From Public 2 Private but She Was All MINE

Stephanie was the Assistant Manager at the local HEB. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I was always trying to not stare. I liked her hair, natural blonde with some black highlights, very cute. Her hair made her gorgeous blue eyes stand out. Her light complexion glistened when she walked a customer to their car for a carry out.
I am in HEB almost every day; I make it an effort to going in, in the afternoon to evening shift, hoping to run into her.
Again, she was the bagger in my check-out lane. She seen me and told the bagger who was going to take over, and she said no, she had it. She kept asking me if I needed any help out. After the 5th time, I said “sure.” It was only 4 bags, and I’m like I can so get this. So we walked to my truck.
It was very dark outside, very few cars. It was late when I went in. And it was just my luck; the light over my truck was flickering and then went out. Barely able to see my truck. She put the stuff in the front seat. I had opened the door to the backseat, for her to put ‘em in the back.
Then, she climbed into the backseat. I knew at this moment what was going on. She winked at me and lay back on the bench seat, unbuttoning her red blouse. I climbed in and shut the door; the dome light went out immediately, but the little light from the occasional moon, beamed off her skin. She reached up to me and started to pull up my t-shirt. When it was gone, she wrapped her hand around my back and unclasped my bra. She had this cute red lace bra, front closure. I leaned down real close, softly licked around the top of her bra. She tasted so good, velvety skin. A slight moan slipped from her pouty lips. Unclasping her bra, her 34DD breasts fell out, oh my how plump they were, just as soft.
Rubbing my lips over them, I slipped my hand down the front of her black pants. Sliding to her sweet pussy already wet. Slipped my finger in her slit slowly rubbing her pussy. She unbuttoned my top button, and stopped when I pulled her hands away. I put both her hands above her on the seat.
“Stephanie!” someone was yelling outside. She quickly threw on her clothes, jumping out before they got close.
“Yes. I was helping Amber put her stuff in the truck. The bag broke and we had to go running after the cans.” And yet, I didn’t have a can…
“Ok, well shifts over, we’re getting ready to close up.”
Learning at that moment, it wasn’t a 24-hour HEB.
“I’ll be right in.” She watched the other woman walk back in. She threw herself back in to the backseat, grabbing me by the shirt, with a deep kiss.
“I’m off in 15 minutes wait for me.”
“Hell Ya!”
She locked the doors and damn near ran to my truck.
“Let’s go somewhere more private.”
“And comfortable” she said.
I totally speeded going home, going at least 20 mph over the limit. Peeling up my driveway. I had no cold items or anything needing to be cold, so I left it. I didn’t care. We ran into the house, I took her up to my room.
“You got a radio?” I turned it on.
The local easy listening host was on; she played the song, “Let’s Get It On”. (I’m serious) We laughed. She lay on the bed, my jeans still unbuttoned. I stripped her as I was climbing up the bed. She lie naked on my bed, I stared at her beautiful body.
“God you’re beautiful.” I told her. She was trying to hide her stomach; she has the cutest little pooch.
“Turn the lights off, please?”
“Steph. No, I wanna see you. See your beautiful body.”
“Don’t say that.”
I leaned down locking our lips. My tongue slipping into her mouth. My hands rubbing her body. I pressed my hands into the bed and lowered my lower body, grinding her body, just as I expected my button slid across her pussy, sending shivers through her body.
“Strip, Amber. I want to feel you.” I did as told, in mere seconds. I was just as naked as she was. She slipped her finger in my pussy. I was a goner at that moment. I lay next to her on the big king size bed, I caressed her breasts and sucked on them, tasting her. I slid down and slipped my tongue in her pussy. Holding her legs open, tasting her. Slid my index finger in her opening. I was sucking on her clit and fingering her pussy. It was quick and she creamed. I licked up all her sexy juices and crawled up her body. I planted a kiss her tongue slipped in, she tasted herself on me.
I lay down next to her still caressing her body. I loved her lil’ pooch stomach. Kept making it a point to rub it.
“Amber, turn the lights off please.”
“No, baby. I wanna see that sexy body of yours. I wouldn’t lie, not about that.”
She was getting very nervous, I dimed the lights. “That’s all you get. I want to see you.”
We lay there, caressing each other’s bodies till morning.
To this day, I still love that tummy. And she still hates making love with the lights on.

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