Every Mother's Son

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Every Mother’s Son.
Part One

Fifteen and the geek and freak in school, somewhere in the neither region between the acceptable and ‘those thing of kids.’ Meaning I could pass for cool in the right circles, but mostly I was one teased, taunted, and some time terrorized. My grades were average at best although I excelled by interacting in my classes. Mostly in the roll of class clown, even though I surprised teachers and other students alike by the things I’ve learned on my own. Sort of an enigma wrapped in a sandwich sized baggie. You could see inside, but wasn’t sure what you had been packed for lunch.

There was another student at school like me his name was Kale. We were a lot alike except I was more out going. Kale was a bit more introverted, shy to a fault and hardly ever tried to fit in. Not that I blamed him, rejection is not as easy to just blow off when you’re our age. We got thrown together, in our English literature class. Our assignment like all the rest was a dull book from the turn of the century. Kale always came to my house when we worked on it. We got to know each other, and even got to like each other. Then one afternoon, we got to “like know” each other intimately.

Like all fifteen-year-olds, we were as much libido as anything else was. Like the old saying goes a strong breeze would get you hard. Around Kale I got to brag a bit about my one teenage sexual conquest. Her name was Liz and we sort of dated for a few months before her family was transferred to Michigan. In that time I got as far as second base. Which wasn’t saying a lot Liz was anything but a babe. Flat chest, skinny, but she did let me go there and she sure wasn’t afraid to touch back. Just thinking about her had my jeans bulging. Telling Kale it wasn’t difficult to see his pop up as well.

“How often do you jack-off?” he asked me one day when we were upstairs in my room studying. “As often as I can, why, don’t you? Wanting to hear his reply. “Sure, all the time.” He replied, but I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me. “Did you ever watch Liz play with herself, I mean you know finger herself and stuff?” asked Kale. “Kind of sort of, she showed me what I should do to her when we were fooling around. It was kind of neat, but it always made me think that guys had it easier.” I shrugged “I think so too, have you an another guy ever jack-offed together?” he asked. The question wasn’t so out of place. I mean we all experimented, I still with a cousin who I see every couple months. When my family goes to visit my grandparents. His name is Kelly and was a year older, we would go out in the woods that surround my grandparent’s house and pretend to be nudists. We masturbated together, even gave each other blowjobs, and tried anal sex. Although neither of us had a clue to what we were doing. So, I told Kale about that.

“It was pretty cool actually, I mean I guess if I had another friend who would swear to never tell I’d try it all again.” I assured. Wondering if that’s what Kale was hinting at. “Have you ever fooled around with any other member of your family?” Kale’s question caught a bit by surprise. “Nah, I have this girl cousin, Irene who I would love to just see naked once.” Gesturing from my chest that Irene had big tits. “But the rest of my family doesn’t do much for me. Why do you asked, have you?” For a second Kale didn’t say anything. “Well, not really, I was just asking.” He wasn’t telling me something, but I let it go. “Those things you and your cousin did think you and I could try it sometimes?” he asked. “Man, that is a big question, I like you ok, as a friend. But Kale, I mean we’d have to swear never ever to tell, you know. I mean I’m kind of freaked telling you about Kelly. And since you really haven’t told me anything.” Hey, I’m only fifteen and gossip round school like that could get you branded as a queer.

“I did all the things you said you did with Kelly, except I did them with one of my mom’s boyfriends.” Revealed Kale. “No fucking way?” I exclaimed. “Your mom’s boyfriend? Wow, a old guy man that’s wild, I mean was he really old or what?” I was thinking like a typical teenager. Old to me was anyone from twenty-one up to my mom and dad’s age. And they were ancient in my eyes. “Well, my mom’s thirty-four and I guess Rex is a couple years older.” Said Kale. “Damn, who started it I mean shit, did he come on to you or something or did it just sort of happen?” Wasn’t sure what I was feeling, a little weird, but definitely aroused. Kale had someone who actually knew what he was doing.

“Guess, he really started it although I was doing nothing but having thoughts about him all the time. I use to hear them in her bedroom and I would sneak in round the bathroom that’s attached and press my ear to the door. It was easy to hear everything they said, and Rex and mom were talking about a weekend they had when they left me with my aunt. They had told me they were going to the beach; instead they went to this place called Spirits I guess it’s some kind of club where you swap wives or something. Mom said that she was still shocked to see Rex doing another guy, but she said it in a way that I could tell it turned her on a lot. Rex started describing it, how he and this guy named Gary were first touching each other and I guess putting on a show for mom and Gary’s wife, I think her name was Iris. Anyway, he was going on and on about how Gary sucked his cock and how he sucked Gary. While mom and Iris watched and played with each other too, and then he went on to say what it felt like to take Gary’s cock in his ass. That’s when mom I think had an orgasm or something because she let out a long moan. Maybe she was fingering herself as Rex was talking, I wished I could have seen.”

“Did Rex fuck this Gary guy?” I asked. “Oh yeah, and Rex was going on about how good it felt and how he would like to do it again. That’s when mom wanted to fuck because I could hear them start to kiss and she asked Rex if he’d like to let her do it. I can only guess by what I heard but I’m pretty sure mom got out her dildo. I’ll show it to you she keeps in her nightstand, and she must have used it to fucked Rex in the ass with it. It was weird hearing him say to mom how good her cock felt. How she pretend to be a guy and told him to take it like a good bitch, and stuff. God, I got so stiff I had to jack off and I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and shot my load right there. It was a few days later when Rex came over and mom had gotten stuck at work, he sort of asked me if I had ever spied on him and mom. I started blushing and even when I said no he knew I was lying, so I confessed that I had. I don’t know how he knew, but he asked if it was the last time he came over. Then he asked if I heard the part about him being with another guy and I said yes.”

“I didn’t know what to say, he asked me if I had gotten excited about it. That’s when he mentioned he saw the toilet paper in the wastebasket by the commode. He made me laugh when he told me that he had done something just like I had when he was about my age. Peeking in on his older sister and her boyfriend. I told him that it was hearing him talk about being with another guy that had me so excited, when he asked if I ever experimented with guys my age. I didn’t lie, and said I thought about it all the time. Rex said anytime if I wanted too, he and I could fool around, that’s when I let him know that I had been thinking about him, a lot. He asked me in what ways, and I said in the same way h
e talked about being with his friend, Gary
. All we did that afternoon was make out and touch each other, god soon as my pants were down and he touched me I shoot off. I was so embarrassed, but he said it was all right, and let me play with him. So, I jack him off some then put him in my mouth and he sort of jacked off in my mouth. Well, not into my mouth he pulled out and came in his hand, but I got to taste it.”

“That’s so fucking cool!” I exclaimed. “When did you two really do it?” I asked I was rubbing my boner through the front of my jeans. “I’ll tell you, but you have to show me you dick.” He said looking down at my hand over my bulge. I hesitated for about a second, shit we’ve gone as far as telling might as well go all the way. I actually took off all my clothes in front of him. Felt kind of dumb being naked and he still dressed, but when he reached over and gave my dick a quick feel I could have cared less after that. He made me lay down on his bed and stretched out along side me. As he stoked me off he told me the rest about him and Rex. “About a week after all that happened, Rex called over to the house looking for mom. She had gone with some of her friends to go shopping at the big outlet just outside of town. I told him she had just left and probably wouldn’t be home for hours. He asked if I would like to come over to his place, offered to come over and pick me up. I told him sure and he drove right on over and I went back to his apartment.”

When we got there we immediately took off our clothes and started fooling around on the living room floor. We took turns sucking each other’s rods and jacking each other off some. When he asked if I ever had anal sex. I told him no, but I had fingered myself back there when I jacked off and said he would do me if I wanted him too. He got up and went somewhere I guess his bedroom and brought back some Vaseline. At first I was going to get on my back, but he said it’d be better if I got on all fours. So, that’s how I positioned myself. He began to stick his fingers up in my butt they were covered in jelly. That got me really hard and he smeared some of the stuff on my hard on. He got up behind me and just pushed it in. It kind of hurt at first I mean he is a man and his dick is almost bigger than ours put together. But he was really gentle at first and I got use to it real quick. I felt like I was cranked wide open, you know. Like I had a huge turd going in instead of out. Rex asked if I knew how to fuck back and so I started to pump back and forth and it got a lot easier. Soon enough we were really going at it, I mean it was almost like being a pussy I guess. It didn’t hurt at all after that it felt really good. He told me to rub myself as he fucked me and I did for a little bit, but I stopped because I knew I’d shoot off too soon. We sort of tried to shoot together and just about did. I mean just as he came inside me I jacked really hard on my dick and shoot off too.” By now with Kale telling me all this and being naked and letting him play with me. I had to make him pull his hand off or I would have come.

“So what do you think?” asked Kale. I was catching my breath but managed to tell him that if he would take off his clothes too, we could do all that and more if he wanted too.
Kale suggested I undress him and he stretched back on my bed and I sat up and worked his clothes off. We were built a lot alike; both of us are kind of skinny and gangly for our age. The only real difference was Kale had more hair between his legs than I did so his cock looked matured, but really we were about the same size long and around. That’s when he gestured and showed me how much bigger Rex was than us. Hold his finger about two inches from the head of his cock, first then making an O about the diameter of a half-dollar to describe the girth. “Oh wow he’s hung!” “I think that’s why mom likes him.” Kale grins. “Well, I sure like what I have here in front of me.” I complimented Kale taking his cock in my hand and studying the texture and feel of his cock in my grip. “Why don’t you show me what you and your cousin did.” He said.

I began by kissing the head, then licking him from the root to the tip and from there all around. Until his cock was wet and shiny from my mouth. I spread his legs and got between them so I could pay some attention to his balls. Which seemed really to his liking the way he said how good it felt and asking me not to stop. I pushed his legs upward and went down further. Pressing my tongue at his wrinkled asshole. He began to squirm and moan, “Yeah, oh, right there, put your tongue up inside me.” I spread him a bit more and worked the tip of my tongue in his ass. Like I was turning a key into a lock. I kept that up until Kale was panting and begging me to return to his cock and balls. I ran my tongue and lips all over his sex. When I reached the head I just swallowed him in. Tightening my lips round his shaft as I took him further and further inside my mouth. When I was almost at its base he pushed his hips up and thrust the rest into my unprepared mouth. I choked and gagged a bit, but I didn’t back all the way off. I got my breath and tired again. This time he let me work it all the way in, I still caught on the gag reflex, but managed to relax my throat and was rewarded by taking every inch of him. Now, more confident I bobbed my head up and down as he made more of a fucking motion. We sort of got a rhythm and I was feeling that giving was even better than receiving in some ways.

My own cock was hard as a rock and I realized I was stroking to the same beat I was giving Kale head. Who was now talking under his breath, but loud enough so I could hear him, “Suck it oh yeah suck it all. Take my cock you cock sucker; take it all, your mouth is so hot, so goddamn hot. Want to fuck your mouth all day. Yeah, like I’m an all day sucker, suck that lollipop. Fuck yes suck me.” Like music to my ears, I was proud to be sucking his cock. To be pleasing him and still getting so much pleasure from it. With Kale I was ready to not only try but do everything I attempted with Cousin Kelly. It was then the phone rang, Kale’s mom called and was telling him it was time for dinner. He tried to convince her into let him stay over, but to no avail. Watching him dress, I asked if we were going to do this again. “I hope so.” he said lacing up his sneakers “I want to know what you taste like, too.” He reaches over and swipes a teardrop of pre-cum from the slit of my still bobbing erection. Sucking his finger dry he smiles, “I definitely want to get full flavor.”

End of Part One.

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