In love with your best friend…

Do you know what it’s like to be a bisexual girl who has a boyfriend who you love to death…but you also are in love with your best GIRL friend? It’s hard…to be in bed with your boyfriend, and then hang out with your best friend all in a span of a few hours. You want them both, but it wouldn’t be fair. You love them both, but it’s just not right. Even if it isn’t right…there’s no problem with being wrong…

It had to be around three in the morning when me and my boyfriend, Blake, had gotten home from a party. We both had the buzz of alcohol running in our systems and we were just running out of the high of weed and the adrenaline of being at a party…which led to the one thing that was keeping us awake and from crashing onto the couch or the bed of our apartment…


With an innocent giggle of still being slightly dopey from the alcohol, I had tugged on the collar of his dark green polo, pulling him against me the second I heard the click of the door echo in the air. I could smell the alcohol on his breath and normally it was a turn off, but when I was just as buzzed, I looked past it and pressed my lips to his in a hard, long kiss; a kiss that said ‘take me here and now’. His lips curled in a grin underneath mine and it provoked me to giggle again and bite his lower lip, pulling on it in a bite of desire. Fucking hormones, man…

His hands were crawling down my back and before I knew it, he gripped my ass in a firm, possessive grasp, as if to remind me that I was his…and I had no problem with being his. A faint squeal of playful girliness was sounded and I leaned against the door, raising a leg to curl it around his waist while a hand resting on the crook of his neck; the other trailed to slide my finger tips beneath the waistband of his boxers and jeans, tugging him against me. We continued to make out, biting and sucking on each others lips; he would occasionally suck on the stud that pierced my lip or flick his tongue against the metal bar that pierced my tongue, and every time he did it, I could feel myself get more wet and wet between the lips of my smooth, hairless pussy.

Almost reading my mind, as to being how wet I was, he slid a hand to my jeans and in a swift motion, the clothing had been dropped to my ankles (which then resulted with my leg dropping from his waist), where I quickly slipped my flip flops off and then my jeans. He moved his mouth off mine and began to bite and suckle on my neck, which made me moan every now and then. His hand, though large and somewhat rough, was so soft on my pussy as he rubbed just the lips of it, making me more moist and hot. My moans were getting richer, and somewhat louder as he then massaged my clit with his large thumb. I fidgetted, mainly because of how sensitive I was down there, but even so…it was so damn amazing.

“Fuck me. Now.”

It was an order that I whispered into his ear, and it was in seconds that his pants and boxers were dropped and he was sliding into me. My body quivered and I tilted my head up, my eyes closing as I breathed in deeply. The thickness of his cock and the length filled up my tight pussy easy and it was then and there that I just wanted to cum, because of the way my pussy was being stretched. He began to pump slowly, pushing me against the wall and I whimpered with pleasure, my chest raising and falling as he then began to pick up strength. He knew I liked it rough, but not fast, and even if we were both drunk, we were still amazing at sex. I tipped my head foreward, resting my forehead on his shoulder and letting my moans get louder as he was digging deep into my pussy.

The nails of my fingers dug into his back as I slid them up his shirt, enjoying to feel his warmth while he continued to abuse my pussy. Even if he was hard and rough…I fucking loved it. My heart rate was raising and my pussy was getting tighter; I had that feeling all in my body. My toes tingled and the tips of my fingers were getting pins and needles, but that pleasurable pins and needles. “Aw fuck. Faster, babe.” I whispered before kissing him hard and moaning into his mouth. He got faster, but stayed the same strength, and I could feel the walls of my pussy tightening around his cock more and more. He was grunting and groaning, his own breath getting faster and stronger and it was with a sudden cry of pleasure that my body shook and I clung to him, my pussy cumming all over his cock. My knees were so close to giving in under me as I kept shaking with an orgasm, my breathing wavering with pleasure. It was one of those orgasms that was lasting…and lasting…

Waking up from great sex was always awesome. You wake up in a good mood and it was just an amazing way to start off your day. Rolling over, I bumped into Blake who was still in the nude from our previous activities that had carried on from the door, into the bedroom. He was snoring lightly, and it made me smile. “Why are you so cute?” I kissed his cheek, but I knew it wouldn’t wake him up. I could probably pour water on the boy and he wouldn’t wake up. Stepping out from under the covers, my eyes trailed over to the clock in our bedroom. It was already 2:14 in the afternoon. “God damn.”

Picking up Blake’s dark green polo from the night before, I tugged it on and smirked in amusement as it barely covered my ass as I walked into the kitchen, in search of something to drink. My eyes had caught onto the calendar and I swore at my stupidity for sleeping in. I had to meet my best friend, Mel, at her house to chill with her today at 3. There was no way in hell I could get ready in 45 minutes!

Whining, I sprinted back to the bedroom and began to get dressed. I tugged on a pair of jeans that were made my ass look firm and round, which made it scream “smack me!”, and it was when I was zipping my fly that I realized I had no underwear on. Oh well. Commando it would be. Tugging off Blake’s polo, I rummaged the floor for a bra, and with flying fingers, I clasped it around my round 34C tits while I stumbled to the closet, finding a over sized hoodie. I was the typical..punkish girl, who would choose hoodies over a boob-exposing shirt and a skirt. Running my fingers through my long, black, straight hair, I tried to give it a bit of life, since it was obvious that I was having a case of sex hair.

Before I left, I leaned over Blake, who was still soundlessly sleeping and nuzzled my nose against his cheek lightly. “I’m going to Mel’s. I’ll be back soon. Don’t do anything stupid, buddy.” I whispered it into his ear and he nodded at me, pulling me onto him and kissing my neck. When he had done this, I grinned and kissed his forehead before leaving the bedroom and walking to the door, sliding on my black Old Navy flip flops and leaving the apartment, my car keys in hand.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t my car – it was Blake’s; a 2004 Mustang Bullit…or something. I wasn’t sure, but all I knew was that it had awesome handling and it was fast. Trotting down the stairs of the apartment building, I walked to the car and flopped into the drivers seat before putting it into gear and flicking on the stereo, completely content with the screamo that was making the bass of the stereo system shake. Almost like a professional, I backed out of the parking lot and put the pedal to the metal as I drove to Mel’s.

Her house was small and cute, and I was happy for her. She lived with her girlfriend, Sarah, and it made me almost envious that they could survive each other, be married, and have a house together. Blake and I were just on steady dating terms and had only recently decided to get an apartment. It was better than nothing, though. Parking the car in her long driveway, I noticed that Sarah’s car was still in the driveway, as was Mel’s. Damn Sarah. I felt my mood sour slightly from jealousy as I walked up to the front door, ringing the doorbell, I was fiddling with the car keys and biting on my
tongue piercing while waiting. When I heard the door opened, I saw the auburn-
haired Sarah at the door with a smile on her face.


“Hey Sar. Mel around?” I gave her a forced smile. I hated this girl. I had so many reasons too, but I wouldn’t go into it. I just….wanted to bitch slap her a few times.

“She’s in the shower. But come on it. I’m about to leave for some arrends, though, so you might have to wait a while, alone. She likes to take her time.” Sarah laughed innocently and moved aside to let me walk into the house. Without her seeing, I rolled my eyes at her and just kept thinking ‘Just leave already. Nobody likes you. Go play with your tofo’. I know, I lacked maturity, but everyone loved me nonetheless. I sat down on a stool that was at the island of the kitchen while I watched Sarah get her shit together for where ever she was going. She tried to get up conversations with me, but I made it obvious I didn’t want to talk to her while inserting random ‘mhmm’s and ‘oh really’s and ‘thats cool’s.

Mel finally came out of the shower, but I don’t think she expected to see me yet, cause she came out in a skimpy little towel, calling after Sarah. Honestly, I don’t even think she saw me as she pranced over to Sarah to kiss her girlfriend goodbye. I didn’t care though, because it gave me the chance to look at Mel’s long, slender legs that led up to her tight little ass and her soft pussy that I had merely only touched with my hands two times in life. I could see the small cleavage of her tits from how the towel was wrapped around them and it made me bite on my lower lip, though I stopped staring when Sarah lifted her head from kissing Mel to say goodbye to me. Me response? I looked away.

“Hey, I didn’t see you come in.” Mel smiled towards me, and even as she walked over to me in that towel, my jealousy from seeing her kiss Sarah was still fuming from my body while I sat with my weight leaned onto the island of the kitchen.

“Sar told me you were in the shower. So I came in anyways.” I shrugged my shoulders and stood up, hoping that I could get out of my sour jealous mood, but it was still there.

I wanted Mel. For myself. Sure, I had Blake by my side. But I wanted Mel there too. It went beyond just being best friends. I wanted her as my girlfriend. I was a greedy son of a bitch and I wanted her…PERIOD.

I stood up from the stool and walked over to the refridgerator, scanning my eyes over it before grabbing a bottle of water and shutting the door, only to lean on it and have my eyes trail over Mel’s body. God damn, why did I want her so much?!

She had a slight frown on her face before she sighed and walked over to me, her height being slightly taller than me, since I was a mere 5’4”….everyone was taller than me. Her soft palm placed itself on my cheek and I looked at her, putting the water bottle on the counter beside us, and then leaning foreward, where my lips pressed into hers, though it was a tender…a soft kiss. One arm wrapped around her waist while the other raised my hand to rest itself on her neck, keeping her close as we shared a passionate kiss. God, I loved her.

“Forget about her…it’s supposed to be a Mel and Lyss day, yeah?” Mel whispered as she broke the kiss for a moment to speak and wait for my response. Most days, we actually hung out, talked, watched a movie…today, it was going to be different. I nodded at her and then slid both of my hands up her towel, resting on her soft and thin waist. I loved how tiny she was. I loved how when I slid my hand down her hip, it led to her smooth upper thigh that was covered in perfectly smooth skin. I could touch her for days and never get tired of it. The wandering hand travelled to her ass, where I grabbed it roughly, pulling her close to me. I felt her smirk beneath my lips and it made me grin at her, my tongue trailing over her bottom lip.

Mel lifted her hands and picked at the towel in a swift movement, dropping it off from her body, where I saw my version of the perfect body. Without hesitation, I dropped my head and kissed down her long and slender neck, nibbling along it as my lips made their way across her collarbone, and down to her small, but plump breasts. My pierced tongue massaged her pink nipple, gentley at first before I began to bite down on it lightly, sucking on it. Her hands traveled over my own body, and all that could be heard were her soft breaths and the sound of her unzipping my hoodie.

I felt the slightly chilly air of the house, but I pressed against her to feel her warm body close to mine while I trailed my mouth away from her breast and to her mouth, again, where we kissed for a short time.

“Let’s go in my bedroom.” Was all she whispered to me while tugging me along.

Before I knew it, I was sprawled on her bed in my jeans while she stradled my lap, our kiss being deep and almost never ending. I had one hand on her ass, squeezing one of her small cheeks while the other trailed to her pussy, running a thumb over her already swollen clit. I felt her body shiver and I smirked at her, applying my thumb onto her clit slightly harder and moving it in a circular motion. Mel moaned and pressed her hips against me and it made me smirk more. I loved to see her squirm and moan. She then edged away from me, though, to focus on getting my jeans off. She began to laugh and while kneeling between my legs on the matress, Mel looked up at me with an innocent grin. “No panties, hm? Did you plan on getting me into bed?” I propped myself up on my elbows and shrugged innocently. “Naturally…” We both giggled before I went to pull her up to me again, but she shook her head.


It was all she said to me as she laid out between my legs and trailed her tongue down the lips of my pussy. I trembled lightly at even the faintest touch of her tongue, leaning my head back on the pillow and giving a soft sigh of pleasure. Then I felt her plunge her tongue deep into my pussy and moving it around, and it made me squirm slightly from the way it felt. I closed my eyes and sighed again, tightening my grip on the sheets of the bed as she began to nibble on the lips of my pussy and slide her fingers deep within me. She curled them up and it made me moan loud, my hips raising a bit from the pleasure of it all.

“Lemme get a try.”

I whispered down at her and sat up, tugging her up from she was and then standing from the bed, watching her as she then sprawled on the bed just as I had been. I walked towards her closet, sliding the door open and dragging out a box. I knew where she kept all her toys that she used with Sarah, and I had been dying to try them out on her. Carrying the box towards the bed, I then knelt down and found two pairs of silver handcuffs. A smirk played on my lips and I grabbed them and then clipped them around Mel’s little wrists without saying a word. “Be a good girl. Unless you want me to get rough…” She wiggled her eye brows at me and giggled a bit. God, I loved the way she was.

With that being said, I then grabbed a vibrator and laid at the end of the bed, suckling on her belly button playfully while I turned the vibe on and let it rest against her pussy lips teasingly. I heard her whimper slightly and I felt her fidget and with a glimpse up at her, I saw how she was tugging at the hand cuffs, obviously wanting to put her hands down. Smirking, I then began to slide the vibrator into her pussy and cranked up the vibrations just a tad. Mel began to moan and move her hips around more, which made me grin. To see her in pleasure was just…a beautiful thing, really. My mouth moved from her belly button to her pussy, where I sucked one her lips and bit on them while moving the toy deep into her pussy, the vibration getting stronger.

“Fuck, Lyss…” She whisp
ered that and her hips raised from the bed, but I pushed down with my free hand, my tongue pressing to her clit and allowing the metal of the cool piercing to r
oll around her tender pussy flesh. Her moans were getting more intense, as was the way she was moving her hips. She was almost bucking them every time to pressed the toy deep into her, or whenever I sucked on her clit. She kept moaning my name and it made me feel important, like we had more of a connection than just sex. Why couldn’t we be together? Why did Sarah have to be in the fucking picture? Like damn…

Not thinking about Sarah, I then slid the vibrator out of her pussy and licked it clean, but I let her the juices linger in my mouth before I eased up to her mouth, her chest raising in falling from how hard she had been breathing. “Please tell me you’re not done.” I shook my head and kissed her deeply, sliding my tongue against hers to make sure she tasted exactly what I tasted – the sweetness of it. “Don’t worry. I’m far from it…”

With such words being said, I then crawled back down to her pussy and let the vibe press against her clit at the highest setting. She was squirming and whimpering at just that and it made me smirk with amusement. The sound of her tugging at her handcuffs made it obvious how much she wanted the use of her hands, but the fact that I restricted her from it made me feel dominate and it turned me on even more. Maybe I was a freak…oh well. Leaning down, I took two fingers and sunk them deep into her pussy, curling them up and pulling them up. I watched her facial expressions and it was obvious that she was lost in pure ectasy while she squirmed, arched her back, and moaned like a nymph.

I loved it.

I continued with my finger work, keeping it at two fingers. Sometimes I would speed up with the rate, other times I would slow down just to tease her. “Fuck.” Mel whimpered and squirmed more while tugging at the handcuffs. I began to thrust my fingers into her faster, harder, and made sure the vibe was directly on her clit. Her whimpers of pleasure were growing stronger and louder. I could tell she was loosing her breath. The way she fidgetting and tugged at the handcuffs, I knew she was close to cumming. “Come on, baby.” I whispered to her and kissed the inside of her thighs, my fingers still working their magic.

And then it happened.

Her entire body was shaking and she squealed with pleasure, her arms tensing as she arched off the bed. A rush of liquid squirted from her pussy and only my tits as she orgasmed over my fingers and continued to moan. “Oh god!” She continued to shake, almost violently in her orgasm I had just given her. Finally, after she had lost the last spark of her orgasm, I took the vibrator off of her clit and trailed my body up against hers, my lips finding her. The way she was; breathless, kind of sweaty, and still whimpering, made me love her more. I wanted to do this to her whenever I wanted. Maybe even every night.

“Again. Again. Again. Again!” Mel whispered frantically to me and I grinned, kissing her long and softly. “Not now. Can’t tire you out too much, now can I?” I sat up and undid her handcuffs. “The fuck you can’t!” She huffed and tugged me down again, which made me giggle and kiss her more. God, it was almost painful how much I loved her. “C’mon…let’s get cleaned up..” I whispered to her and dragged her to the bathroom where a hot shower awaited us….

That day, after our shower full of giggles, fingering, making out, and cleaning, I had the best sex with my best friend. The best of it? We both had another person waiting on us. But here we were, sharing the best sex we probably both ever had. It was one thing that we had on each other’s boyfriend/girlfriend; the one thing that made us slightly better for the other. I felt accomplished. Like I meant more to Mel than Sarah did. It was lame, maybe…but it was the truth.

“Call me later, yeah?” I whispered to Mel as I tugged on my hoodie again as we both stood at the door. She nodded and before I could go for the door, she grabbed my hand and pulled me close. Our lips were so soft against the others, it made me melt. I wanted to have after-sex cuddletime with her then and there, but Mel was convinced that Sarah would be home soon enough. With a sigh, I leaned my mouth away from hers and nosed her cheek. “Talk to you later.” I said and then opened the door, shutting it behind me. As I walked down the sidewalk, Sarah pulled up in her car and smiled at me, to greet me. I smirked at her and nodded, knowing that I had amazing sex with her girlfriend…and I was getting away with it. I turned and watched Mel open the door for Sarah and kiss her on the cheek, though we made eye contact and I saw her blush. I grinned and slipped into Blake’s car, planning on going straight home.

What they didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt them.

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    I wish I could be your best friend. Very nice

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    Ooo that was really nice would anyone care to fuck me like that im a young lesbien, come and get me.

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