Raven of The Teen Titans lands Thee Titan in her bed

Raven AKA Rachel Ann Roth was in her bedroom at the Titans Tower looking down at her new gym clothes that were laying on her bed and could not believe she was going to put on the hot pink gym clothes, she went over to her full length mirror and took another look at her naked body and she wish her 5′ 7″ 115 lbs 33 b 22 32 slender  body was as sexy and as hot as Wonder Girl, Terra and Starfire.  She put on a pair of thong panties in hot pink and then a very snug pair of very short shorts and very short half top  and pink gym shoes, she was glad the rest of the Titans were not here to see her in this ridiculous outfit, they were on the west coast and that saved Beast Boy from being killed by her. She has fallen in love with the man she has wanted the most in her young life, he has all ways treated her very well and he he would listen to what she had to say, and he treated her with utmost respect  as a valuable member of the Teen Titans. She has chosen him to take her virginity from her and she knew he will make her first time so very special.  She plays with her titties and her furry pussy just thinking about him and she got herself very wet, thinking about his very handsome face and he had a body of a Greek god. She was hoping she could make him her boyfriend and she hoped with all her heart that would happen.

She wished she never let Beast Boy find out she was looking for some gym clothes, he was the one that told her about the store and she had a thousand ways to kill that perverted Beast Boy. Now she was hoping to catch the attention of the man she wanted the most in her life Robin the Teen Wonder AKA Richard John Grayson was that man she wanted and she went to the gymnasium and when she got there she peeked into the room. Her heart skipped several beats when she saw him, there he stood in just a pair of tight green shorts and covered in a sheen of sweat and she loved looking at his 5′ 10″ 190 lbs and his very blue eyes. He was a living Greek god and he was gods gift to women, he made every women wet her panties when he turned on that 1000 watt smile of his and she was no exception and he had a damn fine ass. She gathered up her her courage and walked into the room and she watched as he was lifting up some very heavy set of free weights over his head. She just stared at him for a few minutes and he was so very easy on the eyes and she just knew he was thee perfect man she has ever saw in her young life and he has won her tender heart, but he didn’t know that just yet but he would know it very soon.

Hello Richard how are you this fine morning, hello Raven i am good is that really you in that hot pink outfit, do you like i will spin around so you can see all of it. When she did Robin dropped the weights he was holding over his head, Raven ran over to him, oh my god are you all right those weights could of killed you, no i am all right i just lost my grip that’s all, so what are you doing in here i never saw you in the gym before, well I am just doing what you suggest all of us to do by keeping in shape. Well i better get started with my exercises. Raven did everything to get his attention she would bend over and twist her body in sexy poses, but it seemed he was not interested in her at all but she was dead wrong, he used all his bat training to control him self  but it was getting hard for him and his dick was getting hard from her sexy actions. Richard i need your help with this weight machine, sure thing Raven be right there. Robin tripped over the barbell he was lifting when he went over to help Raven, she smiled at him being so clumsy when he has been all ways sure footed. It was funny to see him less than perfect like he has always been in her eyes for these past years.

You should really be careful were you are walking Richard you might fall and hurt your self, very funny miss smarty pink pants, Richard that’s not funny i should take these gym clothes off right now, i like the sound of that  a naked sexy Raven running around here, Richard John Grayson you are such a pervert and i thought Beast Boy was our only pervert on the titans. Ok fun time is over let me help you with this weight machine. You need to keep your hands apart like this and you need to keep your back flat on the board, like this way Richard, no keep your back flat here let me hold you down, you are tickling me you bad boy, oh sorry i didn’t mean to do it but you are doing much better. Now to keep your legs strong and fit you use this part of the machine, how am i doing Richard am i doing it right and will this keep my little butt in shape also. Yes you are doing it right and yes it will, well i can tell you are doing a great job and i need to take a shower, please do you smell like a beast, hahahahahahaha you have been hanging around BB too much well see you later Raven. Ok Richard see you later have a nice shower, what a damn fine ass he has and you smell like a very sexy beast, i want you so bad Richard John Grayson you make my pussy so very very wet. As she sat on the weight bench she fingered her furry pussy and she played with her little nipples, then she got a wicked smile on her very pretty face and she wants to see what his butt looks like naked so she went into the men’s shower room to get a look at it and she got a surprised when  she got close to the stall were Robin was at and she was shocked at what she heard he was saying about her.

Oh Raven you are one hot fucking sexy bitch first i will fuck your hot little mouth then i will squeeze and fuck your hot little tittys and then i will  eat the hell out of your hot cunt and fuck it tell you cant stand and then i will fuck your tight little asshole with my big  thick cock, i want you so fucking bad my bat balls ache like crazy, Wonder Girl Starfire and Terra wish they had a hot body like yours, god i want to fuck you so bad. Raven listen to what he he was saying and then she peaked into the shower stall and saw Robin with his eyes closed and he was jerking his cock and could not believe how long his cock was, she went into the stall and she started to suck on his giant cock. What the fuck Raven what are you doing, it is very clear i am sucking your giant bat dick and it likes my mouth very much. In the gym i could tell your bat dick wanted to come out and play with me, he was getting very hard. Oh your mouth is so fucking hot you are incredible at cock sucking keep it up and suck on my balls also, oh yes i am in heaven your hot little mouth looks so great wrapped around my balls. They both taste so good Richard i love sucking on them, keep sucking them my sexy bitch and i love seeing you playing with your hot fucking cunt and work those fingers of yours in it. Oh fuck yes i am so close to cumming, fuck i am cummmiiiiinnnnngggggg right now, WOW you sure had a lot of bat cum stored in you some even came shooting out my nose. That was so hot to see it come out of your very cute nose and i want to see more come out of it  my sexy hot bitch.

Now i need to get you out of your wet clothes first your top oh yes you have thee most perfect little tits i have ever seen, your nipples are so long and you areola’s are very small and now to taste them, oh you are biting my nipples and sucking my tits so good and you rubbing and squeezing my ass is driving me crazy.  You got a great little butt its so soft and so very tight and now i want to get a better look at your very cute butt so turn around and let me get a better look at it, that’s it and this sign on the back of your shorts is so right about you, what are you talking about what sign ???, that’s a very nice thong you have on and here take a look. MEGA HOTTIE I HAD THAT ON MY ASS  !!!! oh i am going to skin Beast Boy alive for telling me about that store. I will have to buy him that moped he wants so badly, why would you do that for him, well if he didn’t tell you about that store then we would not be together right now. I guess you are right about that, now back to your sweet butt, god i am making a rule that all female titans to have ass like yours, you are so naughty kissing and licking my ass, then you will love this even more my sweet Raven. OH GOD Richard you are super nasty licking my asshole your tongue is so wicked i can’t believe you are doing that to me, your little butthole is so sweet tasting i will not be able to get enough of it i will want to lick it everyday for the rest of my life, you are a bigger pervert than Beast Boy.  It feels so good keep it up Richard  and you are fingering my pussy like a mad man i am getting very wet, now i want to give your cunt a good licking also, my what a very furry cunt you have there and i bet it taste very sweet so i will see.

Oh yea your cunt is so very sweet tasting indeed and i need to taste some more of it, oh you are doing a wonderful job eating my pussy i love it keep it up oh yes that is my spot you are great at eating my pussy i am so close to cumming, your cunt is thee best i have ever eaten, oh Richard i am about to cumm keep it up, oh god don’t make me cumm stop licking me i don’t want to cumm please stop it oh god stop it stop it stop it, fuck i am cumming AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHHh. That was a very powerful orgasam Raven, Richard leave me alone i got to go now!!!!!, what is wrong with you Raven, let go of me i said i need to leave and i want to leave now. Didn’t you see i am a freak the way i had that freakish orgasam i am ashamed of my self and embarrassed by it, Rachel Ann Roth look at me damm it right fucking now, that is better and now listen to me you are not a freak of any kind that orgasam you had is very rare and only very special woman can have them and you are my very special girl. Now why are you crying now, because you have finally called me by my birth name and you called me your girl and that made me very happy and i want to make you happy also. Lets go back to my room so we make each other happy my very sexy man, i love the sound of that my beautiful and very sexy lady and i want to do this right now, mmmf mmmmf mmmf mmmf wow watch it with those kisses there you nearly took my breath away, that’s the whole idea my sexy lady. Hey that’s my cock you are leading me around with it, sorry but i own this nice big dick now and everthing that is attached to it belongs to me, so then i own your tight little hot butt then spank spank squeeze, sorry but that is my ass you are grabbing and spanking it you naughty pervert. I know Beast Boy would give his left arm t see my ass naked, hell he would faint if he seen your tight little butt and he would get a hard on also, i don’t think so Richard, well i know so want to bet on it, ok lets bet winner gets a massage for a week, ok Richard that’s a bet.

Raven pulled Robin by his cock thru the tower towards her room and she had a big smile  on her face she had her man right were she wanted,  then they reached her room and she lead him inside of it. Your room is amazing can i look around i never been in here before, sure go ahead you are the only person who has respected my privacy. I never thought you would be into country music and old time rock and roll and you like mystery, western and romance novels, i am sorry you don’t like what i read or listen too, no its not that i am just surprised that you do like that type of music and the books and  there is nothing wrong i just thought you might like something else that’s all. Just like your your hair i never knew it was so short you are very sexy with short hair and you are very hot and very naughty playing with your very furry cunt. Well bring that bat dick of yours over here i can see he wants to fuck my hot wet pussy and i want it so bad, so get your damm fine ass over here you fucking stud and fuck my brains out. What ever you say my sexy hot fucking bitch, fucking stop teasing my pussy lips with your  bat dick and fuck me right now, fuck you are so super tight like a virgin Raven i can hardly get into you. I am a virgin Richard  please take it away from me but please be gentle with me, oh yes i will my sexy bitch, go deeper into me i love how your bat dick is filling up my hot wet pussy, go slow with it is so thick and very long that feels so good i am getting use to its thickness. Your cunt is so hot and it feels like velvet i love fucking it oh yes you have one wet cunt, that is it i love you sliding in and out of my very wet pussy, do you feel that my sexy hot fucking my sexy bitch, yes i do my big dick fucking stud, that’s your very sweet cherry and now say good bye to it, oh fucking yes i am a woman now fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me you big fucking stud. You are fucking me so good i love your big  fucking bat dick in my hot wet pussy and your big bat balls are slapping the hell out of my little sweet ass. Harder fuck me harder i need it harder you call that hard look at me you fucking bastard i need it hard, i can’t feel your giant bat dick in me, fuck me harder and faster or i am going to kick your mother fucking ass all over the tower you fucking asshole, you want it hard and fast you got it you fucking whore, oh yes that is it you are fucking me so hard and you are moving so fast.

OH GOD RICHARD stop it you are fucking me too hard and too fast i can’t take it anymore you are a fucking animal my pussy is going to be so sore from your intense fucking, you wanted it hard you fucking cock loving whore you are going to get it, oh yes your nasty cunt is getting fucked real good you can take it, oh please stop it i can’t take it anymore stop fucking me, oh god i am cumming again Richard, you fucking whore you are stratching  the yell out of my back. Oh god i am cumming again AUUUGGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, i am not done yet with you fucking whore oh yea your fucking cunt has a  of hell grip on my cock. What are you doing to my legs, i am folding you in half and i am going to give you long fucking strokes you will get all 14 inches of my cock driven into you oh yes you are one hot fucking whore, oh yes i love fucking your hot whore cunt, oh yes i am going to give you a big load of my hot cumm right now AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. Damm you trying bury your fingernails  into my butt cheeks, oh yes i am remember your damm fine ass is mine and you fucked my brains out, i had to hold onto something when you fucked my brains out and your ass was the best thing to get  ahold of. I just knew you would make my first time very special my darling Richard, i better look at your back, i sure did stratched your back like a wildebeest, i better fix it let me get some medicine for you. OWWW that fucking hurts Raven, stop being a big baby it don’t hurt that much, OWWWW MOTHER FUCKER what you doing pouring salt in my stratches you sure are a potty mouth and for the record i am not a whore. It was just dirty talk, like you did to me when you called me dirty names, oh i am sorry then i better really fix your back, that would be great, i am so sorry my darling, there that should help your back and let me put this medicine away. Hey why are you grabbing my arm,an do this spank  OWWW spank OWWW spank OWWW spank OWWW spank OWWW, the first spanking was because you flashed me your half covred butt the second you flashed me your tits when you came running towards me and third for making me take a cold shower and the last two spanks is because i love the feel of your tight little butt, Richard why do you got your finger in my asshole, i am taking your temperature, but you can’t do that with your finger, oh yes i can and there just as i thought you are one hot fucking bitch.  Very funny Richard you are very nasty fingering my asshole, can’t help it your butt was made to be fucked and i will fuck it so good you will want it everyday.

Now my hot fucking bitch get on top of me and i want you to fuck me good and hard i want to see you move that hot butt of yours, i will fuck you so good you will not want any other pussy but my hot wet pussy you fucking bastard. Fuck i can never get tired of looking at your hot butt, oh yea your thick dick is so perfect for my wet pussy is so hard and it shots giant loads of very hot cumm which i love very much. I said move your butt you fucking whore spank spank spank spank spank spank spank, OWWWWW OWWWWW that fucking hurts just look at, my ass is redder than your tunic. Oh yes i am looking at your perfect hot fucking butt my cock will look great buried all the way up it. That’s better your butt jiggles so good when you fuck me oh yea you are so good, i can never get tired riding your giant bat dick and your big bat balls are so big but very soft and i love squeezing them, now turn around and face me you fucking whore and ride me for all you are worth, oh yes your little tittys move so nice, yea those are my tittys you are squeezing and sucking so well. Nope they belong to me and i love sucking your hot tittys and your nipples taste so good. I said fuck me as fast as you can move your fat butt of yours you fucking whore, did you just call my ass fat, you heard me all right, ok you are going to get it now. That’s it you are doing it you nasty fucking whore you are fucking me so good now i love. Oh yea you fucking bastard your dick is feeling me up so good in me and i bet you had a lot of bitches , and well i am the best you will ever have, oh yes i am about to cum again you fucking bastard, me too you fucking nasty whore, AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh. I can’t move a muscle i am out of breath you sure know how to get a girls blood going and i want to tell you something before i lose my courage Richard John Grayson i love you with all my heart and soul. Well Rachel Ann Roth i love you too, what did you say to me, you heard me my sexy girlfriend i was not sure how to tell you showed me how much courage you had in you. I can feel your sexy blue eyes on my ass again i don’t see nothing special about it why do you love it so much, remember when i dropped those barbells, well when you turned around and i got a good look at your tight butt and i never seen a more perfect butt before in my life and, when you ran towards me your i got a very good look at your hot tiny tits. I am telling you the truth you are thee hottest titan woman, Terra , Wonder Girl and Starfire don’t have thee hottest body on this team you do. She started to cry when he said that to her, she never thought she was that hot but he set the record straight.

Richard you sure know how to tell make a girl very happy and i am very honored to be your girlfriend, i am very honored to be your boyfriend and i will make sure everyone  leaves you alone when you want some peace and quite, i know you will protect you and i will do the same my very sexy man.  Now i better get ready for that ass fucking you been promising to do it to me, i will be right back with some lube for your cute butt hole,  Ok i am back and that is a hot site you rubbing your hot cunt and now to get you ready for the best butt fucking you will ever get, You are so dirty licking my asshole are you trying to crawl inside of me ??? and your fingers are driving my pussy like crazy oh god i am cumming again AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. You are ready for my cock i used a good amount lube on you, OH WOW you are strectching my little asshole so wide but did you have to put all of little Richard in me at once, i only put a few inches into your cute butt, oh no i am going to get so fucked. Your butthole is even tighter than your sweet cunt and i am going to push more of my cock into you right now, oh fuck you sure know to get a girls attention, i would like to know what lube you used on me it smells funny, i used this on you, motor oil i can’t believe it i got motor oil up my asshole, it was the only thing  i could find. Oh yes it is getting  easy to fuck your sweet butthole and i got over 3/4 of my cock into you you and what a nice sheen of sweat covering your  sexy body and how are you feeling right now, you want to know i feel my asshole is on fucking fire and the pain is so great, your bat dick is ripping me a new asshole and i got a death grip on my bed sheets. I didn’t mean to hurt you i am pulling out, don’t you fucking dare i love the pain and i want every inch of  you up my asshole fuck me deep and fuck me hard. That’s it  fuck me fuck me fuck me you fucking bastard oh yes i love getting ass fuck i never thought i would love it so much, oh yes i love fucking your tight little butt hole my cock looks great buried in it. That is it you are fucking the hell out of me, shit we broke my bed, i am cumming Raven AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, OH baby i cant move a muscle, neither can i we broke my bed and nearly killed each other by us fucking so hard were am i going to sleep now. You can sleep in my bed with me, oh i love the sound of that my handsome man, i never been in your room either, i want to see it very much.

Well i need to go to the tinkle and i need a shower i am a mess, i could use a shower also my sexy girl, then i guess we can take a shower togther, Raven i want you to do some thing for me, i want you to give me a golden shower, you want me to tinkle on you, yes i do and i have some strength back and lets go, hey i can walk to the bathroom, i will carry my queen every were. Let me lie on my back and now for you to straddle my face that is it my sexy girl, now give me a golden shower on my face, AHHHHHHHHHHHH there you go my nasty man, that was great shower thank you, now give me one my sexy man, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how did you like it, i loved how warm it felt on my face. Now to get cleaned up we both are a mess but you look so hot i must say my very sexy Raven, so do you my very handsome Richard and i think we should not let the team know we are dating, why do you want to do that i thought you would be proud to let everyone to know that we are dating. I don’t want to answer a million questions right now, i want to enjoy our time together, ok i will do what ever you say my very sexy girlfriend and now lets get cleaned up after 8 hours of making love to thee hottest titan woman i am hungry, oh wow we have been at it that long that is amazing. We sure know how to please each other and why do you keep looking at my pussy, i was thinking it could use a new look and i see you have your doubts about this but trust me my sexy girlfriend. First  to trim your furry bush, there and now to lather it up. hey easy there i am still very sore from your heavy fucking, i will be gentle there it is done, why did you put a h and t on me and what do they stand for ???, horny titan what else, oh you are so naughty but take off the h, ok your wish is my command and there how does that look now, i love the T its very cute and now lets get dressed and get something to eat i am hungry also.

Let me get you your robe for you, i don’t have one Richard, ok i will get you some of your street clothes then, i don’t have any of those either, be right back. Ok here is a robe and some of my sweats you can wear and tomrrow we are going shopping for you young lady and i will not hear a no out of you, i give you all money to buy personal items what do you do with your share, i get some personal items and i donate the rest, i see well lets eat the pizza i ordered it should be here in a few minutes. Robin picked up Raven and carried her into the dinning room and went and got the pizza from the delivery person. That was pizza so good baby, i think it was because we could eat it in peace and now lets watch a good movie my darling man and lets cuddle with each other, that’s a great idea how about this comedy, that will be great. I can get use to us cuddling like this baby, so did you like the movie baby ??, awwwwww she fell asleep she looks so very cute well i better get my baby to bed, well we are here in my bedroom wish you were awake, hahhahaha i am i can get use to be carried around, well lets see if you like this. DICK I CANT BELIEVE YOU DROPPED ME ON MY ASS !!!!!, yes i did on my bed and you bounced real good to and you called me by my name finally, that was a slip of the tongue and your name is Richard and a dick is whats between your sexy muscular legs and now i have to check out our room, you need to fixed this place up it’s so boring in here. Well i could put a full size poster of you in the nude all over my walls that would brighten it up a lot, what am i going to do with you, well you can love me, you are such a smart ass Richard, and you got a very hot butt. Richard i want to change my room the one next to yours that is empty, sure you can have it, and now i am going to give you a good night blowjob and it will be the best you will ever get. Your batballs are very big and very soft and so sweet tasting, damm you are a great ball sucker oh that’s it don’t stop you hot sexy bitch. Fuck you are natural at cock sucking suck me deeper swallow me all the way you can do it my hot bitch god your lips are so hot wrapped around my cock, i will do my best my fucking stud, oh fuck you are doing it just a few more inches and you will have it all the way down your throat, you did it baby you are the only one who has swallowed all 14 inches of my cock. You sure are a mouth full for a girl and now i am going to see how much batcumm you got left in you, damm you got a hell of grip on my cock with your two soft hands, i need it with this monster dick of yours, oh yes your dick is about to erupt i can feel it, oh my god you are jerking me off  so great baby,  i am cumming baby AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, help i cant see anything your dick cum has blinded me. Here is a towel baby, thanks i needed it your big batballs were not empty they sure gave me a giant facial, well we need some rest baby, ok honey i like the sound of that and i hope you don’t mind i sleep in the nude. Get our sexy body into our bed oh you are so hot baby, thanks so are you and try to keep your horny dick under control while we sleep.

They fell asleep in each others arms and they both had the best sleep in there lives and when she woke up and she found herself alone in bed she put on his robe and left his room and found him working in her new room. Richard what are you doing, oh hi Rachel just working on your room, i can see that why didn’t you wake me to help you, you  looked like you could use the sleep. We both had a very busy day and i am done anyway with the priming the walls and, the rest is up to you to pick the color of the walls and the carpet and i made a short list what you need for your new room and yourself, That is a big list but i could use a few more things, good just add it to the list and we will get it for you. I need you to set up your control panel just put your hand on it and hit that button, ok now you are the only one who can get into your room, i want you to be able to get in also, ok i just need to do this and that and that ok i can get in now and i need to do the rest of the teams just take me a little time. Can i do anything to help you, well coffee would be great my mega hottie of a girlfriend, ok my sexy stud of a boyfriend. Robin kept working on her room as Raven went into the kitchen and came back and handed him a coffee cup, hey that’s not coffee, nope its tea and its better for you, says who Rachel, says me Richard and in the words of  Donna Troy bite me. HEY you just bite my ass, yep and it was very tasty i must say, i better watch what i say to you Richard you are such a perv,  for my mega hottie girlfriend you bet.  Well lets get going we got a lot of things to get for you and your new room, they spent a lot of time at the mall getting the stuff Raven need for her room and for herself. WOW i never knew i need so much stuff  all the clothes, makeup, swimsuits and the furniture you bought me, i sure have been missing out of all those goodies, and that guy was nearly kissing your feet when he found out your dad is Bruce Wayne but why did you need a new desk top and laptop computer and a cellphone you have those all ready, well baby they are not mine they are for you, oh you are so sweet to me you have spent a lot of money on me, you are worth it my beautiful sexy girlfriend.

While Raven and Robin were having lunch a strange lady walked up to them and made Robin and she made them about both very mad. Hey handsome here is my business card call me when you are done with this Ms. Twiggy here, listen here Ms. blonde that is my boyfriend and i am not giving him up anytime soon, you are not woman enough to keep him and as you can see i have way better curver’s than you and i have a great chest also. Ms Jackson i have something to say to you leave us alone, why is that handsome, because i love Rachel and she has something you will never get and that is my heart. Unlike you her chest is real and she has way better class than you do and if i make one phone call you will lose your job at Wayne Enterprises before you leave this mall, you cant do that, yes i can because my father is Bruce Wayne CEO of Wayne Enterprise so i suggest you leave right now. Well honey did you see how fast she ran away but how did you know her chest was fake, easy when she walked up they didn’t bounce up and down likes yours do. Now to call Bruce so he can warn  Ms. Jackson to stay away from us, hi daddy i wanted to let you know about a woman that works for you a Ms. Julie Jackson, well she was bugging me and my girlfriend so tell her not to do it again or she will lose her job, yes you heard me  right her name is Rachel Roth yes that is her. So it won’t do you any good to try and scare her off, because i will kick you old fat butt around and even Alfred and Uncle Clark would not be able to save you from me, he wants to talk to you, Hello Mr. Wayne, ok Bruce yes i plan to make Richard very happy as he has had me very happy and just to let you know you have thee greatest son in the entire world if you didn’t that, what i better watch out because he is a brat ???, ok i will make sure to make sure he behaves himself and it was nice talking to you, he wants to talk to you honey.Yes daddy what do you want, hahahaha you are to old and too fat to catch me and yes i will keep her very happy and even she can put a smile on your old sour puss ok talk to you later daddy. He likes you he threatned me with no more of Alfred’s cooking if i don’t treat you good, that is a nasty threat since i have had Alfred’s cooking and it is to die for, tell me about i will lose my life to live if i don’t get some of Alfred’s cooking.

Well baby we still have to get you some more clothes and a few other things, i got some many clothes now what am i missing, well you do need some lingerie and i know you will look great in them, well i guess you are right i bet i can find some very sexy item and will drive you wild with lust, i bet you can my sexy baby so lets go i cant what to see you in some naughty teddies, i don’t know what i am going to do with you Richard, just keep loving me baby and i love holding your hand, me too honey me too. Raven and Robin went into the lingerie and after a long time at the store they left and went back to the Titans Tower. I am very hot and i need to get comfortable, Rachel why are you undressing, oh well i plan to keep on my panties, well i guess i could get comfortable also, nope Richard you got my room to finish and setting it up for me. So what are going to do while work on your room, that is Richard i am going to tease you with all the sexy clothes you got for me. The past 2 hours Raven did a runway show of all the clothes  Robin had bought her and it was driving him crazy he wanted to grab her and make love to her and the last outfit she put on was the last straw for him, Well my darling man what do you think of this one, i see you can’t speak so my black leather thong and cupless black leather bra and my black leather extra long thight high boots are a hit and i see you are ready for more sex, but i am still sore from that fantastic fucking you gave me so all you will get is a live pep show from me and why are looking at me with that wicked grin Richard???.  For over 2 hours you been teasing like crazy and now its pay back and you are going to get it you naughty girl, oh yes you can run but you can’t hid from me, Robin chased Raven all over the Tower tell he finally caught her and tied her hands behind her back. Richard put me down this minute, spank spank spank spank now its  my turn to tease you and now to tease your hot little tittys, on stop bitting them so hard and keep your greedy fingers off my pussy you are getting me so wet all ready you big fucking stud, you got that right you little cock teasing bitch and your nipples are so hard and i love them that way oh yea, oh stop it your are driving me crazy with your sucking and bitting my tittys and nipples stop it you naughty boy stop it, i am not going to stop tell i want to my horny bitch.

Now i am going to fuck your hot tittys and they were made to be fucked and often oh yes i love them so much they are so firm and so very soft and i am going to cumm all over them. That’s it fuck my little hooters you big stud oh this feels so good i love getting them fucked, oh yes  here it i cumm you sexy bitch AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, and now i am going to give you hot cunt a very good licking. Oh no you can’t do that to me, yes i can you hot fucking bitch, oh you got me so wet all ready you have such a wicked tongue oh yes i am about to cumm. What why did you stop licking me, i am going let you cumm when i want you too, oh your cunt gets better tasting every time i eat it out, oh your slender legs looks great in these thigh high boots, so true and they look very nice wrapped around head. Oh yes please let me cumm this time i need to cumm oh yes i am getting so close this time oh here i cumm, oh god you stopped again`you are so mean. I can never get tired of squeezing your cute little butt and rubbing it also and you will have it played with it alot, oh yes i am getting so close again please i need to cumm let me cum you fucking dirty bastard oh yes i am about to exploxed oh fuck yes AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. OH YES i needed that so bad my sexy man, very good cunt juice baby and now turn over, i cant more a muscle after you licked my pussy into a frenzy they way you did, good now you can’t kick my ass just now. I will kick it later you can count on it, oh yes i am going to fuck you ass cheeks and cover them with my cum and i know bb would give both his nuts to see your hot little  butt, if he is anything like you, Beast Boy would get a hard on if he could see my sweet naked ass, hell baby he would faint with a boner if he seen it nude. Now i an going to fuck your sweet butt cheeks, oh yes your cheeks are so soft i can never get tired of your hot little butt my cock looks great between them. You are such a naughty boy with that giant dick of yours and fucking my very sweet and very tight ass cheeks, oh yes i am and i am going to have a hard keeping my mind on superhero business with your sweet tight ass of yours, you are such a sweet talking devil you know that, oh yea here it cumms AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. That was a very big load you covered me with and now i need a shower and i will take it alone, oh yea shake that hot body you nasty sexy bitch, god you are so fucking hot, Richard i can’t believe you are laying on my bed jerking on your dick over me, i can’t help it you are one hot and sexy bitch and i want you 24/7, you keep being a bad boy i will be back in a few minutes. Ok i am back and i can see you are still being a very bad boy, oh yea your little tits look great wet hell they look great dry also and they jiggle so fine..

Get your hands of my dick Raven, what do you mean your dick they are apart of my hard body, true your body is so damm sexy but as your girlfriend i own every sexy inch of it, hey watch with that grip on my balls OWWWWWWWWWWWWW, i just told you i own your body and i can do anything i want to you, i can slap or kiss your damm fine ass, i can sit on your handsome face and smother you with my hot wet pussy and i can suck on your balls and your dick and i can fuck you anytime i want to. But know i am going to suck your giant dick and you will love every minute of it. OH FUCK you are a fantastic cock sucker you are the only one who has ever deep throated me, fuck baby how many cocks have you sucked you sure are sucking the hell out of me i won’t be able to last much longer you cock sucking whore, fuck you just love sucking cocks don’t you and this is the last cock you will ever suck, oh yea i am cumming AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. YOU ARE SO FUCKING GREAT you have drained my fucking balls, i must say you sure are a mouth full and to answer your question about how many dicks i have sucked is just one, and how i got so good i read books and watched videos  and this is the only dick i will ever suck and will fuck for the rest of my life. You are amazing my sexy baby, what am i going to do with you , that’s easy my very handsome boyfriend just keep loving me, oh yea i plan too do that for the rest of my life my lovely baby. First you take a shower my sexy and very smelly man and then i want you to take your sexy girlfriend and show her off to the entire world, i love the sound of that, so get in there pat pat pat squeeze, hey watch that you dirty girl, hey you missed a spot there, are you going to watch me the entire time, you bet your damm fine ass i am and i am going to take you to a tattoo parlor and have your little ass marked with my name on it it will read this ass is property of Rachel Ann Roth. They got dressed and Robin took Raven to a five star restaurant and everyone looked at them when they walked in and they had a romantic dinner and then they went back to the tower and they went to Robins room to sleep since her room was not finished yet. The next morning she woke up alone and she went looking for him and found him in her own room, morning baby you know you surprise me i bought you all that sexy lingerie and you pick one of my t shirts why, easy because i love your manly smell and i look very cute wearing it, that you do and well your room is done and i have to go to Gotham City for a few days. I want to go with you, sorry but i need you to watch our city and i will bring you back something from Gotham, ok but you be careful, i will its about this new kid Tim Drake. Bruce has been training him as his new partner and he wants me there about picking a name for him and also to see what i think about Tim being part of the Bat Clan.

Will i be  judged also so i can be a member of the Bat Clan, you are all ready a member and just not because we slept with each other i told Bruce how very capable you are and Alfred told him the same thing and with his approval, Bruce will not go against what Alfred says or me for that matter we knows not to piss me off he knows how mad i can get. Ok honey but hurry back i will miss you, i will miss you too my sexy baby. Robin left for Gotham City and Raven missed him right away and she made up her mind to change her costume to a brighter color and she slept in one of his t shirts and in his bed. Time flew slow for her and she was very happy to know he was coming back today her heart was about to burst with happiness. She was waiting for him to walk into the common room and when he did they both were very surprised when they saw each other. Is that you honey ??, is that you baby ??, they both said yes at the same time. Well well i love the long gloves and those super thigh high and the white is so nice to see you in such a bright color, and why did you change your suit, well Tim picked the name Robin and so i need a new suit and a new name so i go by the name of Nightwing now, well i love your bright colors also and turn around i want to see all of it, hold it right there damm i am going to have a hard time keeping my mind on my work with your damm fine ass on display like that, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that hurts stop squeezing my butt so hard !!!!!. What is wrong with your ass how did you hurt it ???, well i didn’t hurt it, turn around right now and let me look at it, hey stop being so pushy, that is what girlfriends are pushy and i am yours so don’t you for get it and lets see whats going on with your ass. Why do you have two big band aids on your ass cheeks,  just leave them alone baby, like hell i will !!!!! like hell i want to see whats under these bandaids, my god you got a Raven on your one cheek and now what lets see whats on the other cheek, what does this writing on you oh my god, it says this damm fine ass is property to Rachel Ann Roth and it has a heart around my name, you are so sweet but it looks like these tattoos were very painful i better kiss them to make them feel better, oh yea baby you are so good to me.

Rachel i cant belive you are licking my butthole, that i am and it is very sweet and i bet you will love this too. HEY get your finger out of my butthole, that is not going to happen i own you and you sure are a tight ass thats for sure, and i will stop when i want to and now lets see if you can take two fingers, oh fuck you are a nasty bitch fuck you are fucking the hell out of me, yes i am and i love every minute of it. Now i see your dick is very hard and now to get out of my new suit but i am  leaving my boots and gloves on also, i want you to fuck my asshole and i want it now, i will get some lube, fuck the lube i said fuck me you fucking bastard i need it now and hard. How does that feel you fucking cock loving whore, oh fuck you are tearing me asshole to shreads but i fucking love it, oh yea your butthole is so fucking great, play with that hot fucking whore cunt of yours do it finger fuck your self, and i will butt fuck you anytime i want too, you got it you fucking cock loving whore. You better do a great job or i will beat your tight fucking ass all over this tower and i will dump you for that other titan pervert Beast Boy. Like hell you will you my fucking whore OWWWWWWW you are pulling my hair so hard, i own your fucking butt and don’t you forget it. Give me all of your 14 inches of your hard dick you dirty bastard fuck me fuck me fuck me, i need every damm inch of it, oh yes your bat balls are slapping my pussy lips black and blue, oh god your dick is so fucking thick it is so fucking great, i need it so bad give me to you big fucking stud. i am about to cum my hot pussy is going to exploed, yes work that fucking whore cunt cumm you fucking nasty bitch, oh yes i am cumming AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, give me your hot fucking cumm, oh yes your cunt juice is so fucking good and now to make sure you cant move these handcuffs will do it, Richard unlock them right now. Like hell i will you nasty whore, god your butt is so fucking hot and my cock loves being in it and i can’t stop fucking it oh yes it is the best i have ever fucked in my life and you are mine and don’t you forget it SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK, you fucking bastard my ass is on fire from that spanking you gave me and i will make sure i spank the flesh of your ass when i get lose.

GOD I LOVE it up the asshole, fuck you know how to fuck the hell out of me, i bet you have fucked all your bitches up the asshole  and you made them sweat and scream there heads off. OH fuck the pain is so fantastic hurt me hurt me you mother fucker hurt me good, i love fucking your tight sexy butthole oh fuck here i cumm AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. Yes fill my asshole with your hot batcum oh fuck you fuck the shit out of my asshole with that fucking dick of yours. Now i am get on your back and your cunt is going to get a good licking oh yes i am going to love to eat the hell out of your hot cunt, stop licking me i can’t your wicked tongue it drives me fucking crazy so soon. You are such a dirty bastard i am going to cumm all ready how and the hell do you make me cumm so fast, oh fuck i am cumming right now you bastard AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH. Now if you little dick  is still ready for more action, i know a hot tight wet pussy is ready for a good fucking and you fucking gypsy bastard is who i want to fuck me and fuck me you will, ok you fucking cock crazed whore, you want my cock you will get it and get it hard. You are a fucking beast your dick is so fucking good in my pussy give me all of it, you are fucking the hell out of me, i can’t believe you are fucking so fast and my ass is going to be bsack and blue also from your big batballs, oh yes your cunt is so damm wet and still fucking super tight. That’s it fuck me fuck me fuck me, you fucking bitch you are ripping my back to shreads with your fingernails. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW let go of my ass you fucking whore you are hurting the hel out of me, yes i know i am and you love it and you are legs got a hell of a grip on my ribs, oh yes you bastard i am cumming, me to you fucking whore AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh  AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh. that was great honey it was our best fuck so far, i think you broke some of my ribs and my butt and back feel like they are on fire, sorry i got a little carried away, a little you will rip my skin off me if you keep me up. Richard i want to ask you questian, how many of us titans girl have you fucked, i have had you all and i saved the greatest for last, don’t you mean the best for last, i mean the greatest because you are the greatest fuck i ever had, you are too sweet to me.

Robin and Raven got cleaned up and they dressed in t shirts and shorts and was laying on the couch in the commom room of the tower amd they kissed and cuddled each other for a long time. So what did you bring me from Gotham City, well i don’t know if i should since you are a thief, i have never stole anything in my life, you sure did Rachel, ok what did i steal Richard, you stole my heart , oh you are so terriable, so true my pretty girl, well i brought back a motorcycle and a car and Alfred sent you two dozen chocolate chip cookies. You are spoiling me rotton you know that and i want to go see my new toys. Cyborg will be drooling over my car and my cycle, yes he will be and now i want a cookie, OWWWWWWWW  hey that hurt, sorry but these cookies are mine Mr. Alfred sent them to me so you cant have any of them. Your butt will get fat if  you will eat them all, OWWWWWWWWWWWW stop hitting me you are a very mean girlfriend, i mite have to get a new girlfriend if you keep being so mean to me. That is not going to happen you are mine and i am not letting you go my sexy man. They spent the few days alone togther tell the rest of the team came back and when they saw Robins and Eavens new look they all ask them why but Beast Boy was the one who kept asking Raven lots of questions and she got tired of it. I am going to my new bedroom see everyone later,  hey how come you got a new bedroom ???, leave her alone BB, but Robbie or what ever you are calling your self. I am called Nightwing now as i told you and leave Raven alone right now or i will give you a super weggie, hey Raven come on out you never asnwerd my questions, OWWWWWWWWWWWWW let go of my underwear, i told you to leave her alone do it now or i am going to kick you out of the Titans you hear me BB !!!!!. Then Nightwing left and Beast Boy called the Titans leader a lot of dirty names s he left Beast Boy, Beast Boy you take that back what you said about Richard he is not a asshole mother fucker, i will not take it back he is that and he is a fucking bastard also, take it back right now or you will answer to me. I will not take it back so there, ok you are a dead punk. Then Raven kicked Beast Boy in his balls several times and everyone came running except Nightwinng when they heard Beast Boy scream out load and they found  him on floor whimpering and with a little blood coming out of his mouth. She left and went to tell Nightwing what she has done, she found him on the roof of the tower, Well i don’t think BB well be bugging you anymore, how did you know what i did, easy i tapped into the security system. Do you have a camera in my room Richard, i plead the 5th Rachel, you are a total perv, Dick i need to talk to you, sure Donna what do you want, well its about Raven and Beastie, i all ready know i seen it and i heard Rachel ask BB to take it back and he would not do it so he got what he desirved, oh ok if you say so , yes i do and he will live allright and i won’t hear anything bad about Rachel do i make my self clear, ok Dick i hear you load and clear and i will make sure everyone else knows that also.

Ok Raven now who is this guy you are dating, why do you think i am dating a guy, well when a girl changes her looks that means she is dating a guy and she is trying to impress him, i will be right back ladies i need some coffee, i will get it for you Richard, thanx Rachel. Raven left Wonder Girl and Nightwing on the roof and then she rejoined them a few minutes later. Thanx Rachel that was very nice of you, you are welcome Richard, OH MY GOD its you Dick you are dateing Raven, you got that wrong Donna, like hell i do Dick and i will tell you how i know you two are dating. Clue one: you been calling her Rachel not Raven and Clue two they way you two are looking at each other like loved sick birds, you know you mite make a good detective some day, oh bite my ass Dick, ok sure thing Donna, Richard dont you dare bite Donnas fat ass. Fat ass did you call my ass fat Raven, yes i did say that, Listen to me Miss Bony Ass, i got a great ass and lots of guys look at it and they love what they see, who likes your bony ass, Richard loves my little ass. What are you grining about Dick, just they way you two are carring on, Richard has made a rule that all Titan woman must have a ass just like mine and you will have to get yours in shape, Dick are you crazy i could never get my ass that small and stop laughing like a hyhena, sorry its just so funny seening you two fight over your hot butts, do i get to see a good nudie cat fight. Raven your boyfriend is a total pervert, oh yes Donna i know he is the biggest pervert of them all but he is mine, well i have to say you got your self a great guy, thanx Donna i am very happy with him, and you Richard John Grayson you better treat her like a queen or i will kick your skinny ass all over this tower, i do treat her very good but she treats me like a punching bag and pushes me around all the time. We want you to keep it quite about us dating, Hey Dick what are you doing grabbing my ass???,  just checking to see if Rachel was right about your butt if it was fat or not, and what you think, not bad not bad spank spank spank.  That is the last time you can grab Donnas fat ass, my littl ass is all you need, and if Donna wants to fuck you again she will have to pay for it. Well i just mite take you up on that offer Raven, and i must say you are a very sneaky bitch you know how hard it is to find a good man to date, but you not only do you got a great guy but he is a bat and he is such a mega hottie. Why are you two laughing like crazy, its a private joke Donna.

Dick that new suit off your is going to drive all of us woman crazy with lust and  that old suit of yours was bad enough but this new skin tight is even worse with that damm fine little ass of yours is on display will do us girls in, i love his damm fine ass its so squeezable soft Donna and you know that first hand. Yes i do and it will be very hard not to grab his little ass, HEY Donna that  is a hell a grip you got on my butt, sorry Raven i had to grab it just one last time for old time sakes, yes his ass is so squeezable soft Donna, Raven i will give you some warning  just watch your bony ass your boyfriend here will want to stick his giant batpole up your tiny asshole and you will be screaming from it. I could not walk straight for a week when he did me, me too Donna i felt like i had the entire tower rammed into my asshole. You had his batpole up your bony ass, she took every inch of it and she cane deep throat it all so, fuck Raven are you sure you are not a amazon woman i never was able to do that. They talked some more and then they went back inside the tower. then a few months had past and the west coast titans were visiting the east coast titans every one was in the swimming pool area when Raven walked into the room and Nightwing was very happy to see her because she had been gone from him for a few days and he was so lonely with out her, he want to jump out of the hot tub he was sitting in and take her into his arms and kiss her long and hard in front of everyone and shout how much he loved her. Everyone turned and looked at her she was in a white swimming robe and she walked between Beast Boy and Cyborg and she slapped both of them on there butts and they looked down at the butts and then at each other. She walked straight up to Nightwing and said hello to him as she did she took off her robe and  every one stopped talking  and the were shocked to see Raven in a thong swimming suit and even more shocking was she had Nightwings emblem tattooed on her lower back for all the the world to see.

Then she turned around and headed towards Beast Boy and that is when Nightwing saw what everyone was looking at when he seen them with all there mouths opened  like fish, her cute little ass was on display for everyone to see and her new tattoo. Beast Boy i forgot to thank you for telling me about that very wonderful store, you are welcome Raven anytime, then she grabbed his face and french kissed him and Cyborg was looking back at Beast Boy and at Nightwing and he could tell there leader was mad, you don’t piss off a member of the batclan because they can do anything to anybody. Then Raven went back to the man she loved with her whole heart and Beast Boy looked at Raven as she walked away and he fainted right were he stood and he did get a hard on. Oh man look at him hes got a woody, well Cyborg wake him then up, i am not touching him. Looks like i won the bet baby you owe me a weeks worth of back rubs, being a smart ass don’t help, then Raven got into the hot tub and sat down on Nightwings lap and kiseed him long and deep and frenched him way better than she did to Beast Boy, did you have to french him and i see you got my emblem on your back, and why did you do that. So every one knows who my man is and i am very proud of him, OK everyone you know by now me and Raven are dating and if anyone don’t like it then that is to tuff and BB i see you are awake so never let me catch you kissing my girlfriendor i am going to skin you alive batstyle. Everyone was happy for the new couple and while the were in the tub they held hands and as they did Nightwing slipped a diamond engagment ring on Ravens finger with out her knowing it. Then Wonder Girl was the first one to see the ring on Ravens finger, well Raven congrats on the engagment, what are you talking about Donna ???, look at your finger you silly bitch.

Raven looked at her finger and then she looked at Nightwing with a tears in her eyes, Rachel Ann Roth will you do the honer and marry me, yes i will Richard John Grayson and  i have some news for you i told Batman he was going to be a grandfather and he is not happy with  you. But you are not pregnant Rachel, oh yes i am Dick and you did it to me, then every one was happy for Raven and Nightwing and they all came and gave happy wishes to them both and everybody was having a great day. Nightwing and Raven held onto each other and they kissed each other alot and were talking baby names between them self”s, this was one of the best days for the both of them.


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