Robin The Teen Wonder Gets His First Wonder Cherry, Part 1

Robin the Teen Wonder, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Speedy, and Wonder Girl got together and formed The Teen Titans–today they are moving into their new headquarters. Robin called all the members one by one to remind them that they were to be there to help move everything into the building as a team, so they also can work together as a team and to get to know each other better.
“Aqualad, this is Robin. I am calling to make sure you will be there to help all of us.”
“Sorry, Robin, I can’t be there. I don’t want to catch them from Wonder Girl.”
“Catch what from Wonder Girl??”
“Her killer cooties is what! She has them and I am not going near her, Robin, see you later.”
“Kid Flash, I am calling you to make sure you are at our new headquarters to help out.”
“Not on your life! I am not getting killer cooties from Wonder Girl. They are faster than I can run and I am not going near her. Bye.”
“Speedy, this is Robin. I need you at our new headquarters to help out.”
“No way am I getting Wonder Girl’s killer cooties. I would rather kiss Batman’s butt than go near her. See you later, Robbie.”

“They are all crazy and so stupid! What am I going to do with those three? And Wonder Girl, she is going to be crushed by those dummies.”
“Master Richard, who are you talking about?”
“Hi, Alfred. I am talking about Kid Flash, Aqualad and Speedy; they won’t be at The Titans headquarters because they think Wonder Girl has killer cooties and they are going hurt her feelings.”
“I am sure you can make sure that won’t happen Master Richard, and I will make some lunch for you two. I will tell Master Bruce you will be longer than expected and I will make sure to tell him to watch out for Mr. Speedy.”
“You heard that part, Alfred?”
“Yes I did, Master Richard. Just have fun today and don’t work too hard, be a gentleman to Ms. Wonder Girl.”
“I will, Alfred ,you can count on me. Well I better get going.”
“Here you go, Master Richard, the lunch I made for you two and see you later, Young Master.”

“Hi Robin! I see you made it; where are the other guys at?”
“They aren’t coming Wonder Girl.”
“Why is that  Robin???”
“It’s a long story and I can’t tell you why, it will hurt your feelings. Let’s get this done, I got us some lunch. So we better get this stuff moved in, Wonder Girl.”
“Ok sure, Robin, let’s get to it!”  They worked very hard and long until they took a lunch break. Robin was laying back on the couch when the Amazon princess asked him about the why the other members didn’t show up again. “That was a fantastic lunch, Robin, but I want to know the others didn’t show up?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“Really? If you don’t me, then I will quit the team.”
“Ok…ok, I will tell you. They are afraid of your killer cooties.”
“Say what??? Did you say killer cooties???”
“Yes, I did. They all three are afraid of them.”
“Those three are so stupid! When I get my hands on them I am going to make them hurt them like they hurt my feeling…and I will make sure they never forget it, I got lots of things I can do to them. I am so mad I wish they were here right now I want to kick their stupid butts all over the place!” Wonder Girl went on and on about Kid Flash, Speedy, and Aqualad and what she was going to do to those three until she tripped over something and fell on top of Robin.

“You ok, Wonder Girl?”
“Yes I am, but I am wondering why you have your hands on my breast?”
“Well you came flying towards me and I only had a few seconds to act.”
“I can accept that, but I can’t accept is a perverted birdboy like you squeezing them for your enjoyment. How would you like it if I grabbed you little batdick like this and squeeze it like this? Dang, your batdick is very thick and its getting so hard.”
“Don’t stop, Wonder Babe, you are doing  so good.”
“I am stopping you pervert.”
“Like hell you are, you cock teasing bitch!”
“Hey! Let go of my hand, and oh god and stop rubbing my pussy you are making me shake! OH GREAT ZEUS what is happening to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”
“You just had a orgasm for the first time and it’s called cumming.”
“I never had one before. You are so naughty doing that to me.”
“Then you will love this’!”
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm
WOW! You sure know how to take a girl’s breath away with a kiss like that and you are right I did like it very much. Hey watch what you are grabbing there; that’s my ass you are grabbing!  Hey, I thought you were a bat not a vampire they way you are biting my neck.”
“You have one very nice little ass and it’s so tight and so soft, too.”
“You are such a sweet talker and you sure know how to please a girl. I love what you are doing to my ass, you dirty birdboy.”
“I want to see your hot wonder tits naked.”
“Not going to happen. We can kiss some more and rub each other, but they are classified private.”
“Well let me get up so I can get in a better position so we can make out some more.”
“Ok, Robin….hey my top fell down!!!!”
“Oh, yes. What a sight…sweet naked wonder tits. And I say about 32 B; they look so suckable and they are so firm.”
“How did you get my top off?”
“That was easy and your panties even easier.”
“Hey stop sucking on my breasts, you dirty birdboy! Stop sucking them; you are a sex fiend!”
“Your wonder tits are so very tasty and I love sucking and squeezing them.”
“OH GREAT ZEUS that feels so good. Don’t stop, don’t stop, you are amazing. I love what you are doing to me please don’t stop sucking them. FUCK ME you are sucking and squeezing them like they are going out of style.”

“Now lay on your back so I can get a good look at your sweet wonder cunt. WOW it’s so furry.”
“What you going to do it???”
“I am going to give it the best licking it will ever have.”
“OH WOW! You have a wicked tongue. Oh, I am going to cum again. OH YES, OH YES, OH YES, OH YES.”
“Your cum is very sweet tasting but I am not done with you yet.”
“Oh no, you can’t keep licking my pussy. You are going to kill me with all these orgasms. How can you keep licking my pussy like crazy?”
“Easy. Your furry cunt  is so pink and so soft and so sweet and juicy. Also you are one hot fucking bitch and I love squeezing your tight little butt. I am going to love fucking  your sweet asshole.”
“You are not going to do that to me, that is very dirty.”
“I will fuck your sweet cunt first though and I know you will love it.”
“Oh you think you are going to fuck me just like that? Well you got another thing coming.”
“And so do you wonder bitch.”
“Oh no! You are going to make me cum again; you have got to stop it… Thank you, I don’t think I could take a another orgasm again.”
“I will stop when I say so.”
“Please, you are making me so weak. I need to rest. Oh, no! Not again, I can’t do it; you have got to stop licking me! I can’t cum again.”

“Thanks for stopping. I can’t move a muscle right now. How do you do that to me?”
“Easy: lots of practice. And now, some more eating your hot, furry wonder cunt.”
“Oh no, not again. Ok, ok…you can fuck me any way you want to! OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!”
“You sure came a lot that time, Wonder Girl.”
“No thanks to you, fucking asshole. And now I want to see you naked, birdboy, and I want to see your batdick… My you got a very sexy chest and now let me see what’s in those cute little green shorts of yours that is making a tent in them. GREAT ZEUS! I’ve never seen a dick before and you are so very long and it’s so thick too. I see why the call you the teen wonder now! Your batdick is so amazing and your batnuts are so big.”
“Hey, easy there with the way you are handling my cock and balls.”
“Yyour batnuts are so squeezable soft. I love having them in my hands and that look on your face. So what’s going to happen if I keep pulling on your batdick like this?”
“Hey stop pulling so hard on my cock or I am going to blow a big load!”
“What is a load, birdboy? HEY! Stop shooting that stuff all over my face.”
“Oh that felt so good and my cum looks great on your face.”
“Glad you are so happy about that, now help me clean my face because I can’t see anything.”
“Sure thing. How is that wonder babe?”
“Is that your batdick you are using to clean my face with?”
“Sure is and now open your mouth so you can suck me clean. Oh your mouth looks great sucking my big cock. Keep going up and down on it! Oh yes, I will make you into a great cock sucker; all you need is practice and lots of it. Play with my balls and suck them too you hot wonder slut. Oh yea I see you are loving it now go deeper on me. That’s it deeper, go deeper you fucking cock loving slut; oh yes, I am going to cum AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH!!!!”

“I nearly gagged on your batcum because there is so much of it!”
“Now lay on your back so I can fuck your pretty brains out.”
“Please go very slow because you are so long and very thick and I am so tiny.”
“I will, wonder babe, and I love seeing you playing with your hot furry cunt.”
“I like you stroking your big batdick and your batnuts are so big and they feel very nice between my feet.”
“Now to fuck your hot body! Damn, you are super tight! I’ve got to push harder into you.”
“Hey, easy there! That’s not a stick you are pushing into me, that’s a damm log you are pushing into me.”
“Fuck, your furry cunt is so hot and it feels like crushed velvet that’s wrapped around me.”
“Shit, you are filling me up so much. I am getting to like it! Go deeper into me you big batstud…go deeper, I want it all inside of me.”
“I am going deeper into you. Oh yes! I love fucking you and I am getting ready to pop your wonder cherry.”
“Please, do it! Take it! I want to say goodbye to my sweet amazon cherry. Please, do it soon! But take it easy; you are so damm thick and my furry box is so very tiny.”
“Oh yeah, I can get more into your sweet cunt. OH YEA…I love how tight you are; do you feel that my hot wonder slut?”
“Yes I feel that, Robin.”
“That’s your sweet wonder cherry and now say goodbye to it.”
“Oh yes, that’s it! You made me into a woman now. I just love how you feel in my tiny pussy; oh yes, that’s so good. Keep it up.”
“Hey, easy with the way you are grabbing my butt wonder slut.”
“I can’t help it! Your ass is so small and so soft too. I want to see your face birdboy.”
“Sure. You can take my mask off.”
“My, you have a very handsome face and the bluest eyes I ever have seen in my young life.”

“I am going to fuck you even deeper now. What’s your first name, by the way?”
“It’s Donna.”
“I am Richard.”
“HAHAHAHAHAHA. that’s too rich!”
“What’s so funny, Donna?”
“You are Dickie with your giant dickie, that’s what.”
“I am going to get me a new name.”
“Give me more of your big dickie, you nasty birdboy…OH YEA, OH YEA, OH YEA. You are fucking me so good; give me more of your big Dick. I am loving it inside of me!”
“You got it, Donna, my hot wonder babe. Oh yeah, you are a great fuck; I can’t get enough of your hot cunt.”
“Dickie…fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”
“You got it. You will get every fucking inch. You love my cock don’t you?”
“Oh yes I do. Keep fucking me…I need to be fucked. Keep fucking me, batstud.”
“I see you are becoming a slut for me.”
“I sure am. Your big dick is driving me crazy…now fuck me faster, fuck me faster. OH WOW! You are fucking me so fast; I don’t think even Kid Flash can move this fast. Oh Dickie, I am going to cum again. AUUUGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH!”
“So glad the others are scared of your killer cooties. Oh fuck, Donna, here I cum. AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!”

“That was great, Dickie. I never thought it would be this great.”
“Yes, you are a hot fuck and I will rest here for a bit.”
“You think you will just lay on top of me?”
“Yes, since you got a Amazon death grip on my ass. I need to take a wizz…be right back.”
“I am going with you!”
“And why is that?”
“Well, I never tinkle standing up.”
“That is some grip you have on my cock. Ease up some…ok, that’s better.”
“This is so cool! Look  how much pee is cumming out of you. You guys are so lucky you don’t have to sit down. Now I have to go tinkle myself.”
“Here, let me help you with your whizzing.”
“Hey, watch that or I will be cumming again! Let’s get back to fucking. Dickie. I want to fuck your brains out.” smack smack “Dang you have one damn fine ass!” squeeze squeeze
“Go for it, my little wonder slut.”
“Now bird boy sit back as I give you a nice blowjob. I can’t believe how big you are! There is so much to swallow and your batnuts feels so good in my hands.”
“Hey! Don’t squeeze them too hard you fucking bitch!!!! OWWWW, not so hard.”
“Fucking bitch, am I? You keep that dirty name calling I will turn you from a Robin to a Batgirl after I yank off your batjewels.”
“That would hurt a lot, you’re mean wonder cunt.”
“You are so lucky I have one. They are safe for now, and now I want to fuck some more Dickie but this time I will fuck you my way. I am going to sit on your big batdick and then I will kiss you a lot and fuck your brains out.”
“Damn, your boy lips taste so good.”
“So do yours, my sexy wonder babe. And now fuck me faster, you hot Amazon cunt.”
“Oh, you are pushing it birdboy. Maybe I should get Batman to fuck me since you are a poor fucker.”
“Poor fucker am I?”
“Yes you are. The only good thing about you is your giant batdick. It does feel good in my hot wonder pussy.”
“Keep riding me you hot sexy bitch. Your cunt is gripping my cock even tighter now.”
“Your big batdick has me so wet right now! I am only fucking you out of pity, because no one would ever fuck you with that ugly face of yours.”
“Oh really, you fucking bitch?
“Hey! No grabbing my hot wonder tits, you bastard.
“I do what I want, you fucking Amazon bitch. OWWWW! Let go of my balls you fucking bitch.”
“I told you I am not a bitch you bastard so be good or they are coming off right now. I will fuck you while I am on my hands and knees.”
“Yes move that cute little ass of yours.” spank spank spank spank “I am so happy the other guys didn’t show up or we would not be having so much fun right now….Fuck me faster, Donna, fuck me faster.”
“Hey not so hard on my ponytail!!!!!! You are going to rip my hair out of my head.”
“I am going to give you long strokes with my cock; in and out of your hot cunt.”
“Oh, Dickie. I love your big dick in my pussy! Keep fucking me; oh please, don’t stop…don’t stop…I need it so bad.”
“That’s right, all you slutty bitches love my giant cock.”

“Well, you are the one who dropped her hips when I thrust into what I thought was your cunt. So I missed and rammed it up your asshole instead.”
“Fuck there is so much pain in my ass, and my mind…it’s going to fucking explode, Dickie. But I love it please fuck my ass as hard and as fast as you can!”
“You got it, Donna. Oh, I never thought about fucking your tiny asshole but it’s so good though.”
“You are so great; don’t stop fucking my asshole, rip it in two. I am going to be one of your batwhores. You can fuck me anytime you want to.”
“That’s what I like to hear from one of my fucking hot batwhores.  AUUUUGGGGHHHH. AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!! That was one of my first loads to be shot into your tiny ass.”
“Have you fucked other girls up their asses?”
“Yes. The first was Batgirl, then Batwoman and Lois Lane; they all loved being buttfucked.”
“Bet you’ve got others you want to make into your Batwhores.”
“Yes I do know a few I want to fuck.”
“Like who?”
“There is: Zatanna, Black Canary, Supergirl, Hawk Girl, the new Batgirl, Aqua Girl, and Wonder Woman.”
“You want to fuck my big sister?”
“Yes, and if your mother plays her cards right I will fuck her too.”
“You want to fuck my mother, Queen Hippolyte? That is a tall order, you fucking bastard.”
“True, but I can do it. Once she gets a look at my cock, she will be begging for it  like you did.”
“I am going to drive my cock deeper into your asshole.”
“I don’t think it will fit in me anymore!”
“I will make it fit, my new batwhore.”
“God, I love fucking your sweet asshole and my balls are slapping the hell out of your hot cunt.”
“I don’t think even Kid Flash can move as fast as you are fucking me right now.”
“I can never get tired of fucking your hot little Amazon ass. It’s so fucking hot and your tit’s are great; also you are the best batwhore I have had so far. Kiss me, you fucking whore and kiss me hard.”
“DAMN, YOU GOT A NASTY TOUNGE DICKIE AND I LOVE BEING ONE OF YOUR BATWHORES! Keep fucking my dirty asshole. Great Hera, I love you fucking it…please don’t stop, please don’t stop…grab my hooters again and squeeze them super hard.”
“I am fucking cumming you fucking whore. AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHH AUUUUGGGGHHH!!!! Now lay across my lap good girl.”
“My ass is stinging!”
“That’s for teasing me with you hot wonder body, you little cock tease.”
“We need to rest my new sexy batwhore.”
“Yes, we do, my handsome birdboy. And my asshole will never be the same. I know what I will do when I see Kid Flash, Speedy, and Aqualad, I will kick their stupid asses!”
“I would love to see you do that, Donna.”
“Well you will, Dick, but now I have to tinkle again.”
“Donna I want you to take a wiz on my face.”
“You are very nasty Dickie, but I will do it. Let’s go to the showers to do it.

“Ok, we are here. Do it to me!”
“Ok, here it comes right now my nasty birdboy. Ahhhhhhhh.”
“That was great, Donna!”
“Glad you liked it, Dickie, but now I want to try it!”
“Ok. Kneel down and close your very pretty eyes, Donna. Ahhhhh.”
“It was great, I loved it. Your pee was so warm, now let’s get showered up!”
“I love washing your hot little tits, your sweet ass, and your hot little furry cunt.”
“Well your sexy chest, your damn fine ass, and your big balls dick turn me on; I love rubbing all your batgoodies.”
“You play with them so good, my sexy batwhore.”
“You play with my wonder goodies so well my batstud.”

“That was a great shower I have ever taken, Dickie.”
“Me too, Donna, and I can’t wait to fuck you again.”
“I hope it’s soon, Dickie.”
“Oh Donna, you got one hot body!”
“Dick, I can’t believe you are yanking your batdick over me.”
“Let me see your finger your hot wondercunt.”
“I must be nuts, but looking at your damn fine ass gets me so fucking wet.”
“That’s it, finger your super hot wonder cunt.”
“I am going to cum, Dickie.”
“Me too, Donna. AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh AUUUUGGGGHHHH auuuugggghhhh!!!!”
“I can’t wait to fuck you again, birdboy.”
“Ditto, my hot wonderbitch.”
They got dressed and finished getting their headquarters ready. They kissed a lot more, then went to their different homes.

“Master Richard, how was your day?”
“It was fantastic, Alfred.”
“So Dick how is Wonder Girl?”
“She is great, Bruce! She is so beautiful.”
“Did you tell her why the other members didn’t show up?”
“Yes, and she is going to get them for being so stupid. I am so glad I am not that dumb.”
“Me too, chum. I would never live it down if you got your butt kick by a girl, but she is such a wonder girl.”

In the next few months Wonder Girl kissed Aqualad, Speedy, and Kid Flash and they all thought they were dying from killer cuties; plus, she kicked each of them in their asses.

Wonder Girl and Robin fucked each other as many times as they could over years to come. Robin was very happy that he was smart as a bat. He got to make love to the beautiful Amazon princess and she was very happy that she was loving the hottest superhero of all time. She fell in love with him and he loved her too.


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Robin The Teen Wonder Gets His First Wonder Cherry, Part 1, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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