Redheaded Vixen for Sale

I’ve always had sexual thoughts about women, loved to watch women-on-women porn, and always dreamed of sucking on beautiful tits and fingering a nicely manicured pussy. I just never shared this fantasy with anyone – until I met my second husband Keith.

He introduced me to a couple, where the girlfriend was bi-sexual. She was very open about her sexuality and past girlfriends she’s had. I became comfortable enough with them to finally reveal my own fantasy of kissing and touching another girl while my husband sat closely by, stroking his cock and watching. My “new” friend told us about a Swingers Club they frequented in NY City and asked us to go with them. Although very nervous about the prospect of my fantasy finally coming through, I was all for it.

Just to give you an image of me; I am VERY easy on the eyes; long red hair which both men and women comment how beautiful is and love to touch it, a curvy figure, D-cup breasts with very large nipples, and pussy lips so succulent you can make a roast beef sandwich with them. Needless to say, I don’t have an issue attracting “people” in general.

I dressed very provocatively that night knowing what my goal was; to attract some hot girl to “play” with. My best asset was front and center; my beautiful, large tits. We arrived at the club with our friends, who left us rather quickly to be with the “regulars” that frequented the place. We were left alone, looking like lost kittens. The club was three floors with a DJ, a buffet and a large dance floor. We ordered a drink and sat down to watch. Beautiful people were everywhere and they were all either half naked or getting there. I looked around the room for my target, someone I was attracted to.

I ended up finding “them” in the bathroom. There were six women, one toilet, and no door at all in one little room. We laughed because it was awkward at first, but then we started to talk. One at a time, we told each other what we were there for and why, if it was our first time, etc. One of the women, another redhead named Ginger, was the wife of a NY City Detective who was there for his birthday, wanting to watch is wife give a blow-job to another guy. Another girl, Debbie, was there for her first time to lick another girl’s pussy. I told them it was my first time doing anything. Meanwhile, the husbands realized they were all sitting outside the door waiting for us and starting banging on the door asking what in hell we were all doing. One girl said, “We’re all playing with each other’s pussies!” We laughed at first, but then decided, that’s what we were all going to do as couples. We walked out and met our husbands as a group and preceded to the “now open” third floor where there are no rules, everything goes. The room was large with deep leather couches along the walls. My husband and I sat beside Ginger and her Detective husband. The other couples were close-by. There were lots of bodies around is, in stages of undress. There was a cute blond in the corner, nude, lying on the couch legs spread wide open with a line of guys waiting to fuck her while her husband/boyfriend sat next to her stroking his cock. I straddled my husbands lap facing him and we started making out. Ginger and her husband did the same. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on the side of my breast, stroking it. I turned to see Ginger, holding her husbands hand to my tit, giving him the ok to touch me. My husband’s hand was already on Ginger’s thigh as she slowly started to spread her legs. I asked her “Can I kiss you?” She said, “Yes, of course”. I leaned over and gently kissed Ginger, slowly licking lips, my tongue gently entering her mouth. I need to feel her tits and nipples, being so horny at this point. I didn’t ask her. I put my hand into her shirt and gently touched her nipple. My pussy was getting very wet. I continued to feel fingers on my nipples and my shirt being pulled off my shoulder.

I stood up to take my bra and shirt off. My husband immediately started to suck on one of my nipples while the Detective sucked on the other and ginger started to touch my very wet pussy. I sat down between my men and let them suckle my nipples while Ginger took my now wet panties off. A crowd started to gather to watch. I spread my legs wider as Ginger was on her knees, slowly licking around my pussy lips. I have a very large clit, the size of a small pinkie and very sensitive. She played with my clit, driving me crazy. I was in my glory with a double tit sucking and this beauty playing with my pussy. At this point, the other couples joined us. A few girls pulled my husbands jeans off him, seeing this extremely large bulge behind those jeans. My husband’s cock is like a coke can and women are amazed by it’s girth. He said, “All three of you, suck my cock and lick my balls”. They obliged immediately while their husbands were behind them, each fingering another wives pussy. I watched Ginger play with my pussy. I brought my legs up and told her to stick three fingers into me, hard and fast, while I played with my clit. She finger fucked me so good, my Pussy juice flowed out on Ginger’s fingers and all over the couch. She stood up, pulled my hands to stand up, and gently put her fingers in my mouth so I could lick my own pussy juice. The crowd had gotten larger and cocks, pussies and tits were everywhere.

We were all nude at this point. It was my turn to truly live my fantasy. I kissed Ginger passionately and gently pushed her down on the couch. I straddled her and started to suck on her nipples. She grabbed my long hair and pulled me closer, grinding her very warm pussy into mine. I paid homage to each nipple, sucking, biting, and licking until she was moaning. I slid down her body onto my knees. I spread her long legs to view a perfect red haired pussy with lips just like mine! I could see how wet she was and started to stroke her lips and clit. She laid her head back as both of our husbands were on either side of her, stroking their cocks and sucking on her tits. I gently licked her clit while looking up at her to make sure I was doing it right. I must have been because she was moving her hips all over the place. I could feel fingers on my own pussy, rubbing and being shoved inside me, but I didn’t care who was touching me at that point. I loved the feeling strangers hands on my body.

I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders. I had total access of this beautiful pussy. I inserted two fingers into her now very wet pussy, and slowly moved them in and out while sucking on Ginger’s clit. I reached for her “G” spot, knowing exactly where to touch. Her pussy was hot and she was begging me to thrust harder, deeper and faster. I held onto her legs while pumping my fingers into the pussy. I loved the feel of her dripping wet pussy and the smell of her sex. I licked her clit until she started to scream that she was Cumming. The guys were ready to blow their loads at this point, both of them having had three or more girls sucking on their cocks. Ginger and I both stood up, and leaned over the couch holding onto the railing, offering our pussies out to our men, doggie style. Both our husbands swapped wives. I looked back at the Detective and said, “Make it hard, fast and dirty”. I felt the Detective grab my hips and slam his rock hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. I groaned with pleasure as his length entered me. He grabbed onto my hair, pulling my head back as he fucked me full and hard. He had me half standing, half kneeling, squeezing my nipple while he forcefully took me. I reached down to play with my clit while Ginger was enjoying my husbands “coke can cock” as he plunged in and out of her sweet pussy while holding both her tits as leverage. I leaned over to make out with her while our hubby’s watched and this probably did the trick because they both started to spasm at the same time. Ginger and I then sucked on our own husband’s cocks to clean off their “Jiz” and taste each other’s pussy cum.

We never saw them again and never kept in touch, but I’ll never forget my first time and my first Ginger.

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