Wife Loves Camping

Last weekend my wife and I were spending a couple days at the beach. We bought a new camper and were staying at our favorite campground. We were spending the day out on the sand, drinking and soaking up the sun. There was this guy a few chairs over that I noticed kept looking at my wife every time she walked down to the water. She was wearing a very revealing blue string bikini that showed off her hot sexy body. When she came back to our chairs the guy finally got up the nerve to come over and say hi. He said he was a camper salesman and he and a couple of his coworkers were there setting up demo campers for people to see. As we talked we found out his name was Tom. I could tell he was attracted to my wife by the way his conversation got more and more flirty. It was starting to get late and Tom invited us to come look at one of his campers later on that night. We accepted and told him we’d see him later on.

As we headed back to our camper I asked my wife, Amy, what she thought about Tom. We have often talked about having a threesome but never had the opportunity. She said she found him very attractive and if things went that way she would be all for it. Back in our camper we showered and changed. I watched as Amy shaved her pussy and then she dressed in a very tiny sun dress with nothing underneath. She looked amazing as we headed across the campground to find Tom’s camper.

Tom was standing out front when we got there and he invited us in. It was a very top of the line camper with a king bed and leather furniture. Tom fixed Amy a drink and handed me a beer. The tv was a 50 inch wide screen with total surround sound. As we drank and talked I could see Tom eying Amy’s legs and as I looked a little closer I found out why. Amy was sitting in such a way that he could see all the way up to her naked pussy. Amy excused herself to go to the bathroom.

While she was gone I asked Tom if he liked what he saw. He said she was very sexy. I then blew his mind when I asked if he would like to have a threesome with us. It only took him a second to say hell yes. When Amy returned I went over and sat beside her. I put my hand on her leg and slowly pulled her dress up until her pussy was in full view. She was soaking wet as we could see her wetness shining in the light. Tom came over and knelt down in front of her and kissed her pussy. Her wetness was all over his lips as he pulled away.

He stood and slipped his shorts off, revealing a very long and hard cock. Amy reached out and took hold of it and stroked it a few times. I myself stripped off my clothes as I watched Tom bury his head between her thighs and eat her till she was squirming and cumming all over the place. We all got up and headed to the king bed.

Once there, Amy lay back and I watched as Tom put the head of his cock at her pussy and rubbed her wetness all around. He then slowly pushed into her till he was balls deep in her hot wet pussy. She went wild when he hit bottom and came all over his cock and the bed. Tom started a slow steady stroke as he fucked her. Her mouth was wide open so I slid up and slipped my cock into it. She sucked me as he fucked her, getting harder and faster with every stroke. Her pussy was making slurping noises and the room smelled like sex as she was sandwiched between the two of us.

After a few minutes, Tom had me lay on the bed and had Amy mount my cock. As she rode me he got behind her and put the head of his cock at her asshole. He was dripping pre-cum and used it to lube her ass. I lay still as I felt him push his big cock deep into her very tight ass. She went wild as we got a rhythm going as she had never had anything in her ass before. She was moaning and telling us to never stop that it felt so good. Tom was amazing at how long he could go but the tightness of Amy’s asshole was more than he could take and he shot a huge load of hot cum deep into her ass.

As he pulled his cock out I could feel his cum running down and onto my cock and balls. This pushed me over the edge and I filled her pussy with my own load. We all lay there catching our breath as we both let our hands roam all over her hot sweaty body.
As we lay there, Amy noticed Tom’s cock getting hard again and took it into her mouth. Seeing this got me hard too so I moved up beside Tom as she took turns sucking the both of us.

About that time we heard something. As we looked back, there stood both of Tom’s coworkers, totally naked, with big hard cocks in hand. They crawled onto the bed and started feeling Amy’s hot body from top to bottom. I wondered if she would be able to handle 4 men at once but it didn’t take long for her to answer that question for me. They wasted no time in getting between her legs and sinking their cocks deep in her wetness.

They were like wild men as they pounded her pussy and her asshole in every way imaginable. At one point she had a cock in her ass, one in her pussy and one in each hand, sucking one then the other. She was lost in lust and still wanted more, which she got. We all took turns with her for most of the night. She constantly had a cock in her for the next several hours. Sometimes all four of us used her while other times we took turns and watched.

During that time we came in her pussy, asshole and mouth several times. As the sun was coming up I helped Amy get her dress on and we headed back to our camper. Once there I slipped her dress off and looked at her used body. Her pussy and asshole were both red and swollen and both were oozing cum. There was dried cum all over her body and in her hair. She smelled like sex and cum. This turned me on beyond belief and I went down on her, licking her pussy like a starving man. The taste of the cum of 4 different men was the wildest thing I have ever tasted.  I kept this up till she came yet again and then I buried my cock in her and added another load to her well used pussy.

We both drifted off to sleep completely sexually satisfied. There is nothing hotter than sharing your wife with another man. Watching her getting a good fucking, getting covered in cum and loving every minute of it. How could it get any better?


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