The past catches up



When I was quite young I use to be a transvestite that is I use to dress as a woman all the time. It was all because I had a master, a man who commanded me to dress for his pleasure. We would have sex in public and in private he would tie me up and fuck my ass until he couldn’t get hard any more. After he died in a car accident I moved on, got married and had kids. We moved into a new neighborhood and we met out neighbors and Jim next door said he thought he knew me from before but as we tried to remember one another we drew a blank.

A few weeks later Jim was getting into his above ground pool as I was trimming a bush that was way out of control. After some time Jim got out of the pool and went back into his house where he stood by the back door and removed his trunks. I could see his ass as he did so and marveled at his nice shape. He withdrew into his place and I never thought anything of it. Just as I was finishing the bush Jim came out and invited me over for a beer. Trying to be neighborly I accepted.  I walked into Jim’s place threw the back door as he handed me the beer. You know I thought a long time where I knew you and remembered where’ he told me.

‘Oh where?’ I asked and he threw some pictures down in front of me. They were of me when I use to dress. I tried to play as if I did not recognize the pictures. ‘Oh who this?’ I asked picking up the picture in my hands.

‘It’s you. He said.

‘I remembered your voice then your ass gave you away. You always had a great fucking ass’ he stated.

‘I even fucked you once. One of the best fucked in my entire life. I always thought you went and had a sex change cause I never saw you after Tom died. Man I wanted to fuck you one last time’ he said grasping his cock through the track pants he was now wearing. ‘what happened to you’ he asked.

‘I got married moved on, couldn’t find another master after Tom.’ I said knowing my act was up.

‘You were the best fuck ever. Remember the party Tom had where you fuck everyone? I fucked you then you blew me later and Frank he lives across the street, you did him too, and he said the same thing you were the best.’ Jim paused for a moment before continuing. ‘Do you still dress?’ he asked.

‘No I stopped after Tom died’ I said. I thanked him for the beer and we agreed not to say anything to our wives. A few weeks later we had a party and invited frank and his wife and Jim and his wife over. We sat around talking then Jim told me that he and Frank were going camping just a guy’s week end away and they wanted me to come. I tried to say no but my wife insisted that I go so I reluctantly agreed to go.

The Friday came and we were to leave that night. We piled into Franks car with Frank and Jim in front with me in the back. After about two hours of driving and making small talk Jim turned to me. ‘You know you have to fuck us, I’ve been hard since I found out who you were’ then Frank jumped in ‘Ya me to. I asked you wife what size you were and even picked up some stuff for you to wear for us’ he said looking at me threw the review mirror.

‘Guys I don’t do that anymore’ I tried to reason with them. ‘And beside were be outside in a camp ground’ I said and the two started to laugh.

Where we are camping no one is ever around, hell even one year we never put on any clothing, but we are both tops so nothing would ever happen’ they laughed again.

After another three hours drive and the last bit on some dirt road the was private we arrived at our destination.  We got out of the car and started to set up the tent and each time they passed behind me they would squeeze my ass.

‘Still a great fucking ass’ Jim stated. After the tent was up Frank gave me a bag of women’s clothing and ordered me to put them on. I went into the tent and reluctantly put on the bustier and stockings and wig and walked out of the tent to find them naked and hard as rocks.

They were both on me feeling my ass and my cock pinching my nipples then Frank pushed me to my knees and forced his cock into my mouth. Soon I was back into the swing of things. They remembered what got me excited, being forced being called names and fucking me like a slut.

Something came over me, maybe the craving perhaps or maybe the need to serve once again, whatever it was it was strong in me as I sucked one hard and the other fucked my as tight ass. Only after an hour they were spent, but they had unleashed something that live deep down inside me, so even though they thought they were done I continued to touch them and lick their cocks, until I realized that even I could not coax any more seed out of them.

They made me wear the clothing while we were there even supplying me with a bikini when I was to swim. I was used and called into service twice a day by each of them which was not enough for my large sexual appetite. On the day we were to leave Jim got in back with me. He wanted me to ride his hard cock in the car as I sat naked in the back doing what he asked he shot his load then Jim and Frank switch places and I did the same for him. When we arrived home it was understood not to tell what happened on our camping trip.

Some weeks later Jim found me napping in the back yard as I had a day off work and the wife was working. ‘Hello’ he said standing next to me in my back yard. Frank and I have been thinking. Remember that party Tom had for you? We want to do the same thing. We rented a apartment in another part of town. Interested? What could I say?


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