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My name is Elaina and I would be eighteen this year. I was tired of the same old-faces, I wanted to be out in the world meeting people and enjoying life. I was not a bad looking girl, I had long-auburn-hair with an heart-shaped face with the most beautiful brown-eyes any man would get lost in. My figure was quite good, I had firm breasts, not too large and tipped with small hard cherry-like nipples. My breasts ached to be touched by a man the nipples standing hard and threatening to make a hole in the cotton tee-shirt I was wearing. My hips flared to give the observer the impression of an hour-glass figure.

‘Oh God! I’m fed up to the teeth with this place, I have to get out.’ I said to myself. I looked around the run-down farmstead, the house was falling to pieces, the roof was leaking the floorboards were rotting from under my feet. All our animals had been sold to pay-off my brother’s debts. My brother could go and jump as far as I was concerned. I wanted nothing to do with him not after the incident with his friend he had brought home from the local pub. They had both staggered in holding on to each other for support. Her brother had introduced his friend to me one day when he wasn’t too drunk. The guy seemed fine a first, the pleasant smile, his easy way with words. It was all flattering to a young country girl and I found myself drawn to him.
I had asked the young man to come walking in the fields with me, it gave me a break from tidying up after her brother. I wanted this young man inside her. I wanted to feel his manhood pumping his hot seed deep into my body. I had had sex with a number of boys from my School, but that was two-years-ago, I had not had sex since then. The heat in my pussy was intense, I could feel my juices bubbling. We walked out into the corn field at the back of the house. I was wearing a summer dress that showed a great deal of her well tanned legs. I slipped my arm around the boy’s waist and squeezed his hip, letting my hand slide down his back until I could give his bum a gentle squeeze. That was the signal for him to take a more active role in the love scene I was trying to create. He turned me towards him and bent to place his lips over mine. With a sigh I pulled him down onto a small pile of corn husks. It was uncomfortable, but it would have to do, I was desperate. His hands had found my breasts and were busy playing with the nipples, teasing them so that they stood out ready to be sucked. I fumbled with the fastenings of his jeans feeling the swell of his erection, it was throbbing. I ran my hand over the length of his shaft it pulsed as I rubbed it. He lifted my skirt and placed his hands on to the waistband of my cotton panties. The boy slowly pulled them down, teasing me, knowing how desperate I was. I managed to free his throbbing weapon from the confines of his jeans. I drew the foreskin back exposing his red and swollen gland. I lay on my back ready for him to mount me. My legs spread wide in anticipation of the pleasure to come. He looked down at me with my legs open for him, his penis erect against his belly. He caught hold of my hips and turned me over. I knew what he wanted then. I placed my head as low as possible and thrust my backside high in the air waiting for him to enter my soaking pussy.
I felt the boy pushing his rampant shaft against the lips of my sex. Opening me with his thumbs. He then entered me with a fierce thrust of his hips. Spearing his shaft deep into my young body and forcing a cry from my lips. He began to pump into me, little gasps of pleasure were coming from the boy every-time he thrust into me. My bottom was shaking as I felt the orgasm building inside me. I could feel the boy’s cock beginning to swell even more inside me, his grip tightened on my waist. With one huge thrust he emptied his loins into my pulsing pussy. Squirt after squirt of his cum flooding my tender orifice. I felt his cum running down the insides of my thighs as an orgasm shook my body. When I came, I ejaculated in a huge flood of fluids which pumped out from around the boy’s shaft, covering his balls and groin with a sticky coating.
He said, ‘he had never known any woman that cum like I did.’ I must have pumped a pint out there was so much of it. He looked amazed at my dripping pussy.
That was a few weeks ago now, I recalled the memory and felt a flush come to my cheeks and then I remembered the other incident and the flush disappeared.

The evening was hot, I was wearing a tee-shirt that stuck to my chest, the nipples of my breasts could be clearly seen through the almost transparent cotton.
They had both staggered in holding on to each other for support, both were very drunk. My brother’s friend had caught hold of me and pulled me to him, he had run his hands up my shirt and began squeezing my breasts painfully. I had pushed him away and told him that I wasn’t in the mood for sex. ‘OK, Fine.’ He had said, with a sly look on his face.
Later, when I was taking a shower to get rid of some the sweat from the hot-day, I let my hand slip between the lips of my pussy. Feeling the bud of my clitoris and rubbing it to erection. I inserted a finger and felt my juices bubbling. I thought of the young man’s cock and a feeling of intense desire washed over me. Rubbing the rough towel over my breasts and between my legs intensified the feeling. I made my way back towards my room and the vibrator I kept for such occasions. I was just entering my room when the boy caught me around the waist. Catching my off guard, he had pushed me into the bedroom. I didn’t mind, I was ready for a bit of sex anyway. He grabbed the towel and pulled it from me, pushing me back onto the bed at the same time.
‘Slow down a bit, we can have some fun, but don’t be in such a rush.’ I said, pushing him back a little.
‘Can I tie you to the bed and tease you?’ The boy had asked, getting rid of his jeans and throwing them into a corner of the room, his cock standing hard and rigid, bobbing as he moved.
‘If you want,’ I told him, passing him a handful of my brother’s ties. I was lying naked on the bed, so I reached out and took hold of his bobbing shaft and began to slowly pull his foreskin up and down making the shaft throb with every movement. He pushed my hand away and took hold of my wrist and tied it to the bed post, he did the same with the other. He then slid his mouth down to cover my nipple and began to suck. Little tremors were running down my spine to finish at the fork in my legs. Letting go of the nipple he moved down, sliding his tongue down my belly and licking my bellybutton. By this time I was trusting with my hips trying to get his attention to go lower. He moved his tongue lower circling my pubis and causing me to cum. A great gush of fluid erupted from my pussy to soak into the bed sheets. ‘God!’ He said, ‘I’ll never get used to that. Let me taste you.’ He lowered his face onto my saturated sex and began to lick the saltiness from me.
To tell the truth, It was only the second time that that had ever happened to me. It was a great felling of relief, it was wonderful. He left his attentions on my pussy and grabbed my ankle, pulling it towards the bottom bed post and tying it firmly. He then split me as wide as he could by tying the other leg to the apposite post. I was now at the complete mercy of this man, he could do what he wanted with me. I found it strangely exciting to be totally helpless.
He began to tease me once more, kissing his way up my legs and slowly moving to the inside of my thighs. My legs were shaking with pleasure as he again fastened his mouth over my wide open slit. He began to lick and tease my clitoris, pushing a finger and then another deep inside my body. He began to
thrust his fingers back and forth, wh
ile slipping another digit into my back passage. Juices were pouring from my pussy to cover his hands. Removing his sticky fingers from me, he offered them too my lips for licking. That was the first time I had tasted myself. He then straddled my chest and placed his erect cock between my breasts. Pushing them together forming a sleeve for his cock to move in. I watched the glistening head of his cock moving between my boobs. It was almost touching my chin on the forward stroke. He then moved further up my body and placed his throbbing shaft against my lips, running the velvet head from side to side across my mouth. I had never sucked a man’s cock before, this would be the first time. I opened my mouth and took him inside, he leaned further over me and pushed some more of his pulsating weapon into my eager mouth. I sucked as hard as I could nibbling and tasting his manliness. He began to move his hips pushing his member in and out of my willing mouth using it like a pussy. I could feel the shaft begin to swell, I didn’t want him to cum inside my mouth. I tried to push his cock out with my tongue but this only made him gasp in pleasure. He was now riding my mouth like a cunt, his hips pumping into me. I thought I was going to choke, he was pushing it in so far. I could feel the shaft almost going down my throat, his balls were banging against my chin he was so far inside me. He gave an almighty grunt and I felt the first squirt of his cum hit the roof of my mouth. I had to swallow otherwise I would have choked to death. He kept pumping into me, great spurts jetting into mouth, There was so much, it dribbled down my chin and onto my chest.
At last it was over, he pulled his glistening shaft from my mouth and rubbed it over my face smearing his cum onto my cheeks. I know I could have bitten his member but I could not bring myself to do it somehow. The very thought sent shivers down my spine. OK, he had done something to me I had never had done to me before, but it was partly my fault anyway for allowing it to happen.
He undid my restraints. As soon as my hands were free I let him have it. I put all my power into that punch and caught him smack on the nose. I felt the bones break as I hit him. It felt good for what he had done to me. I would have probably sucked his cock for him, but I didn’t want it like that.
I never did see that boy again. My brother told me he had gone to live in America somewhere. “Good,” I thought, let the Yanks have him.

I said goodbye to my brother. He protested a lot, and asked, who was going to look after him if I went. I told him he was a big boy now, he would think of something.
I made my way down to the local railway station and bought a ticket to the coast, one-way. I had just sat down to await the arrival of the train when I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was my friend Barbara.
‘Hi, Barb,’ going on holiday then?’ I asked, pleased to see someone familiar. ‘Oh! Hi… Elaina,’ she said, ‘what you doing, running away or something?’ She asked, looking at my bags.
‘Yes,’ I answered. I told her I had to get away from that brother of mine, and that he was driving me crazy.
‘I thought I would have a look at the coast and the bright lights for a few weeks until I got myself sorted out.’ I said, looking down at all the bags my friend was carrying. ‘It looks like your going for a month Barbara?’ I observed, smiling at all the bags her friend had. ‘No, I’m not going for a month, I’m going for a year. I have a job to go too. Working in a night club as an exotic dancer.’ ‘You mean your going to be a stripper?’ I said, looking at her with a new light.
‘You guessed it, Elaina, a stripper!. It pays £500.00 a week, and all I have to do is take off my clothes.’
‘That sounds to good to be true Barbara. There must be some sort of catch.’ I said, feeling doubtful.
‘I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come with me, we can look after each other, and with your body you should be able to get a job as well.’
I thought about what Barbara had just suggested. I could give it try, it might be fun. ‘OK Barbara, you’ve got yourself a deal.’
We arrived at the coast and made our way to the taxi-stand.
‘How far is it Barbara?’ I asked, worried about carrying all their bags. ‘About five minutes by cab, I think!’ Answered Barbara.
The taxi driver was eyeing Barbara’s ample breasts as he took the suitcases and stowed then in the trunk of the car.
‘What you looking at cheeky? Do you like my boobs? Come to this night club if you want to see more.’ Barbara told him, whilst cupping one of her breasts and lifted it to show the man. ‘I wouldn’t mind a cuddle up to them,’ said the cabby, looking at Barbara’s growing nipples.
I watched Barbara as she looked at the cabby’s crutch, seeing the tell-tale signs of an erection.
‘I’ll tell you what, take us where we want to go and I might give you some relief for that thing down there.’ Barbara said, saucily licking her lips and looking at his crutch.
‘I don’t think so luv, it’s a bit to big for you a think.’ The cab driver cupped his manhood to emphasise his point. We both looked at the growing bulge the cabby was showing them and couldn’t believe its size.
‘Come on then, let’s get going. Elaina, I’ll sit up front with the driver.’ Barbara said, winking at me and licking her lips once more.
The cab-driver looked at the address Barbara had given him and said, ‘yer on love. Come and see what you can do with this then.’ The cabby squeezed his growing shaft in anticipation.
Barbara climbed into the cab next to the driver and immediately ran her hand down onto his cock.
‘You weren’t lying when you said you had big one.’ Barbara said, smiling as the cabby jumped at her touch.
‘Can’t we stop somewhere en-route.’ Barbara asked, rubbing at the growing erection through his trousers.
‘I’ll find somewhere, don’t worry.’ The cabby said, whilst undoing his belt and zipper. When he had done this out popped one of the biggest cocks either of the girls’ had ever seen. It was as thick as a man’s wrist and as long as rolling-pin. I looked over the back seat at the monster and said to Barbara, ‘You’ll need two for that, I’ll come and help when we stop.’ I reached over onto the cabby’s lap and grasped the throbbing monster in my hand. The cabby gasped as I did this and swerved the car dangerously.
‘Steady,’ said Barbara, ‘we don’t want him to cum yet do we?’
Barbara reached across and placed her hand next to mine on the huge shaft. I moved her hand in time with my friend bringing gasps and grunts from the cabby.
‘Steady girls, I’ll have an accident down there if you keep that up.’ Said the cabby, trying to protect his throbbing member with one hand while driving with the other.
‘Here we are, it’s nice and quite in this lay-by, if I come in the back with you and push the seats forward it will give us more room.’ The cabby said, hitching his seat forward and climbing into the back with me, I grabbed his bobbing shaft as he came in the back. Followed close by Barbara whose hands reached between his legs to gently squeeze his balls. At last the cabby was seated between the two girls, his cock standing rampant, his trousers bunched around his ankles.
‘Are you going first or should I?’ I asked, whilst removing my knickers and tights.
‘You can go first if you want. That’s if you can get it all in.’ Barbara said, pulling the cabby’s foreskin up and down vigorously.
‘Don’t worry girls, there’s plenty for all. Now come on you two before I explode an
d cover my cab in baby-makers.’
I took hold of the huge cock a
s I straddled his hips. I was nearly standing on the seat as I guided the glistening shaft towards my gaping slit. Little tremors were running down my legs as the shaft began to split my labia open. I lowered myself slowly onto the huge weapon. This brought gasps from the cabby and he thrust with his hips driving his rock-hard shaft deep up, and into my body. A cry escaped me as the cock sank its full length, splitting me wide open and stretching my pussy too its limits. An orgasm was building, I could feel the pressure in my belly. The cabby was pumping his hips as fast as he could now, holding my waist and lifting me as he speared his shaft rampantly upwards and into my accommodating pussy. Cry’s of pain and pleasure escaped from me.
‘Oh..God! Oh..God! I’m coming..Ahhhhhhhh..’ The cabby shouted, as he held me down on his shaft, pumping huge spurts of cum deep into my young body. His cum ran out to cover his balls and thighs. As I felt the first spurt enter my body I exploded. A huge deluge of body fluids erupted from around the pulsing penis as it emptied its load into my pussy. I squirted like an hose-pipe with a plug in it, covering Barbara and the cabby with my sticky cum.
‘Bloody hell! I’ve never known any woman do that, when she got fucked,’ said the cabby, wiping his face and chest and lower body of my cum. The cabby’s cock was still hard as I pushed myself off his shaft.
‘You’re the second person to tell me that,’ I said, as I removed myself from his member. As I did so, huge drops of the cabby’s milky white cum ran down his thickly veined muscle to pool in the hairs of his pubis. My thighs trembled with the strain of my exertions, mine and the cabby’s fluids dripping from my well fucked pussy.
I sank gratefully on to the seat next to the cabby as I watched Barbara throw her leg over the man’s thighs and prepared to mount him. His cock standing firm and hard against Barbara’s lower belly.
‘Right cabby, I hope you’ve got plenty left, because I’m going to drain you dry. I’ll turn around and you can fuck me over the front seat. I want it all the way up, the full ten-inches.’ With that, Barbara leaned over the front seat with her skirt bunched under her arms and her bottom and pussy thrust backwards towards the cabby’s mouth. He didn’t need a second invitation and buried his face between Barbara’s quivering buttocks, sinking his tongue deep into her sticky love tube. After a few good slurps of Barbara’s essence he knelt on the seat, positioning his shaft for full penetration. Grasping the cheeks of her bottom he pulled them apart exposing the entrance to Barbara’s body from the rear.
‘Go steady with my pussy will you, I have to use again sometime you know.’ Barbara said, reaching under to fondle her clitoris.
‘Here it comes luv, the full Monty.’ The cab-driver put the tip of his weapon just in the entrance and between the fleshy lips of her labia. He then took a firm grip on her waist and thrust the full length deep into her accommodating body. Time after time he thrust into her, bringing cry’s of pleasure from her throat and orgasm after orgasm ripping through her body. ‘Whoops! I’m coming again.’ cried the cabby, as he took a firmer grip on Barbara’s waist.
‘Yes, shoot your load deep into me, let me feel it hitting the mouth of my womb.’ She said.
‘No,’ said the cabby, releasing his grip on her hips. ‘I want to shoot my load in your mouth, now turn around.’
Barbara did as she was bid and knelt on the floor of the cab. I watched as she took hold of the huge shaft and engulfed the end in her mouth. Just as she so, the first spurts of cum were squirting down her throat. Barbara sucked every last drop of the cabby’s cum, leaving the shaft pink and clean.
‘Ummm..That was good, just like caviar. Right driver, we’ve had our fun and you’ve had two of the best fucks in your life. I think you should take us to the address now, don’t you?’

When they arrived at the Blue-Tit night-club, the doorman showed them to the Manager’s office.
‘You can leave your bags in the cloak-room for now luv, they’ll be safe, nobody will touch them while I’m here.’ The doorman said, eyeing my bottom as I bent to put my bags in the room.
The boss as he liked to be called was a young man of about twenty-five with a pleasant face and a twinkle in his eye, the two girls liked from the moment they saw him. ‘Right,’ he said, ‘which one’s Barbara?’
‘That’s me,’ Barbara said, pushing her breasts out. ‘OK Barbara, if I like your performance tonight, you can have the flat above the club for the duration of your stay with us, we have a happy bunch of people working here and I hope you enjoy it. Pay-day is Saturday, Sunday is your day, I don’t mind you fraternising with the punters, it’s good for business. Right, that’s all the rules, you can put your things in the flat now if you want, but first, tell me who this gorgeous person is.’ Meaning me.
‘Oh.. I’m sorry, this is my friend Elaina, she was hoping you might want another waitress or something for the club,’ Barbara asked, hopefully.
‘I can always use another waitress. Elaina, have you got somewhere to stay?’ The boss asked me, looking at me in a rather strange way when he asked that.
‘I was hoping I could stay with Barbara, if it’s OK with you?’
‘Yes of course, why not, the flats big enough, you can start tonight Elaina.’ He said too me, ‘You do know the waitress’s go topless? Is there any problem with that?’ I had to think fast, I had never done anything like this before.
‘No, no problem boss.’
‘Good, can I have a word with you Elaina? before you disappear.’
I wondered what he could possibly want with me. ‘See you later Barbara!’ I said, sitting down and showing a great deal of my legs in the process. The boss came around his desk to stand at the back of me. He placed his hands on my shoulders and said, ‘Elaina, I find you very attractive, I am finding it very hard to keep my hands off you.’
I was a little shocked at first, but then I thought to myself, “get well in with the boss, it could lead to better things.” I took hold of his hand and pulled it down to cover my breast, which he squeezed gently.
‘Stand up Elaina.’ I did so, still facing away from him.
‘Turn around and take your clothes off.’ he said, commanding.
I began to take my clothes off with trembling hands. I could feel the heat starting in the fork of my legs. My juices were beginning to flow. I stood in front of him dressed in only my G-string. The juices from my sex were making the hairs on her pubis damp. ‘Unfasten my pants Elaina and reach inside’ I did as I was told, my hand closing over the second biggest cock I had ever felt. I could not get my hand round the girth it was so fat. ‘Undo my belt and let my pants fall. Make my cock stand rigid and then suck it for me Elaina, let me feel your lips caressing the tip.’ I bent down to do his biding, I could not believe I was doing this. He had this way with him, I could not resist his demands. My mouth closed over the throbbing head of his cock, my lips stretched to the limit, I could not get anymore inside. I sucked greedily cupping his balls in my hand and moving them about. He gasped in pleasure and ran his hands through my hair. ‘Enough,’ he said, pushing my head away. ‘Turn around and kneel on the carpet. Put your head down and thrust your bottom out. I want to fuck you in the doggy position.’
My pussy was boiling as I complied with his demands, I lowered my head to the carpet and pushed my bottom upwards. Dipping my back to thrust my soaking wet pussy out. His hands slid down my back to cover the globes of my bottom. I felt him pulling the lips of her
labia apart. He inserted two fingers inside me and began
to thrust them in and out. It was too much, the orgasms ripped through me, making the juices spurt from my finger filled sex to cover his hand and arm, my cum soaking into the carpet. ‘Wonderful.’ I heard him say. I could feel him pressing the head of his cock against my juice filled sex. He ran his hands once more over my quivering bottom and inserted a finger into my anus, moving it like a cock. He then grabbed me by the hips, I could feel his shaft slipping into me. It felt unbelievable, he was so thick. With one thrust, he drove the full length into me. He began to move his hips, driving, pumping in and out like a piston. The orgasms were ripping through me now continuously, making his cock slurp every-time he thrust into me. My juices flooding from my pussy covering the boss’ thighs and lower body. I felt his grip tighten on my hips, his thrusting was becoming more urgent now, gasps were escaping from him as his loins made a slapping noise against her buttocks. With one huge thrust his cum spurted deep inside me, squirting for several seconds. I felt his seed running down the inside of my legs as he removed the shaft from my well fucked pussy.
I turned around to look at the monster that had just given her so much pleasure. His cock was still partly erect and glistening from tip to root with cum. I took hold of him and drew the foreskin back exposing the helmet shaped glands, he gasped as I ran my finger over the very sensitive tip. ‘Elaina, I want you to suck me clean, and then we shall go shopping. After-all, I want my girl to be dressed in the best of clothes.’ I lowered my head and began to lick the shaft from base to tip. I covered the purple knob with my lips, I could feel him getting erect once more.
‘Now look what you have done. Keep on rubbing me, I can feel myself coming again. I want you to watch my cum spurt in your mouth.’
I could not believe that I was actually doing what he demanded of me. I had only just met this man and I was acting like we had been lovers for years.
I speeded up my hand movements licking the tip at the same time. I felt him grow harder in my hand, the veins thick and pulsing. I waited for the first squirts to shoot from him. He grabbed my hair and looked into my face as his cum pumped into my open mouth. I swallowed hungrily, tasting his saltiness.
Later, when they were both satisfied with each others bodies, the boss told me his name was Mike, and that I was to be his girl if I wanted to be. I thought to myself how lucky I was, my friend Barbara would be as jealous as sin when she found out. ‘Mike,’ I said, ‘I’d love to be your girlfriend,’ whilst slipping my arm around his waist and cuddling into him. ‘Elaina, I love this sort of attention from my women. I think you and I are going to get on real well together.’ Mike said, at same time pushing a wad of bills into my hand.
‘I know I said we would go shopping together Elaina, but something has come up, take this money and buy yourself something nice, I will see you later. Oh! By the way, you will not be waiting on tonight. Not in the club anyway, I have a private bar and gaming lounge at the back of the club. We will be entertaining a few select guests tonight Elaina, and hopefully relieving them of some of their hard earned money. So, buy yourself something sexy to wear, it distracts them a little.’

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