Getting An "A" in Hunab studies

Sabrina or Rina for short was failing Her human studies class, she hated the professor and joked wit her friends saying at his age hes got to be impotent, she ws wearing her most provacitive outfit she had walking down the hallway it was so reaveling, she dropped her notebook and bent to pick it up eveybody could tell she was not wearing any panties, under her roommates plaid skirt, she also had a tight takn top on that was so toght she didn’t need a bra, and before she left the dorm she ran ice over her nipples to make them perk and enticing, she couldn’t believe the thoughts going through her head, she was 20 Professor Hancock was like 80 or pushing it. she got to his office door, she hesitated, then he yanked it open “come in whay dont you young lady” he said in a crisp, creaky, creepy voice.

They talked at great length about her grade she was crying, he leaned in with a tissue to wipe them, but she leaned in to and kissed him it was a long deep kiss, alls she could think was did they fuck like we do in our generation, he layed her down on the couch and she grabbed at his old man cock to find out he was hard, then she noticed under his study books was a empty porno case, she just thought ‘you dirty dogg, you’ he started kissing her neck as she was teariong her tank top off then he through it, she unzipped his pants to reveal a purple, sorta wrinkled python he stood up and let her sit up she atarted to suck on the pruple head, she never had onr this big she wanted to see its max, i didnt take long before she was stuffing her mouth for it ,then she readied her self and took him into the depths of her throat his cum tasted so good, he then pulled out and shot all over her tits and after she position herself she helped guide himin her pussy he was fucking the shit outa her he didnt take it easy at first this was only like her 3rd time ever having sex and she was slutting it out, she felt her womb fill with extereme ammounts of his sperm and she forced himinto a chair as she could tell he was getting tired she then went as fast and hard as she could pumping all the seman out o his 12 inch cock, he was playing with her c cup tits while sliding up and down his mammoth shaft, she was screaming in pleasure as it was ripping and tearing her walls o fit, then he fell out, when guideing him back in she missed and it didnt take long for either of them to figure it out she tried to get off but he was feeling so good he forced her to pummp the rest of his juisces and seman in to her tight little virgin ass wole she started like the feel of it after he was more lubed by the sperm, he allowed her to hide out util nobody was around and let her wear his extra shirt back to the dorm.

Rina passed because he liked her story on youth to elderly relationships, she changed classes and kept him her little secret. until she graduated

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Getting An "A" in Hunab studies, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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