Fantasy Flight II

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Fantasy Flight II

We were two hours into our flight to Los Cabos, Sherrie and I still were exploring each other, by raising the armrest separating our seats, I managed to place my left leg between her thighs my wet pussy resting on her bare thigh, our breasts were nestled up tight with each other, I was in love. The privacy provided by the blankets allowed us to do pretty much what we wanted to keep our passions aroused. Sherrie reached up and pressed the call button for the attendant, who arrived in a few seconds.

“What’s yor name dear,” quizzed Sherrie?

“Jennifer,” answered the cute , petite blond.

“Were we too noisy before,” asked Sherrie?

“I could hear you, but the rest of the passengers have their headphones on and could not hear anything, but I have to say I am getting really horny listening and knowing the fun you are having.” she said sitting on the armrest of my seat.

“I am Bobbi and this isSherrie.”

“Why don’t you sit down next to me until the movie is over,” I suggested raising the blanket so she could see us.

” I guess I could for a little while, the movie has about 15 minutes left,” sliding into the big leather seat and unbuttoning the white shirt of her uniform.

“You both have such beautiful breasts,” reaching beneath the blanket cupping both our breasts making our nipples taut against one another. “My panties have been wet since the beginning of the flight , now they will be soaked, I wish I didn’t have these stupid pantyhose on,” she giggled, leaning forward so she could kiss both our breasts and licking our nipples with her tongue. Sherrie slid her hand in her blouse slipping her bra off her tit revealing a rock hard rosy pink nipple.

“Oh, Oh, Oh my,” I’m coming she yelped softly, moving one of her hands inside Sherries wet panties causing her to cum again all over my thigh.

“That’s not fair!” I exclaimed, laughing at the two of them, you have to work on me, moving off Sherrie and to Jennifer lifting her skirt to get to the waist band of her pantyhose, she lifted her buttocks off the seat so I could slide them to her ankles. She was wearing a black thong that just about covered her love triangle, her cum and love juices oozing out onto her soft creamy thighs. I bent over so my breasts were onher thighs, i slipped the thong to the side allowing my breast to touch her juicy cunt lips, my swollen nipple touching her throbbing clit her pussy lips contracting on my nipple, I tried to push it in further.

Sherrie in the meantime had lifted me onto her to her lap and was holding me close to her breast , pulling my panties down plaved her hands on my buttocks squeezing my wet cunt onto her firm breasts. W e were all moaning our bodies writhing against each other in ecstasy.

“Good evening , this is Capitan Ecare, I hope you enjoyed the movie and the smooth flight on our way to Los Cabos, we anticipate landing in 25 minutes. I’ll be turning on the cabin lights so the attendants can prepare for landing, have a great time in Cabo and come fly with us again,” surprising us and causing us to move quickly, Jennifer pulling up her hose and frantically trying to button her shirt , her tits still hanging out of her bra , she scurried to the galley. We just covered up with the blankets and began adjusting out clothes.

The seats were covered with cum and love juices so I buzzed jennifer, she came immediately, with a big grin.

“I am so wet, my skirt, pantyhose and panties are soaked and I have to go on to Mexico City, while you two go play on the beach,” she complained.

“We need some paper towels to clean up the seats and how about a couple more Mimosas,” I asked.

Jennifer quickly returned with the towels and then the drinks once again sitting on my armrest fondling my breast after handing me my drink.

“I come back tomorrow and have two days off,” she sighed, wish I could be with you two, getting and turning back to galley.

“Why don’t we check you into the hotel and then go onto my home, I want you to stay with me while you are here, “suggested Sherry, “we can go to the hotel for a few meals and you can check out the requirements for you meeting……. I guarantee my home is much nicer than the hotel.”

“That sounds wonderful,” I exclaimed , squeezing her hand.

Jennifer reappeared with another stewardess, another attractive blond in her late twenties that looked a lot like Jennifer, who must have been in the back section

“This is my sister Angie, meet my new friends Bobbi and Sherrie,” Angie extending her to shake mine and then Sherrie’s.

“Jen just told me about your adventure up here, I wish I would have known I would have come and joined in,” she said laughing.

“Are you both coming back tomorrow, ” asked Sherrie?

“Yes, we get here at 10 in the morning and then we are off until Monday afternoon,” answered Jennifer.

” If you like, you can stay at my beach home, that is close to the Hilton, with Bobbi and I, It would be a great time with the four of us,” suggested Sherrie.

“We can be there by noon ,” said Angie hugging her sister.

“I’ll write my address and phone number on the back of my card with a note for the guard at the gate to let you in, my housekeeper will take care of you if we are not there,” instructed Sherrie, handing the card to Jennifer.

” I have to get back, see you tomorrow,” said Angie, pulling back the curtain, and going to the rearof the cabin.

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