Cantina Cutie

Cantina Cutie

The year was 1872. Cowboy Jim rode into the dry and dusty
town and headed straight to the cantina. He greedily glugged
down a beer and then a shot of tequila. Now that he was
watered he had other needs to attend to.

He asked after Juanita. She was upstairs, he was told. With a
spring in his step he bounded up the stairs and went to find the
Madam. Yes, she told him, Juanita was free. The cowboy paid
over a fistful of dollars and went looking for his favourite
Latina beauty.

She was in her boudoir and seemed very pleased to see Jim.

‘Aah, Cowboy Jim!’ she cried out.

He gathered her up in a bear hug and tried to kiss her.

‘Oh no! Cowboy Jim! You need a bath.’ she scolded.

Jim sniffed at his armpits. It was true. He had been alone in the
saddle so long he hadn’t even noticed his own stink.

‘I’m sorry, Juanita.’ he said tenderly.’ I’ll go take a bath.’

‘No. I will give you a bath.’ she said.

Juanita went to arrange the hot water while Jim daydreamed
about the hot fuck he knew was coming his way. He had yet to
meet a woman who was as skilled as Juanita. He was still lost
in his daydreams when she came back to tell him that his hot
water was ready. She led Jim into the bathroom where a huge
tin tub was full of hot water.

Jim stripped off and stepped into the water. It felt so good as it
eased all the tensions out of his body. Juanita gathered up a
flannel cloth and bar of soap and told Jim to stand up. As she
started cleaning the dust and grime off his body he wasn’t the
only thing that was standing. His thick, nine inch cock jutted
out straight ahead of him. Very gently Juanita washed the
waxy, stinky cock cheese off his cock head.

Then she soaped up his crack and he was fully clean. She
gathered up a big, fluffy towel and started to dry him off. Jim’s
cock stayed fully hard as she towelled him dry and led him
back into the bedroom. She told him to lay down and started
massaging some oil into his back. Jim sighed softly as he gave
himself up fully to the pampering of a woman. He had been a
long time away from civilization and it felt good to be treated
so well.

Her skilled fingers worked all of the residual tension out of his
body. For a moment he drifted off into sleep before he heard
her telling him to turn over. She started massaging his chest
and soon his cock was pointing up at the ceiling again. She
worked down his chest and belly and onto his thighs. Then she
went down his legs to his toes. Jim gasped as she sucked each
one in turn. It was the first time he had ever experienced that
and it caused his cock to jerk about wildly.

Then Juanita worked back up his legs to his belly and chest.
She had avoided his cock each time and Jim was getting
desperate. But Juanita slapped his hand away. She stripped off
very, very slowly while Jim drank in her beauty. He could see a
long string of precum leak out of the eye of his cock. Shit, he
wanted this sexy woman so bad.

At last she was naked and she started to tease Jim, posing all
over the bed and pulling her pussy lips apart. Each time he
went to touch her she slapped his hand away and pushed him
down on the bed. He was just about going out of his mind with
lust. He knew if he got into that pussy he wouldn’t last five

Then at last Juanita decided she had worked him up enough.
She applied some of her massage oil to his hard cock. As it
slipped through her oily fingers Jim groaned. The sensation
alone was enough to make him cum. But Juanita had other
ideas. With one swift, fluid movement she mounted him and
impaled herself on his cock. She started thrusting about like a
demon possessed and Jim knew the end was near.

He had looked forward to this fuck for so long. But now, here
he was, about to blow after two minutes. He tried holding back
the flood, he gritted his teeth and tried to think unsexy
thoughts. But nothing worked. That hot, slick Latina pussy
simply milked the very manseed out of him.

Jim gave one last thrust and cursed and grunted as he blasted
off a massive load of pent up ball juice deep into that warm,
sexy cunt.

Juanita lay down on Jim and he nursed on her nipples while he
drifted off into sleep.


Copyright Daniel Blue

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