Robin Gets His Third Wonder Cherry-Part 3 A

Robin the ex Teen Wonder AKA  Dick Grayson and Troia AKA Donna Troy  of the Teen Titans have been friends and lovers for years and both of them have on duty on the Justice League space station for close to a week.  What Robin didn’t know was Troia has had a plan to have  Wonder Girl AKA Cassandra Sandmark and Robin to get to know each other a lot better. Troia had a very wicked smile on her lovely face she was going to make sure that Wonder Girls has a special birthday with Robin the hunk wonder. She wish she was could see all the naughty action that was going to happen on that day and she wish that it was her birthday. She knew he would make Wonder Girl feel like a queen and he was going to enjoy fucking her hot teenage pussy and Wonder Girl was going to enjoy being having sex with a real man. He was the ultimate man he has thee sexiest body he has thee bluest eyes and a 10000 watt smile and a super damm fine ass, no other super hero could hold a candle to him, every super heroine wanted to have him in her bed and a lot got him there and even a few female crooks got him into there beds.

Hey Troia we have been working very hard and long how about some lunch, that sounds like a great idea Robin, so what you making for lunch Donna, hey what do i look like your slave ????,  yes you do look like my slave who has a nice ass, hey watch who’s ass you are grabbing there you perv. I know who’s butt i am grabbing and i love squeezing it, well stop it you and get your damm fine ass up and make us some lunch or i am going to kick your ass all over this place. You know you sure are one pushy bitch you know that, oh bite my ass, sure thing sweet cheeks bend over, fuck you Dick you are not getting me any time soon and you can count on it, you sure are a nasty bitch.Then they went to the kitchen, that smells very good what are you making birdboy, chicken ala Grayson and why are you grabbing my butt, because i can any time i want to. But i cant squeeze yours when i want to, you got that right birdboy, you stuck up bitch after all the times we fucked each other like crazy. OWWWWWWWWW  that’s my cock you are squeezing so fucking hard you god damm fucking amazon whore. I am not a whore and that’s what you get for calling me one, ok ok just let go god dammit you are hurting me you fucking bitch!!!!, i will be right back you dirty mouth bastard.

Hey Wonder Girl i need a favor i am not feeling well and i need you to take my turn up at the space station, sure Troia i can do that who are you with up there, oh i am with The Batman up here. Did you say Batman ???, yes i did don”t worry he don’t bite much so you better get up here i say in a half hour, ok i will be there but he scares me, you will be fine trust me. That’s all set and now to take off my panties and give Dick a good case of  blue balls, he will go nuts when he sees my furry wet pussy. He sure knows how to make me so wet and i wish he was going to fuck me right now but i will have to wait. Troia went back into the room and she bent over and she gave Robin a good look at her her hairy cunt and he was loving what he seen and he wanted to fuck her so bad, glad you are back now we can get some more work done, hey why are you sitting on my lap Donna???, I wanted to tell you i am not feeling very good and i have to leave, Hey stop fingering my pussy you dirty pervert oh god you are such a fucking bastard!!!!, you fucking know you love having your hot amazon cunt played with and i am going to make you cum you dirty fucking bitch. OWWWWWWW stop yanking my ear you fucking bitch, then get your stinking fingers out of pussy you fucking gypsy bastard, you dirty cock teasing whore you been teasing me with your little amazon butt and you been flashing and your fucking hairy cunt at m nearly all week you have given me a good case of blue balls. I didn’t do no such thing, they hell you did you fucking whore, i will see you later you dirty birdboy, yeah right you fucking amazon  whore. OWWWWWWWWWWWW that hurt you had no right slapping my ass so hard, oh yes i did miss blue balls queen, so you get spanked for doing this to me you fucking amazon whore.

Troia left the station and went back to Titans Tower and she ran into Raven ans Starfire, and she told them how she set up Wonder Girl with the Titans leader. They reminder her that it was not a good idea to make Robin mad and what he would do when he got back. She forgot how anal he could get and they were right having a pissed off bat after you was not good not at all. Troia wanted to give her adopted little sister thee greatest birthday present of all time and she got her self on the Batclans most wanted list, she knew she was totally fucked. She had to come up with a plan to get off that list and fast or her amazon ass was going to be grass and Robin was going to be the lawn mower. Wonder Girl was very nervous she didn’t know what to pack and she heard how hard The Dark Knight was to work with and she was very scared of him. She kept wondering if she could handle being on watch tower with him. She nearly wanted to call some one else to see if they could go for her instead, she was very scared of Batman she heard stories how hard he was to work with and how mean he could be.

Wonder Girl was transported up the the Justice League Watch Tower and she was very nervous because she was late getting up there and she knew Batman was a very hard person to please. What she didn’t know was Robin was the one on the station and not Batman and she was going to be very surprised and very pleased about it. She walked into the main computer room and she saw the high back chair moving back and forth. She was so nervous she heard a lot of story’s about Batman and how angry he can get and she was shaking in her boots knowing she was in very deep trouble and she didn’t know what to do. Mr. Batman its me Wonder Girl i am so very very sorry i am late and i hope you are not mad at me. Sorry Wonder Girl but he is not here just me, Oh Mr. Robin i am very sorry Troia told me that i was working with The Batman. It looks like she was pulling your leg and she does do that from time to time and its just Robin. I need to make a call if its ok with you, sure and tell Troia she is on my fucking shit list when you talk to her, how did you know i was going to call her ???, i am a member of the batclan its in my blood and its only logical you want to talk to her. Wonder Girl called the Titans Tower and asked for Troia and when she came to the phone Wonder Girl let her have it. Robin could not help but notice what a great ass Wonder Girl had on her, it was the hottest one he has ever seen in his life and he has seen a lot of nice asses on girls before but hers was something very special to look at. When she left the room she did a mega happy dance she was so happy that it was Robin she would be working with this was her greatest day of her life.

Troia you fucking fat ass bitch you lied to me telling me that The Batman was up here, when you knew Robin was really up here all the time and he told me to tell you something, what did he say, that you are on his fucking shit list and let me tell you i would not want to be in your panties when he gets a hold of you his eyes look like death was in them. Did he really say that, yes he did and you better hide from him real good see you later, ok see you later i hope. Fuck girls i am in a lot of fucking trouble our leader is cussing and we know what that means.  I am back  Mr. Robin and i told Troia what you said and i could tell she was very scared of you,  good she should be, what she do to you, well that’s private matter and you can just call me Robin. Thanks Robin you are so very nice, you are welcome here is a small list of things i want you to do and tomorrow i will give you more thing’s to do.  Wonder Girl walked away and Robin could not help but look how hot she was her young body was to die for and he wish he was younger so he could have her 5′ 7″ 105 lbs 35 c 24 34  body she had her blonde hair in a pony tail and her eyes were very blue and  her top was very tight and very short it showed her very tight stomach and her pants were very tight and  she had some nice legs and a very nice wonder ass and it was driving him crazy with lust for this hot young teenage girl walking around.

Hey Red Robin how you doing, i am doing good big bro whats up have you notice how hot Wonder Girl is, dang bro you are a dirty old man  thinking about such a young girl you know that and Arrowette is hotter than Wonder Girl. Little bro you are blind as a bat, HAHAHAHAHAHA very funny big bro, you only say that because she wears that little skirt and i bet she has caught you trying to look up her skirt a lot of times. She has never caught me yet and she wont in the future, what do you do use those mirrored polished boots of yours to look up her skirt, i plead the 5th big brother, you do don’t you my god you are a fucking pervert, well lest i am not a dirty old man like you are and Wonder girl is a valuable member of the Young Justice and i am very proud to have her on my team. Oh come on little bro Wonder Girl has a way better body than Arrowette bring up a photo of her and you will see for your self, she has a very lovely face and her wondertits are much bigger and  her tummy is super tight and her ass is so tight and so very sexy, i would love to get a set of lockjaw on her cute set of wonderbuns. There is no hope for you big bro you are a super dirty old man i have to get back to work well i will see you later and don’t try anything with her she can kick your sorry old fat ass. Shit Wonder Girl gave me a hard on and i will have another set of blue balls from her too, fuck i need to get laid real bad, hell she has thee hottest body of all the wonder babes and i would let my ass get kicked if  i could fuck her sweet little ass.

Wonder Girl did all the tasks Robin had gave her and when she could she would look at him and she day dreamed about him and all the wonderful things she and him could do together and all the sex they could have. To her there no other Superhero was greater than him and he was the most handsome one of them all and no could polish his boots and that included The Batman himself, Wonder Girl was in love with Robin and she would do anything in the world to have him as her lover. If anyone would say something bad about him she would defend his honor and she had done that a few times, he didn’t know how she felt for him and she wanted with all her heart to tell him that she loved him with all her young  heart.  She even fantasized that she married Robin and had his children and every super heroine would be jealous of her because she had married thee hottest man in the entire universe. She loved that he had a damm fine butt and she wanted to grab it with her hot little hands and never let go of it and she wanted to bite both his cheeks and get a good case of  lockjaw on his cheeks . To her no man was as greater as him and she bet he could walk on water and she had lots of photos of him on her walls of her bedroom.

Wonder Girl i made us some dinner you worked very hard today and you did a great job i am very proud of you, why thank you Robin that was a great dinner you made us and here is your reward kiss kiss, you are welcome and thanks for making a old man feel very special its not every day i get kissed by a very gorgeous young lady, you are such a sweet talker and you are not a old man but a very handsome man and you are my idol. Really i am your idol ??? i would of thought that Wonder Woman or Troia would be yours that not me, well you are and no superhero is greater than you, well thank you for that complement Wonder Girl that is very nice of you to say. Robin placed a kiss on her cheek  and she was shocked that he did it. I am going to hit the gym so you can do anything you want, you can use the first room on the second floor there is a bedroom that is empty and you will find what you need in the closet to make the bed. Robin went to the gym after he changed into some gym clothes and Wonder Girl looked around and then she went to the gym room and looked inside and she watched Robin working out and she loved looking at his sweaty manly body and the way he moved and he smiled so much it made her very happy to see his famous 1000 watt smile.

She went to her room and made the bed and she changed into her gym clothes, her top barely covered her teenage breast  and her very tight shorts showed off her half of her very cute ass cheeks, she ran back down and went into the gym and she saw Robin working out with some weights. Wonder Girl walked into the gym and did some stretching exercises so he could see her very tight butt and Robin have a very hard time keeping his mind on what he was doing with her moving around like that, her teenage body was very hot and her young nipples were very hard and long and he was getting excited just watching her so much that he started to get a hard on all over her again.  She bent backwards and he got to see the underside of her breasts and he could not take it any more so he headed for a cold shower, damm he didn’t notice me at all, hell i got a great body any guy would love to be with me i wonder why he don’t want me. She called up Arrowette, hey girlfriend you should of been here Robin was working out in the gym and his muscular body was all shiny with sweat and he has thee cutest butt you ever seen in your life and he is such a super hottie, Wonder Girl he is a old man, now Red Robin now there is a hottie for you and his butt is way better than Robins butt, no way Robins butt is way better is way hotter than Red Robin and i knew it you are horny for some hot bat butt too. Well we are both nuts for batboys they are the hottest superheros of all time, well Wonder Girl i got to go see you tomorrow, bye Arrowette talk to you later girlfriend.

Then Wonder Girl went to her room and she took off her top and then her shorts and she left her tennis shoes on and she got on her bed, she worked her fingers into her sweet teenage pussy. I wish Robin Daddy was here playing with my hot hooters and my golden haired pussy instead of my fingers and i bet his tongue would make me cum like crazy and i bet his manly batprick would screw me silly he is so fucking hot. I would love to have his batprick in my wet pussy right now, i  am so close  to cumming oh i wish with all my heart you were screwing me right now i am so fucking horny i need you so so bad, i want to be your dirty little bat whore, you can have me any time you want.  I am cumming AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH  SHIT i need to get screwed so bad  !!!! and i love you Robin Daddy and i wish you would notice me. I got a very hot young body and you would love every inch of it but thats not going to happen because i bet you don’t even like me, i came so hard i better get some air i need it. Wonder Girl left her room and it was past midnight when she did and went walking around the station and she seen him sitting at the table and her heart skipped several times just looking at him, she went over to  the table to talk to him.

Hello Robin Daddy what are you doing so up so late, Robin Daddy is that what you called me ???,  did i say that out loud ???, yes you did, i am so embarrassed, you turn any redder you will be a glowing and don’t worry we have all said something that we didn’t mean to. Well i been wanting to do something  for a long time and i been thinking about it long and hard and i want to do it. I see what ever it is then if you believe in it so much then go for it, thank you for helping me make up my mind. Wonder Girl sprung into action she leaped into Robins lap and grabbed his face and started to kiss him like a wild animal and with all his strength he pulled her hands from his face. Wonder Girl what the hell do you think you are doing !!!!, i am kissing the man i love with all my heart and i want you to make me into a real woman. I am very flattered but i am twice your age and you should pick someone closer to your own age for your first time, but this not what i want i want a real man not some dumb boy who will only want to please himself and he won’t care about me. I am sorry but i have to say no to you, can you say no to my hot 35 c young wonder hooters as you can see they are very hot, i can see you like them, you are just trying to give me a set of blue balls just like Donna did, did that fucking bitch do that to you i am going to kick her fat amazon butt for giving my sweet Robin Daddy a nasty set of blue balls. I am not teasing you, here feel my hot young hooters, Oh yes squeeze them all you want and you can suck them also, your wonder tits are so  perfect they are so very firm and so very soft i never want to stop playing with them. God what a super hot body you have bet you got all the boys going crazy over you, i do but i don’t want no boy i only want a real man and you are that man i want. I play with my furry golden twat thinking about you and all the wonderful things you can do to me, you are  naughty girl playing with your hot cunt you need to be spanked for being such a nasty young girl, oh yes spank me Robin Daddy i am a dirty little whore but i want to be your bat whore. Spank spank spank spank spank spank, spank me harder Robin Daddy i want it hard i love your big strong hands spanking my tight little butt. Oh yes keep squeezing my little buns i love it so much you sure know how to squeeze them just the right way.

Please suck on my hooters oh yes you are sucking on them real good, oh your mouth feels so great on them this is the greatest birthday i ever had, is today your birthday ?? Yes, it is my birthday. I am very sorry i didn’t get you a present, you are right now you are making me very happy and i love what you are doing to me, harder bite my nipples harder oh fuck yes i love it and the way you are man handling them. Keep squeezing my butt i love what you are doing to it  you sure know how to please a hot girls body, now i am going to eat the hell out of your sweet wonder cunt !!!, no your not because now its my turn i am going to suck your bat prick and make you very happy. Now lets see what is in your tight shorts of yours FUCK ME ROBIN DADDY your bat prick is super long and very thick and your bat nuts are big too !!!!! and i can’t believe it i am holding it in my hands oh yes i love it i am going jerk tell it gets nice and hard, lick my cock from top to bottom that’s it suck my nuts baby. Oh baby you are fantastic i love you licking me now open your hot little mouth, you taste so great and i am going to suck you so good now. WOW your mouth is so hot yes that’s it keep going up and down baby oh yea you are doing so very good, dang you sure love sucking my cock suck more go deeper,  yes keep going i want you to swallow me all the way down, you are doing a great job. That is a mans cock you got in your hot little mouth, i bet you have sucked a lot of little boys cock but now this is your real test of your cock sucking skills. You are very good cock sucking my little slut and you will drink more cumm from me than all the little boys you have sucked all together. Fuck baby you sure are going wild on my cock, your bat prick is so good i dreamed of doing this for a long time and now its really happening.

Dang girl you swallowed my entire cock you are the first to ever deepthroat me you most sucked a lot of cocks i bet you are sucking at least 20 cocks a day to be this great. Nope i watched porno movies and read books on how to suck on a guys prick and you are the first i have ever sucked on. I love sucking you and i will screw your brains out you will not want to screw another girls twat, i mite want to fuck Arrowette next she has a very cute body and i bet she is a quick learner, oh Robin Daddy she would love what i can do for her hot young body. You are a natural cock sucking whore and that was the greatest i have had in a long time, I want to suck it every day and i love the feel of it in my mouth, rub it on your lovely face baby. That feels so great on my face, your shaft is so soft but so hard, i never want to let go of it. Oh yea i love your hot little hands you sure are good at stroking it, and your batnuts are so big and very soft they feel very nice in my hands. I dreamed for a long time that one day i would be holding your batprick in my hands and today is the day and i never want to let go of it and i will be your dirty little whore for the rest of my life. I want to see that tight little tummy you have, hey that tickles watch that hot tongue you have, god i could bounce a quarter off your sweet wondertummy. Oh you sure love my hot little butt you are squeezing it like crazy, oh my belly button will never be the same after the tongue bath you are giving it. Now lets see how your sweet toes taste lay on your back oh yes they are sweet also, oh daddy you are so kinky sucking on my little toes and it feels so good thou keep it up, i sure will baby they are so cute and very soft and very yummy.

Now back to sucking your giant bat prick and this will drive you crazy, what’s in that package my dirty little whore, pop rocks and i put them in my mouth and now your giant prick, oh fuck you little dirty whore you are so nasty. I never felt anything like this before, oh fuck i am cumming baby AUUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, i never thought you would stop shooting daddy i nearly gagged on all your bat cum. Now i want to see your ass naked right now, you got it my handsome daddy and you will love it here goes my belt buckle next my zipper and now my pants, shake that tight little ass you dirty little whore oh fuck what a magnificent ass you have and now take off your sweet thong, you got it do you like what you see. Fuck yea i do and now bend over the table, that’s a good little bitch, oh yes i love your hands rubbing my little butt, spank spank spank spank spank spank, oh yes spank me Robin Daddy i been a dirty little fucking whore and i love to be spanked by you. I been teasing you on purpose and every boy i can so i can see there pricks get all nice and hard and knowing they can’t have me, but you can have me any time you want. Now you will love this for sure, Hey that’s your finger you got in my butt hole!!!!, yes it is and you are one super tight ass bitch i must say, you sure love fingering your tiny asshole, you are sure are super nasty. Hey those are my butt cheeks you are licking, hey why are you biting my butt you dirty old pervert, because your ass is so sweet tasting baby.

You will love this even more now baby girl, ROBIN DADDY your are licking my tiny butt hole and you are using my pop rocks on me, oh god you are a fucking dirty perverted old man i can’t take it anymore!!!!!!. Your asshole is so very sweet and let see how your young cunt likes my fingers, hey stop it you are going to make me exploded, stop what this or stop that, you fucking god i am going to exploded right now AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH  AUUUUGGGGHHHH. Oh yea your wonder cunt is so super tight and so is your cute little asshole, oh god you are fingering my pussy so fast and my butthole i can’t take much more of this double screwing. Oh i am cumming AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH, how do you do that to me so quickly. Easy i have lots of practice on eating and fucking super cunts, I bet you have had every super heroine in the league. Well i have my fair share of getting into some super panties, and i bet you got a big collection of panties and well you can add mine to your collection, nice emblem you have on them, what emblem???  is on my panties. Mine as you can see,  oh no i forgot i had them on me????, i am surprised you don’t have my face on them instead, that would be very nice, you are a dirty little pervert baby girl.

Your cunt juice is super sweet baby girl and i want more of it, you want more you can have it lay on your back and i am going to ride your handsome face like its never been ridden before in its life. Then go for it you naughty girl, OH FUCK ME YOU DID IT TO ME AGAIN YOU FUCKING DIRTY BASTARD USING POP ROCKS ON MY TWAT!!!!. I HAVE TO WATCH WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME STOP IT OH GOD STOP IT FUCK I AM CUMMING AGAIN  AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH. We bats are very tricky, no shit tell me about it, you had me cuming so fast i nearly lost my mind lick me again but go slow this time, oh yea that is so nice and now i am going to suck and play with your bat prick and bat nuts any time you want me to, they both are so tasty and so soft also. HMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMM i can never get tired of sucking you, i just knew a older man is a better cunt licker and i want to see your bat cumm first hand i am going to yank your shaft tell you have erupted, i can feel you are getting close. Come on you Robin Daddy show me your hot bat cumm, HELP ME I AM BEING BLINDED, oh fuck i am cumming again  BY ALL YOUR BAT CUMM !!!!!!!!, AUUUUGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH Robin daddy. Looks like you got your self a first class facial, hahahahahahahahaha very funny you smart ass bastard you know that now clean me up this second, my oh my what a dirty mouth you have there for such a young lady. There your face is all clean and you can see now, yes i can but a towel would been faster instead of your bat prick, true but not as fun as rubbing my cock all over your lovely face, you are such a smart ass you know that. True but i love your sweet little tight ass a lot better than mine, well i love your damm fine ass.

Now its time i take you to my bed and pop my third wonder cherry, your third wonder cherry did i hear you right???, yes i took Donna’s and i took Diana’s  and now it’s your turn, you very brave to screw a amazon princess at a young age and Donna what a fucking slut she was, bet you made both of them into bat loving whores. Yes i did and now you will be my next wonder slut, fuck me i won’t be a slut, i am your fucking wonder whore for life my very sexy Robin daddy. Lets go now so i can pop your hot sweet  wonder cherry, get up here in my arms, oh you are so sweet to carry me to your bedroom i love you so much i never want this day to end. I could sleep right in your arms and its like a dream i am in them, you are light as a feather i must say my very sweet baby girl. Here we are now to lay you down on my bed, i cant believe i am on your bed pinch me so i know i am not dreaming,  OWWWWWWW not so hard on my cute little butt. God what a great body you have i bet you had a lot of guys yanking  there cocks over it,  yes i bet i have just like you are doing now and i love to finger my self over you, that is one very pink and golden cunt you have. Now lay back so we can make out, oh yes i love your hot lips kissing me baby, i love kissing my sexy Robin Daddy oh yea you sure know how to bite a girls neck, keep it up oh yea i love it and i love wrapping my arms around your sexy manly body. You are thee hottest wonder babe of them all and i want you everyday, oh yes you can have me any time you want my very handsome Robin Daddy. Now get ready my sexy young baby girl i am going to fuck the hell out of you for a long time and you will love it, oh yea give it to me you big stud give it to me, i need your bat prick screwing my brains out.

You are so big and i can’t wait tell its in me, please put it in me i got to have it, that’s it spread your sexy legs,  your cunt lips are so super soft and now to drive my cock into hot young cunt, fuck you are super tight i can hardly get in. Harder push into me harder oh yes that’s it your bat prick is filling my wonder twat up so good fuck me fuck me fuck me, oh i love your bat prick in me. Your wonder cunt feels like crushed velvet around my cock  and its so damm hot, you got that right you big fucking batstud, i want your entire bat prick in me i want every thick inch of it. Oh yea keep screwing me i am loving it, fuck your cunt is gripping the hell out of me, do you feel that baby, yes i  feel that what is it, that is your sweet wonder cherry and now say good bye to it right now. OH YEA I AM A REAL WOMAN NOW!!!!!!, i love you so much keep screwing me i want your bat cumm in me load me up with it, yes i will keep fucking you my dirty little whore, i love being your whore, oh yea it fells so great i love it don’t stop screwing me, give me more i need it so bad. You are one hot girl i love fucking you, that’s it i can feel you going deeper into me oh yea more give me more of your hard bat prick. I love how slow you are sliding in and out of me god you are great, i love how its making me so very wet. I am going to fuck you faster now baby, do it give it to me as fast as you can, fuck me you are moving faster than The Flash. Don’t stop i am getting so close to cumming , me to baby girl you are so hot baby AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuuggggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh. Your teenage cunt is incredible and i love how you got your sexy young legs are wrapped around me, those are the greatest legs you will ever get between and they hold thee hottest twat you will ever get to screw. I don’t want to let go of you Robin daddy i am thee happiest girl in the entire and you are the hottest superhero no one can hold a candle to you not even Batman or Superman included. You are thee hottest Wonder babe and you have thee greatest body of them all and no super heroine is hotter than you baby.

I am not done with you yet baby hey why the tears in your eyes are you hurt baby, no i am very very happy i made love to the man that owns my heart and sole and i just knew my first time was going to be great and it was. Please hold me in your big strong arms, i don’t think i have much choice you got a amazon grip on my ass i can’t move, i can’t help it you got one damm fine bat butt and i love touching it and squeezing it. I think i am going to have your hand prints on my ass for the rest of my life, oh you poor dirty old man what a terrible thing to happen to you.

HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now who is being a smart ass now young lady, well it looks good on me i must say, well you need to be punished for being one, how are you going do that, like this MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM, OH WOW i forgot about your super kisses and i will be a smart ass for life for punishment like that. You are just like me having a smart mouth and you have thee most bluest eyes i have ever seen, don’t forget i have a great body like you do, yes you do baby. Well i want you to get on your hands and knees that’s a good girl and now i am going to fuck you like the dirty little whore you are. That is it pound my twat harder screw the hell out of it, i am your little teenage bat whore, you love my manly cock fucking your hot cunt, oh yes i do OWWWWWWWW that’s my hair you are pulling so hard, SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW, god i love fucking your hot teenage cunt of yours. God its so fucking tight its squeezing the hell out of my cock, it loves your big prick and it wants it everyday, my pussy is in heaven its getting screwed so well keep it up Robin Daddy.

I got to ask you a question, shoot baby girl would have you noticed me if i didn’t  jump in your lap and start kissing you like they way i did, yes i did notice you right off the bat you got me all hot and bothered and when you came into the room and even more when you came into the gym with your half top and with your super tight shorts oh yours. I wanted to grab you and tear your clothes off  right then and there i wanted fuck your hot little brains out with that boner you gave me. You sure know how to shake that cute little ass of yours, you are a little cock teasing bitch is what you are, well at least i teased the finest bat prick that was ever born and i will do it again and again, you are little pervert baby. I want to ride your giant bat prick of yours my sexy Robing daddy, god you sure know how to please a young girl. You sure know how to ride a mans cock my sexy baby girl, its my very sweet pleasure to be riding it. Are you blushing again and are those tears i see in your eyes, yes i am and yes they are you make me so very happy. I am proud to be your bat whore oh yea your bat prick is thee greatest i love sliding on it, SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK  Robin Daddy loves your tiny hot ass oh yea my cock will look great in your young teenage pussy and it would look great even greater in your super tight asshole. You can’t do that that’s super super nasty,  just keep screwing me god you are doing me so hard my ittle wonder whore. You are one hot fuck and i love your hot young tits they are so firm and baby soft, oh god i never want this screwing to stop daddy it feels so great.

SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW, easy daddy my little butt is turning red, its glowing a nice shade of red, i am cumming daddy, me too baby AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh. Now i want you to get on my lap and ride my still hard cock, anything you want me to do i will do it, oh yea i can get use to it. Riding your giant bat prick  is the best thing i have ever done in my life, oh yes bite my nipples as hard as you can, spank spank spank spank spank spank, fuck me my little butt is glowing red. I am a ass man and you my very sexy young baby girl has thee hottest ass i have seen and i seen a lot of nice asses in my life and yours is thee hottest, faster baby fuck your daddy’s hard cock, you heard me you little teenage cock teasing whore, i said to move that hot teenage ass of yours WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW  WHACK OWWWW. Yes i am doing it i am going faster just  don’t spank me any more, then you must listen to me from now on. I will i promise to listen to you from now on and i hope i am screwing you like you want, oh yes you are baby you are a super great fuck and i am cumming again baby, me too daddy AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugghh.

We fucked each others brains out baby, we sure did and you got a death grip on my little butt, yes i do and i can’t get enough of it. I could stay on top of you forever you are some serious piece of eye candy that’s for sure. Eye candy what does that mean ???, that is so easy you are so sweet on a girls eye, oh i see now i would of never thought of that. I thought batguys were the smartest superheros, not dumb asses like you are WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK  OWWWW WHACK OWWWW, that was for being a super smart ass. That hurt just look at my butt it is glowing super beat red, oh yes i am looking at your young tight ass alright, you are such a pervert you know that, but your all mine and i am not letting you go anytime soon. Say i got to go tinkle i will be right back my very handsome lover, do you trust me baby, oh yes i do then i want you to do something for me. I want you to give is what is called a golden shower, oh i have seen that in those movies, you sure are super nasty but i will do it just for you. Ok now that we are in the bathroom let me lay down and pee on my face my sexy dirty little baby whore,  here it cumms daddy AWWWWWWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that felt so good to empty my bladder, that was great  it was so warm and now i have to drain my bladder be right back. Nope i want you to give me a golden shower too you liked it so much i want one next on my face just like i did to you daddy. Ready baby girl for your first shower, give to me you sexy dirty old man, AWWWWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWWWWWWW AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, your piss was so hot and i loved it also.

Robin and Wonder Girl took a hot shower together and he washed every inch of her hot young body and she made sure that his manly body was super clean from top too bottom. Your wonder body looks great all wet and shining I better, yours do to my dirty old man and i never enjoyed a birthday so much, i am so glad you are having a great birthday, this is thee greatest birthday i ever had.  They went into his bedroom and he dried off  and laid down on his bed after making it up with fresh bed sheets and she did the same and she grabbed his robe and started to leave his room. Baby were do you think you are going, back to my room to sleep, the hell you are you get your sweet little ass in this bed right now young lady this is were you will be sleeping tonight, its not every night this old man gets to sleep with a sexy hot young angel. You are no way near a old man you are a very hot and very sexy young man and you are gods wonderful gift to woman, you are a Greek God every superhero would give both there nuts to have your body and they would give up there pricks to have all the woman you have screwed silly. I bet you make every super heroine wet there panties when you flash them your 1000 watt smile of yours, are you blushing i can’t believe it i made a member of the batclan blush, oh yea oh yea i did it i did it oh yea oh yea  i made a bat blush i should be called SUPERWOMAN !!!!!!!!. Hey why are you grabbing me, so i can do this my sexy angel HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,  help me i cant breath what was that you just did to me, that is  called a french kiss. If you ever tell anyone you made me blush i will punish you with another french kiss, is that a promise daddy, you bet your sweet ass it is. Now baby lets get some sleep, are you going to hold my cock all night, yes i am and just as long you hold on to my little butt. Wonder Girl and Robin slept together holding onto each other body parts, She was the first one to wake up and she looked at him and she loved that little boy smile that was on his very handsome face and she smiled, then she went down stairs and got her phone and and there costumes and she called Arrowette. Hey girlfriend how you doing this super fantastic morning, Wonder Girl  do you know what time it is, no i don’t and i don’t care, well its 6:00 am and you woke me up.

So girlfriend how was your night, it was very good and how was yours, mine was super fantastic, so girlfriend what did you do last night, i am not telling you Wonder Girl, oh come you tell me and i will tell you what i did. Ok ok i will tell you i let Red Robin get to second base with me, really you did????, yes i did and he was good but he needs some practice thou and what did you do. I let Robin the Man Wonder hit a homerun with me, no way did you let him jump you ??????, oh yes i did and he was super fantastic, say is he you know is he big ????, Girlfriend he is so big he would make a horse cry, no way you are lying about that, no i am not and he is very thick and he don’t need any practice that’s for sure. I will remember this for as long as i live, he was super gentle and he went very slow with me, did you suck on it ????, oh yes i did and i loved doing it and i sucked his big bat nuts also and he came so much and i swallowed it down my throat and he know how lick a girls twat, he could give lessons to lesbos on how to do it, you are one dirty but lucky wonder bitch. Well you can be just as lucky too, how is that Wonder Girl???, easy Robin wants to screw you next he says you have a very cute body and he could teach you so much. no way did he say that about me !!!, yes he did girlfriend and you should be honored he wants you, i never thought he even knew i was even alive, well he does and you are on his very good list he will make you one very happy bitch. I will have to think about that and you say he was good, no i said he was fantastic and that is a fact girlfriend well i got to i have to get back to him talk to you later.

Wonder Girl went back to Robins room and she saw he was still asleep and she pulled the covers off of him and she took a lot of photos of his nude body and then she straddled his face and she grabbed his giant cock and started to suck on it very slow at first and then she went faster and faster, she brushed his nose with her young pussy hair. He woke up and her wet pussy was right in his face, hey what is going on here, morning sleepy head, baby why is your cunt in front of my face, well i knew you would be hungry this morning and i figured that some hot young golden hair pussy would be the best thing for my sexy Robin daddy to eat. I got hungry for some nice thick bat tube steak, so you get to eating it and i will do the same also, you sure know what to feed me baby girl. Oh baby you are fucking my face so good and i know you are sucking my cock like the dirty little whore you are don’t stop, oh yes suck me dry. They 69 each other tell the came at the same time again and then she got off his face and she played with her well eaten cunt for his enjoyment and he stroke his cock while looking at her hot young tight body. Robin Daddy i want you to put all of your giant bat prick up my tiny butthole screw it like its going out of style, you sure you want all of it up your little asshole, yes i do i want to make you very happy so i made up my mind you can have my little cute butt. Bring your wonder tits over here so i can fuck them first, that’s it hold your tits together so i can fuck them oh yes they are so hot and so soft also, yes do it to them i love your bat prick between. They are so wonderfully soft and so firm baby,i love fucking your hot young tits they are the best i have ever fucked oh yea they were made to be fucked all right, oh yes i love my hooters to be used like this keep it up i love to seeing our batprick between them. Go faster you very old dirty man, you want it faster you will get it faster, i said i wanted it faster you fucking old bastard WHACK OWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWW. That is better don’t ever let me have to tell you twice or i am cutting you off from ever screwing my hot tits or my hot pink golden hair pussy and your bat nuts will turn so blue and they will blow up from the lack of  my hot teenage pussy. If i stop screwing you baby and you will be rubbing your young cunt so much you will get your cramps in your hands and you will begging me to fuck you so you can stop rubbing it so much. AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUUGGGGHHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH, help i can’t see again, you sure loot good with my batcum all over your pretty face.  Can you help me please clean my face, sure baby anything you want there you go all nice and clean.

Lay on your back daddy i want to give you a sexy massage, you got it my sexy baby girl there is some lube on that self, yes that feels so good your hands are like magic, if you think those are magic then my nipples will be even greater on your back. You are right your sexy nipples are so hard and they feel very good on my back keep it up baby, oh i will and your cute tight little butt needs some very special handling i must say there is not one ounce of fat on your damm fine butt. You sure know how rub me the right way oh your nipples feels so good on my ass baby, hey don’t bite my ass so hard, your butt is mine now and i will do what i want to it and now i am going to lick it real good. You are so naughty licking my cheeks, Baby that’s my asshole you are licking !!!!!, yes i know and just as i thought it taste so good my dirty old man and i am going to lick for all its worth. No wonder why all those super bitches want you so bad your butt is so damm fine, but they cant have you anymore you are all mine that gives me a idea, what are you writing on my ass young lady, there i am all done it says this butt is the sole property of Wonder Girl !!!, my i love licking your butthole its so pink and so tiny, i never thought i would be licking it and i love it.

CASSANDRA GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF MY ASSHOLE, sorry but it belongs to me and i am not done with you yet so lay back down you fucking bastard  WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW  WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW WHACK OWWWW. Fuck me you little nasty ass amazon whore that hurt like hell, now get your fingers out of my asshole right now, not tell i am ready will i stop fucking your butthole. Dang you are one tight bastard i have to say, fuck me stop it you god damm little whore, not on your life you sexy bastard not tell you cumm. Fuck me i am going to exploded  AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH !!!!!!!!, did like you raping my ass with your fingers you dirty cunt, i lovved finger fucking your damm fine asshole.

Now get on your hands and your knees that’s a good girl and now to lube you up, you will love getting your ass fucked, oh yes this ass is begging to be fucked and i will do it so good, your finger is sure probing me like crazy, now for a second finger. Hey easy with that second finger you dirty old man that’s a very tender hole you are poking there, what tell you feel my cock probing it. You are ready now just relax here i come, oh man you are stretching me out, shit you are a super tight ass bitch i need push harder into you, FUCK ME i think you are ripping me in two, you are doing just fine, like hell i feel like i got the entire space station up my butthole. Oh its getting easy to fuck your ass, I don’t think so i feel like i am sweating like crazy. You can take my cock  just relax, easy for you to say you don’t got a 2 foot wide bat prick up your little butt, my hot baby can take in her hot butt. Ok i runs  relaxing my butthole, that’s great baby now i am going to drive into you deeper this time. FUCK ME how are you doing that to my tiny butthole oh god i can’t believe i am taking so much of it in me, oh yea i love fucking your sweet litvery. yle asshole now i am going to put it all up you. YOU DIRTY MOTHER FUCKER OLD PERVERT i am going to passout you put too much of your self into me, OH GOD you are screwing me too fast easy up i can’t take it this fast slow up. You can take it alright you are a tuff little whore, OWWWW stop pull my pony tail you are too ruff with me it hurts so much. You need to be spanked for being such a dirty whore SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW.

Easy on the spanking me Robin daddy my butt is on fire, who is your daddy my sexy whore, you are my daddy, then you will listen to what i say and do so don’t forget it, yes daddy i will be a good little whore and listen to what ever you say. You want your daddy to fuck your tight little asshole good and hard, oh yes i do please fuck it as hard as you can i want to make you very happy my very handsome daddy, oh yes i am fuck you as fast as i can and play with your hot teenage cunt as i fuck the hell out of your sweet asshole. Oh it’s getting better i am loving you screwing my tiny butthole i am loving it now and your giant batballs are slapping my pussy lips so hard, oh pull on my pony tail harder hurt me like the whore i am. That’s great now i am going to do you even harder now, Daddy i think you should be called Superman they way you are screwing me so hard screw me harder i want it harder. If you want it harder then i will fuck you harder you love it hard then you will get it hard. oh god i cant take much more oh yea i am cumming daddy, me too baby AUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh. Daddy please hold me i need you to hold me tight please, sure my sweet baby i love holding your very super sexy hot body and you look fantastic all sweating  and shiny, its not every day i get to hold and make love to a angel and why are you crying ???. You know the sweetest things to say to me and i feel so safe in your big strong arms, i never want you let go of me, i love holding onto you my very sexy baby i know a lot of girls would love to be has hot as you are, you are going to make me cry again if you keep all this sweet talking of yours.

I would do anything to marry you my sexy dirty oldman and i would make all my girlfriends so jealous because i would have thee sexiest husband on and off planet. That is so very sweet baby and i would have the most gorgeous wife all my friends would die to be me. You keep that sweet talk up and i will have to screw you again daddy, is that a threat young lady, that’s a promise my dirty sexy oldman and you are mine now and other bitches can have you unless they pay me a lot of money.  Are you going to pimp me out to all your friends???, you bet your cute little butt i will i can make a ton of money off your hot buns. Now you are going to fuck your own ass now but first lets see if i can bounce a quarter off your tight little  tummy, oh yea i knew i could do it did you see how how high it bounced.  Yes i did and what are you doing with that banana, daddy how dare you put that banana in my pussy !!!!, it was very easy you are all wet and very horny and you need a double fucking. You are so kinky i swear to god i wonder what else you will do to me, you will see when i do it, i cant believe i am screwing  my own butthole with your giant bat prick oh god you are going to make me cumm again.

Now grab that banana and fuck your hot cunt with it, you are so nasty, fuck your cunt faster and i will am going to get me some of your hot wondertitts. Keep squeezing them you are so great at that, i love how you play with my young hooters. I am so close to cumming baby and my pussy is so close to cumming, i am going to fill your asshole up with more of my bat cumm, AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh. Now suck that banana clean of our sweet cumm, i must say my cumm does taste very good, yes it does my sexy baby girl you are a super wondrful fuck.  I wish we could do this 24/7  my sexy daddy i never want this to end i am so very happy, after we are done i am going to get you thee best birthday present i can buy. This is thee greatest present you can give me and i knew making love to you would be the best you dirty old pervert.

Dirty old pervert am i well lest i am not a nasty dirty young whore like you are  spank spank spank spank, you can’t get enough of my hot butt can you and i love being your young whore and now i will screw your brains out but first i  need your big shaft out of my butthole, dang that was a very loud popping sound coming from my butthole, just shows you are one super tight ass whore. Well it sure don’t feel like it, it feels like its as wide as this space station, now i am going to ride this giant prick of yours how big is it i got to know, it just 14 inches my dirty little whore. That is very big oh yea it feels so good in my very young and wet pussy, now fuck me as fast as you can i want to see your hot young tits bounce like crazy, you got it and you will never forget the screwing i am going to give you. As Wonder Girl fucked Robin as fast as she could, Wonder Woman and Troia  got transported up to the space station.

So Donna why is Cassie up here i thought you had the duty up here ???, well i had to give her birthday present up here, but why not at her birthday party. This birthday present had to be in private, Donna what kind of present has to be in private??, well i set her up to lose her virginity to Robin. GREAT HERA you didn’t do that did you, yes i did so he is a little older than her. GREAT HERA  give me strength that was so wrong for you to do, what is it so wrong Diana tell me why, Dick is her father that’s why Donna. How do you know if that is true, because she is my daughter that’s how i know, you got to be kidding me Diana ???, i am not Dick got me pregnant  and i was so ashamed that he did that to me so i never told him he was a father and she doesn’t know i am her mother, maybe we can stop it before it happens. Wonder Woman and Troia ran to Robins room and burst into the room and the saw Wonder Girl bouncing up and down on Robins cock like a super sexed nymphomanic. OH daddy i love screwing you and i want you to knock me up and i am so proud to be your teenage whore oh god i am cumming, me to my sexy whore AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh.

CASSIE get off him right this minute that is so wrong what you are doing and saying those things!!!, Diana and Donna what the fuck you doing in my room get the fuck out right now !!!!, Dick you been a very nasty and a very dirty man, Donna what the hell are you are talking about, you better tell them Diana. Tell us what Diana ???. Well Cassie is your daughter Dick, Diana what sick joke are playing with us, it’s the truth the first time we had sex you got me pregnant and Cassie is our daughter and the reason i didn’t tell you is because i was ashamed that you did that to me and i didn’t want to saddle you with a baby at such a young age so i never told you about Cassie. Why didn’t you tell me about you being my mother, i was scared and i didn’t want to tell you who your farther was because he would of gotten in so much trouble and so would have i being with a such a young teenage boy. Cassie i know what you are thinking, what am i thinking Donna??, If Dick would of known you were his daughter he would not of hid you, he would of showed you off like a very proud father, Donna i should kick your ass for what you did me to do and what you caused me to do, Cassie you should get off of him, Diana i should kick your fat Amazon ass for not telling me that i have a daughter and i still mite do it.

Cassie why did you just put just your boots on, so i can do this you fucking bitch Diana  OWWWWW WHY DID YOU SLAP ME ??? AND SO I CAN DO THIS, OWWWWWWWWWW YOU LITTLE BITCH WHY DID YOU KICK MY PUSSY OWWWWW. Because you didn’t tell me that you were my mother and who my father was and i hate your fucking guts and i never want to see you again. Looks like that hurts a lot Diana, it sure fucking does Donna, OWWWWWWW Cassie what the hell did you kick my pussy also, because you hurt my daddy you gave him a set of blue balls and if you ever hurt him again i will beat the shit out of you. OWWWWWWWWWW  let go of my tit Cassie, did you understand what i told you fat ass bitch, yes i did OWWWWWW  let go of me, good and now i am going to cleaned up so i can go to my birthday party and have some fun. Now that she has left and i will tell you two something and you better listen to me and listen good, if she is with you two and if she gets hurt in any way i will beat you both with a inch of your lives. No one will be able to save your fat asses and this is not a batglare you two are looking at, its a Fathers death glare and just let her get hurt and no one will see you two alive.

Well daddy i don’t know what you told these two bitches but i never seen two Amazons piss there panties so easy, well i am going to get my spare suit and i think you two fucking Amazon whores better do the same if you plan to come to my party. So glad those two bitches are gone i want you to come to my birthday party, i would not miss it for anything  now and i better get cleaned up myself we need to talk about what has happen between us, ok dad see you soon. OK i am back Cassandra hello Cassandra hello you there????, oh sorry daddy i was thinking about us and i was thinking very hard i didn’t hear you. That’s fine Cassandra and what did you come up with, i know what we did is incest and its wrong to do but i loved making love to you and i don’t want to be with any other man as long as i live. I knew by the look into your eyes you were just as shocked to find out that i was your daughter. What did you come with daddy, well that i am blind as a fucking bat, why do you say that, well i didn’t see how much we look alike and we got the same color of eyes and your blond hair is just the same like your late grandmothers and your body is in very great shape and you got one damm fine ass, very true daddy i do.

There you going again sweet talking me again are you trying to get into my panties again dad, you are a little pervert like me and you have thee hottest panties i have ever been in. There you go again sweet talking me dad, I don’t want to stop making loving you either baby girl and i am very proud to be your father i have kept a eye on you since you join the superhero club and you been doing a great job, really you have been checking up on me???, yes i have i want you to join the Titans. Me a Titan really ???, yes baby girl, oh daddy i would be so honored to be a Titan, hey easy with those kisses or i am going rip your clothes and fuck you again right were you stand. There you go sweet talking me again daddy but we better get going to my party Wildcat and Plastic man should be here any minute, you go ahead i will meet you there at the Young Justice HQ, ok my very sexy daddy MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM MMMMMM, WOW you sure frenched me like a wild woman but i loved it, i knew a dirty old man would love to get kissed by a hot young girl like me and this is my greatest day i finally got to find out who my daddy is and i am thee luckiest bitch in the entire world.

Wonder Girl went to her birthday party and she found all her fellow members of the Young Justice team there and other members of the Superhero community, she found Wonder Woman and Troia talking to each other and she took them into another room so they can talk, ok  first i am going to lock this door so we can talk alone . You too fucking bitches you will listen to what i got to say, first you hurt my daddy and i won’t forgive you for that and second i am not going back to the island with you my fucking worst mommy. Look Cassie i told you why i didn’t tell you who your father was and why i wasn’t your mother, well you could of told me you were my mother and told me that my father ran away or something like that. But you didn’t say anything like that you told me that you found me in a empty building and that you would look for my family but you never did you lying bitch. OWWWWW you had no right slapping me Cassie, i had every right slapping you for all the lies you told me. She had every right to slap you, hey how did you get in this room daddy, easy baby i am a sneaky bat and i am your father and Diana you need this  OWWWWWWWWWW. Richard you had no right slapping my face. Yes i did you cost me 16 years of my daughters life and for that i should slap you for the rest of your life. As i said i am not going back with you mommy i want to be with my daddy at his home or at Titans Tower. Cassie what are you talking about Titans Tower, i been asked to join the Titans by my daddy and i said yes. I been thinking about asking her to join us for months Donna and now she is part of  the team now you got any problems with that, well she is very young Dick are you sure about that. I know for a fact you were when you made the Teen Titans Donna and she is very good being a superheroine and we all should be proud to have her on the team and i will not hear anything against her being  part of the Titans do you hear me.

Well Cassie your father loves you very much and no body will go up against him from the Titans if he says you are part of the team then you are part of the team, well i am her mother i got something to say were she is going to live. You lost that right mommy when you failed to claim me as your daughter and the only parent i have is my daddy Richard John Grayson. Give it up Diana you are at fault this is happening to you and i would give up before Cassandra beats you up, Cassandra why don’t you go and join your friends we will join you very soon. Now that she gone this is what i will do for you Diana i will try and talk to our daughter and see if she will let you be her mother again, thank you Richard  and as for you Donna. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  Dick let go of my pussy you are hurting me, if you ever try to give me a case of blue balls i will kick you fat ass all over the tower do you hear me, yes i do please let go of my pussy already. I will never piss you off again it hurts too much, now lets get  out of this room so we can enjoy  her birthday party.

I wonder were Arroeette is at ???, i see her and Red Robin go that way a few minutes ago, thanx Superboy. Hey girlfriend i see you like that batboy Red Robin is he a good kisser. Yes he is thee greatest kisser of all time Wonder Girl, well i will have to see that mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm i have had better than him. Wonder Girl that is my boyfriend you just kissed why don’t you get one of your own. Wonder Girl why are you kissing my little brother, dang don’t sneak up on me like that Robin i nearly had a heart attack. Hey big bro well Arrowette told Wonder Girl that i was thee worlds greatest kisser and she said she had to see for her self so she kissed me, Well little bro you better make sure you don’t kiss my girlfriend again or i will kick your sorry ass all over the batcave, so Arrowette you think he is a great kisser, yes Red Robin is a great kisser, well i show you who is a great kisser is, MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM well who is better me or my little bro, whats wrong Arowwette ???. I need some air he took my breath away and he squeezed my butt too WOW he is the worlds greatest kisser sorry my sexy Red Robin but he is, it’s ok baby. Hey big bro how long have you two been dating, over 6 months and if i play my batcards right she will be your aunt someday. We love each other and i am going to put her on the Titans team. Ok big bro we better get back to the party, dang Wonder Girl why didn’t you tell me were dating Robin that long , well Arrowette we wanted to keep it a secret for awhile tell we knew we were in true love and we are so no more kissing my man you little whore he is all mine, well keep your slutty mouth off my sexy boyfriend or i will kick your fat amazon ass Wonder Girl. My ass is way better than yours you dumb ass blonde whore and don’t you kiss my man again. We will join the party in a few minutes so see you two inside.

Good they are gone i hope you didn’t mind saying i was your boyfriend, no i don’t my very sexy daddy but by the time we get back to the party Arrowette will have told everyone that we are dating and if you ever kiss or grab her ass i will crush your big old batballs you belong to me and no one else you got it my dirty old man, yes i do my sexy teenage whore. I will cut you off from my cock if you ever kiss my little perverted brother agin, hell no you can’t do that, oh yes i can, you are a such a mean oldman you know that, well you are one mean teenage bitch and you need to be kissed MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMM. FUCK ME i can’t stand after that kiss you gave me, well i could do that to you with no problem, you are thee biggest pervert i know but you are all mine. True to Wonder Girls word Arrowette told every one at the party that Wonder Girl and Robin were dating but no one said anything about it they knew that if you mad a bat mad you were in very deep trouble. Wonder Girl had a lot of fun at her party and when it was over only she and Robin were the only ones left. Well you ready to go to the tower, yes i am daddy but how am i going to get all my presents there, we can’t do it on your motorcycle.

Well i guess we will have to use your car to put all your presents in, OH MY GOD YOU GOT ME A CAR !!!!!, yes i did baby and here are the keys to it, let me see it, its outside sweety. WOW its a muscle car i love them so much thank you oh thank you so much daddy, i will load the car up and why don’t you go pack a small bag for tonight and we will get the rest of your stuff  in a few days. Ok i will be right back my very wonderful dad. What is keeping that daughter of mine well i better go get her, Cassandra what is keeping you, what the heck i am all over the place. Hi dad yes you are sorry i am taking so long i can’t think of what to take or leave. it looks a shrine to me, well i told you before you are my idol. Yes you did i just didn’t know how much, well i better help you pack that bag if we want to leave before the next year gets here. You drive dad you know the way, are you sure baby it is your car, yes i am my sweet daddy, hey what are you doing baby grabbing my zipper ???, well as you drive i am going to suck your manly prick tell you shoot a load into my hot young mouth. Your mouth feels so good baby i am having a hard time staying on the road, well you are getting there daddy you are getting there, you nasty amazon gypsy bitch, you got that you gypsy bastard. Hell baby you keep getting better  every time you suck me off. I love your giant bat prick in my mouth i never had anything better in it, i am cumming baby AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH, there is nothing better than man cumm and when its yours my sweet dad that’s even better your cumm is the best i have tasted.

Here we are Cassandra Titans Tower, say daddy were am i going to sleep tonight, in my room tell we get you set up in yours there is one right next to mine but its empty of everything. Here we go baby the bathroom is over there so you can get ready for bed, ok daddy see you in a few minutes. I am back what do you think of my nighty, DAMM CASSANDRA YOU COULD GIVE A DEAD MAN A HARDON WITH THAT NIGHTY !!!!!. Say daddy you need a woman’s touch to make this room more homely, let me know when you find a lady to help me decorate, SLAP OWWWWWWWW  that hurt my chest, that’s for being a smart ass again daddy. Lets get some sleep baby we had a long few days, oh yea we did and they were fantastic i must say my handsome daddy. They both held onto each other during the night and Robin was the first one to wake up and he looked down at his very beautiful daughter and he smiled and he was so proud of her and he made himself a promise to make her very happy and to protect her, he left her a note he was going to work out and he told her to go meet the rest of the team and have some breakfast. She woke up and found his note and she smiled when she read the last part that he told her he loved her. She put on her slippers and her short pink bathrobe and the first person she met was Beast Boy.

Say who are you Ms. Blonde, i am not Ms. Blonde my name is Wonder Girl and i am part of this team now, and who said that you could be part of the Titans, my boyfriend said i could be on this team. Well Ms. Blonde i don’t know who your boyfriend is because we have a lot of members and Robin is the only one that can put someone on this team and since you are so young your boyfriend must be a young punk and he cant just put you on the team. Garth don’t piss off  Wonder Girl or she will tell her guy on you and you will be in a load of shit. Oh Donna i can beat her little boyfriend, not in your dreams Gar could you beat him. That’s right salad head my man is a major bad ass, listen you fucking bitch you get the hell out of here right now or i will kick your ass and your boyfriends ass all over this tower. Gar Dalton Logan you touch one hair of Cassandras head and i will fucking kill you right were you stand you got me, Cassie, Gar and Donna all turned and seen Robin the titans leader with thee most scariest look in his eyes standing there and  his eyes was death and they were looking right at Beast Boy.  She is my girlfriend Gar and i put her on this team and i won’t hear anything bad said about her you got it or do you want to fucking get kicked off this team right her and now.  The rest of the team showed up and was watching  the very tense screen between Dick and Gar and they was wondering why Dick had on a different suit on and what had Gar done this time. Well hello everybody this is Wonder Girl and she is part of the Titans now and she is my girlfriend and i will be right back i forgot my mask in my room.

Gar was the first one to speak what a fucking asshole Dick is today, what did you say about my man, you heard me you little blonde bitch take that back you green freak,  fuck you bitch i won’t take it back, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW HELP ME SHE IS GOING TO KILL ME HELP ME  HELP ME!!!!!, but they all just stood around and watched Wonder Girl kick Beast Boy in his nut sack several times, they were all shocked to see this happen. Then Dick came back into the room and saw Gar on the floor with tears in his eyes and blood running down his mouth, what the hell is going on here, i kicked this asshole in his nuts a lot because he call you a asshole  and me a fucking bitch and he would not take it back. Is that what happened Raven ???, yes it is Richard. Dick picked up Gar from the floor and started to hit him in the stomach several times and then he threw him clear across the room. Now you hear me good i am giving you just 20 minutes to get your personal stuff and get out of this tower you are fired from the Titans. Then everyone started to talk to the leader and he gave them a very deadly bat glare and they stopped talking and Gar tried to talk to Nightwing but he just left the room and Gar got his stuff and left the tower. A few weeks went by and every member tried to talk to Robin to let Beast Boy back on the team and they were not happy how he reacted. Then one night Troia came into Robins room and told him she wanted to have a serious talk with him as they talked. Wonder Girl walked into the room from the door between hers and Robins room.

Hi Donna whats up tonight, hey my sexy daddy i am very horny for some hot bat prick and yours is the one i want so fucking bad and i got some whip cream and i am going to cover your giant prick with it and suck it clean, Cassie you should not be doing that to him, well its not up to you, its up to us and we talked about this a lot you are just jealous because you can’t have him. Like you did when he fucked your little virgin pussy and turned you into a bat prick loving whore like he did to me and my fucking whore of a mother. Oh baby you sure know how to suck your daddy’s cock so great.  So Donna what do you want to talk about, me and ever one else wants you to let Gar back on to the team and some are not happy about Cassie being on the team. Well as far as my daughter goes she is staying on the Titans team as long as she wants to be and if they try to run her off them i will stop all the money that is spent on this team and i will leave also and disband this team. Fuck Cassie i can’t believe you just deep throated your fathers dick how and the hell did you do that, it is very easy for me now. You must have sucked on over a millions dicks to be that great, well my cock is the first and only one she has sucked on so far, she did kiss my little brother and she gave him a big hardon, she gave little Timmy a boner dang girl that must of been one hell of a kiss. I can see she does that to you too and a lot i bet. Fuck me baby i am going to cumm AUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH. Oh yes thee best tasting bat cumm that ever is, you got that right Cassie his is the best jizz i have tasted.  I will let you sit on my daddys face but this will be the last time you can do it for free if you want to fuck him you have to pay me 5,000, that’s a lot of money Cassie, well you know he is worth every penny Donna and if want him to fuck your fat ass you will pay it.

End of part 1


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