Is There a Doctor in the House?? part 3

Part 3


“Yes I’am going to make you beg me for it” throwing my head back and laughing. “I want you to look but not touch until it drives you insane, Mr. Favor” as I part my knees between your legs. You see my sexy thong as I push up my skirt higher around my hips exposing the very essence of what you want. “You want your medicine don’t you, to cure that hot hard ache you have right here” as I lean down I go to lick you at the point of your hard ache but mimic licking your hard shaft. “Want me to lick it, lick it good eh” I say with a evil glim in my eyes.

“Yes for fucks sakes let me out of these leather restraints, I have to have you Nurse M” you plead….”I want you to give me all my medicine”

“Beg me” laughing again at your dilemna of being tied and strapped down.

You watch me with your hungry eyes as I arch my back and slowly slide my hands up and down my body. Caressing every inch and every curve, stopping to run my smooth soft hands over my exposed breasts. “MMMMM you like Mr. Favor” as I continue to fondle my nipples in my hands. My hips gyrate and thrust as I pull hard on my erect nipples. “I see you want out of your restraints and thats not going to work” I reply. You continue to wiggle your cute little ass and tug on the leather straps, wishing for them to come loose. “No, love your not going anywhere until I give you a dose of love medicine you came into the hospital for that hard ache of yours” I giggle as I fondle my perky tits.

Your eyes penetrate my wet flower setting it on fire with passion from your xray vision. Feeling wetness between my folds, my hands wander down and feel the heat radiating off the walls of my flower. Taking my finger I trace the perfect outline of my wet flower through my thong. Feeling the hot moisture rise out from deep within. I can feel it. “Please more” you let out a whimper as you bite your bottem lip. My other hand massages my hard nipples, as my fingers rub the outside of my thong, slowly at first, up and then down, up and then down, tracing and rubbing every inch of my watering sweetness. You have that crazed look on your face, almost surreal as I push the thong over to the side, exposing my smooth flower. “Can you see how wet I’am” breathing a little harder as I work my little bud up and down. “MMMMMM” you whimper more as you watch me.

Sliding two fingers inside my wet bud, I work them in and out until they glisten with my love juice that flows out from my garden. You say “harder” as I go deeper and harder in my garden, in and out, in and out, welcoming your penetrating eyes as you watch me. “MMMMMM yesssssss” as I thrust on my fingers with desire for your hard ache, your practically slobber with drool out the side of your mouth, trying to speak but no words can come out. Your hips grind into the air as if meeting every thrust of my fingers in my garden. Your hard ache hurts as it is begging to find relief from its suffering. You strain and pull at your restraints trying to be released from your bondage. “Ohhh god” as I explode from my garden releasing a torrant stream of cum down my fingers and rocking hard onto them. “MMMMMM” as I ride every thrust to a climax that has rocked my world. My folds quiver and pucker with every nerve ending pulsing through out my body. My garden glistens with the dew of my cum as I pull out my fingers and draw them up to your lips and put them into your mouth to suck the dew off of them. “See how a little medicine works Mr. Favor” I do believe your on your way to recovery. “Now suck and lick my fingers harder” I commanded. My breasts lightly slide over your chest and nipples leaving you gasping for more. Looking deeply into your eyes as the windows of your soul, I can see that some of the effects of the medicine are beginning to work for your hard ache.

“Please release me, I want you” you whisper between licks. “No” as I take my fingers out of your mouth and slide one of my breasts into your mouth as you hungerly beging to suck on it. My legs straddle your abs and chest area as I grind onto you. Your hard ache throbs as you thrust into my hips, searching for that open garden that glistens with dew.


*As you straddle me I can feel the slickness and heat of your wet, steamy flower glide along my chest and stomach. I pull against the restraints to no avail as I suck and nibble on your breasts and neck. Driving me crazy I begin to wiggle my torso back and forth. Im not doing this to hopefully break free, but to wiggle against your sweet pussy that is massaging me. I arch my back and suck your nipple in to my mouth hard. I can feel your breath warm and hear you moan with pleasure. I stretch out my tongue to lick and taste any part of you that I can. I slide it up to your throat and feel your hair glide along my face as you lower yourself some to look in my eyes. I gaze admiringly back at you breathing hard.*

Kiss me baby, I want to taste your lips. I want to feel them devour everything I am.

*The passion in your eyes heating me to my very core as you slide down to lavish me with a hungry, lasting kiss. Your supple lips caress hard aginst mine while your tongue darts in and out of my mouth. I moan softly, trying to refrain from drawing too much attention from the rest of the Emergency Room. I thrust my hips upwards to let the head of my begging cock to slide along your buttocks as you continue to slide, seductively, back and forth across the lower part of my stomach. I hear you moan in response to my body, letting me know that you want me just as bad as I want you.*

Take me Nurse. Im ready for all the medicine you are willing to give. Taste me, fuck me, drive me crazy. I want you in every way known to man and woman and I’m even willing to devise a few new ways if I can. I need youuuuuuu.

*My body trembling from the overload of emotion and feeling between us. I feel your tender pussy graze along my shaft as you begin to lower yourself and squeeze my arms as you rub against it vigorously. Being careful not to let me penetrate you yet. The heat from our bodies as it flows in unison between our legs is like poetry in motion. I watch you as you begin to lay thick, wet kisses along my chest and then come up to nibble my ears. I can almost hear you purrrr. Your soft hands all over me makes me shiver with anticipation.*

Yessssss baby, take me……take me NOW

*Your nails scrape firmly along my sides and your hard nipples grace along my chest as you nibble and suck the flesh of my neck and chest into your mouth. This woman is truly on fire, I want to make sure I dont extinguish this inferno between us. I begin to gasp and breathe harder as the sensation builds between us. My fists clinching and trying to pull out of the restraints, but without luck. I will just have to lay here squirming while she has her wicked way with me. Which isnt such a bad thing to be honest.*

*I look into her beautiful dark eyes to see the bliss and desire build even more and more. I grin deviously we get lost in each others stare.*

You know you’re teasing yourself too dont ya?

*I wiggle my hips a bit to let my cock slide across her folds hard and give a nice push upwards. I can feel her clit throbbing against my head. I watch her eyes close in delight and her lips part to let out a very reassuring moan followed by a long exhale.*

MMmmmmHHmmmmmmm…….Two can play this game.


Looking up and into your eyes, I catch a glimpse of sweet surrender. Staring deeply into each others eyes we both knew we had to have this bliss completed. It was driving both of us madly and passionately for one and another. It was more than just a wild time in the ole emergency room, but a union of one anothers passion.

Leaning into your sweet juicy lips and kissing them, there was a fire that was unexplainable and couldn’t be put out. Your passion on that bed ignited the flames within me.

“I want you n
ow” I moaned outloud

My mouth tastes the sweetness of your lips, your body as I nibble and suck
on every morsel. Stopping to draw the tip of my wet tongue across your chest and nipples. I tease your hardened nipples with my tongue, darting back and forth and sucking in your hard nipple. My hands wander over your body as I roll and flick your other hard nipple in my fingers.

“More please” escapes from your lips as you moan and growl with delight. The medicine is coming and your anticipating. Your hardened shaft glistens with your pre-cum as I feel the wet and sticky bulb tease and tantalize the folds of my flower. It begs to be let into its flower. Straining with every touch and every move it drives you crazy.

My wet flower rocks up and down across your hard shaft as it pulses and throbs against your hard ache. Sending shivers throughout both of us. Your rock hard ache pushes for entrance as the tip of your head graces the very folds of my garden. Demanding to be let in. Continuing to suckle on your hard nipples, I feel your body shudder as I grant you access to my garden.

“MMMMMMMM Mr. Favor” as I feel the head of your hard ache bust forth and ease into my wet flower, sliding deep into the dark moist and lushious garden. Rocking up and down on your hard ache both our bodies meld as one as my folds quiver around your rock hard shaft. Squeezing as you thrust slowly in and out. I can feel you as you tense and buck at your shackles wanting to rip off your bondage and have your way
with me. My knees bent as pushed up off your chest and sit upright on your rock hard cock. My hands slide down to my milky white breasts and tease my nipples as I thrust up and down on your shaft. Your penetration is deep as I slide all the way down to the base and back up again to the very tip of your head. Squeezing and devouring all of you inside my vibrating walls. I’m wet with dew as it glides in and out of my garden. The fragrance of sex fills the room and only ignites more passion as I thrust harder on that hard ache of yours.

No words could describe the incredible feeling and passion as we ride that flame within us. I look at you deeply in your eyes without words being spoken and our eyes speak volumns of what is going on between us. The look on your face says it all as I give you the antidote, the medicine you so desired to have when you came into the emergency room.

Breathing together as one, in then out, in then out.

Faster as I thrust up and down on your hard ache cock I feel myself water and squirt as I gush with a wonderful stream of love as my flower damn bursts and the slickness glistens on your hard shaft. Reaching down with one hand I play with my hard clit *bud* in circles and back and forth as I ride your cock. Its hard hard bud stands erect as I play and flick with it, as you thrust deeper in me. I can feel that your own damn wants to be released.

Grabbing the sides of the metal rails I shudder then explode on your hard ache as tiny tingles envelope my entire body as I rock and moan, squeezing then releasing as the streams of cum from my own flower is released. “Ooooooo, Mr. Favor yess” as I scream out your name. Not caring who heard me outside those doors.

The medicine is indeed being released onto your hard ache as I cum quickly and hard, devouring every inch of your big rock hard shaft, getting at that hard ache you have.

Sing with me Mr. Favor… “Just a Spoonful of Suga makes the medicine go down, makes the medicine go down”

Passion and sweet sweet medicine for your soul has cum….


*As I buck and thrust faster and squirm harder I feel one of the buckles has loosened up. I wriggle one hand free and in heat I bring it over to unleash my other hand. I sit up and pull this sexy nurse into me as she straddles and grinds my cock like a wild girl. Her hungry flower springs forth a flood of passion as I reach around behind her to unbuckle my ankles. I gaze passionately into her eyes as she sees the fire in mine. I wiggle the rest of the way out of my restraints*

Youre mine now

*My breath begins to quicken and become louder and deeper. I wrap my arms around her waist and squeeze her hips. Making her wiggle and shudder back and forth harder and faster. Swinging my legs around from the bed and planting my feet on the floor, I nibble her perky nipples and suck them both all the way into my mouth. Her legs wrap around my waist and I stand up cradling and squeezing her firm ass. Her moans becoming more frequent and strong as her back finds the wall and I swerve in and out of pulsing pussy. The walls of her crevasse squeezing me and sucking me into making sure that I dont miss a beat. Our sweat mixing nicely together as our bodies rub and melt as one*

I want you to cum all over me baby…Cum hard

*I command as I quicken the pace and bob her up and down using the wall for leverage. Her hips buck wildly and her moans in my ear driving me to the brink of pleasure. I hold back my desire to explode inside of her. Wanting to relish and make the most of this ever loving moment.*

Yea baby……thats it

*Her hands running and pulling my hair and then scraping nails along my neck and back as I commence in a deep kiss. She lets out a long, yearning moan followed by spasms and a flood between her thighs. Her inner thighs trembling around my hips and her legs squeeze me as she cums hard. I hold the position there and just grind and move as she moves, prolonging the sensations as she lets go of herself completely*

MMMMmmmmmm yessssssss…..take me. You feel sooo good.

*I start to let her slide down my body as she unwraps her legs and flick my tongue up her clevage and neck to her mouth as she slowly slips along my body. Kissing her passionately and holding her hands firmly. My cock now exposed to the air and sliding along the outside of her folds. She begins to walk me back over to the table and turns around with her back facing me. She turns her head to look behind her to look deep in my eyes once again. The look she gives letting me know that she is far from done with me.*

I want you more and more as each minute passes Miss.M …you have nooooo idea.

*She grins and nods as if to tell me that she has a damn good idea as her hand slides down under her to come up between her thighs. Her fingers spread her sweet pink petals apart to show me her sex and how deep she is willing me to go. I bring my hand down to meet with hers and begin fingering faster. Twisting two fingers in and out as she holds my wrist and thrusts back onto it harder and harder. Her ass bobbing and swaying as she gets into the rhythm.*


*I grin and drop to my knees behind her to lick all the way up and down her sweet ass. Sucking her delicious clit into my mouth over and over and licking frantically. The aroma tingling my nostrils as her sex beckons for more. My fingers wiggling and curling to rub every area inside of her.*

You know how how bad I want you .Show me how bad you want me baby. I want you to make me a believer.

*I stand behind her and look in her eyes as she bites her lip hard. She rears back to meet the head of my cock with her folds and takes my shaft into her hand to rub it firmly aginst her hungry pussy. The muscles in her legs twitching and flexing as she slides her ass up and down to tease the bulb of my shaft. Satisfaction filling her body, I can see it in her face*

Show me

*I whisper as I close my eyes*


*mmmmmmm as I back my ass hard up on your cock as beads of sweat break out on my forehead as your throbbing cock slaps my watering pussy and a warmth of liquid gushes down my inner thighs. I squirted and it felt damn good as I push harder and deeper”

*you feel good inside me as I moan over and over again, my breasts begging to be touched as you continue to hit it from behind and grabbing and fondling my nipples at the same time. Reaching between my legs I rub my clit hard.. ha
rd just for you, as the friction between my thighs and on my clit start to explode* *mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm moaning over and over a
gain as I thrust on you*

*as you turn me over, facing you and putting me up against the wall*

*wrapping my arms around your back as my fingernails firmly dig deeper into you as I scratch your backside hard almost drawing blood, I kiss and suck on your bottem lip as I kiss you hard. Knowing this could be the very last time I will ever see you. Your throbbing member feels so gawd damn good as you press it into the deep folds of my *aching* flower. I buck and jerk hard up and down on your hard ache as you grab my hands and put them over my head. You run your hands down the length of my body stopping to massage my heaving breasts. Your kisses tasting like candy, so sweet as I nibble on your delicious morsels of your mouth. Wanting to devour and savour every precious sweetness that is on your lips*

*moaning in your ear I whisper sweet sexual innuedoes about how I love the way you fuck me, love the way you make me feel inside, you have made my day by coming to the hospital that day… ohhhh baby yea your throbbing member turns my ass on as you thrust harder into me.. harder, deeper, faster baby as I whisper, biting softly on your ear and my nails go deeper into your skin*

*My *aching* flower releases the strong aroma of sweet sex that continues to fill the room and the sexual senses and how your throbbing member slides in and out making incredible sexual sounds as I feel us both rising to a sexual peak, a cresendo, to fall over the edge, as both our hearts beat as one and our heavy breathing take on a renewed passion that only can be extinguished by some outside force*

*mmmm god yesssssssssss baby fuck me .. fuck me good.. as I let go and begin the rise and fall of peaking and over the edge as I slide up and down your hard member. Riding your member as I release the flow of cum that begins to trickle down my slit as I feel your hard ache tighen then get stiffer as it pushes deeper into my vibrating walls as I feel a warm gush of cum shoot hard and deep within the luscious depths of my flower. Your grunts and groans and moanings are indescribeable as your *aching* hard ache penetrates my watering flower, as I feel you squeeze and the hot liquid fills every crevice of my being, like liquid energy pulsing through my body*

*my nails deeper into your back as I scratch you hard and pull you tighter to me as we ride the peak out and rocking our hips in unison as we cum together in one beautiful experience*

*wrapping my arms around you, I look deep into your very soulful eyes and just knowingly in my heart, knows that what just transpired between us was that union of souls that only very few people have experienced in their lifetimes. Kissing your lips hard but passionately, knowing that the medicine that was delievered to that *throbbing ache* that brought you into this hospital has now been helped and cured and released into your blood stream*

*I hope you feel much better now Mr. Favor, as I stand up and walk over to pick up my clothes and put them back on. I felt a sadness come over me as I buttoned up my uniform and smooth my long brown hair back out of my face and wiped the sweat from my brow. Looking at the man who stood before me, I knew he was a once in a lifetime opportunity that only does come around once in someones life. The sadness was deep but knew the time with him was well worth the chance of getting caught and losing my job. He was well worth everything and now just knowing the time between us was over, a teardrop fell from the corner of my eyes, causing me to look away from him.*

*Thank you Mr. Favor for allowing me to fix what your *throbbing ache* was, even though I know it is alot deeper than just in your “throbbing member” The *ache* you have is a heart issue, not just a *throbbing member* ache and for that I have found their is really no cure.*

*Walking over to you my hand grazes over the smoothness of your skin as I touch you there, and looking deep into your soulful eyes. I believe we have made that connection we both so desperately needed in both of our lives that this day will always be a deep constant reminder. I know I will never forget it. Leaning in to kiss your sweet lips with all the passion in my soul, I feel the energy that flowed out from everything we did and for that Mr. Favor I will always cherish*

*picking up Mr. Favor’s chart, I glance back adoringly and give a smile and a wink as I walk towards the door. My heart and soul says it all in one glance… all for Mr. Favor*

*I mouth the words “thank you” as I turn and walk out the door, vowing to never forget*

*thank you*

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