Must of been the waves

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Having a few brews one night idling about the bay on my pals boat, my pal, and my wife his wife and I were having a great night. Stars out, warm weather, music “rippers” on the radio from days gone by. Pete was driving the boat as I stood next to him by the opening to the berth below. I was standing just above the stairs as my wife tugged the elastic top of my short and pulled my cock out, I backed off and bent over to tell her Renee might see, she assured me Renee was sleeping. So I assumed the position against the door to below and proceeded to get my cock sucked by my wife. She started and stopped a few times and I was loving it. Pete and I were just bullshitting as we idled along rocking with the waves. I finally came deep into my wife’s mouth and her mouth dried me off and flopped my now soft cock into my pants.
My wife went to lie down a while and I gave Pete a break from driving. His wife was awake now, and his wife started the same type of thing with him, I could see her hand rub his crotch thru his pants a few times as he bent over to tell her knock it off, Gail (my wife) might see. I hear her tell him Gail’s asleep. Next thing I knew he was standing closer to the entranceway to the stairs and I guessed Renee was giving him a blowjob as my wife did me.
A short time afterwards I saw him tense and shake a bit and I knew he came for her, when he backed away from the opening I knew he was done. Renee and Gail both came up from the berth below a few minutes later with smiles on their faces. Gail said first, “Did you guys have a good time?” Of course we both replied. Later in the night we found out what the grin was about, Renee sucked me off and my wife Gail sucked Pete off without us even knowing it.
Mischievous women!
Believe me this won’t be the last of this Pete and I both agreed.

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