Julie takes control, has more of Dave

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My wife Julie recently gave me some details of an encounter she’d had with our “extra guy” after our first threesome with him. The morning after our get together she heard me drive down the driveway going to work and she padded mostly naked upstairs into his room. She told me she slipped under the covers and used her lips and tongue to bring him to a hard-on, then proceeded to suck his cock for him.

It struck me as very cool that my fiance liked sucking this guy’s cock so much, had never even had a conversation with him; I spent over two years chatting her up around campus and courting her before finally getting into her pants.

She licked and sucked his cock until he woke up and threw the covers back to watch her work on the third blowjob. She told me he asked her if she was doing this (sucking his cock) because she was mad at Ward (me, her fiance at the time). She told him “if that’s why you think I’m here then I’ll leave right now.” Well, he kept his mouth shut after that and just enjoyed getting his cock sucked again after our threesome a few hours earlier.

She said he got up to take a leak and she waited, “felt like a real slut then;” he got back under the covers on top of her for some steady fucking, and she “felt pressed down, down, down, into his mattress.” He fucked her plenty. Then he stood up beside the bed and she took his cock in her mouth, had him cum down her throat for the third time that night. I love that she likes swallowing cum so much; she’d had me cum in her mouth earlier too.

After that, she tells me, he led her over to a small table in his room and had her sit up on it, her crotch at the edge, then he stood and proceeded to fuck her tight little pussy while she leaned back on her hands and hooked her heels behind his thighs. With her bare ass on that hard table she says “I pulled him into me with my ankles, over and over.” After a good long stretch of that he pulled out of her and told her to “suck it.” “I got on my knees and sucked him some more,” she told me, “then he led me over to a chair and sat down.” She sat on his lap and fucked him for a while facing away from him and then stood and turned around to face him and put her tits in his face, guided his hard cock into her pussy, stroking up and down using her knees and thigh muscles to fuck Dave some more. She says they were clutching and sweating in the semi-dark, Julie pleading with him: “cum in my pussy!”

Even after three earlier blowjobs, Dave managed to send some semen up into Julie’s warm juicy cunt. Amazed, he said “Wow, that’s a record!” Forty-some years old, he was pretty happy with this young woman, fifteen years his junior. They moved from the chair over to his bed to cuddle and spoon together in the dim light.

Julie assured me that Dave’s cum leaked out of her pussy, ran across her thigh. She was loving it. Soon, dawn was coming on. Julie couldn’t keep her mouth off this guy’s dick for long and started giving him another blow job, just because she wanted it, thinking that if he was keeping count of his orgasms then she was challenged: “could she give him one more?” She used her mouth, her lips, her tongue, on Dave’s dick until he came it her mouth again! “Another record!” I’m proud of my girl.

They snuggled some more and then, because I had mistakenly taken her car keys with me to work, Dave gave her a ride across town to her office at the University. She worked all day smelling like sex, with the taste of cum from Dave and me in her mouth.

Later that day Dave and I laughed over the previous night’s sensation. “Is your cock sore?” “Yeah.” “Mine too.” Julie had been insatiable.

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