All Stuffed Up 5

The next morning, Susan was back in her doctor’s office. “So, how do we feel today,” he asked.

“I feel great,” Susan told the man. “That stuff you gave me is a medical miracle.”

The doctor smiled. “Good, I’m glad to hear it. And the side effects? Did you experience any of the potential side effects?”

“Side effects?”

The doctor sighed. “We talked about this but the biggest side effect is an increased sex drive. Did you experience any of that?”

Susan was trying to concentrate on what her doctor was saying but he looked so cute when he was so concerned for her. She wondered what he looked like under his lab coat. All Susan knew was that her pussy was dying to find out.

“Susan,” her doctor said. “Susan, are you hearing me?”

Susan couldn’t help but stare at the lab coat in front of her doctor’s pants. She wondered what his cock looked like. She wondered what it would feel like in her pussy.

Susan could feel herself sliding off of the examining table and then she was kneeling in front of her doctor. Her hands pried the ends of his coat apart.

“Susan,” the man said. “Susan. What are you doing, Susan?”

After that, the man had little more to say because by that time, Susan had his jeans open and then her hand was reaching inside and she was pulling out the man’s cock.

The man groaned as his patient took a hold of his cock and then he groaned even louder as she slid her mouth down on his member. Her head pushed down and then it pulled back only to push down again and the man groaned again.

Susan moaned to herself. Her curiosity had been satisfied. She now knew what her doctor looked like under his lab coat but now a new imperative presented itself to her. Now that she knew what he had, she wondered what it would feel like inside her, and that was when she knew she was going to have to find out for herself.

Susan pulled her mouth up off of the man’s cock and she looked up at him even as her hand stroked his slippery shaft. She didn’t say a word. She merely rose to her feet and then she leaned down over the examining table.

The little paper gown that the doctor’s office gave its patients did little more than cover the body and it only barely did that. The gown was open in the back and as Susan leaned over the table, the gown fell forward revealing even more of her backside.

Her doctor looked at the little, round butt that was being presented to him. He knew he shouldn’t. He knew it was wrong, but damn, that butt was cute and damn, his dick was hard. The man groaned. Ethics be damned. If she wanted it, then he was going to give it to her.

Susan moaned as she felt that cock enter her and then she moaned again. Oh geez, her pussy was so wet. She really needed that cock. Oh geez, it felt so good. It felt so very good.

She could feel her doctor’s hand as it stroked the small of her back and even as it did, she could feel that cock push inside her. Oh geez, that felt good. It felt so good.

The man just kept stroking her insides with his cock and Susan just kept on moaning. Oh geez, that felt good. She wanted to cum. She wanted to cum on her doctor’s cock.

But then the man was pulling his cock out and Susan started to panic but her doctor shushed her. “Shh, shh, shh,” he told her. “Just relax and let it happen.”

Susan could feel the man sliding his cock between her cheeks and then she realized where he was heading. He couldn’t be meaning to go there, she told herself, but even as she told herself that, she knew that was exactly where he was going.

Susan moaned as she took her doctor’s cock in her ass and then she moaned again. His cock was so big. Maybe, too big, she told herself, but if that was where he wanted to go, then she was going to do her best to take it.

Her doctor didn’t start fucking her ass right away and for that, Susan was grateful. It seemed as if he was letting her get used to the feel of his cock in her ass. Susan wasn’t sure she’d ever get completely used to it, but at least she was better able to take it, and then she felt that cock move inside her butt and she moaned again. Oh fuck, she thought, she was never going to get used to that.

His hands squeezed her cheeks even as his cock continued to move inside her butt and she moaned again. As incredible as it seemed, she seemed on the verge of cumming. Her pussy was empty but her ass was full and she was going to cum. She was going to cum.

Susan gasped as her body almost succumbed to the inevitable but at the last minute, her body pulled back. A momentary reprieve, she knew. She moaned again. She was going to cum so hard.

And then she did.

Susan moaned as her pussy convulsed and even as it did, she heard her doctor grunt and then she felt it, the unmistakable feel of hot cum being shot deep inside her butt. She could feel her doctor pulling back and then he was pulling his cock free.

The man grunted again and Susan could feel him shooting his cum on her butt and on her back. The man grunted again and her body took even more of his cum and Susan moaned. She loved it. She loved having her doctor shoot his cum all over her body.

Susan was still lying there draped across the examination table even as the flow of cum from that cock finally seemed to wane. Her body was just too tired and spent for her to do anything else.

She knew her doctor was cleaning the cum off of his cock. She knew he was stuffing his cock back inside his jeans. “Yep,” the man said, “we’re going to get you off that medicine as soon as is practical. It’s good for getting rid of a stuffy head, but if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself getting stuffed just about everywhere else.”

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  1. timsweetsir

    This was pretty “hot” makes me wish I was a doctor…lol

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  2. pantylover

    reminds me of the time i was in for my check up yrs ago. Only it was a female doctor who i had the pleasure of suducing. And what a pleasure it was. So i can see where he was coming from. Dam woman’s asses are beautiful. This was well worth it.

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  3. AngelBaby

    luved it.. hmmm makes me wanna put my feet in stirrups

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  4. wow, very well written. i enjoyed it very much, and i can’t wait to read your next story.

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