Fantasy Flight

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Fantasy Flight

Bobbi had just returned from the Furniture Show still beaming from her short , torrid afffair with Ashley. Her fantasies over making love with another woman had been far more satisfying than she ever could have dreamed of, and was looking forward to her next experience.

Her next work assignment was to go to Los Cabos Mexico to check out a hotel for a rewards trip for her customers. Maybe I will meet someone there, she thought to herself. shuffling through her lingerie drawer trying to decide what to pack and what to wear on the plane. She chose a pair of light blue thigh high stockings with a lacy tops, rubbing each thigh to smooth them out gently, touching the lips of her pussy enjoying the electricity of each touch. Next were the silky light blue bikini panties which felt so nice against her now throbbing clitoris which she started massaging through the silky material which quickly got wet from her love juices.

“No time for this now”, she mused, fastening the front clasp of the sheer demi-bra which just covered her perky nipples and pushed up her firm little breasts to show an attractive cleavage. She adjusted the bra on her nipples causing them to harden sending a shiver up her vagina.

” Oh what the hell “, laying back on her bed , spreading her legs , reaching in her soaked panties, moving her fingers against her now aroused lips and clitoris, the orgasm came quickly and wet, she put her hand up to her mouth smelling the muskiness of her sex and licking her fingers. She cupped her breasts reaching inside her bra with her wet hand, rubbing her breast with her slick love juices and cum, causing her to cum again.

” I have to get dressed ” scolding herself out loud. Standing up and going in her clothes closet, picking out a beige silk blouse and a grey mini skirt. She finished packing, carrying her bags to her SUV, and headed for the airport.

Since the hotel was paying for her trip, Bobbi was happy to be flying first class and settled in the aisle seat of row 10. The attendant quickly brought her a Mimosa, it was refreshing and the the first sip completely relaxed her, laying her head back closing her eyes.

“Excuse me” said this soft voice, tapping my shoulder.

“I have seat 10 B, I hate to disturb you, you look so content and relaxed”

I looked up at the tall beautiful woman, mid thirties with a fabulous tan, short cropped, thick black hair, professionally made-up. Her breasts were slightly larger than mine but you could see their firmness through the pink cashmere sweater , her black mini revealed enough of her legs to show their perfect shape.

As she slid across me to reach her seat, her tan bare thighs brushed against my hand resting on the armrest, first the right leg then pausing, pressed down slightly so my hand was touching her inner thigh, which felt soft and warm, smiling at me, I knew that this was not accidental, she slowly moved across my hand, causing a pleasant tingling in my still aroused vagina.

“You must have a Mimosa, they are delicious” I exclaimed, excited with the thought, I was going to spend the next four hours with this beautiful, sexy woman.

The attendant brought us both Mimosas and menus for dinner, advising us about a movie after dinner.

“My name is Bobbi, have you ever been to Cabo, it is my first time, I am so excited,” I bubbled.

” Nice to meet you Bobbi, I’m Sherrie,”

” I have been their many times, we have beach home there, I am going down for a couple of weeks while my husband is in Asia on business…… You will love it there, the weather and the ocean are wonderful.

“How long are you staying” she asked?

“Just till Monday, I am checking out the Cabo Hilton for a sales meeting,”

” My home is just down the beach from the Hilton, we can share a cab when we arrive.” placing her hand on my knee in a friendly, gentle manner.

“What are you going to have for dinner” I asked, placing my hand on top of hers and slowly moving her hand to my inner thigh, just above the lacy top of my stocking.

“I think I’ll have the rib eye, salad, and you for desert,” laughing and squeezing my thigh.

“That sounds good to me you mean this for desert” I said moving her hand up to my wet panties.

“ummmm yes” she murmured, softly touching the wet triangle of silk covering my swollen, throbbing honeypot.

“I can’t wait till the movie starts and they turn the lights out,” leaning over and whispering in Sherrie’s ear smelling the lovely scent of her expensive perfume, as the attendant approached us.

“Have you girls decided on dinner tonite,”asked the pretty young blond, seeing the smiles on our faces.

“We both will have the steak and a salad” commanded Sherrie, handing her empty glass to her, “and another round of Mimosas.”

“Looks like we will be lucky and no one will be sitting across from us ” said Sherrie, touching my nipple, which was protruding noticeably through my blouse, ” I can,t wait to slide my hand inside your bra to get to those luscious breasts and nipples.” As the plane took off and climbed through the clouds.

“Here we are ladies, I hope you enjoy,” said the pretty blond handing us our trays, ” I see you girls are getting along great,” staring at my swollen nipples and grinning, “I know you are going to have a great flight,” strutting up the aisle swinging her cute, firm ass.

“Sherrie here’s to a great, hot fun flight,” clicking my glass against hers, softly touching the back of my hand on her cheek. The dinner was not too bad for airline food, and we finished quickly since the blond attendant advised us the movie woud be starting and we needed to lower the window shades. She gathered up our trays and returned with another round of Mimosas.

“Could I get you both a blanket, the cabin usually gets cold when we get to altitude, and plus you can relax with some privacy, handing us the blankets with a big smile. “Just buzz me if you need anything, otherwise I won’t bother you” her hand rubbing against my breast as she straightened up .

The cabin was now dark save from the light from the small movie screen, the tall seats gave us privacy from the passengers sitting in front of us and the blond knew what was going on so I leaned over and kissed Sherrie , her soft warm lips immediatetly opened, allowing my tongue to explore her mouth. She reached under the blanket and began opening the buttons of my blouse and the clasp of my bra letting my firm little breasts free for her searching hands.

“Ohhh,” I gasped, our lips and tongues working in unison, one hand cupped my breast the other took my nipple, now an inch long, in her fingers rolling it back and forth. The electricity was running from my loins all the way up my cunt. I placed my left handup her skirt onto her wet panties while pulling up her sweater with my right hand discovering her lovely tits did not need a bra to stand straight up, i took her nipple and did the same to her.

“Push my panties aside and touch me,” she moaned ending our kiss, she was trembling her pussy was so lubricated my fingers easily moved inside her. “Suck my nipple,” she demanded pulling my head to her breast. ” Make me cum, I am so ready , you make me so hot , please, please” she was crying with joy.

The cum came like a waterfall her pussy lips spread so wide I could put my hand inside her , she opened her knees bracing them against the back of the seat. I withdrew my hand and stuck it inside my panties mixing her cum with my love juices. It was her turn, she leaned over taking my breast in her mouth flicking my nipple with her mouth. My pussy yearned for her touch which she obliged with her right hand tiickling my hard extended clitoris.

“Yessss make me cum baby,make me cum,” I exclaimed, squirting into her hand my vagina contracting violently on her fingers.
” I can’t wait till we get to Cabo, we will make love all night, I love you Sherrie.

To be continued in Cabo

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