Going For It

I’m not a gay man.


I’m sure there are plenty of them that say that.  What they mean is that they don’t fit into what society thinks of as a gay man.  And I don’t either.  I enjoy women very much.  I am aroused by them.  I fuck them.  Well, I used to fuck women.  Now I only fuck my wife of eight years – Helen.  I’m still as turned on by her as I always was.  Thing is…I have a deep fantasy that I just can’t reveal.  Turns out I didn’t have to.


Helen and her friends had planned a vacation, girls only, for a while.  Now that winter was here they were on their way south to lay in the sun, get wasted, go dancing, and other assorted girl things that I had no interest in.  The first night alone in the house was pretty cool.  I ordered a pizza the way I like it, rented a couple new movies on cable, and sat back on the couch in my underwear.  All the while my fantasies were creeping up to the front of my thoughts.


I grabbed my laptop halfway into the second movie and checked the casual encounters section of a local online ad page.  I had been checking the ads every so often, just out of curiosity, to see what people were into.  It was a world just outside of my reach but, tonight, I felt braver every second that passed.  I had been alone at home for no longer than six hours before I began to feel adventurous.  Just for tonight, I told myself, just for tonight.


After turning off the movie, which could no longer hold my interest, I dove into the ads more deeply.  I couldn’t believe what some people were offering and/or asking for:  Anonymous meetings at the park.  I’ll bring my wife over to your place so we can both fuck her.  Come stick your dick in this hole at this location to have it sucked…no strings attached.


Finally one piqued my interest more than the others.  This one is what I had been waiting for for so long.  This, I thought to myself, would fill my fantasy and I could get on with my life.


Wanted: man to take care of me and my friends.

My buddies and I are having a little party tonight.  Wanna cum?  You’ll have to make us first.

Be prepared to take care of all five of us.


I logged in to my secret email and replied to the ad.  Just thinking about the possibilities made my cock strain against my boxers until it poked out the front.  I finished my email to them and hesitated before clicking send.  Did I really want to go through with this?  If I heard back from them and went to this “party” there would be no turning back.  I would officially have had my first man on man experience.  Man on man on man on man on man on man to be exact.


My dick now fully erect I could no longer think straight.  I clicked send and ran to the bathroom to jerk off.  Just the anticipation alone made me close to cumming.  It was a quick job and I came hard.  I ran back to my laptop and began to refresh my email page.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.  I started to feel let down.  Maybe it wouldn’t happen tonight.  Maybe it would never happen.  Oh well…at least I tried.


I refreshed the page again and was presented with two new emails.  One for a porn site that I had signed up for on a whim and forgotten about and another in response to my reply to the ad.  I opened it nervously, like a child opening a present on Christmas morn, and began to read the email.


Again I was a little let down.  They wanted stats about me.  They wanted to know my age, weight, height, etc. and asked for a picture.  Feeling a little glum about the red tape, which I knew I would probably have to do but had fooled myself into thinking it would be easy, I took a quick pick of my dick and sent another email to them with the info they asked for.  They must have been waiting because I got a quick reply with an address and time.  Holy fucking shit.  It was going to happen!


As I groomed and dressed myself it occurred to me that it might seem that I was going on a date.  That’s sort of how it felt.  I turned off all of the lights, except a lamp in the living room we always leave on, locked the doors, and got in my car.  As I left town and hit the main highway I felt in a daze.  My dick was already waking up again and I came close to pulling over to take care of it but thought I would save it for later.  It was 12:45 at night by the time I pulled onto the street from the address they gave me.


I parked my car down the street from the party house, thinking I would keep as much anonymity as possible, and walked up to the back door, per their instructions.  It was dimly lit inside and a shadowy figure answered the door.  I gave my fake profile name and was granted entrance into a whole new world.  A world I had wanted to jump into for over fifteen years.


The house, from what I could make out of it, was nice and well kept.  I walked into the living room to find the men sitting around listening to some sort of dance music that my wife would probably be into.  I put thoughts of her to the back of my mind and took an empty spot between some of the men on the couch.  They kept talking amongst themselves, only giving me enough attention to let me know they knew I was there, and I was able to look them over a while.  They were younger than I had expected.  Mid-twenties probably.  They talked about their jobs, recipes, pets, and all sorts of random things.  I looked down at the man sitting across from me and noticed his shorts were loose and hung open a little.  I couldn’t look away.  In that moment I crossed the threshold and could think of only one thing.  I saw his shorts begin to tighten and I looked up to see that he was thinking the same thing.  Looking around at the rest of them, I knew the time was upon us.  I was going to pleasure each of them before the night was through.


Usually a person will take it slow when trying something new.  Never smoked before?  Try one and see how you handle it.  Never drank alcohol?  Have one drink.  I had never touched another man’s penis in any way, shape, or form and here I was diving into a handful of them first try.  They were all standing around me now, rubbing their crotches and making moaning sounds, whispering things I couldn’t make out.  I didn’t realize it at first but I was doing the same.


The man who had been sitting across from me came closer first and placed one hand on my head.  He thrust his hips so that his crotch was right in my face and began to rub it around on my mouth and cheeks.  I could feel warmth coming from beneath his running shorts and realized that he wasn’t wearing anything else beneath them.  I decided to just go for it and see how I felt about it afterwards.  I reached up under his shorts and caressed his stiffened cock while placing my mouth against it over his shorts.  He moaned in agreement and placed his other hand on my head.  Now ready for him I reached up and pulled his shorts down by the waistband.  His meaty cock bounced back up at me and I wrapped my mouth around the head.  This is what I wanted so desperately.  My mouth watered at the thought of what now lay inside.  He began thrusting his hips so that the whole of his dick slowly found its way into my mouth.  Once properly lubed I felt his grip on my head change and he started to fuck my mouth in earnest.  The feeling was just ecstasy.


The sides of my face began to feel warmer as time passed and I realized that some of the others had undressed and placed their penises against my face.  To be surrounded by so much hot cock flesh turned me on to no end.  The old me ceased to be and the new me was in the here and now.  This is what I was alive for in this moment…to be a receptacle for these men’s dicks.  I didn’t care how it sounded.  That’s what I was and I owned that shit.


The man in my mouth, oh how I love the sound of that, thrusted more and more sporadically and I knew I was about to taste my first load of cum.  He grunted and groaned, held his breath then released it, slowly building up his gasps until finally, with an amazing sigh, he let his gift flow into my desperate mouth.  It was hot, creamy, and tasted nothing like what I had expected, but in good ways.  I held the thick juice on my tongue even after he pulled out and the others, jerking off until their turn, were moving closer.  At this point I reverted to the old me again for a moment.  I felt unsure about what to do with myself or the semen in my mouth.  Would it be rude to spit it up at this point?  Should I swallow it and get up to go, shaking their hands for the opportunity to try something new?  The man on my left started rubbing the underside of his shaft against my face and I had my answer.  I swallowed slowly, savoring this new flavor, and took in the whole of the next man’s long cock.


I won’t discuss each and every detail of each load I swallowed that night, and I did satisfy all five of them, happily, but I left for home a few hours later feeling full and content.  They even got me off too, in a grand finale, by holding my legs up, fucking me slowly but firmly, and jerking me off until I came all over my own face.  I shrugged and moved on.  It was a good experience.  Now I’ll go back to being the old me.  For a while.


I still had a week and a half until the wife came home.

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  1. masterhank

    Very good start to the story. I’m just disappointed that you didn’t give all of the details. It was sort of an anticlimax that just as my cock began to swell the story ends. Expand on your evening and give us all the detail of your virgin cock=sucking debut. Even better if you managed to lose your anal virginity before the week was out. Wish I could have been there to help you live your fantasy.

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