College Days Done Right

My girlfriend attends an all women’s college known for its lesbian population and almost militant feminism. When she first enrolled we joked about her becoming a lesbian. Ha ha. After visiting her small rural college town for a weekend of fucking in her room and smoking weed by the duck pond, I told her it was time to catch my bus home. Not five minutes after leaving the room I realized I left my ID and turned around. Standing at her door, I heard low moaning from the other side. Opening the door quietly, I saw my girl on her knees, her head in her roommates lap licking her pussy loudly. I could hear how much she was enjoying it by the little cooing, giggling sound she made as she licked. I might have been pissed if I hadn’t been so turned on. Her roommate is Mediterranean, Greek or Italian I think, with a beautiful round face and large perky tits. She saw me, but my girl hadn’t heard me enter over the moaning. I later found out her roommate had a voyeurism fetish and had watched us fuck from the closet more than once while I visited, which my girlfriend was in on of course, more often than not fucking her the minute I left. I went to her quickly, pushing my cock into her from behind before she could even look around. I pounded her hard, pushing her head into her roommate’s pussy until I couldn’t help but come. Pulling out I jizzed on the roommate’s face, tits, and hair while my girl recovered from her fucking. I told her she could fuck girls if she wants as long as she lets me have a turn with them.


(Image Source: Girlfriends Films)

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College Days Done Right, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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