My ex allows me to stop by

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It had been a couple weeks since my fiancée and I had broken up…I had called to ask if I could swing by and pick some stuff up and she said stop by…


i arrived to find her cute and sassy as always wearing cut off sweats and a tank top exposing her perky D cups as a tease to anyone coming into viewing.   It’s always amazing after you break up you realize just exactly how good someone always looks.   I was still in love with this girl but weeks ago I had found out she had cheated on me a few times most recently with some cocky guy that I played against in our softball League .   He had hit on her after a softball game at our shared teams sponsored bar.   even then I was bothered that she politely had turned him down after some conversation instead  saying she should have quickly said she was engaged.   It was later I found out he came on to her again one night when they met up by chance at another local bar and ended up sleeping together later that night.


“hey, come in…” Tina said opening the door and turning to walk back in as I let myself in.  “I started putting some of your stuff into a bag in the bedroom.   You can look around and grab anything”. She sat down on the couch and light up a cigarette flipping open a magazine.  “I can give you space or whatever…I trust you obviously in here” she said with a nervous smile as if trying to break the ice to a somewhat awkward situation.

“Thanks” I replied” no you should stay.  I won’t be long”. I walked into the bedroom and saw the bag And started digging out a few items.   As I continued I began to think about this room.   The bed side table had a couple wine glasses and a few cigarette butts.  I began wondering if she had had sex in this bed with him.   I had the same feelings of jealousy and hurt but I also found myself oddly intrigued and HARD…like a foyer envisioning what it might have looked like, my fiancée getting fucked from behind or something by another guy.

“sorry, rooms a mess” she interrupted my twisted daydream fog with the break in silence.   I had jumped a bit startled at the unexpected snap back to reality and I think she realized that “oops didn’t mean to scare ya” she giggled while bending down and clearing a few things off the table.

I suddenly found myself completely aroused and wanting to step over the line in this surreal situation.  “Tina”. I cleared my throat a bit nervous”can I ask a question”.  It was quiet for what seemed an hour when she sat down on the bed and said “sure…what’s up?”

did you have sex with him in here”. There I said it…it was out there

she looked  away, taking a drag on her cigarette and slowly stated “look, John, I didn’t mean to hurt you…I’m sorry things ended the way they did…”

” No..I know” I interrupted” I’m just asking if you would let me know did you, you know, did you and him…we’re you guys together here recently…like since that first time with him”

she blew smoke in the air ” I knew I should have cleaned up in here” she laughed nervously” you always knew me too well.   I’m sorry again about how this ended…and you and I are going our separate ways so I don’t want you to freak out or be hurts.   She looked at me and sighed “don’t hate me, Kay?”

it was just the opposite.   I was so turned on.  I wanted details…”Tina, we dated for 2 years and were engaged 4 months…if I asked for one last favor…”

“okay” she said nervously

“will you…tell me about it?”

“about what. ”

“About you and him”. Can I ask questions”

she was looking at me weird now and I  could tell she was confused.

“I will be completely honest ” I blurted out nervous not only about her reactions but also of what I was saying aloud.  “I love you and yes I’m hurt, but right now between you and me, I have to admit I’m wound up at the thought of you enjoying a great night if sex.    as friends would you give me this one last thing”

she laughed “I’m not having sex with you if that’s what this is about”

i knew this was e moment.  I had to do it.  I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and started stroking it “no I understand.   But between you and me nobody will know will you will you tell me about it”

she looked at me, stunned, without a word.  I thought she was going to laugh or yell or simply walk out but she instead slowly collected her thoughts, took a drag and blew out a thin line of smoke “what do you want to know.”   I was rock hard and began asking questions.   When was the last time? Last night.  Where ?  Right here…I started asking details and she went from yes or no or one word answers to beginning to openly tell me things.  I was stroking myself and quite hard.   She took another inhale and asked “does it turn you on to know that I was fucked by another guy last night”.  my Answer was oddly hell yeah, but she made me say it out loud “yeah it does for some strange reason”.  She went on to tell me about his cock size, fuller ad thicker than me and similar to the toy I was allowed to use on her from time to time.  She explained how his cockiness that first night of hitting on her in front of me was a turn on and that the first time they did it, it had started with dares in the back if the can and finishe’d with her laying on her back being fucked and serviced by his shaft and that beforshe let her cum  he demanded she yell out how great he felt inside her and better than me.   She added how it was the truth and that afterward when they shared a smoke that she and him talked of me and laughed when her phone rang and it was me calling on the other end.    She went into detail about how later that night while he complimented her engagement ring, she decided to stroke him and get him hard again so she could ride him for one more orgasm and then sucked him until he came.   That just last night in that very bed he had asked what thing were off limits to her past fiancee and when she shared the anal limits, she suddenly found herself being fucked in the ass and liking it, wanting it and enjoying the fact that it was withheld from me.    I heard how he came in her ass that night and that she sucked and stroked him off din the n,orning all over her breasts

i couldn’t take anymore and yelled out I’m gonna come…. We’re could I come…

she whipped off her top to expose her large breasts  “come on my breasts but only if you promise after you  will have to lick them clean. “.  I looked at her and she smiled back ” girls gotta have her fantasies too”.  She leaned back allowing me to have full access to her boobs. Se pushed them together right as I exploded and came several shots of jizz down the middle of the squished boobs.     Tina quickly switched places with me having me lay down on the bed.   She sat on top of me with her pussy just inches from my drained dick.  Leaning over me she began to lower her breasts onto my face.  “Lick them clean now” she said laughing a bit as I did reluctantly.she stopped for a second to look me in the eyes and added “and I haven’t showered  yet if you know what I mean.”     I froze for a second realizing i was lapping up not not only my fresh cum but dried cum of him.  “shhh ” she teased as she lowered her breast back into my mouth.  “Don’t think too hard…just clean it all up”.  As I complied “she began to touch herself and “started to cum while rubbing my face in the gons of cum.   Afterward she light up one last cigarette and gently patted me on the front of my shoulder.   “That was unexpected” she giggled out.    “Nice though.”   She saw me out and said “let’s stay in touch”.   She laughed  a but more than stated again “unexpected”. And shut the door behind me

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