Robin The Teen Wonder Gets His Second Wonder Cherry-Part 2

Batman and Robin have a very busy night in Gotham City fighting crime and during the night Batman had got some injuries during the night, so when they got back to the Bat cave Alfred was waiting to patch up the Dark Knight.  Mater Bruce you need to stay in bed with those injuries you have, I can’t do that Alfred I have duty on the JLA watch tower, you will stay in bed or I will break both your legs to keep you here. You better listen to him Bruce Alfred can kick your ass all right, don’t be a smart mouth Dick because I can kick your butt with two broken legs and not break a sweat, yea in your dreams Bruce you could not catch me if you in the batmobile, Master Richard will have to go in your place instead of you, ok ok he can go but don’t bother Wonder Woman about her Amazon world Dick or she might pull out all your feathers and then I will not hear the end of it from her or the big blue boy scout and the rest of the league for that matter.

Hi Diana I won’t be able to come to the space station tomorrow, why is that Bruce what’s wrong, a very rough night in Gotham City but I am sending up Robin to take my place instead. Bruce I can’t babysit some little child up here, I AM NOT A CHILD MS. PRINCESS OF THE AMAZON I AM A MAN! Robin be quite and you and Diana Robin is my partner and he can handle himself just fine, he has been trained by me and I don’t train lightly so he will be there tomorrow and he will be all week and he will behave himself, ok Bruce but if he gets out of line I will clip his wings so fast he won’t know what hit him. You are not smart enough to defeat me in combat princess! you are no match for a Amazon Warrior little boy. I can kick your fat ass without breaking a sweat princess, Robin be quite right now or I will clip your wings myself,  he won’t Diana but if you hurt him you will deal with his uncle the boy scout, then with Agent A and then with me talk to you later Diana. That fat ass Amazon bitch I can take her down no problem, Master Richard watch your language, sorry but she mad me calling me a little boy, I got something to say about Diana’s but is not fat its very shapely, so just behave and everything will be fine, I can’t believe it you been checking out her fat ass all this time what a batpervert you are, Batman.

Master Richard I said watch your mouth I can get a bar of soap to wash out your dirty mouth, and chum I won’t protect you from Alfred, you will be on your own, ok I am sorry but she made me mad and she hurt my feeling and you know I can beat her in combat, yes I do know you can do it but just behave when you are around her, ok I will be nice to that Amazon princess. Chum just cool down its just her way and she didn’t mean anything by it, yea right Bruce she hates me and you know it well I am very tired I am going to bed I got a very long week with that stuck up Princess of the Amazons. I think it will be a long week for Mater Richard, true Alfred but I bet it will be an even longer one for Diana as well, do you think he will cause her some problems, he will push every button she has and she will pull her hair out. But you told him to behave himself, you know as well as I do no 16 year old teenage boy does not listens to what they are told to do and he is right she did hurt him for no good reason and one thing for sure I would not want to be in Diane’s boots she is in so much trouble.

Robin was transported up to the space station and he was not very happy to be up there with Wonder Woman and her stupid Amazon superiority, god he hated her we wanted to take both of his pixie boots and ram them up her Amazon ass. He got there early so he could do his half of the work on the station in peace so he went to work, and she got there an hour late and she didn’t see him when she got there. That stupid kid he is late and I bet I will have to make up all the work that has to be done around here no thanks to that spoiled brat of Batman’s, you are the one that’s late Ms. Princess I have been here for a long time, GREAT HERA you scared me  were are you at, up here in the support beams and I am not a spoiled brat, Ms. Princess of the Amazon and don’t you forget it, you got some mouth on you Robin , well you started it just remember that. I know one thing Robin I can defeat you in combat, you are leaving a dreamland if you think you can beat me princess. Ok let’s have a contest with bowstafts and see who is the better warrior, Ms. Princess of the Amazon. You will regret calling me Ms. Princess you little bastard, in your dreams Ms. Princess, let’s do this you and you will lose brat.

You are pretty good but we bats are better, not even you snot nose brat, who ever lands 3 hits is the winner. Not bad Ms. Princess but not good enough, OWWWW HOW DARE YOU HIT MY BUTT!!!!, if you would of move your fat ass faster that would not happen, I will show you what a Amazon Warrior can do. That is good princess I am surprised you are doing this good, OWWWWW stop hitting my butt you dirty brat, I am not done yet all I need is one more hit and I win the contest.  I will defeat you brat boy you can count on that, I must say you almost got me that time, OWWWW you little brat  I said stop hitting my butt now you are so dead, this  is the best you got but you are not good enough Ms. Princess. OWWWWWW you little fucker I said stop hitting my butt. The reason I hit your fat ass is if I hit you any place else you would have to tell everyone how you got those bruises and who gave them to you. Now hitting your fat ass won’t leave a mark on you and your pride is safe and here is you prize for coming in second place kiss kiss, how dare you kiss me and here is your prize SLAP SLAP.  That will leave a mark on my face and now I have to tell Batman you hit me and he will kick your fat Amazon ass for hitting me. This was fun but I got work to do princess see you later, fuck you, you little bastard. Maybe later, Ms. Princess. See you later, I am in trouble with Batman is so protective of his partner.

Wonder Woman was going to get a surprise in the morning that she will never forget in her life. That Amazon Princess will love what I am going to do to her; I got her tied to her bed with her own lasso and now for some photos of her naked body and now to give her a great licking on her very hairy wondersnatch. I must say her snatch taste good but Wonder Girls snatch taste better, Great Hera what is happening to me, good morning Ms. Princess how did you sleep, untie me right this minute Robin. Easy I am eating your wondersnatch so it will be a while before I untie you. Robin, you can’t do that this to me-I am the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the leader of the Amazons. I will be more than happy to fuck your mother bet she would be a hot fuck too, you fucking bastard if you ever touch her I will kill you, you got to stop this Batman will hear about this. He won’t believe you after he sees my cheek and now back to your wondersnatch. Oh Great Hera my body is shaking and I can’t stop it from happening UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH, OH YEA I made the great Wonder Woman the Amazon Princess cum like a horny slut oh yea I am the greatest !!!!, please stop it this is so wrong if you stop I won’t tell Batman what you did to me. Not a chance princess I love eating sweet wondersnatches, Wonder Girls snatch is very sweat yours does taste good, you mean you did this to my little sister Donna? Sure have and she is a hot fuck also. Great Hera you must be lying to me about fucking her she is still a virgin, nope I pop her hot little wondercherry and she loved it.

You are a very fucking bastard doing that to my little sister, hell she can’t get enough of my batdick she is a total whore for it and you will be begging for it also just like Donna does all the time. Oh please stop it stop licking me you are making me shake again I can’t do that again UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH. Now to fuck your hairy wondersnatch and you will love my batcock its very big and thick, Great Hera give me strength help me from being raped by this mere child, oh please don’t do it I am begging you please stop please. Not on your life you fat ass princess I love eating hot snatches and I will stop when I want to stop, not a chance princess get ready for the greatest fuck you will ever have in your life. GREAT HERA I can’t believe how long your penis is and so thick too, my batcock will look great in you, your snatch lips are so soft and now to fuck you like the hot bitch you are. No you can’t do this to me, you can’t stop me from fucking you and no one will believe you, but don’t worry you will get fucked so good you will begging me to fuck you again and again and I will make you one of my batwhores. Fuck me you are so tight just like a virgin, OH MY GOD YOU ARE A FUCKING VIRGIN I AM GOING TO POP MY 2nd WONDERCHERRY !!!!,  You can’t do this to me you fucking bastard you are too big for me pull it out of me, this is so wrong you are just a teenager.

Thank you for getting it out of me OWWWWWWWW you fucking bastard you drove your batpole deeper in me and it hurts like hell, I just popped your cherry princess and now the fucking I promised you and it will feel better.  Oh you got to stop it I can’t take it anymore, your snatch is so wet you are loving me fucking you, no I don’t I hate you for raping me, oh no I am shaking again, oh yes cum again my horny wonderwhore. I am not a whore, oh yes you are a whore for my giant batdick, UUUGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH you are doing unnatural things to me like making me shake, it’s called cumming Ms. princess of the amazons and it’s a natural thing. When a whore gets fucked very well by a man and you are my whore now princess, I will make you a hot fuck also like your little sister is and she begs for it every time we get together.

I bet you have made yourself cum before after you masturbated your hot snatch, I have never did anything like that before in my life, now to fuck you faster oh yes I love fucking you. Please Robin you got to stop this I can’t it any more, yes you can princess and you will take a lot more. Robin I can’t believe I am going to say this keep fucking me, it feels so good I never thought it would feel so great to be fucked. Even by a mere child, oh yes fuck me fuck me please fuck me you are driving me crazy I am going to cum again  UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH. Is Donna really a whore for your penis ???, yes she is and she loves to get her asshole fucked every time we fuck each other, you are going to fuck my butthole too ???, yes I am my new dirty wonderwhore. Give me more of your teenage batpenis I need it. it feels so great in my pussy FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME OH GOD FUCK ME, Robin is my butt really fat???, no it’s not I just said that to piss you off, and you are not a child you are a real man, oh yes I am going to fill your hot wondersnatch up with my hot batcum AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH. I am sorry that I called you a child you are a real man wonder in my eyes, and I am sorry I called you a fat ass bitch, can you untie me now.

Only after I suck and fuck your magnificent wonder tit’s, you will have to suck my batdick first my sexy princess, but I never suck on one before, you are kidding me right, no I am not my sexy man wonder, I will teach you how to suck my batcock and my batballs. I will try it just give me some time to learn, open your mouth my sexy whore, oh yea your mouth is so hot suck my balls just like that. You are doing very good at sucking them, they tasted so good I loved sucking on them can I suck on them again, yes you can but now I want you to suck on my batdick. This young penis of yours is so long and thick, now open your mouth now just suck on the head, you are learning very fast You are doing a very good job keep it up oh yea I am cumming my fucking wonderwhore AUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH. OH Robin I never thought you would never stop cumming I have to say I loved it, now for your hot wonder tit’s, they are so great and now to suck on them, OH WOW you sure know to suck on my breast you are sucking on them like some horny little boy, hey watch your smart mouth or I will spank your very hot ass.  You would not do that to me, want to bet my slutty little princess, now that is done back to your sexy big tit’s, shit you are what are you trying to do bite my nipples off. I must say your tits are so sweet to suck on and now I am going to fuck them, oh yea they are so super soft and fucking firm and hot I love fucking them they were made to be fucked. Hey easy you might poke my eyes out with your big batpole there with you fucking my breast that way. AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH, HELP ME I CAN’T SEE A FUCKING THING I AM BLIND! I will help you clean your pretty face princess. Robin is that penis you are using on my face ???, why yes it is hey open your sexy hot mouth, oh yes suck it clean and now let me get you more of my batcum  so you can suck of my batcock. You are getting better at sucking me, thanks but you are such a dirty boy, yes I am and I am proud of it, now to untie you my sexy hot bitch, did you just call me a bitch!!!!. I called you a sexy hot bitch that’s a big difference and you are smoking hot not many ladies are hot as you are mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm, you got to warn somebody when you kiss them like that you took my breath away.

Now what are we going to do my man wonder, well we can keep on fucking each other, but we can’t do that. Hey wait a minute you are still hard! Yes I am now I will lay on my back and you can fuck me and when you ride me I want you to play with your wonder snatch, but I never did that before. I will teach you how to do it, just ride up and down on me that’s good go slow at first dang your tits bounce so good, now play with your wondersnatch, rub your fingers up and down your cunt lips that’s very good. This feels so good my pussy is getting very wet and your penis feels so great inside of me, that’s it rub it faster  oh yea that is one wet wondersnatch I must say, I am loving this my pussy has never felt so good. You are doing very good fingering your hot wet snatch and you are riding my batdick so very good. Now ride me faster you hot slut SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK, OWWWW that hurt my butt, next time you better listen to me my slutty princess. Yes Robin I will listen to you next time I promise I will obey you. Yes my sexy batstud I just love your giant fucking batpole its fills my furry pussy it’s so fantastic, there is nothing better than getting fucked by you, oh yes that is better you are moving your sexy ass faster than the Flash can open his mouth and your tits are bouncing like crazy.  Bite my nipples again I love it when you bite them oh fuck you got a super grip on my butt cheeks, that’s it you are fucking me much better princess. Fuck bite then harder you fucking teenage batstud bite them off.

Call me Diana and I am your wonderwhore and you are my sexy young batstud, you love my young batdick don’t you, oh yes I fucking love it I can’t get enough of it. You can call me Richard if you like oh yes I am cumming Diana AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH, fuck me I am going to cum all over your giant teenage batpole UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHH. You are hard to hold on to you are so sweaty so much, I sure am I bet I smell nasty, nope you smell very nice, you are so sweet I will have to fuck you again my sexy young  batstud. You can call me Richard and I think we both need a shower, yes we do my handsome young man, let’s go my sexy bitch, are you going to carry me all the way into the shower, yes I  am that way I can play with your hot ass. You are such a sweet pervert, then kiss me you hot Amazon slut, oh yes I am a slut for you young batpole I am going to fuck it as much as I can I can’t get enough of it. It taste so damm good and it is so very addicting I can see why my little sister is a little slut for it, did you know Batman likes your sexy ass, really does he ??? Yes, he does, but he can’t have it yet.

Tell I get to fuck your shapely hot asshole, Richard you can’t do that to me, yes I can or I am cutting you off from any more fucking, oh you can’t do that I need it so bad. Here we are my sexy princess the shower, let’s take a shower together so get your damm fine ass in here my hot batstud, that’s it keep soaping up my sexy tits as I make sure your giant batpole and batballs are very clean. I love rubbing both of your big batnuts they are so soft  and I wonder if they taste as good as they look, go for it Diana yea that’s it lick my batballs, OH GREAT HERA that taste so sweet and I will show you how this older whore can suck them better that my little slut of a sister. Dang you sure can suck my balls better than Donna can keep it up, you got it batstud and your ass is so squeezable soft I love rubbing my hands on it, rub your furry snatch that’s good work your fingers in it make yourself  fucking cum like the nasty bitch you are. Oh I am getting there my sexy batstud oh GREAT HERA I am cumming right now UUUUUUUGGGGGHHH UUUUGGGGGGHHHHH UUUUUGGGGHHHHH, lick your fingers clean of your hot cum, dang I taste very good.  Now give me your sexy feet I am going to fuck them, your batpole feels so great between them I love how it feels between my feet.  I am going to cum all over your sexy pretty feet AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH, your batcum taste so sweet I am addicted to it. Let’s get cleaned up I am so hungry my sexy young batstud, me too Diana I might want to have some furry Amazon pie for dinner, you are such a pervert my young batstud.

Sure thing Ms. Princess of the Amazons, you are such a smart ass Dick, so true but you got one very hot ass I must say, well you got one damm fine ass yourself my sexy young lover. They sat and had breakfast together and then they did their work and Robin didn’t fuck Wonder Woman for a couple of days and she got very horny and one day The Dark Knight called up to the station on the computer. How is Robin doing Diana, he is being a perfect gentlemen Bruce so when I get off this station why don’t we go someplace and get very nasty with each other, Diana you need to close your bathrobe better, do you like my wonder tits they are the best you will ever see. Diana please close your robe, Bruce guess what I am doing with my hand its touching something very furry and soon it will get very wet and it is very sweet to taste. Where is Robin Diana???, he is the gym and he will be there for a long time so why don’t  you grab your sexy batpole and I will keep working my furry Amazon pussy and we can cum together. Diana control yourself, oh Bruce stop being a tight ass bastard lets have some fun together we are all alone, Here Bruce get a good look at my hot wondertits see how great looking they are and how do you rate my butt since you spend so much time looking at it, Diana I never looked at it, oh Bruce you are such a handsome liar I can caught you looking at my butt, here get a good look at my naked Amazon butt. Diana I swear to you I have never looked at your ass, wrong Bruce you just got a good look at it just now, well I tell you , what’s wrong Bruce bat got your tongue there GREAT HERA !!!!, What’s wrong Diana , it’s nothing I just stubbed my toe I have to take care of it good bye.

You little fucking bastard you cut me off from fucking you and while I am talking to Bruce you sneak up and start licking my pussy, you know how fucking horny I am right now, is my little wonder whore horny for my batcock. I need to be fucked so badly I am getting on my hands and knees Great Hera fuck me fuck me fuck me I need to be fucked by you oh please fuck me, you can fuck my butt any way you want to just fuck it oh please fuck it. I will fuck your hot ass right here on the meeting table, you are so big and so thick you could never get it all in my butt, yes I can make it fit, well I don’t know if I should let you, well your little sister loves it up the ass and she begs for it every time we do it.  Oh ok but I want you to go very slow with me, no problem be right back, ok I am back now here is a pillow for you, thank you for that. That’s it bend over and I will get you ready for the best ass fucking you ever get, I never had anything up my butt before, then this will be a treat for you then. Oh Richard you are so dirty licking my butthole, does Donna like this too? you bet you sweet Amazon ass she does, god what a fucking whore she is. Your asshole is so sweet tasting I can never get tired of licking it. Now to get you ready for me, oh wow that feels so strange your fingers probing my butthole, you are ready now for me. You fucking bastard! Did you have to ram it all in me at once; did you have to put all of it in me all at once?! I only got the head of my batdick up your asshole. Oh god I am so fucked, soon you will be oh yes you are a super tight ass bitch I have to push harder into you. OH PLEASE I can’t take any more you are too big  for me, how does Donna take that monster batpole of yours in her tiny butthole, she screams a lot she is a pain junkie and she takes ever inch of it too.

Well I am not a pain junkie, oh god you got to stop fucking me it hurts like hell, OWWWWWWW stop yanking my hair you fucking bastard, you are a hot tight ass bitch and your ass was made to be fucked and I am doing it oh yes you are loving it I can tell. Oh please pull it out I am going to pass out from all this pain, oh thank you that feels so much better you pulling out  your young batpole out of me oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YOU DIRTY FUCKING BASTARD !!!!!. I can’t believe you rammed your entire batpole in me I feel so light headed right now, oh yes you are such a hot fuck wonder whore, so glad you think so I need some rest you are a sex fiend and I am not a whore. You are my whore now and don’t you forget it and I will fuck you anytime I want to, Donna is my whore also, she begs to be fuck just like you did, let me hear you say it that you are my batwhore. I can’t do it it’s so wrong, well then I am never going to fuck you again, no you can’t do that to me!!!!, yes I can and I will unless you say it, ok I am a whore, I didn’t hear you, I AM A WHORE!!!, whose whore are you, I AM YOUR FUCKING BATWHORE AND YOU CAN FUCK ME ANYTIME YOU WANT TO!!!!!. That’s great and I think the next time I fuck Donna I want you there so you can watch while I fuck her and she can do the same and you two can fuck each other that would be hot see, god your ass is so fucking great I love being the first to be fucking it, nothing better that fucking a virgin asshole.  How long are you going to fuck my butthole, tell I can load it up twice, oh Great Hera what have I become, my whore is what you have become and I only fuck the hottest bitches. Oh yes here comes my first load AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUU GGGGHHHH and now to put my entire batdick up your sweet asshole, you mean you are not all the way in me.  No I am not and just a few more thrust I will be, oh please I can’t take anymore. You are going to make me pass out, OWWWWWWWWW OWWWWWWWWW OWWWWWWWW. Fuck me she did pass out but I am not stopping I am going to fuck her hot Amazon asshole and I can’t believe my luck I got to pop her sweet wondercherry.

Her wondertits are so fucking hot and so big and so firm I just love squeezing them and fucking them is great also oh I am close to filling her asshole with my batcum a few more strokes and I am going blast her dirty hole again. I sure do want to fuck her mother Queen Hippolyta, say what about my mother  ???, I see you are awake Ms. Princess I was just saying to myself I want to fuck your mother I will make her into a batwhore like her 2 daughters are. You are such a pervert why would you want to do that to her, well I seen photos of her and she is just as hot as her daughters and I bet it’s been a while since she had a good dick into her hot snatch. You know I can fuck her brains out, oh yes you could you sure have done it to me and I bet mom would love your teenage batpole. Bet you want to fuck her butthole also, oh fuck yea I want to and I can tell she has a great ass and just like yours it was made to be fucked, oh fuck here comes my second hot cum load  AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!! Yes, I bet mom would be loved to be fucked by you, young batstud and you should be called Superman since you are still hard after cumming so much, then what would we call my uncle then, maybe the Boy Scout.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that would piss him off and I am glad he don’t know I fucked his girlfriend. You fucked Lois Lane? you bet your sweet ass I did. She was a anal virgin also and she passed out when I gave her all of my batdick, you are a dirty bastard, true but I am a hot fucking super stud, oh yes you are did you make her scream. I fucked her so long she could not scream just whimper like she was gangbang  for days, I bet you did you dirty pervert and I do love being fucked up my butthole it’s so much better now that you came in me. I never want to stop fucking your asshole and you are so sweaty and I think I am going to bite your sexy neck, oh dick you sure now how to please me I love you biting my neck. What else are you going to do to me my young batstud, well I am going to fuck your pretty feet and give you a nice golden shower.

What’s a golden shower Richard? it were I pee on your body, you got to be kidding  me does Donna let you do that, yes she has a number of times, well I will do it since she does it. I never played with my tits as much as you are doing. Now I am going to pull myself out of your asshole and I want you to drop down on your knees and suck my batdick clean. I can’t do that, if you don’t I will never fuck you again, no you can’t do that to me, then get on your knees you fucking Amazon whore and start sucking me, oh yes you are getting much better at sucking me off pretty soon you will be better than your little sister. Very good now get on your hands and knees and carry me to the shower so you can get your nice golden shower. Now that we are here that’s good get on your knees in the shower stall close your pretty eyes and get ready for it AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.  Your pee was so warm I can see why people like this, so glad you like it I am going to fuck your hot tits again, oh fucking yes I just love fucking your hot tits my sexy batwhore. You are fucking my tits so good I have to make up lost time for not getting laid I hope you will help me make up for lost time, you bet your sweet little wonderass I will. Now I will let you rest I need to check in with Batman, don’t worry I won’t tell him you are my new whore now or that you hit me, it’s still very black and blue Richard and I am sorry that I hit you, it’s ok my sexy batwhore.

Hi Bruce how are feeling, I am better but why is one side of your face black and blue did Diana hit you. No I was working on a new acrobatic move and I didn’t do it right, were is she at, I saw her heading towards the showers I bet it takes a long time to wash that fat ass of hers. Oh fuck me, what’s wrong Dick, I just stubbed my toe oh ok and as I told you her ass is not fat, sure whatever you believe Bruce, well everything is fine up here and you better get to bed before Alfred catches you at the computer see you later Bruce, ok chum bye.

FUCK ME DIANA YOU NEARLY BIT MY COCK OFF! !!!!, well you called my ass fat again, well if I acted that I like you he might start to think we are up to something, oh you are right so I guess I need to be punished for being stupid. A good spanking should do it now lay across my lap SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW SPANK OWWWW.  I must say you got a great looking ass it’s so soft and so firm and so little, oh please keep rubbing it. I love how you are playing with it. You dirty boy fingering my pussy and my asshole at the same time you are going to make me fucking cum again AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH AUUUUGGGGHHHH.  Now I am going to sit on your lap and I am going to jerk you off tell you blast a big load.

I love stroking your young dick and I bet all the girls you have fuck love doing it to you. Keep it up Diana and forget about fucking Batman, why is that Richard? Because your wonder ass belongs to me. That’s some bold talk saying you own me, well I do and your hot wonder ass is in the greatest hands it will ever be in. You little pervert you are driving me crazy by the way you are squeezing my ass. I must say I am a very lucky bitch to be one of your whores, I only pick the hottest bitches to be mine whores and you are mine my sexy Amazon princess. I can’t wait to fuck you again my young stud, ditto you are a very hot fuck. They fucked a few more times and they made plans to see each other for more fuck sessions.



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