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Hi Friends, I am recounting below one of my most exciting and fabulous experiences. I had earlier shared my experiences named “Nursed to sex” and “Marwari Jewels” with all you lovely people out there. I had got great response to my earlier stories and I am now inspired to share my another sexual experience with you.

I am a resident of Chennai and here all the Apartments are built in a planned manner. Some of the apartments are closer to each other. It was vacation time and I was alone at house. My wife had gone to her mothers place. Life was very boring. I usually returned late from office after having dinner outside. That fateful day, I reached home at 10.30 p.m. I entered my bedroom, removed my clothes and went in for a relaxing bath. After taking a refreshing bath, I went to the window to hang my towel, when something in the opposite building caught my eye. I immediately switched out my lights and looked discreetly. In the opposite apartment building, in one of the bathrooms, I could clearly make out a couple having joint bath. This obviously drew my attention. The couple was unaware of me and they were playing with themselves. It was not clearly visible but the man was kissing the lady and they were having sex under the shower. Only the shoulder and head were visible to me but their movements were clear indication that they were having sex. After sometime the scene ended and the couple switched off the bathroom lights and went away. But I was left holding my erection and I had no choice but to masturbate and sleep.

Thereafter, it became a routine experience. I daily managed to reach home by 10.00 p.m. and would wait for them to start their frolicking sex. After few days I realised that somehow the couple had sensed that they were being watched and they used to look at my window often during the act. But no, they did not stop their activity or put the curtains. In fact, they became more and more bold. One day when I was watching, I realised that the man waved at me from the bathroom. I was not sure so I did not respond. But next day the man again waved and his wife too waved at me. They were trying to draw my attention. I also waved back to them and the couple continued their sexual enjoyment more vigorously. Next day, they were bolder. As I said earlier I could see above the shoulders only. But this day, the man lifted his wife and showed her boobs to me. She in turn was slowly massaging her boobs to attract me. I was really hot. The man did not stop he lifted her more and I could now see her pussy area which had a thick covering of black hairs. The lady blew me a flying kiss and the couple once again engaged themselves in their sexual games. It was getting more and more difficult for me. I masturbated three times that night.

Next day when I reached home, completed my bath and was readying myself for the live show. But around 10.15 p.m. the door bell rang. When I opened the door I was surprised to see the same man. I invited him in and he sat down on the sofa. Without wasting any time he said “Aap kitne dino se hamein khidki se dekh rahein hain. Lekin aaj main aapko hum dono ko join karne ke liye invite karne aaya hoon. (Since many days you have been looking from the window. But today I have come to invite you to join us). I was not surprised but I was also apprehensive. I said I have a condition. He said “Jo aap kahein. (Whatever you say). I said “We three will have to take AIDS test before I agree to your proposal”. He said That’s fair enough and we both will contact you tomorrow with the report. I gave him my telephone number and noted down their number. His name was Aroop and they were a Bengali family. He was around my age 37 years. Next day, he telephoned me and told that he had his report and I too informed him that I had also got my report. Then he asked me To aap aa rahein hain naa ( So you are coming). I confirmed that I would reach their house at 10.30 p.m.

My heart was beating heavily when I knocked on their door sharp at 10.30 p.m. Aroop opened the door and invited me in. He had a broad smile and he looked very happy. He told me that they had shifted to this house recently about six months back. He was working in a private concern. They had one son who was presently with her parents who were staying in Andheri. He said “I deliberately send my son to my in-laws place during the vacations so that I and my wife can enjoy free and open sex and fulfill our fantasy”. I asked them ” I don’t understand. What is your fantasy”. He said “Oh, I and my wife both have a streak of exhibitionism and if any person is watching we get immense pleasure from sex”. I had read somewhere that some persons have this exhibitionist fetish. He said, “We deliberately indulged in sexual acts in the bathroom to attract your attention. I would love to have you watching us today and in return I offer you my wife she is fabulous”. I asked where his wife was. He then called out to her. “Madhabi, Madhabi, come here”.. Avinash babu has come. Come out don’t be shy. Soon a beautiful Bengali woman aged around 32 yrs entered the living room. She was exquisitely beautiful. She had slightly voluptuous figure but her face was divine. She was a real Bengali Beauty.

Madhabi came and sat near me. She was looking down, a bit shy and demure. Aroop nudged her and said Avinash babu, Madhabi, let us not waste time. He gestured to Madhabi and she got up and came and sat in my lap. I was flabbergasted and couldn’t respond. Madhabi kissed me on my cheeks and embraced me tightly. I was experienced enough to understand that Aroop and Madhabi had planned this welcome for me. I did not think twice and placed my lips on Madhabis juicy lips. She ardently responded to my kisses and with her hand took my hand to her voluptuous boobs. I squeezed them softly and massaged them over her soft blouse. My cock was by now in a state of hardened erection. I saw from the corner of the eye that Aroop’s face was flushed with excitement and he was massaging his cock over his shorts. He said “lets go in the bedroom”. Madhabi got up, took my hand and led me to their bedroom, Aroop followed us in.

The bedroom was softly lit with a single orange night bulb. A pink bed-sheet adorned the bed and red rose petals were strewn on the bed. The room was filled with soft fragrance of sandalwood incense sticks. The atmosphere was sensuous and erotic. Madhabi made me sit on the bed and immediately started divesting me of my clothes with help from Aroop. I was soon nude to my bones and my cock was waving in empty air. Madhabi rolled her fingers on top of my cock and a shiver went through my spine. I said “It is unfair, I am totally nude and you too are still wearing clothes”. Aroop said ” No problem”. Madhabi shyly smiled but till now she had not spoken a single word. Aroop removed all his clothes in a jiffy and was nude. Aroop’s cock was also at full erection, ready for the action. He came and sat on the bed alongside me. He once again gestured to Madhabi and she went and put on soft ballet music on the music system.

Soft beats of piano and guitar wafted in the air making the atmosphere more erotic. Madhabi started rhythmically dancing to the soft music and was sensuously moving her sexy body. She started removing her clothes slowly, performing a virtual striptease. She removed her saree in one clean jerk and was standing in her blouse and petticoat looking like a voluptuous Ajanta sculpture. I was looking mesmerised and so was Aroop. Madhabi had soft fair skin which accentuated her sensuousness. I think she couldn’t hold herself back any more and removed her blouse and petticoat as well. She was now only wearing her pink bra and panties. Her bra was incapable of arresting her boobs and they were spilling out of the small bra. The protruding shape inside her panties assured me that heaven lay within. Her panty was wet near her pubic area suggesting that she be already sexually excited and aroused. She came and rubbed her boobs on my naked thighs sending shivers through my body. I grabbed her and e
mbraced her tightly. I tore op
en her bra hooks and grabbed her boobs. She cried out with pain at this sudden attack but instead of backing away from me, she smothered me with kisses. I responded with deep french kisses playing with her darting tongue.

Aroop also joined in the action and slowly rolled down her panties. He said ” Avinash babu, I invite you to look at my wife’s juicy cunt. Isn’t it a lovely cunt”. I laid her down on bed and slowly spread her milky white thighs to look at the gates of heaven. And heaven it was. The pink lips of her cunt were wet with her cunt juices. She had trimmed her pubic hair and instead of being a hindrance the beauty of the cunt was enhanced. I placed my lucky lips on her wet cunt and shot my tongue inside. She moaned with excitement. I, however, withdrew myself and sat down besides her. She was perplexed at my withdrawal.

I said ” Aroop, Madhabi, I am just a guest. You two are husband-wife and deserve to fuck first. I would love to watch”. It was for the first time Madhabi spoke. She said in her sweet voice “Avinash babu, Aroop himself has called you here. We both love sex very much and enjoy each other daily. But we also have this strange fetish of exhibitionism. We deliberately carried out sexual activity in the bathroom to attract your attention. Aroop has already expressed his wish that when you come, you will fuck me first and he will watch. I have no say in this. He likes this very much and I will honour his wish. I beg you to fuck me please”. A sweet thrill coursed through my body. Aroop said “Avinash babu, please fuck my Madhabi. I would love to watch you fuck her”. I was left speechless. Before I could answer anything, Madhabi pulled me over and I was in her arms. I also embraced her and soon I was showering kisses on her beautiful body. I kissed every single inch of her body and sucked her toes. Aroop had dismounted the bed and sat down on a chair right next to the bed watching our games with a glint in his eyes.

I was enjoying her body thoroughly. I massaged her boobs and sucked her nipples. She was now moaning with delight. I softly continued massaging her boobs. Her tits were perfect and her nipples had to be at least an inch long as excited as she was. I circled my arm around the back of Madhabi’s neck and started to play with her other tit, pulling and pinching her nipple like she was doing to the other one with her own hand. I leaned over her and kissed her. Shoving my tongue down her throat, she quickly returned the favor, dueling with my tongue. I immediately bent over and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked and lightly bit on it, which drove her wild. It seems like that the harder I bit it the more excited she got. Simultaneously I reached out to cup her cunt and slipped two fingers inside. Her cunt was soaking wet. I could see her juices coming out from in between the lips and wetting the sheet beneath her. I couldn’t resist going down on her before we fucked and buried my face in her sweet smelling crotch, sucking on her exposed clit, then tonguing her slit up and down. Madhabi was bucking her hips up toward my tongue trying to get more of it into her.

While this was going on Aroop was slowly stroking his hard-on with one hand. She then spoke, “Please fuck me. I need your big cock in me.” I gently rolled her down on her back still sucking her tit and, kneeling between her legs, the musky smell wafting from her cunt something that really turns me on. As I said her cunt was also soaking wet. I could see her juices coming out from in between the lips and wetting the bedsheet beneath her. I lifted Madhabi’s legs up, resting one on my shoulder, giving me wide access to her soaking wet pussy. Madhabi helped position my cock at the entrance to her cunt and rubbed it up and down over her clit a few times while Aroop was begging me to put it in. Not wanting this to end quickly, and also not wanting to hurt her with my thick prick, I slowly started to work the head into the deep confines of Madhabi’s cunt. I was slowly moving it in and out letting her get used to the size. But the excitement and foreplay had taken its toll and I could not hold myself back and I shot my load deep inside her quivering cunt. She was still in the throes of her arousal. I gestured to Aroop to immediately enter and he was more than willing. He immediately started pounding her wet cunt with long strokes and I could see him slowly sawing in and out of her. Aroop really went into high gear now as his pounding was actually moving Madhabi’s body slowly forward with each stroke that he took. They fucked each other passionately and vigorously for seemed like eternity but soon Madhabi yelled out that she was cumming and Aroop chimed in that he was close too. When Madhabi came it was so violent that it appeared that she was bending in two at the waist and screaming that it felt so good. Aroop threw his head back as he came at the same time, shooting his load into the very depths of her cunt. They both seemed to cum forever. As Aroop pulled his cock out of her cunt it made a popping sound as her cunt let go of his huge cock. They both lay back on the bed exhausted and dripping with sweat.

The three of us rested for a few minutes and Madhabi asked us if we were hungry yet. I immediately said yes, and Madhabi said that we didn’t have to get dressed as she decided to make toasted sandwiches in the oven grill so we all followed her into the kitchen. Aroop sat down on one of the chairs and I sat on the chair next to him. Madhabi was very efficient and brought in the sandwiches. He pulled her over and made her sit on his lap and immediately reached around her and began to caress up and down the front of her body, taking care to especially fondle her tits and cunt. I was sitting right next to them and was intently watching their playing around. I was half wondering as Aroop got more excited, if his cock, when it got hard, would be strong enough to lift Madhabi’s body by itself. Just a fleeting thought that I knew wasn’t possible. He took his hand away from playing with her cunt and I couldn’t help but notice that it was gaping wide open from the stretching that Aroop’s cock had done to it. I could also see some of his cum still dripping out of her hole. I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I went over to them kneeling down and pushed my tongue up Madhabi’s wide-open hole. It was easy to get my tongue a few inches up her cunt and I could taste salty cum still inside her. I gave her clit a few flicks with my tongue and got up to sit back down in my chair.

We ate the sandwiches in double quick time and I was really surprised that all three of us were not feeling a bit inhibited from being naked around each other and talked a little about how exciting it was to enjoy another sex partner. We cleaned up and Madhabi and Aroop suggested that we continue our fun in the bed. As we all laid down on their bed, Madhabi asked me if I would be willing to help satisfy a long time fantasy of hers to take a cock in her ass and cunt at the same time. I think she knew that this would be a no-brainer answer on my part, but I eagerly agreed to help her make her fantasy come true. She asked if I would be willing to be the ass man as Aroop’s cock was uncomfortable up her ass. Since ass-fucking is one of my favorites I wholeheartedly agreed. With that, she knelt down over Aroop, guiding his already hard cock into her sweet cunt. Being used to his size, she immediately sat down on it, burying it with one stroke inside her pussy. I too positioned myself at the entrance of Madhabi’s sexy ass. I then started to insert my engorged cock in her ass-hole after applying little juice from her cunt. It went in much easier than I had expected. After I got the head in, I rammed the rest of it in with one stroke. She cried out with what I thought was pain, but she quickly said it was from the sheer pleasure of being reamed by two big cocks at the same time. She was much tighter and It was difficult for me to move in and out probably because of Aroop’s cock in her cunt at the same time.

As I started
to stroke my cock in and out
, I swear I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against mine as he also started to fuck her. Soon, Aroop and I picked up our fucking pace and Madhabi was absolutely beside herself with pleasure saying that this was the best fucking she ever had. We got into a perfect rhythm withdrawing and inserting our cocks into her at the same time. We must have continued for a good fifteen minutes like this with Madhabi having many mini-orgasms. With how tight she was, I couldn’t last any longer and announced I was cumming, shoving it as hard as I could up her ass and emptying a big load in her. Shortly afterwards Aroop said that he was cumming too and just before he did, Madhabi exploded into a monster cum and then he emptied his load deep in her cunt. I collapsed on Madhabi and we three collapsed on the bed in a heap, exhausted to the very bones of our bodies. Aroop’s and my cock were still inside her cunt and ass-hole.

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