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Beth and Frank and their two daughters, cindy 16 and joy 14, recently moved to a big city suburbs when Frank was given a promotion. They had previously lived in a small, quiet rural town. Beth is 36, 5 ft. 5,130 pounds,brown hair, 36d bust. Frank is 6 ft. ,180 pounds. The girls take after their mother in height and have full breasts.Since they were new to the neighborhood, their neighbor, Maria, invited Beth over for coffee and to meet other women from the neighborhood. What Beth did not know was they were all swingers and were feeling Beth out as a possible new member. Maria steered the subject to sex but Beth began fidgeting and blushing. She did however, mention that Frank’s new job kept him busy and on the road so they rarely had sex. When she mentioned she was having a birthday next week Maria suggested the girls put a party together for her.Beth agreed. After she left Maria and the girls began planning a way to get their new neighbor into the club. Maria’s husband, Tom, had seen Beth and suggested to Maria to get her to join as he would like to get her in bed. So Maria and the girls planned to have a couple of male strippers at the party, get Beth drunk and have them seduce her. Maria would make a video of it and use it to blackmail Beth into joining the club. When the day came, Beth came over and the girls began plying her with a punch that was loaded with liquor. She said she wasn’t use to drinking but Maria assured her it was mostly fruit juice. It soon had the desired effect as Beth got giggly and woozy. Then the strippers arrived. They did their usual act giving special attention to Beth, Straddling her and waving their genitals in her face. She was embarassed but went along with it. Finally they started kissing her and fondling her tits. She tried to push them away but they kept doing it saying”come on baby, loosen up and have some fun”. Eventually the liquor got to Beth and she started returning the kisses and let them unbutton her blouse. Maria and the other were encouraging the strippers “Show her a good time. Go ahead Beth have some fun”. Soon they got her bra off exposing her. “Great tits,baby” they said and one began sucking on her tits while the other was kissing her. One reached between her legs to feel her pussy. “Oh she is wet she’s ready”.”You can use my bedroom” Maria offered. At that one picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. After he laid her on the bed Beth began objecting. “No,no,no. I can’t do this. I’m married”.”It’s ok baby, no one will know. Just relax and enjoy yourself”. Then they began undressing her. One was kissing her and fondling her tits while the other reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. By now Beth was into the moment and lost control of her inhibitions. She was returning the kisses and lifted herself so they could get her panties off. The one that was kissing her put his now hard cock to her lips. “Take it baby” He said. ” She started to turn away but he held her head and forced it to her lips and she finally took it in her mouth. He began fucking her mouth as the other was eating her pussy. Her skirt was up around her waist and her bra was off as Maria was taping the scene. The one that was eating her slid his cock into her now soaking pussy. “Oh God yes” She said “Fuck me”. Which he did. Then they switched positions. The one that was fucking her shoved his cock into her mouth. This time she took it without objecting. Soon they were ready to cum and came all over her face and mouth. They smiled into the camera as Beth lay there with her clothes off and cum over her face. ” I think she will join the club now” Maria said “unless she wants her husband to see this video”. To be continued.

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  1. 5,130?

    eth is 36, 5 ft. 5,130 pounds,brown hair, 36d bust.

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