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Part 2

Ashley got her husband on her cell phone and laid back on the bed spreading her thighs as an invite for me to lay down between those luscious thighs and her swollen pink pussy.

“Hello honey, yes I got here fine, I met this great gal in the Limo ride and she is going to show me the ropes around here” she told him while placing her hand on the back of my head pulling me gently to her wet pussy. I started licking the juice on her thighs , not realizing how the smell of sex juices could turn you on so much, no wonder we drive men crazy, I thought, as I put my tongue on her swollen clit.

” Honey I have got to go, I told my new friend I would meet her for a night cap in the bar” she said breathing so heavy she could barely talk.

“Good night, I love you , call you tomorrow” clicking off her phone and moving around to get her face between my legs and into my hot, wet pussy. We both had our tongues inside the lips of our vaginas , tongue fucking, our hands on each others ass cheeks moving our pussys back and forth, Ashley began to tremble her legs stiffening, she started cumming, the lips of her pink slit tightened around my tongue, she came all over my face and in my mouth , it smelled so good. She was moanining thrusting her tongue further inside me, I felt the rush now, contracting the inside of my vagina in and out, I gasped and came so hard , harder than ever in all my life. my legs were shaking. She again turned around and crawled along side me , embracing me, softly kisssing my face and my lips, our legs within each other, our breasts heaving, our hearts still pounding.

“Bobbi that was wonderful, this has been my first time with a woman, I can’t believe how nice I feel”, she whispered to me, tickling my still swollen nipples.

” It was my first time too, I have had fantasies about being with a woman for, but never did I imagine it would be this good, what do you want to do, do you want to go back down to the bar for a little while” I asked ” but one thing for sure, I want to stay with you all night.

“Oh yes, I want you to get your clothes and be here with me all weekend” kissing me again, “lets trade clothes and go down and see if the guys notice., I want to wear those pretty panties and that sexy bra” she said getting up and picking up her black hose. ” Let me put these on you” as she lifted my leg , sliding the silky stockings up my legs, her hands smoothing them out, exciting me again. Her wet black panties were next , the wet crotch was now cold from laying on the cool floor, giving me a strange sensation on the lips of my still hot and wet vagina. Ashley bent down and pressed her lips against the wet panties pushing them inside me, I felt like I was going to orgasm again, I took her hands and put them on my breasts, then pulled her face tight against the wet panties , cumming again soaking her panties with my love juices , they were not cold anymore.

“You came again” she laughed, moving up and kissing me.

“I will make you come when I dress you” knowing the cold panties will turn her on.

“My turn” I said standing up and getting my hose, doing the same to her, softly stroking her legs. My panties were wet and cold I tied the bows and leaned over kising the wet cold, feeling her pussy lips throgh the silky fabric, she started squirming , I held her breasts massaging them back and forth, she started moaning, I could feel the warmth of her cum through the.panties.

“We’re even now” I laughed, getting up and putting on her black demi bra , pretty nice, I said to myself looking in the mirror. We finished dressing, me in the Mini, her in the long skirt and headed back to the bar.

The guys were still in the corner and all three looked like they were well on there way.

“We were about to send out a search party” yelled Mark ” did ya’ll get lost”

” We’re here now, i’ll buy a round of shooters” yelling back , without explaining where we were so long, both of us going up to the bar to order the tequilla. Ashley ordered a second round and we went back to the booth, The two shots of tequilla got the pleasant buzz I had, started again, it must have worked for Ashley she was all over Mark.

“We were about to go to Wicked Wanda’s, you girls game,asked Michael.

“What’s Wicked Wanda’s” asked Ashley.

“It’s a nude dance club, a strip joint, the guys go all there all the time, Let’s go, It will be fun” I answered, taking Ashley by the hand and heading to the door. Mark got inthe back of the cab first, then Ashley on his lap, then Michael, and me on his lap.Bob lost out and got in the front seat, Ashley and I were still hot and wet from our love session so neither of us minded the guys accidental attempts to be feeling us, in fact his hands on my breasts and my thigh felt good. Mark had his hand up the slit of Ashley’s skirt and she was just smiling.

We arrived at Wanda’s, the guys getting a friendly greeting from the doorman, who took us upstairs to a private room , overlooking the dance floor but not visible to any of the other patrons. It had three large sofas surrounding a cocktail table. Ashley and I sat on the backsofa with Mark and Michael beside us.

“I’ll go find your favorites and send them up” said the doorman. In a few minutes a good looking waitress in a very skimpy outfit brought us a pitcher of Margaritas and a humidor of cigars, I thought these guys must spend a fortune here to get this kind of attention. The Margaritas were delicious and Ashley and I chose small thin cigars to smoke. The door opened again and in came three of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, dressed only in thongs and sheer see thru blouses totally unbuttoned.

“Meet Sherry” said Bob, patting, the almost 6 ft. blond, on the behind, “and this is Darlene” standing up and kissing the pretty red head, ” and last but not least meet Ali” a gorgeous black haired Italian, “girls meet our good friends Ashley and Bobbi, they are here to have a good time, it all our treat” Sherry turneup the volume on the speakers for the music from the floor below and came over to me straddling my legs and started dancing, Ali went to Ashley, and Darlene with Bob.

“Guys you know the house rules only girls can touch the dancers, do you want us to touch you girls?” asked Sherry. We both nodded and I reached up to feel her breasts, she bent down and sat on my lap kissing my ear, all the while her body was swaying to the music. She unbuttoned my blouse and put her hand inside my bra , my nipple was hard in her palm, she turned so her breast was now on my cheek where I then moved it to my mouth to suck her gigantic nipple. I looked over and Michael and saw the big bulge in his crotch, I took my hand from her breast and took his hand and placed it on my breast, then went back to Sherry’s breasts. The music stopped and Sherry stood up, I leaned over and kissed Michael putting my hand on his hard bulge in his pants.

“It’s almost closing time, do you guys still have that big suite at the Hilton” asked Sherry, ” let’s go party there” Ashley had her hand up my skirt in my panties, she was red hot again.

” I can see your girlfriends are ready” laughed Ali. “we can’t leave here with you guys, but the girls can go with us , it will be easier to get in the hotel with them this late at night.” Ashley and I were back making love again, too high to care who was watching.

“We’ll go with you Sherry, just come up and get us when you’re ready to leave” I said opening Ashley’s bra.

“I’ll lock the door, so you won’t be disturbed, i’ll be about 15 minutes” said Sherry. The guys left and the girls went to the dressing room. I passed out sucking on Ashley’s nipple, with her hand in my panties.The next thing we knew we outside the club,with the three dancers, getting in a cab. This time I was on Sherry’s lap with her hands inside my bra again., Ashley and Ali were kissing, this will be inte
resting when we get to the hotel, I thought while I turned to kiss Sherry. A security guard stopped us
as we walked through the lobby, Ashley and I had to show our room keys and Drivers Licences, we told them we were having a late night prepatory sales meeting for the show tomorrow. He let us go to the elevator without any more questions.

Sherry pushed the doorbell on the massive double doors of the most luxurious suite in the hotel, Bob opened the door wearing a white terrycloth robe,

“Come in girls, welcome the American Furniture Palace, bra and panties are the dress of the evening for you beautiful women” instructed Mark, also dressed in a white robe, standing behind the fully stocked bar. Name your pleasure, we have everything .

Sherry slipped her top over her head, “sorry Mark, no bra tonite” she laughed while unzipping her shorts and dropping them to the carpet, dressed only in her pink bikini panties walked over to me and started unbuttoning my blouse.

” You and Ashley have had enogh fun with each other tonite, now it is going to my turn and then Michael’s, he will fuck both us after we cum together” taking me by the hand and him by the arm into one of the bedrooms. Still being high, I went along without an objection, Sherry had my bra and skirt off before we got to the bed, she pulled the spead and the sheets down and gently pushed me down, my head on the oversized soft pillow.

“Michael you take her stockings off, then join us in bed” she instructed as she moved in beside me taking my breast in her mouth, tickling my nipple with her tongue. My hose were coming off and Michael spread my legs massaging my inner thighs.I had one hand on Sherry’s perfectly formed natural breast and the other inside her bikini panties, she was wet enough for me to slide in my finger, gasping she moved up and kissed my mouth, her tongue deep into my mouth. Michael moved away knowing we were about to get it on, he laid on side watching, his cock stiff and erect, protruding out of his robe. Tugging on her panties I was able to get them to her knees where she kicked them off, I did the same with mine. Sherry turned around to get to my hot wet pussy, sticking in her long tongue touching my g spot, that made me shutter, her slit was now on top of my face, she was cumming, raising up and down, back and forth on my face. Her hotness was getting me on big time, for the third time tonight I came all over her face. Michael could not stand it any longer, he moved close to us cupping my breasts in his hand as Sherry rolled off of me, and went to his cock, taking the bulbous head in and out of .her volupulous lips.

“Your turn Michael” pushing him down on the bed, ” Bobbi get up and kneel down on his cock I will help it in” she said licking the clear semen exuding from his throbbing cock, spreading it up and down the long shaft. I rose up straight on my knees straddling him, as Sherry, her right hand gripping his cock her left hand spreading the lips of my soaking wet vagina, alternately licking his cock and my clit, she then guided the swollen head about an inch inside me waggling it back and forth against my throbbing clitoris.

“Put it in me please” I begged, as she pushed it one more inch, inside me, I reached down cupping her breasts, as I lowered myself all the way, his cock throbbing inside me completely filling me. Sherry knelt and straddled his face moving her slit down to his mouth. I rocked up and down sliding his cock in and out of my vagina, each time the bulbous head stimulating my hard clit, he was getting harder and harder, with one last push , I took him all the way touching the top of my love canal. sqeezing his cock with my vagina contracting and expanding.

I screamed,” FUCK ME MICHAEL, CUM IN ME” grabbing Sherry by the shoulders, pulling her to me thrusting my tongue in her mouth our nipples touching , Michael shot his load in me as I cum for the fourth time, pushing Sherry back , his cock now soft and coming out the semen and juices all over him dripping out of my pussy. We rolled off of Michael, still kissing, I was exhausted.

“I have got to work tomorrow, I am going to get some sleep, Michael” I said grabbing his cock, ” get this baby hard and fuck the shit out of Sherry” taking it in my mouth, tasting my love juices and his salty semen. He immediatley became hard, filling my mouth with his cock. I took it out , kissed Sherry and got out of the bed. I found my panties, put them on, gathered up my clothes, and went looking for Ashley. I found her in the other bedroom, all five were in the king size bed having a sex orgy, I took Ashly’s hand and pulled her up from the bed. We picked up her clothes and went to the bathroom. After dressing we haeded to her room and fell asleep in her bed with our clothes on.

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