Getting Physical With Olivia Newton John

Erotic Stories on Fantasies.comI am Jeff Harrison, a famous photographer. I have taken photos of some very beautiful women in the world, but today I am going to take photos of the most gorgeous woman of them all. She stands 5′ 6″ tall 115 lbs with blonde hair and with pretty blue eyes and a very super hot 34b 24 34 body and she is the hottest Aussie of them all and her name is Ms. Olivia Newton John. When god made her, he made the perfect woman of all time and I was going to be taking photos of her and I planned to include in to my collection of her. I was in my shrine room to her and I was looking at a full size poster of her it was the black skin tight suit she wore in the Grease movie, when she walked into the room, Wow this is amazing I never seen so many photos and other stuff about me before in one place. You are not a big fan of mine are you, no I am not a fan of your at all and I don’t like your music at all or your movies you have played in. I bet you are a shitty photographer and I bet you don’t know how to load film into a camera you, stupid yank.

I just stared at her for a long time and she stared back at me with her pretty blue eyes and she is a goddess in my eyes and a true angel. We both laughed and I showed her to my studio so we could get to business, today I was taking photos of her for her new album cover and she had lots of outfits to pick from, I took a lot of photos of her. Then she put on the last outfit it was horse riding suit it had a red jacket with a white blouse with a white scarf and very tight white pair of pants with black leather boots and in her had was a riding crop. She had me getting excited in that outfit and we resume our work and she ask me to stop and went in to the dressing room and she came back in she stood in front of a mirror and she spread her legs apart and she threw off her jacket and stood there with only the scarf covering her sexy small titties and she put the riding crop under that small and very tight Aussie ass of hers. This should make a lot of people sit up and take notice of me. I stood looking at her bare back and her very tight and tiny Aussie ass I was a dead man, I didn’t know how I would be able to control myself with her topless and her little cute ass on display like that. I took more photos of her dressed that way and as I did, I got very hard looking at her hot Aussie body. Every woman should have a body like hers, well what do you think about this for a cover, she turned her head towards me and seen my hard on pointing right at her.

MY GOD  your John Thomas is very hard and sticking right at me !!!, you are a sick dirty pervert by getting all hard and I bet you want to fuck me like some dirty common whore, I should cut your fucking John Thomas off and throw it away for being that way. Well I am not the only one that’s  hard look  at your nipples, I am only this way because of  you are the hottest woman in all the entire universe and I am only human, oh fucking hell look at my nipples they are hard, yes I am and they are so nice to look at. What did you say about me being the hottest woman in the universe?? I know I am pretty but the most gorgeous woman??? Yes I did and you do this to me all the time when I see your photos or watch one of your movies and you being here in person don’t help at all. So it’s your fault me being this way, and you in that outfit don’t help me getting soft anytime soon, I guess you are right I guess any man would get excited over me. You said I wanted to fuck you, that is very true indeed but not as a whore but as the most gorgeous woman that you are  and I would do anything in the world to fuck you Ms. Olivia Newton John.

Oh really so if I said you had to lick my little pink rosebud what would you say to that to fuck my hot Aussie pussy, fuck yea so drop those tight white pants and I will lick your hot Aussie asshole tell I die a happy man.   Ok let’s see how you like my little Aussie rosebud you dirty Yankee boy, naughty naughty you dirty little Aussie not wearing any panties, OH GOD what a ass you have it’s the most perfect I have ever seen in my life, every woman should have a ass like yours, and now for me to do my duty kiss kiss and it’s so soft and so super tight. OH YOU DIRTY PERVERT I never thought you would do it!!!!!, I never had any man lick my rose bud before, oh you sure love licking it that’s for sure and it feels so so good too, dang what you trying to do crawl inside of my rosebud, MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM oh yea your asshole is so sweet I will never stop licking  it it’s the greatest I have ever eaten in my life and now I will tongue fuck it. You sure love playing with my ass I never had it played so much in my life before, OH WOW you are fingering my rosebud too, you are something else I must say and I am so wet too, yes you can have me you have done  a great job licking my rosebud. I never thought I would like it but I just loved it you have a very wicked tongue, I must say you are one super tight ass bitch and I can’t wait to fuck you super fine asshole.

Now I want to lick your hot golden haired pink Aussie twat it needs a good licking can I lick it, yes you can, you did a very good job on licking my rosebud, that’s good to hear so now you hot Aussie bitch sit on my face with that hot twat of yours and you will cum like crazy. OH YEA bring that beautiful twat to me I will give it a good licking oh yea it’s so sweet. WOW that is some tongue you have there I am getting so so wet you sure now how to lick my pussy. WOW you are so good licking me you ar eating me like a starving man. I am going to cum right now AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, YOUR PUSSY JUICE IS SO SWEET I WANT SOME MORE OF IT AND I WILL HAVE IT!!!!.  You are licking me like a mad man I never had my pussy licked like this before oh I am cumming  again you are a pussy eating super stud thats for sure AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. Now I want you to suck my hard cock you hot Aussie bitch  and suck it good and drink my cum all the way down your lovely throat. Get on your knees and lets see how good you are sucking me off, now let’s see how big is your John Thomas is and I love how big your nuts they are so soft and, I love a good set of nuts on my men and I love squeezing them and sucking on them. I can’t believe how hard you are and you are so very thick too, oh keep playing with cock you can grab me any time you want to and your tits are so damn hot.

MOTHER FUCKER THAT IS THE BIGGEST JOHN THOMAS I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE HOW BIG IS IT !!!!!!!!, 14 inches and 4 inch thick and it was made to make the hottest Aussie bitch cum like a crazy whore and it wants to fuck that tiny hot tight Aussie asshole of yours. That’s it suck my balls first and love how your hot little hand is stroking my shaft, oh yes you are so very good oh yes lick my shaft, your lips are so incredible on my cock and balls, I never suck so much of a John Thomas meat before in my life but I will swallow as much as I can. I know you can suck it all the way down with your hot throat, oh yes deeper go deeper my nasty Aussie bitch, fuck yea you are doing it deeper suck me all the way down, that’s it just a few more inches there you did it your cute nose looks great in my pubic hair. I am going to fuck your hot mouth and I am going to fill it up with my cum, yes play with your hot twat yea work those fingers in it go deeper in it, this is so hot you finger fucking your twat and I am going to love fucking it. From the way how hard your John Thomas is I am going to get my brains so fucked out, oh yes you will my sweet Aussie whore that’s it  and get ready I am cumming AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, that’s it drink it all the way down your lovely throat. WOW you sure have a giant shooter there I even had some shoot out my cute nose and that is the biggest John Thomas I have ever swallowed, here let me help you with that cum from under your cute nose, there that is better, did you have to use your John Thomas to clean me up that way, well it got the job done and it looked so good under your cute nose.

You are a smart ass yank, true but I love your sweet ass so much squeeze squeeze smack smack. Oh yes those are the most perfect tits I have ever seen in my life, I have seen other woman who had better hooters than me, well I have never seen any better than the ones I am looking at right now. My I touch them, yes and you better suck them very good also or your nuts are coming off real fast. oh you sure know how to play with them that’s for sure, let’s see how you are at sucking them, that is very nice but let’s see how good you can work your big John Thomas, let me see you yank on it, go faster, faster you dirty motherfucking, oh you dirty bastard biting my little nipples so hard I am going to get you for that. I bet you love having your nipples bitten, oh yes I do  at that but I need to get fucked real bad so fucked me with your giant mother fucking John Thomas and fuck me good or I will whip your bottom tell it bleeds. Now for your spanking for getting me all hard and for me taking all those cold showers, SPANK OWWW SPANK OWWW SPANK OWWW SPANK OWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWW. Just look at my bottom its redder than that jacket I just had on, I am looking at your tiny sweet ass and I love what I see, I can never get tired of looking at it. I never had my bottom played with so much before, I could play with it  for the rest of my life.

Now let’s go some place I want you to lick me again, let’s go to my shrine room I got a bed in there and it’s the best place for us to fuck each other’s brains out. That is a nice bed you have there and it is a little hard to get use to me looking around and seeing me all over the place, how come there is no other woman in here, that is easy there is only one perfect woman that can grace these walls and you are it.  That is so very sweet I am going to blush if you keep sweet talking me like that, but we got to get something straight, ok what is it, my rosebud is a exit only hole  and not a entrance hole. What to bet your ass on it, Ok you have 5 minutes to make me cum and if you don’t then you can’t have my rosebud and I get to spank yours, but if you do then you can have my rosebud, then it’s a bet your cute ass against my ass. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK is that all you got licking my fine Aussie pussy, what the hell you doing you fucking whipping my ass with that riding crop. Spanking your ass you are too slow at eat me out you dirty pervert mother fucking yank. OK your twat is mine now and you will cum like a total whore, let me get a good grip on your legs and now for your little pink golden hair twat, OH FUCK I am cumming so fast AUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH !!!!!!, oh god I wish I didn’t bet my rosebud its going to get torn in half I know it. You can stop licking me you made me cum already, like hell I am licking the hottest Aussie twat and it’s super sweet tasting and I never want to stop licking it. OH FUCK ME you are too much I never had a man so much in love with my little pussy, you are driving me crazy with lust and I am so wet you got me running like a river.

Now to fuck your sweet hot twat, oh god stop teasing it put it in me stop rubbing it up and down my pussy lips, put that giant fucker in me right now. OH FUCK you are so damn super tight your twat is gripping the yell out of my cock like a velvet vise, I think it’s because you are so fucking thick but you are filling me up so damn good, fuck me hard you  big stud, I love fucking that hot twat of yours it’s so hot I am going to ram it you and fuck the hell out of it, oh yea I love fuck you, I am going to fuck you a good long time, fuck me hard you stud I need it hard fuck me fuck me fuck me, you are a hot fucking bitch I am going to ram my entire dick up your twat, do it give me all of your giant John Thomas oh yea it feels so great I love every inch of it oh yes  oh yes oh yes that feels so great. Oh lovey you are so fucking good I love fucking you I dreamed of this day for so long and now it is happing. I AM FUCKING MS. OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN THE HOTTES AUSSIE OF ALL TIME AND SHE IS A FANTASTIC FUCK !!!!!!!!!. I am cumming AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, but I am still hard and I am not done with you yet you fucking cock loving Aussie whore, that’s it you are ramming the hell out of my pussy god you are such great fucker. I never had such a big John Thomas in me brfore my little pussy is in heaven right now you big stud, keep putting to me oh yes more I need more in me, you got it my sexy horny bitch.

Now get ready I am going to fuck you with all 14 inches of my hard cock,  OH FUCK ME you are too long for me I can’t take all your cock, you will take ever inch and you will love it. OH GOD you are stretching me so wide, you are a sex fiend. Hell yea I am for your hot Aussie twat I am,  oh yes you are so hot and now lets turn you over, Owwww you are pulling my hair to hard fuck my tight pussy oh mother fucker I am loving  it, harder do me harder harder, harder fuck yes oh yea that’s it you are fucking the hell out of me. Your giant balls are slapping me so hard I will never forget this fuck as long as I live. Fuck I am cumming you big stud  AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. Your giant John Thomas  feels so great, my pussy loves ever fucking inch of it, fuck me some more I need to be fucked again fuck me fuck me fuck me like the dirty whore I am yours you fucking yankee bastard. For a goody to shoes you sure got a filthy mouth on you, now  get your little whore ass in gear and ride me like the fucking whore you are. I never been fucked so hard before in my life oh please don’t stop keep it up you dirty bastard, I love playing with your hot titties they are the perfect size and your twat is so hot I never been in one more softer than yours.

I will ride you like no other woman has rode you before but first I want my titties fucked first, wrap them tits around my cock of yes that feels so good, fuck my cock you Aussie whore, that’s it up and down oh yea your tits look so great with my cock between them. I love your John Thomas fucking my hooters, and I love you finger fucking your hot twat that is so hot, I am going to cover your hot tits with my cum  so soon, yes splatter my hot hooters with your hot jizz.  I am cumming  right now  AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH, damn I never seen a man shoot so much jizz be for and you covered my entire chest with your entire load. Now to ride you, oh wow I can’t believe I am sitting on this giant john thomas of yours but I love riding it, I said to ride me you sexy Aussie bitch WHACK  OWWWW WHACK WHACK OWWW  WHACK OWWW  WHACK OWWW  WHACK OWWW,  HEY YOU MOTHER FUCKER watch it with that riding crop my Aussie bottom is very tender. I said ride it and move that cute Aussie ass faster you fucking whore, I am moving it you fucking bastard.  God what a fucking hot ass you have its so tight and so soft and it’s so shiny with you sweating, I am cumming you big stud, so am I you hot Aussie bitch AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh. I have never had my pussy fucked like that before in my life I am so glad I got you all hard. I am not done with you yet thou, well you fucked my brains out what more do you want from me.

That sweet asshole of yours remember you bet your ass and you lost it to me so I get to fuck it next, oh fuck I forgot about that but I want you to lube me up I will not take this mustard of yours without some lube, no problem there I want you to love getting your anal cherry popped. Now get on your hands and knees and I will get some lube, ok I am back I swear you ass keeps getting better and better every time I see it. Now to get you ready for you to lose your anal cherry you are a super tight ass bitch I can barely get my finger in your cute little asshole, I feel so violated by your finger. What tell you have my cock up your sweet asshole then you can talk about being violated but you will love it. Now for some more lube there I got my finger finally into your sweet hole, it feels so strange having your finger in my rosebud, now it’s time for another finger for your asshole. No I can’t take another finger in my rosebud please take them out of me, you are almost ready for my cock just a little more lube and some more finger action there you are ready to lose that anal cherry of yours.

God made the most perfect ass and now to fuck it, oh fuck you mother fucking bastard did you have to put your entire john thomas in me all at one time, I only put the head in your asshole. Fuck me my mind is exploding how can any bitch take your entire johnny in there butt, now you will get some more up your tight Aussie ass, oh yes I am fucking the most perfect ass ever in my life.  So glad you are loving it, fuck me I will never walk straight again as long as I live, how you feeling livy, how do you think I am feeling my ass feels like its being ripped in half by you. Then you can take my entire cock then, oh god no not that, you sure are sweating a lot, no fuck you bastard I am soaking wet and I want you to fuck me faster now I am getting to love the pain. Here it comes you hot Aussie fucking whore I am going to rip you a new asshole today, oh yes that ass of yours is the greatest I ever fucked before, I feel your big nuts slapping my hot pussy so hard I bet it will be black and blue before you are done raping my butthole. Fuck it harder I need it harder tear my hole in you cocksucking motherfucking bastard, you go it you fucking hot Aussie whore, I have said it before I will say it again your ass was made to be fucked and I am so luck to be the first man to fuck it and I never want to stop fucking it. You are a animal you are playing with my titties and my pussy and you are fucking the hell out of my butthole, oh bloody hell I am cumming AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH. KISS ME YOU MOTHER FUCKING BASTARD !!!!!!!, HMMF HMMF HMMF HMMF you are a great fucker for a yank I want more of your cum in my butthole. You got you hot Aussie bitch oh yea I can die a very happy man now I have fucked the most perfect ass in my life and here comes another hot cum load AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH. I hope you enjoyed you first ass fucking, oh yes I do and I see many more in my future and I wish I had a record of our fuck session, well when we came into the room I turned on the video recorder. I will make you a copy of  our hot time together but I want to take some photos of you in the nude and I promise you that they will be for my eyes only, I can tell you  are a man of honor because I want some of you and that mighty John Thomas of yours for my collection. You got yourself a deal you tight ass Aussie bitch, you are welcome you dirty fucking Yankee boy. We fucked each other a lot and I even impregnated her hot Aussie pussy, she is the greatest fuck I ever had.







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