Scott Parker's (Part 2)

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Chapter Four: Some New Ideas

Following that evening at Dave’s, Scott thought a lot about the possibility of fucking Mary in the ass. He figured he could get her to agree to it. Mary was usually willing to do things to keep Scott in a good mood. This was probably because she couldn’t seem to ever loose any weight, which was the one thing he really wanted. Scott also thought a lot about the bare bottom spankings. He decided to take a much more active role in Samantha’s discipline. He was sure other opportunities for spanking her would develop in time.

One afternoon Scott took off a couple of hours from work. This was at least one advantage to his job. He didn’t have to account for his time too closely, because he was the boss. To his way of thinking, being the boss at McDonalds was no big deal. His subordinates were just a bunch of teenagers and middle-aged losers.

Scott drove over to Munson, a much larger town about thirty miles east of Bentlyville. In Munson there was an area where a couple of adult book stores were located. Scott browsed one of the stores for a while and in the sex aides department purchased a dildo with a fairly small diameter and a container of Astroglide.

That night after he and Mary were in bed, Scott leaned over and began kissing her as he slipped a hand into the top of her night gown and brought out one of her big tits. Although their sex had never been spectacular, Mary was usually in the mood for it as long as they hadn’t been fighting. Scott could be very skillful at getting Mary turned on if he happened to be in the mood. But as the years passed, he concentrated less on doing things for Mary because he resented her being so fat. His attitude was that he was just wasting his talent. Tonight however Scott paid considerable attention to Mary and he could tell that she was enjoying everything he was doing. After sucking on her nipples and getting them very hard, Scott moved down to Mary’s pussy and began giving her clit a good going over. He could tell that this unaccustomed level of attention was getting her very hot. Scott slipped a finger into Mary’s hot wet pussy and then moved on to something he’d never done before. He moved his finger on down between Mary’s huge butt cheeks and sought out her ass hole. As he began to probe there, Mary stiffened and asked in a breathless whisper, “What are you doing Scott?”

Scott didn’t reply and continued to eat Mary’s pussy. In a few moments her bottom opening yielded a little and Scott’s finger moved up into Mary’s ass. As he continued to rotate and move his finger deeper inside he could tell that Mary was getting even more turned on by this new sensation and before too long she had an orgasm that seemed to go on for some time. Scott was sure that he had made things very good for her and he figured that now it was his turn.

Scott got up from between Mary’s legs and nudged her side. This was his usual sign for Mary to turn over onto her stomach. She rolled over and rose up a little placing a couple of pillows under her stomach. Then she spread her legs a little assuming that Scott wanted to enter her pussy from behind. As Mary got into position, Scott got up from the bed, went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. Mary looked over toward him and asked, “What’s up with up you Scott? What are you doing now?”

Scott came back to the bed carrying the bag containing his recent purchases. He said, “I got a little something to spice things up a little. I thought we’d try something different for a change.”

Mary asked, “What do you mean different? What have you got there?”

Scott pulled out the thin dildo and said, “This is what you might call a little butt stretcher. I want to try anal sex and this will help get you ready for it.”

Mary exclaimed, “My God I can’t believe you! You mean you want to fuck me in the ass. That’s perverted! Men do that with other men. It’s not normal.”

Scott retorted, “You’ve always been too na├»ve about sex. There’s nothing wrong with anal sex between a man and woman. Over half the married couples in this country do it every now and then. Why should I have to miss out on it? There are lots of things we can’t do; you know different positions, because you’re so fat. I don’t know why I try anymore. I should have expected as much from you. You got what you wanted and now the fun is over.”

Mary said, “You know that’s not true. I’ve always tried to please you in bed. I know you’re not satisfied with me. You’ve let me know it often enough. But I’ve always done what you’ve wanted.”

“Then do this,” Scott said.

Mary said, “What you want to do is going to hurt and I’m sure I won’t like it. Sex is supposed to feel good, not be painful.”

“You don’t know how it will be. We haven’t even tried it yet. You liked what I was doing just now when I had my finger up your ass. I know it was getting you turned on. So don’t lie to me.” Scott brought out the container of Astroglide and continued. “Look I have some lubricant that’s made for this. I’ll take things slow. It’s not going to hurt. All you have to do is relax and it will be OK.”

Mary considered for a moment and then said, “Alright we can try it if it will make you happy. But you have to stop if I tell you to. OK?”

Scott said, “That’s more like it baby. Just give it a chance. It could make a big difference with us. I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.”

Scott got up on the bed and slipped a hand down between Mary’s fat thighs and into her pussy. He began to massage her clit and before long he could tell that she was getting turned on again. Scott parted Mary’s butt cheeks and squirted some of the Astroglide all around her tight puckered ass hole. He began to probe there and Mary let out a little cry as his finger slipped inside. Scott continued moving his finger around pushing against Mary’s tight opening and working the lubricant in. At the same time, he kept stimulating her clit with a finger from his other hand.

Finally Scott picked up the thin dildo and lubricated the end of it with a generous amount of the Astroglide. He parted Mary’s butt cheeks again and brought the tip of the dildo to bear on Mary’s tight puckered opening. As her tight elastic rim yielded and the dildo slipped inside Mary cried out, “No! Stop it Scott! It’s hurting!

Scott said, “It’s already in. Just relax a little and take some time to get used to it. It’s going to be OK in a little while baby, you’ll see.”

Scott continued to slowly move the dildo deeper into Mary’s butt. Mary cried out again, “No stop! You’re going too fast!”

Shoving the dildo into Mary’s tight ass had got Scott more turned on than he’d been in a very long time and his cock was rock hard. He thought now might be the time to compromise a little. He didn’t want to mess things up and perhaps turn Mary off of anal sex before they got started. He grasped one of Mary’s hands and brought it behind her back placing it around the shaft of the dildo. He said, “Here, do it yourself.”

Mary grasped the dildo and began moving it slowly around and then she pushed it in just a little more. Scott was overjoyed. He had half expected her to pull it out. Now he knew he was probably home free. He also found that watching Mary push the dildo into her ass was more exciting than when he was doing it. By the time Mary had the dildo fairly deep into her ass, Scott felt as if he was going to explode. Scott moved up over Mary and started kissing the back of her neck and behind her ears. Then he whispered, “Now let’s try the real thing baby”

Mary moved her hand away and Scott slowly withdrew the dildo. He squirted lubricant over the head of his pulsating cock and moved into position behind Mary. He guided the head of his stiff cock to its target between her big butt cheeks and began to push forward. Mary cried out a little as Scott’s cock penetrated her ass hole; but with the help of the lubricant, it slip
ped inside. The feel of his cock sliding into Mary’s tight ass was wonderful and Scott let out a m
oan of pleasure to let his wife know how much he was enjoying this and to give her some encouragement to continue. This strategy paid off. Although his cock was considerably larger than the dildo and Mary cried out a couple of times as he pushed into her ass, she didn’t tell him to stop.

When Scott had his cock fully inserted he waited a while for Mary to get used to its presence. Then he slowly withdrew a bit and pushed back in. Scott continued in this manner for a while; slowly increasing the length and finally the speed of his strokes. All too soon Scott came and when he did: it was the best he’d ever had. He continued to drive his cock into Mary’s ass just to enjoy the sensation and get her more used to it. When he finally withdrew he said, “That was great baby.”

Mary said, “I’m glad you liked it.”

Although she wasn’t too enthusiastic about being fucked in the ass, Mary thought it hadn’t hurt too much after all and she figured that if it would keep Scott content with their sex and the marriage, she would let him do it every now and then, but not too often, because it might become routine.

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