Yet another pleasant surpeise to me

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My new wife and I were traveling across the Mid-West to our new home; we were relocating for my job. While taking a rest stop one night I tried to get my wife to accompany into an adult entertainment store. It was her birthday tomorrow and I thought of buying her a novelty gift. She finally went in with me and we snickered and laughed looking at the items available.
When we got to the rear of the store I asked her to go into a video booth with me and see a clip. She agreed and we watched 2 short movies, I had gotten my hand down her pants and was fingering her pussy while she watch with me. She had gotten very wet and if the booth was bigger I knew I could have screwed her right there. She was “In the Mood” I could tell.
We walked out of that booth and a little further back in the store she saw another booth and asked me “What’s that one?” It looked to me to be what I knew as a Glory Hole from back home. A man pays a fee to the storeowner and the goes into the booth, sticks his cock into the hole in the wall and his imagination takes over. He pictures a beautiful girl on the other side of the wall as she sucks his cock. The cock sucking part is true. The storeowner heard me trying to explain it to my wife and added “A gent pays me $25.00 for a blowjob from one of my treasured women, she never sees him nor does he see her, when they are done, I pay the girl $10.00 cash. Simple as that. He added check it out to us and recommended that my wife get on one side as I get into the booth. My wife was a bit hesitant and asked “The guys never see me?” No the storeowner said. She went to her side and I went into the booth, as I stuck my cock into the hole I asked, “Is that you Debbie?” The owner called over and said, “No talking to my help”
My wife proceeded to suck me off; it was a great blowjob, kind of weird not seeing her but fine by me. I knew my wife would be a minute or two having to use the ladies room to cleanup so I started looking around at things in the store again, I spent a few minutes reading box labels and descriptions, I had a pocketful of coins so I stopped at another video booth, I got caught up in the movie and ended up watching the whole 1/2 hour flick. I left the video booth to find my wife by the front counter waiting for me. I figured she’d be pissed because I spent about 15 minutes shopping around and then another ½ hour in the booth watching the movie, but she wasn’t, everything was cool.
We left to get into our car and head on our way. While leaving the parking lot I said,
“Sorry I forgot to get your birthday present”. She responded, “What are you talking about, that was the best birthday present you ever gave me” as she waived
$ 50.00 cash at me.

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  1. DaveyWavey

    Daulton, another fine story! You and your “special” girl have talent!!!

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