Stranger on the beach

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Idling away a few hours, Jack decided to do a spot of sunbathing, so he walked along the beach past the kids building sand castles, and playing ball games ,then he clambered over some rocks and found himself in a secluded cove. He was alone at last no screaming kids to annoy him. Having a good look around Jack could see a path that was only fit for a mountain goat to climb leading down into the cove , so picking what he thought was the best spot ,stripped off down to his shorts rubbed oil on his back and front spread out his large beach towel then settled down to catch some serious sun.
As Jack sat up to take a drink he became aware that he was under scrutiny from a woman who was sitting on a deckchair opposite him about six feet away, Jack thought she looked to be in her late forties long dark hair tied back, she was wearing what looked like to Jack a bath robe, which did nothing for her. when Jack looked up and smiled at her, he then could not but see her best assets she was not an overweight woman maybe a little extra padding she was sporting a large pair of breasts , Jack mused at the size, must be 40dd at least , Jack smiled at her again to show his appreciation of such a splendid pair of tits.
Jack sat with his back leaning against the rocks closed his eyes and began day dreaming, nestling his head between this strangers breasts , which gave him an instant erection, for which he had great difficulty trying to hide, his shorts were made of a flimsy material.
When Jack raised his head to see if the woman had noticed, she was now sitting closer to him, in fact about three foot closer, she was still wearing her bath robe, but her legs were wide open and she had one of her hands inside what appeared to Jack was an extremely skimpy pair of bikini bottoms. Jack was a little taken aback by her brazenness but continued to watch, after a few moments she speeded up her action and was moaning and groaning as she masturbated herself into her orgasm. Jack ‘s eyes did not move from her face ,he had never encountered anything like this in his life. as the woman slowly came down to earth she spoke ,that was your fault she told Jack, if you had not got an erection that was so big that I could not help but notice, I would not have had to relieve myself.. Jack thought for a moment then said If you had picked any other part of the beach, I would have not been mesmerised by the size of your breasts . And by the way my name is Jack. what is yours?
Lovely hands came her reply. Well I don’t know about Lovely Hands, I would definitely say lovely tits, very lovely tits. Thank you for the compliment. Lovely stood up and shed her robe. Now Jack could see everything He could see where her wetness was soaking through her bikini bottoms that tied at the sides, the aftermath of her frigging herself to an orgasm and as his eyes gazed upwards, he could see that she was wearing a matching bikini top that was tied around her neck, lovely’s top barely covered her heaving tits, her nipples were the only part of her breasts that were hidden by the top, the rest of her breasts flowed out around the material .
Jack then said would you like to share my beach towel? That would be wonderful came Lovely’s reply and as she took a step closer Jack could smell the aroma of her spent sex and yearned to put his head between her legs to lick her out.
As they sat chatting Jack’s eyes gazed into Lovely’s heaving tits, Then Lovely said Jack I think it is time for you to untie my top and let me feel your mouth kissing my nipples and your hands squeezing my tits. That I would like very much said Jack but what would thrill me even more is to get my head between your legs and lick your spent love juice. I promise you can lick, suck, then fuck me later, but my tits are aching for the feel of your lips on my nipples.
As Jack untied Lovely’s top her tits fell free and Jack held her left breast and circled her areola with his tongue which made her nipple very erect , he then began to nibble gently on it using his teeth and lips, this sent strong sexual feelings from Lovely’s brain to the tips of every protruding part of her body which throbbed with excitement, then when Jack started to pull at Lovely’s right nipple using his finger and thumb it nearly tipped Lovely over the edge.
Now Jack, Now you can eat my throbbing cunt, oh please…. Jack undid the ties on the side of her bikini, Lovely was totally naked, Jack lay on his back while Lovely pulled his shorts off Jack’s cock sprung free. Lovely sat astride Jack’s stomach, her wetness dripping onto his belly, ignoring Jack’s erection, or trying to she slithered up Jack’s body leaving a trail of her oozing love juice, Jack sidled his body until his head was underneath Lovely’s sex , her aroma was sweet like honey and Jack wasted no time, sticking his tongue out he traced the shape of her cunt lips with the tip of his tongue, which sent shivers of excitement through Lovely’s body, Jack then probed a little deeper, licking at the walls of her sex box. The tension inside Lovely was mounting , Jack sensed this and cupped both hands around her tits and began once again to pull and squeeze at her erect nipples, at the same time he found clit and began a series of nibbling motions with his teeth. Lovely could not stand the wait and began to thrust her body down and back and forth, grinding her hips into Jack’s open mouth pushing her sex deep inside, leaning back as if to steady herself Lovely took hold of Jack’s erection and pulled at it, pumping it up and down in time with her own body movements, then Lovely’s body tightened with such intensity, her hips nearly crushing Jack’s head she let out a scream of pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her body causing it to convulse, her cum poured out and Jack had a hard time trying to swallow it all, it seemed to go on for ever.
When , eventually Lovely’s body began to relax she lifted herself off Jack’s still sucking lips, her strength had been sapped, every muscle in her body tingled with sexual excitement, she had never experienced an orgasm quite like it.
Regaining some of her strength, Lovely now needed to have Jack’s cock imbedded inside her, it was her turn to lie on her back and she wasted no time in guiding Jack’s erection into her still throbbing cunt. As Jack pushed his cock deeper, Lovely opened her legs wider to accommodate him and when his ball sack hit off her scrotum Lovely closed her legs slightly, which allowed her cunt muscles to grip Jack’s rampant erection, slowly at fist Jack began to pull his cock to the very outer edge of Lovely’s sex hole then he thrust it deeply back inside her love tunnel, he did this a half a dozen times or more, Lovely’s cunt muscles were playing catch up with Jack’s cock which in turn were giving the effect of a rippling movement, this made Lovely’s muscles work even harder, holding tighter onto Jack’s cock. Then Jack began to thrust harder in and out of Lovely’s aching to be fucked cunt , she could not control her orgasm it erupted like a volcano, sending wave upon wave of sexual excitement through her body, Jack could no longer hold onto his own and what seemed like gallons of cum shot down deep inside Lovely ‘s love box, her cunt muscles milking him dry, she was awash with the mixture of both their cum, it was oozing out of her. When Jack withdrew his flagging cock he bent down between Lovely’s legs and sucked a mouthful of the mixed cum raised his head and dribbled it all over Lovely’s left tit , then returned his head between her legs and repeated the performance , but this time it was on her right tit and once again he lowered his head between her legs and scooped more of the liquid this time dribbling it over Lovely’s face and mouth, Lovely drank the seedy mixture, then licked her lips, They kissed long and hard tongues intertwined , Both Jack and Lovely rubbed the cum mixture into her tits, as they lay exhausted they chatted some more Jack discovered that Lovely was on a day trip from Lancashire and had nearly changed her mind about comin
g to the seaside, she had
only put her name down to make up the numbers. Jack told Lovely that he was supposed to be at work, he had decided at ten this morning to take a half day’s holiday and sunbathe. They dressed and Jack walked Lovely back to where she was to meet the rest of her party . Jack could not resist as Lovely scrambled up the path that was only fit for mountain goats in front of him he put his hand up between her legs and ran his finger over her sodden wet love crease, Lovely stopped only for a moment saying, if you start that again I am going to miss my coach home !!!!!!!

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  1. anonymous

    girls don’t have scrotums idiot, it is a good story idea, but very poorly written throughout it.

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