella were haveing problems lately over him working to much and that he had no real drive to go this time, he relunctantly agreed to go . In the car there was a brief arguement. Ella i’m bored to tears with theese trips. I mean playing connect four and chess all weekend is a sad thing for grown couples to do. When there are thousands of things better to do with our time . He said touching her thigh.Ella pushed his hand away and said don’t start Tod you only want sex on my time to have fun . why don’t you try taking some time off from you buisy schedule to fit me in for sex on your time and stop trying to make me sacrifice my time with my friends . Tod looked at her and said in a angry voice fine,fine keep being so cold Ella your not cold when your wearing my diamonds though are you or driveing that new car.
Ella could see this was going to be an awkward two days but Ella missed her best friend michele and wanted to catch up . So as they pulled up in front of the house and were getting out she turned to him and asked him to make the best of things for them atleast.
But before Ella could get the rest of her plea out Justin, Michele’s husband came out of the house and down the walk all smiles . This was new it was usually Michele who greeted them . Wheres michele, Ella asked with a bit of a confused look on her face? Oh she is still away on business she called though and said to tell you she is trying to get back as soon as she can and can you watch us boys untill she gets back . Ella shot him a half of a smile and said well just the three of us then and sighed . Cheer up Ella we won’t be to boreing for you Justin said smileing and leading her into the house . Ella followed with a sad look on her face and asked well what room are you keeping us in this time ? The second one upstairs the big middle room we just had it redone the bathroom and all, I think you will like it Justin said smileing . Ella grabbed her bags and began up the stairs and Tod followed with the remaining bags silent still mad at the word exchange in the car momments ago . Hey Tod, Justin said hurry back I got something for you to see when you are all settled in . Tod gave him a nod and went upstairs with a long face thinking to himself what is it the new candy land game oh joy . Once in the room Ella looked around the room it was gorgeous the decor was modern and floral . It was truely elegant she could tell that Michele had thought the whole look up with Ella in mind ,Ella smiled as she dropped the bags and said this is beautifull isant it Tod !
Tod sighed and said yes it is nice . Ella went into the large bathroom and gasped it had white marble fixtures and the tub and sink looked marble to the room was fit for a queen she was breathless. Imediately she went in turned on the hot water and began to run herself a bath . I’m just gonna take a bath to relax a bit, okay honey she said . Whatever Tod replied and walked out of the room . Ella began to get undressed and pull her hair up momments after he left she slid into the hot sootheing water . Tod walked over to Justin and said yeah man whats’s up? Oh come on Justin said holding a drink in his hand and walking over to the basement door . Leading Tod down the steps he said Michele got me this for a birthday gift . Tod’s eyes grew wide with envy there were plush couches and a whole wet and dry bar a movie theatre size t.v. screen huge stereo dvd man he had everything down here he thought to himself. Great right! Justin said I even got a pool table and poker table set up over there not to mention video game systems and a computer it is a mans room indeed . Yeah well Michele really loves you Tod said . Not really it is just to keep me out of her hair while she is working he smiled well I gotta get dinner started so you go ahead make your self at home my castle is yours while your here. Really thanks Tod said as Justin walked away. Ella was laying in the tub caressing herself in a very soft wet place moaning as she spread the lips of her soft place and played with the button that sent shivers up and down her spine . It had been so long sence she had felt pleasure of an sexual nature she needed to feel relief . When all at once she felt a draft brush across her wet skin and opened her eyes . To see Justin standing there eyes wide open gazeing down at her mouth dry . Justin she gasped moveing her hand from between her thighes and sitting up what are you doing here . I’m sorry he sad trying to look away but not being able to . I came up to tell you that Tod is going to be buisy for a while . I showed him my play room he said clearing his throat that was so dry all of a sudden, and when I did not see you I started to look for you I am so sorry for the intrusion it will not happen again . Ella looked at his child like eyes and his tight musculor frame and licked her lips she had always secretly wanted to know what he had under his clothes . Was he hard all over . It’s okay Justin and thank you for the heads up she blushed at the word choice that came out of her mouth as she was looking at his buldge in his pants . Then the thought of Michele popped into her mind and she looked away . Hopeing that he did not notice . Justin just walked away quietly Ella slowly got out of the tub and wrapped her self up in a towel once he had left the bathroom and walked bare foot across the floor as the cold air hit her skin she caught a chill and shivered entering the bed room . She dropped the towel and went in her bag for some clothes as she felt warmth behind her she spun around to see Justin standing there .
Oh my she said in a tiny voice . I can help you he said touching her arm lightly and strokeing it, she was unsure if she was getting goose bumps from the cold or from the sight of Justin’s hungry eyes she looked up at him with cloudy eyes clearing her throat she asked help me with what ? With what you were trying to acomplish in the bathtub just now seeing as though I ruined it for you he said slowly falling to his knees . Ella stood there naked and slightly wet open to the air speachless . he slowly parted her thighes and slid his warm mouth in between her thighes and began kissing the button that she just momments before had careesed her self she inhaled and moaned from the amount of pleasure comeing from the softness of her sex that swelled and throbbed and began to pulsate to the feel of his mouth as she moaned her head fell back and she pushed forward pressing plush to his lips as he sucked and licked the wet space that begged for more. Justin moaned softly and said looking up you taste so good to me Ella please give it all to me don’t hold back. She grew flush in the face as she did something that she would never do, she grabbed hold of the back of his head and thrusted her hips forward forceing him to lick her faster . Strokeing the button faster she moaned out a little louder . Justin slowly reached up and grabbed her breast and pulled gently on her left nipple that was already erect from the cold her ample breast responded to his touch and sent electirc fire down to her loins she was light headed and growing warm with desire . She could tell that she was soon to explode Justin take me please I want you . I need you to fuck me please she cried out from a dry throat . Justin rose and kissed her harshly on the lips it was wet and forcefull . A moan caught in her throat as he was still kissing her, pulled her to the bed and slowly helped her down on her back . He pulled his shirt over his head and unzipped his pants revealing his large thick cock . Ellas eyes were wide with both pleasure and fear Tod was no where near that big she thought he might rip her open . He rubbed his hard throbbing cock up and down her slick slit . She gasped with excitement and moved her hips knowing that each time his cock touched her button she grew closer to climax . He smil
ed and loo
ked down at her slideing into her fast she gasped and moaned with pleasure as Justin began to pound her with great speed and depth . She felt pain but it was also so good shooting pulses where going through her legs . And they were shakeing she moaned again as her head began to move from side to side . Then she caught something out of the corner of her eyes she turned back towards the door to see a wide eyed Tod watching them . She jerked up and said Tod , Justin stopped thrusting forward and turned to look at the door stiil inside of Ella . Well this is a surprize Tod said walking over slowly . Justin not knowing what to do just remained still . Someone has been a bad girl Tod said standing over the bed smileing with a buldge in his pants . He looked up at Justin no please continue, I like what I see .Justin confused but still hard looked down at Ella lifted her legs to his shoulders and began to thrust harder and deeper inside her. As Tod began to undress Ella’s eyes grew big no wait, Tod no I can’t take the both of you . Sure you can he said honey i’m your husband surely you can squeeze me in he said smileing . Climbing into the bed and kneeling beside her looking down at Justin’s huge cock slamming in and out of his wives slit . He began to stroke himself slow at first then faster . Ella was growing even closer to climax when she leaned up slightly and took Tod’s hard cock into her mouth he moaned and craddled the back of her head watching her take him deep into her throat . Justin saw this beautifull display and grew even more excited and pounded harder . Ella gasped and gagged a little and grew more moist coating Justins hardness in her juices as she began to cum an pulsate around his organ . Justin moaned and said yes let it go, give it to me . Tod moaned with delight and grabbed the back of Ella’s head shooing his juices down her throat she could feel the shaft twitching in her mouth and taste his sweetness as she drunk him in lovingly . Just then Justin’s body grew tight as he pulled his hard organ out of Ella and released on her thigh she felt the heat of his juice hitting her skin and moaned with excitement . Short of breath they all colasped in a heap on the bed exhausted looking at one and another in silence . Tod..,Ella started to explain herself but he slowy put his finger to her lips to silence her . There is no need for you to explain Ella, he said to her gasping for air . I been wanting something like this for years . I just thought you were against the idea . She looked at him and smiled and looked at a half asleep Justin and closed her eyes . Only to hear a familar voice off in the distance . Say don’t tell me I missed our first foursome comeing from the doors direction Ella opened her eyes to see a diapointed pouting Michele . Well there is always tomorrow she said giggling !

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