Lesson learnt

This is my first story on here so please let me know what you think, its a true story about the horniest couple i know…

As he drew closer to the night club Dave could see the small blonde that was waiting to be picked up by him. She was dressed in a school girls outfit for the fancy dress that the girls had decided to sport that evening. She had a short pleated black skirt and a tight fitting white top with buttons open to show her perfect round breasts in a black bra. From a distance she looked stunning but as she got in the car she was torturously erotic. She was wearing thigh length black fish nets which were the first to appear as she stepped into the car. Yet it was her eyes that were the sexiest thing about her, somewhere deep in those brilliant blue eyes are stories of pure sin.

She gave him a kiss and he could smell the alcohol on her. She grinned and sat back in her seat. As he pulled away from the club and made his way home he was unable to resist peeking glances at his beautiful girl.

‘You know it should be illegal for you to look that good’

‘What are you gonna do, punish me?’ she let her tongue brush over the corner of her top lip.

Suddenly the hard-on that Dave had spent the past few hours trying to get rid of was back and stronger than ever. Even though it was dark Lauren saw the massive swelling in his loins.

‘Baby, let me help you with that’ she leant over and unzipped his flies diving her hand straight in pulling out the thick swollen cock.

She gripped it firmly in her soft hands and felt its full length. Dave felt he could have cum right then at the sheer thrill of being touched as he drove but he kept his eyes on the road so that he could safely get this minx home so that he could ravish her divine body all night. Keeping his eyes so keen on the road he didn’t realize what she was doing until he felt her warm mouth envelope his cock and her tongue tease his head.

‘Oh Baby’ he moaned as she made his cock feel fantastic. He nearly closed his eyes and the dichotomy between pleasure and life was almost too much.

Luckily for him they soon reached their small house, even as Dave turned off the car engine Lauren was still working on his dick, he was almost ready to cum but he wanted to wait for a more extravagant moment to fill his little whore with his juices.

‘Come on, you’ve been a very naughty girl and its time to pay the consequences of your actions’ he pulled her head up and dove for her mouth pulling her closer to him. He held the embrace for time then got out the car desperate to get inside. The house was empty and there was no one around to hear them making any noise.

Dave waited at the door as Lauren sauntered her way up to the house, he leant against the door frame waiting for a kiss. As she stepped up to his height she put her hands to his cheeks and held his face as she gave him a slow sensuous kiss. She gently caressed his tongue with her own and pressed her lips to his only as gently as needed. Despite the tenderness of the kiss Dave felt ready to rip her clothes off and he was weak at the knees. Then when he was about to pull her in close to embrace the passion fully she pulled away and ran away up the stairs and into the bedroom. Dave was a few seconds to follow but Lauren had already prepared herself.

‘Well sir, there must be a way we can both agree on a suitable punishment for my crimes’ she said it in a slow raspy voice. It was extremely sexy and got the blood pumping around Dave’s loins.

‘You must offer yourself as a grade whore, there is no other way I can forgive you’ Lauren threw herself at Dave’s feet pulling her arms around his legs.

‘Whatever you ask will be my will’ Dave thought for a moment, a whole world of possibilities at his grasp.

‘Pleasure yourself, I want to see you get yourself extra wet’ Lauren simply smiled as if he had chosen what she wanted him to chose.
She lay back where she was and lifted her knees so that she was showing him her knickers, he could already see they were wet and he looked on in fascination as she gently ran the tip of her finger over the lace of her knickers.

She laid her head back and as she closed her eyes she let out a small moan. She worked her fingers over her swollen mound, her hips gently moving against her hand and she began to moan more frequently. Dave could feel himself getting extra hard and he began to touch his cock through his trousers. Lauren stole a look up at Dave and was pleased with the effect she was having.

Knowing that he was watching her every move she slowly raised her legs straight above her head as she slipped her knickers down her legs and threw them up at him. She put her feet back on the ground and ran her fingers the length of her pussy from her clit down to her enticing hole where Dave was dying to ram his cock. After a while of running her fingers up and down her red lips she gently teased a finger into her dripping hole. Using just one finger she slowly fucked herself using her thumb to drive her closer to the edge.

She moaned and lashed about not realizing that Dave had gone to their draw of sex toys and got out a few things to spice events up. It wasn’t until Dave bent down that Lauren took a brief moment to look at her man as he removed her hand and quickly replaced it with a dildo and began fucking her with it. The feeling of a cold dildo being thrust into her boiling hot pussy made Lauren scream out with pleasure and push back against Dave’s hand.

‘Rub your clit and come for me Bitch’ Dave ordered continuing to pound her pussy with the dildo. Lauren immediately put her hand on her clit and rubbed it in circles. With his phone nearby Dave quickly turned on the camera and began filming. Lauren was writhing in pleasure crying ‘Oh Fuck’ regularly, Dave felt like he could have cum without anyone having to touch him, he’d never seen his girlfriend this intimate and it was fucking amazing. Lauren ground her hips against the dildo as her fingers moved furiously above it.

‘Oh Baby i’m so close’ she moaned lashing her head back trying to draw the dildo deep into her body. Dave had wanted to stop her before she got close but now her saw how great it looked he kept filming.

Even though Dave wasn’t physically touching Lauren he felt her body jolt and she let out a small shriek as she was overcome by an orgasm. Dave watched her body fall under the waves of her pleasure and she slowly relaxed after she was done. She was breathing heavily and smiled up at Dave. She leant up to grab him by the neck and pulled him down next to her to enjoy a long sensual kiss.

‘Well my little grade whore; id say that was enough for grace C at least’. Lauren grinned and pulled out the dildo that Dave had left in her tight pussy and put it straight into her mouth licking off the juices that he could see covered it. Dave watched in fascination as Lauren finished cleaning up her cum.

They lay in silence for a moment but Dave wasn’t aware that Lauren was eyeing up the massive hard-on that Dave was harboring in his pants. Lauren got up and went over to the door where they hung their coats. She picked up a scarf and folded it into a thing strip then went back to Dave who had sat up in the middle of the floor. Lauren straddled herself over Dave’s folded legs and put the scarf over his eyes tying it securely at the back of his head.

She watched his face taking in every inch of his skin and ran a finger gently over his features. For Dave it seemed like a decade had passed when he finally felt Lauren put her lips to his and gently nibbled on is lips. She played with his tongue and pulled gently on his hair. She gently laid him back on the floor letting her weight press on his strong body and she felt his hard cock pushing its way between her legs like a kitten yearning for the milk from its mot

Lauren ground her hips against his cock making him moan quietly, she could tell he was ner
vous about being blind folded. Dave wasn’t the trusting type but he had to get used to it so Lauren busied herself with undoing the buttons on his shirt and pulling it off him.

She kissed her way down his neck; down to his nipple which she nibbled gently while she pinched the other, all the time her hips rocking over his cock. Dave put his hands on her thighs and gently dug in his nails to her skin. She must have liked it because her next move was to rip his jeans open and slide his jeans. Then as Dave lay in the dark there was silence, Lauren was biding her time, doing what he didn’t know but the next thing he knew there was a wet sensation on the outside of his boxers.

Lauren was licking his cock through the thin material of his boxers. Dave loved it; he ran his hand up her thigh and slapped her hard on her pert ass. It wasn’t long before Lauren ripped his boxers off to reveal his massively swollen cock, the thick vein was pulsing and the end was wet with precum. His cock twitched as she gently teased the end with her tongue running circles around the head. His cock felt like velvet as she slowly slipped her lips around its head. Gently taking his balls in her hand she rubbed them between her fingers as she rapidly bobbed her head. The sensation was immense as Dave was blinded by the scarf; although he wanted to cum right then he knew that the best was yet to come so he held on.

Using her spare hand she rubbed his shaft wanking the skin leaving no part of his genitals untouched. Dave was moaning loudly by now beating his hand against the ground or running his hands along her body.

‘Oh baby i’m going to fucking cum’ he cried pushing his cock into her mouth. Lauren knew he was close but not quite, there was one thing left to do that would send him over the edge. She let go of his balls and shaft then took as much of him into her mouth as possible. Dave could feel the end of his cock touch her throat and he couldn’t hold on much longer, he exploded hot streams of cum down her throat crying out in total pleasure as he did. He could feel her gag so he grabbed her head and kept her there. He knew that she would hate it but he didn’t want the feeling to go away.

When he knew that there was nothing left to cum he reluctantly let go of her head expecting to be scolded in some way. Instead she merely licked him clean until his soft exhausted cock was dying to rise once more. Dave took off the blindfold to look at his beauty, stunning as ever. He wished he could tell her more how much he loved her but no matter what she always gave him a look that told him she already knew how much he loved her. She lay down on top of him and he wrapped her in his arms kissing her urgently.

‘Thank you baby, you’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted’ he kissed her on top of her head.

‘That’s not entirely true now is it’ she kissed his neck. Dave thought there was one thing but he thought it would be asking too much after all that she had already given him. She got up and pulled out something from under the bed. A small pink Ann summers bag. Lauren pulled out a small pot and waved it about

‘I think its time for the A grade’ Dave sat up in disbelief. Lauren sat on the bed looking back at him grinning. ‘But’ she paused ‘as I’m the only one new to this experience you’re going to have to take control’

‘But baby I don’t know how far to go’

‘I don’t want you to care, if you hurt me ill hit you back, don’t ask me what I want just take what you want’ In some unknown region of his mind Dave liked being told to take charge. He got up and kissed Lauren, laying her back on the bed he gently took all of her clothes off and kissed her whole body. He played with her shaved pussy feeling once again the juices on his fingers. He put his fingers to her lips and she licked them clean, desperate for his tongue to rape hers, she used his arm to pull her close. Their naked bodies lay together; Dave quickly grew hard again but held back from his ultimate goal.

‘Oh Dave shove your fat cock into my pussy’ Lauren groaned kissing him frantically, Dave thrust it deep into her pushing it as far in as her body would take him. He pulled it all the way out before thrusting it back in, Lauren moaned like a proper grade whore digging her nails into his back. Soon their bodies were writhing in sync until Lauren whispered in his ear ‘just do it baby’ and she pushed him off her.

The pot of lube was lying right next to them and Lauren grabbed it, taking some in her hand and spread it over Dave’s cock giving him more than just a smothering of lube. Happily frustrated by the pleasure he grabbed Lauren by the arms and turned her over spreading her legs apart so that her beautiful pink and swollen pussy was on show. Holding her by the hips he began licking her pink lips, her feminine scent smelt good and he happily devoured her, lapping up the juices as he gently used a finger to lube up her ass.

As Lauren began moaning Dave gently slipped a finger into her ass feeling the immediate resistance but as she moaned some more he managed to push his finger as far as his second knuckle, still eating her pussy. While his tongue fucked her pussy he repeatedly fucked her ass with his finger. Lauren was about to offer him more encouragement when suddenly Dave sat up ad pushed his cock into her vice tight ass. Lauren screamed in pain and sat up but Dave simply wrapped her body in his arms and kissed her neck repeatedly.

As Lauren had read in the stories the sickening pain soon subsided and Dave felt her ass allow the foreign body to penetrate her. Dave pulled his cock out someway then pushed it back out still cradling Lauren in his arms. Soon he got into a rhythm whilst fingering Lauren.

‘Lean forward baby, play with yourself and don’t stop until you cum’ he said pushing her down. Lauren did as she was told letting her fingers glide over her clit as she had done as few hours earlier. She soon found herself pushing back against the thick cock in her ass and very quickly was over come by pleasure.

‘You like that baby?’ Dave moaned pulling on her hair.

‘Oh babe i’m so close, please tell me you’re going to cum deep in my ass’

Dave loved her talking dirty and thrust his cock in deep. Lauren felt once again the deep orgasm take her from within and her body simply exploded as she screamed out in pleasure. Dave felt her body tense up as her muscles spasmed and it tipped him over the edge, he shot more hot cum into her beautiful body emptying his loins completely slapping her ass as he did.
When he was finished he realized that the only sound in the room was Lauren’s heavy breathing as she enjoyed the moment.

‘Thanks babe’ he kissed her.

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  1. MindyB

    I loved this story!! Lovely and sweet and hot and just the right pace and build up. I could relate to it almost as thoughit were happening between me and my boyfriend. Very hot and very good. Well done

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  2. E Slic

    Great story

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