Taking It Hard- Part II

After the brutal fucking my husband had given me, I realized that I no longer had an urge to dominate him, I wanted to be his slave. He had assumed that the experience would be a *one time thing*, to fulfill a fantasy he had read in my diary, but I enjoyed it so much, I brought him my diary, and let him read the other fantasies I had hidden there.
He was really interested in my fantasy about being with a woman, I had thought about it alot, but never tried it. He once again wore the evil grin I had seen on his face while he dominated me, and said *Maybe we can work something out eh?*
I personally didnt know any woman who would join us in our play, but I was feeling moist at the thought of having yet another fantasy come true.
That night he went out with some friends, I was too sore and tired, I just wanted to stay home and rest. He came home late, around one in the morning, and I was asleep on the couch with my diary accross my chest, I had earlier written down all the wonderfully dirty details of our encounter.
He crept quietly over to me, and since I wanted to see what would happen, I pretended to still be asleep.. He gently removed the diary from my chest, and I could hear him turning the pages. He must have found the page he was looking for, because the pages stopped making noise, and I heard him walk away, trying to be quiet.. I listened carefully, hoping that he would come back and ravage me, but it didnt happen. Instead, I heard him whispering in the next room. Who was he talking to? I rose silently from the couch, and crept to the entryway, chancing a glance around the corner. What I saw there was my husband, standing next to a beautiful black woman I had never seen before. She was as tall as him, with tight braids spilling down her back, and a marvelous body. It occured to me that she might be a model, or a dancer, since she was wearing six inch stiletto heels, and a very revealing leather dress that stopped just below her ass. What surprised me even more, was that SHE was holding my diary! And more than that, she was smiling at whatever it was she was reading.
I had an idea that another of my fantasies was about to be fulfilled. Maybe he would let me and this woman get together for a night. I got back to the couch as quick as I could, hoping I hadn’t been seen, and lay back down, waiting for him to come back.
Within just a few minutes, I heard him creep back into the room, and then felt the weight of him as he sat on the edge of the couch. I assumed that this would be an appropriate time for me to *wake up* so I opened my eyes and smiled at him.
He returned the smile, and in one swift motion, he grabbed my hands and tied them together. When I glanced down to see what he had used, I saw that it was a pair of red panties, and they felt very moist.
*I have someone I want you to meet* he said. *Dont you dare speak, until I tell you to. You got it?* I replied just as I had learned earlier, *Yes Sir.*
The woman stalked into our living room, She was even more beautiful up close. And with each long stride she took towards us, her skirt showed off the fact that she was not wearing any panties. How could she be? They were binding my wrists together.
My husband pulled me into a sitting position on the couch, and said *Do you like her?* as he reached out a hand to touch the wetness between her gorgeous brown legs. *Yes sir* I replied, and was rewarded by being yanked by my wrists onto the floor. *I wasnt talking to you slut!*
The beauty standing now above me reached down and grabbed me by my hair, jerking my head up to look at her, *She’ll do. How obedient is she?* She asked my husband.
*Well,* he replied, *she’s not very good, she needs alot of punishment, the dirty little bitch likes it.*
At that the woman pulled me to my feet to stand in front of her. She jerked open the nightshirt I was wearing to expose my bare tits. My face grew hot either with anticipation or embarassment, as she cupped my right breast in her dark hand, massaging my nipple with her thumb, then digging her long nails into my skin.
*So, you dont like to obey? We’ll just have to work on that now wont we?*
My husband was still seated on the couch, watching our exchange, his cock growing obviously stiff through the jeans he wore..
*Take off those panties so I can see your pussy* The ebony mistress told me.
I obliged, having a bit of trouble since my wrists were still bound. But I finally worked them down, and stepped out of them.
*SIT BITCH* she said to me, and I quickly obeyed. *Good, nice. Keep it up and I may let you eat my pussy. Would you like that darling?* I wasnt sure what to respond, and was thinking it over, when she reached out once again, and grabbed me by the hair. *YOU WILL ANSWER YES MAAM!*
I immediately did as I was told, and heard my husband next to me unzipping his pants.
I looked to him for some idea of what would happen next, I had shown him my fantasy about a woman, and he had combined it with our earlier session. I was dumbfounded, and happy to find that I was also dripping wet.
As he removed his jeans, I saw that his cock was fully erect, standing at attention, as he slowly stroked it while watching me submit to the orders of the woman he had brought home for me.
*Have you ever seen another woman suck your man’s dick?* she asked. *No maam* I replied. At once I was worried that I would be jealous, or upset that he was about to be pleasured by someone other than me.
*Lie back on the couch, and spread your legs wide* I was told by the leatherclad seductress. I did as I was told, and watched as she unzipped and removed the dress she was wearing. I draped one leg over the back of the couch, and one over the side, foot on the floor my hands instinctively moved to my exposed mound. *If you try to play with that sweet little clit honey, I’ll promise you that YOU will be the only one to not get off tonight* I brought my hands back up quickly, wanting desperately to please this woman. She licked her plump red painted lips and lowered herself between my husband’s legs.. He was watching me again, his face that of a hungry predator, as she took his cock into her mouth. It must have felt good to him, because he threw his head back and let out a labored sigh. I watched as she worked his dick in and out of her face, taking it all, and I was amazed that while she deepthroated his thick cock, she darted her tounge out of her mouth to lick his balls. I had never seen anything like it. Her tits were bouncing as she quickened her pace with her mouth, and her ass was a perfect heart shape, sticking up in the air not three feet from me. My husband held her hair in his hands and rocked his hips in rhythm with her head. He was fucking her mouth, and loving it.
I was suddenly aware that my own snatch was hot, and throbbing, wanting desperately to be fucked, or sucked, or anything! I was jealous, not that someone else was going to make my man cum, but that she wasnt fucking me with her mouth instead of him. My hips were uncousciously rocking as I watched the two of them, but I dared not touch my clit for fear that her threat of withholding an orgasm had been true.
He was going to cum, I could see it in his face, and at the moment when he would have, she removed her wet mouth from his member and gripped it tight around the base. She wasnt going to let him get a nut just yet. I was silently pleased that maybe he was feeling the same wonderful pressure in his groin that I already felt. He groaned loud, and it was appearant that he was still trying to cum *Not yet* she told him, and sat back on her knees to wipe at her mouth.
*Did you like that honey? Seeing my mouth wrapped around his cock? He has one of the biggest I’ve ever seen on a white man. I think I want it in my pussy now.* I whimpered, wanting to beg her to touch me, to beg to touch her, but she just ignored me as she repositioned my husband. He had his back to the opposite end of the couch now, facing me and my spread legs. The woman also faced me as s
he straddled his cock. He grabbed her by the hips and
lowered her beautiful cunt onto his dick. I watched, rapt, as she took the length of him deep into her hole. She was staring right at my face as she told me *MM, this feels so good, I bet it looks good too doesnt it?* *Yes Maam* I gasped at her.
She rode his cock vigorously, as he gripped her from behind, and I could hear him gasping and groaning as she worked her pussy up and down on his cock. I was trembling now, surprised at how excited I was by the sight of my husband fucking the woman before my eyes.
She continued to pound her snatch on his cock for what felt to me like hours, My clit felt swollen, and my hot juices were running down to my ass. I could only watch as they fucked, obviously both about to cum, I was aching to be touched.
She was hissing through her teeth as he rammed himself deep into her over and over again, and she massaged her perfect tits, all the while watching me watch them.
She climbed off of him slowly, and stood before me. *Get up. On your feet bitch* I answered by slowly getting into a sitting position, and stealing a flick at my clit before standing in front of her. *I saw that you little cunt!* she said, and slapped my hands away from my pussy.
*Bend over, legs straight, and hold onto the back of the couch, make sure theyre spread good and wide. You understand?* I obeyed, wondering what my transgression would warrant, and found out soon enough.
She began to spank my pussy, her fingers roughly tapping at my clit. There was nothing but wet smacks and pain mixed with momentary bursts of pleasure, as she punished my pussy. My husband was still lying back on the couch, stroking his cock and licking his lips as he watched us.
She finished her spanking and shoved me onto the floor, kneeling in front of the couch, before sitting spread eagle in front of me.
*Your husband tells me youve never had pussy before, is that true?* *Yes maam.* I couldnt take my eyes off of it, brown, and pink at the same time, glistening in front of my face, the smell of sex eminating from her fuckhole.
*Well, youre about to taste this pussy, and you better make me cum. And when I do, you will lick it clean. Is that clear?* I nodded at her without removing my eyes from her cunt, and she immediately slapped me hard on the cheek, *I SAID,IS THAT CLEAR?!* I realized that I had forgotten to speak when told, and quickly corrected the problem. She nodded and raised my tied hands to her chest *I dont want you trying to sneak a touch at that clit. * SHe held my hands above me with one hand, and with the other, gently pushed my face into her dripping slit. I found her clit, and began slowly tounging it, working my tounge up and down the way I liked to have my pussy eaten. She spread her legs wider and took two of my fingers into her mouth as she mumbled around them *Thats it, take care of that clit you little fucking slut.*
She sucked my fingers as if they were a cock, as I kissed and sucked and licked at her swollen clit. When I dared to look up, I saw that my husband was leaning over her, sucking on her left tit, nibbiling at the her nipple while he worked his cock with his hand.
I kept at it, tasting my husband’s cock all over her cunt, and when she came, she actually squirted cum onto my chin. I remembered my instruction, and moved my mouth down to her hole to clean out the juices with my tounge. It was salty, and very hot. I sucked her dark lips dry, and buried my tounge in her hole, making sure i got all of it.
*Very good.* she said. And without another word, got up and left the room. Was she leaving?? Was that it? It couldnt be, I had been good and I was supposed to cum now!
I sat there on my knees, watching my husband as he sat calmly, stroking his dick, and watching me.
I opened my mouth to ask what happened, and was cut off *Dont ask questions. And dont move. Youre next* he said.
I didnt know exactly what he meant by that, Was I going to cum next? Get fucked next? Suck his dick next?
He was even surprised when she came back into the room, and took complete control of both of us.

To see where this leads, read on to part three. Oh, and I love your comments, please leave more!

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