Almost her undoing (part 4)

After the removing of her panties master made her get on the bed on her hands and knees. With her knees on the edge of the bed. She did as told. Her ass pointing high and at them. She looked back over her shoulder and Master groaned half silently. Lord did he wish hed rubbed one out before he got here. She was so juicy tonight, he didnt know if hed last. THe othe man heard the groan and seeing the sexually sweet torment cross his associates face knew he was going to crack soon if something wasnt done.

The man looked back at Tras upturned ass and glistening slit. Whispered somthing to Master. She watched as master got out the blindfold and belt. He put the blind fold on, whispering in her ear how much he loved her, how hot she was making him tonight. How much trouble she was going to be in if he couldnt last.

She had no idea that as she was being blind folded, the other man had called his pet over and was putting the leather belt on her. Her wrists behind her back so he had control with a simple tug of leather. He bent down and whispered in her ear. She frowned and shook her head. A tug up, braught her arms up high and painful. She cried out and relented.

Tra felt hands all over her. She knew one set was Masters the other set must have belonged to the other man. She felt them at her tits, her nipples, her belly, her hips. Her thighs, her ass cheeks, her neck, everywhere but her aching, seeping pussy. She heard the small whimpers coming from her mouth and reached for a hand as it passed between her thighs but not touching her center. Her hand was grabbed and forced back to the bed. “You will keep still my pet. You will not cum or you will feel the cane”, he said. There it was out, the cane was to ensure she did indeed behave. She nodded, the hands still roaming.

She heard rustling and knew clothing was being removed. . Felt the bed dip and knew someone was in front of her. She felt hands at her head, guiding her. She then felt the very wet tip of a cock at her lips. Her tongue came out to taste and knew with out a doubt it was her Masters. She gobbled down the rest of him. Sighing in pure bliss as he grabbed her head and held her down. His cock buried in her throat.

The hands roaming her body stopped and she suddenly felt a tongue at her dripping pussy. It started gentle and unsure at first, then hungrily began to eat at her. Its mouth, sucked and nipped, tongue fucked and scooped. She had to pull her mouth from Masters cock to let out a very deep shuddering sigh. Her body was singing from the heat of that mouth. “mmmmm, yess, eat that pussy” Tra moaned and arched. Pushing back into the face of whomever was sucking her clit.

The hands were back. This time there was no taste test. She greedily devoured the cock pressing at her mouth. She heard a hiss and a rumbled laughter, but was too far gone, to care who it belonged to. She continued inhaling the cock, like a fat kid on a candy bar. The mouth at her pussy slowed. As if it knew she was soo close.

He watched as he gorgeous, delicious little fuck slave, sucked long and hard on his associates cock. He watch as the mans eyes rolled back in his head and remembered the first time she had ever encased his whole cock in her tiny mouth. Angels had sang.

His eyes moved down her writhing body. The fine sheen of sweat, glistening. She was behaving tonight. Tryin hard not to cum. Her cum, god what a drink. It alone could make you deleriously drunk. His eyes reached her ass and he reached out a finger to run it along the crack to the tight little bung. The first time hed fucked that sweet ass, hed only lasted a short time. Its tightness is his undoing. His finger traveled down her slippery slit, dipping into the heated pool at her opening. He sighed and pulled out a sopping finger. Sucking it clean he then put two thick fingers deep into her well and slowly started fucking in and out. She moaned loud around the cock in her mouth.

The man feeling the vibrations grabbed handfuls of her hair and started fucking her mouth harder. You could hear her muffled swallows as she gave him her best.

She sucked for all she was worth. If this didnt stop soon, she was in trouble. The need to cum was about to overtake her. She knew the only way to stop or at least slow it down was to finish off the cock in her mouth. The fingers in he pussy were making it hard to concentrate. She started slamming back onto them. The face of the person munching on her clit getting soaked. She slid along their mouth aching for release.

Masters fingers felt her pussy walls clench three times consecutivly and knew she was way to close to stop. He fucked his fingers in and out of her pussy harder and faster. Dragging his finger tips along her g spot inside. He could see the juices just gushing from her, so great was her need to cum.

He straddled the man’s pet and slapped at her face with his cock. She grabbed it in her mouth and began sucking. She was no comparison to his beauty. As she sucked him, he leaned down and started tonguing Tras ass. His fingers still buried in her hot snatch. The juice dripping down her clit to the bed. He could smell her excitement and knew she was getting ready. He removed his fingers and got his mouth completley around her pussy, from clit to ass and started sucking. She whimpered at the lose of finges and then squealed with the delight at the tongue that replaced them.

The other man could hold out no more and called for his pet. It was decided that he would cum nowhere inside Tra. At his pets arrival, he jammed his cock deep into her throat and exploded, with loud moans and “aaarrgghhhss”.

With the lack of cock in her mouth, Tras gasps, squeals and moans filled the room. She felt the tongue in her pussy. Fucking in and out, sucking. The teeth light on her clit. She was on the edge and about to step off when, she felt the vast emptiness of the mouth removed.

The bed dipped twice and she felt herself dragged, hurting from the need to cum. She was placed on her knees, in the middle of the bed, facing the wall. She felt her arms tugged in opposite directions. Her wrists were tied with silk cords.

She tugged and judge it was a good tie. She then felt the stinging bite of a flat whip hit her swollen clit. She cried out, from pain and sheer pleasure. Almost cumming right then. A mouth soft and warm was at her nipples. She knew it to be the girl. She could smell her perfume and the two of their mixed sexes.

The girls hands traveled down Tras body. Grabbing handfulls of her ass cheeks and up and down between her legs. Between her pussy lips. “OOO Master she is sooo wet. Squishy even”. She said. There was laughter and the man demanded a taste. The fingers were withdrawn and then replaced with a moan filling the air.

There was some movement and then she felt the heat of a body behind her. She felt hands come around to grab her tits. Pinching the nipples and then sliding down, deep between her legs. Her knees were shoved apart wider and a cock was thrust between. Riding along the cleft of her cunt. She moaned and wondered whom it belonged to. She soon forgot as wet lips kissed her tits and neck, down her belly and to her clit. She felt hair on her belly and figured it for the girl. She felt a tongue snaked out ever time the cock head pushed thru her slit and popped out in front. It felt strange at first then very nice.

She didnt care to think, just feel. Her body had slowed down and the threat of punishment banished for now.

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    Loved it so far…waiting for Part 5 and conclusion

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