Creative juices…

“Hey girl, what’s on the menu tonight?” “You know you’re always whipping up something delicious,” I said. “Well you know I’m the creative type, give me the right ingredients and a stove and it’s ‘magic’,” she said. “But to answer your question I’m trying this new dish called ‘Chicken Curry with Spicy Stone Fruit Chutney’, with rice, ginger, garlic, mangos, apricots, peaches and other savory fruits and spices,” she said. “It all sounds great, I can’t wait,” I replied.

It was our usual once a month get together, away from work and our spouses. We would take turns preparing new dishes that we either found online or by word of mouth. She was the better cook I’d have to admit but she would always find ways to compliment my dishes just the same.

“So I rented 3 movies… a comedy chick flick, an angry chick flick, and a romantic chick flick.” “You’re so crazy, just put them by the TV and come in here and get me caught up on work and family,” she said. “I thought this was the total opposite of what we’re suppose to be doing. Lets talk about this beautiful apartment and why you haven’t completely unpacked yet. It has been 2 months ya’ know,” I said. “To tell you the truth, me and my honey have just been enjoying the newness of it all and if I put everything away then it may lose something,” she said. I laughed, “You and your creativity.”

It was around 7:30pm when all the preparing was just about done. “Could you hand me those mangos and nectarines out of the refrigerator?” she asked. “Sure, no problem, is there anything else I could get for you?” “No I’m just about ready to put the chicken into the saute pan with all these other delicious ingredients,” she replied. “Smells great, you know you’re a great cook, I think that’s why your honey married you,” I said. “Among other very good reasons, if you know what I mean,” she winked. “Just nasty,” I said.

Lastly was the fruit blend. “Come over here and help me peel some of this fruit,” she said. “Okay, let me grab a knife.” “Girl, you know no one makes a meal the way you do,” I said. “Try this and tell me what you think,” she says. She started to hand me the spoon and then placed the fruit directly into my mouth. “Mmm, that is so good,” I said. “Oops, you still have a little on the corner of your lips, let me get that for you.” “That’s okay, I’ll just grab this napkin right there,” I said. “No please, let me get that for you.” And she takes the napkin from me and says she has a better idea. She starts to lick the corner of my lips with her tongue and softly spreads my mouth open and kisses me passionately. She asks, “Is this okay, do you want me to stop?” I answer her, “No, don’t stop.”

We ended up against the island in the middle of the kitchen floor. She crawled in between my legs and kissed me with a smile. I still couldn’t believe this was happening but it felt so good. “Was this on the menu?” I said. “No it wasn’t but… I couldn’t imagine all this fruit going to waste,” she winked. She began by raising my arms and taking off my blouse and removing my bra. She stood up and reached for the fruit and started with the peaches, she bit into it and let some of the juices run down her chin and I had to have some, so I licked and sucked her tasty chin until it was dry. Her mouth was inviting too, so I kissed and kissed her until she made me stop.

She took the peach and rubbed the juices all over my breasts and nipples and brought me to ecstasy when she placed them in her mouth, sucking on them deliciously. Unbuttoning my pants she slid two fingers inside me and made me lose all control. The mangos made me dizzy, the nectarines made me beg, the plums made me moan. Her creativity only made me wonder what was next. My pants and panties were off before I knew it when she remembered she left something out… it was cold and hard and she slid it right inside me causing me to moan out her name. In and out, slow then fast, soft then hard, then she used her tongue to add to my pleasure, flicking and sucking my clit until all of my own juices were running down her chin.

After catching my breath I asked her what it was she slid inside me, she answered, “A very hard cucumber, I told you I was very creative in the kitchen.” We both smiled.

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  1. Arenas

    Made me quite hungary,sex story, loved it.

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