tease part 2

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I looked in the mirror one last time before I called.I really looked good and I knew he wouldnt be able to resist me.I was 5ft 9 130 lbs with blue eyes blonde hair and a deep tan.The short shorts made my shapely legs look amazingly long.This was going to be easy.
I called up and ordered a large pizza,I hung up and waited for him.I thought about the first time I had seen him.My mom had asked me to answer the door and pay for our pizza,when I opened the door I was awestruck.He was about 6 ft with sandy blonde hair and green eyes.He had a loose tank top on and I could see he was very athletic.I glanced at his crotch and he caught me.I looked away and blushed.I paid him and closed the door embarrassed but breathless.He was gorgeous.I wanted him.
A month later here I was waiting to throw myself at him.I was growing nervous and started to second guess my plan.I began to pace when the doorbell rang.I was on.I opened the door and asked him to step in.He stepped in and closed the door behind him.It took a second for his eyes to adjust to the dark room but when he did I could see him staring at me,eyeing me up and down with the pizza in his hand.I took the pizza and turned and began to walk toward the dining room table making sure to walk slowly and as sexy as I could.I could feel his eyes on my ass.When I placed the pizza on the table I purposely knocked the money on the floor.With my back toward him I bent over at the waist to pick the money up.

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