A escape into the cabin

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The leaves fell silently throughout the day. Jack and Samantha had just arrive to their cabin for the summer. As Samantha explored the kitchen Jack unloaded the van. After an hour, with the van unloaded and the kitchen cleaned and ready to be used for their meals, Jack decided to explore the bedrooms. “Sweetie, come upstairs with me so we can see if the Daniels left the blankets and sheets.” Samantha poked her head from out of the living room where she was studying a stuffed bird. “Alright hun. I will follow suit shortly.” Jack bounds up the stairs all 24 in all and turns to his first right. He opens the door revealing a small closet. He steps back closing it and heads down the hall turning on lights as he goes. He sees a door ajar and walks into the room flipping the switch. “Honey I found the room. Come up and look at it!” Samantha is heard coming up the stairs and slowly walks into the room. “Doesn’t this look like a great fucking bed?” Jack plops down rolling from side to side feeling the softness of the mattress. “Oh yes, it definitely looks fuck proof.” With that Samantha stands before Jack and begins to unbutton her shirt. As she slowly strips Jack does the same, first the shirt, his pants, and is only in his boxer briefs when she begins to take off her pink laced bra. Her size D breasts fall smoothly down as the bra is removed. The smooth skin glistens under the light of the room. Jack stands up and faces Samantha. He immediately attacks each breast, licking and squeezing each nipple, begging for it to become hard. He massages each breast after they have gone hard continuing to play with the nipples with his tongue. Samantha lets out a soft moan as he pinches her nipple softly. Jack turns her around and lays her out on the bed. “I can’t wait to taste your sweet juices”. With that said, Jack goes down on his knees and unbuttons her pants. He slides them off of her and is welcomed to her already wet cunt. He pulls the white panties down and off of her feet. There gloriously is her shaved pussy. It is a flesh pink with a nice aroma of vanilla coming to his nostrils. Jack immediately begins licking the lips of her cunt sending waves of lust through her body. She grabs hold of the sheets as she begins to breathe heavily. Jack explores upward, her juices mixing with his saliva. He finds her clit easily as it is already pulsating. He attacks it with quick attacks of his tongue. He feels it coming hard as the nipples were and he squeezes her right breast. She lets out a loud moan grabbing onto his hair as he licks around the clit and begins sucking on it. He stops massaging her breasts and enters a finger softly but forcefully. He pushes it in further and further with every flick of the tongue. The feeling of pleasure is unbearable as his finger finds her g-spot. He beckons it with his index finger every time he pulls out. As she is moaning and on the verge of tears of pleasure he stops. He stands up and smiles. “You didn’t think I’d get you to cum without getting a little action myself?” Samantha smiles at him cunningly. “No I didn’t, but it was worth a try. Now let me see that great cock of yours.” Jack pulls down his boxers, it looking like the bow of a ship and reveals his upright seven inch dick. You can see the veins throbbing for her wet slit. His mushroomed head is red with anticipation of fucking her brains out. Samantha gets down on her knees and takes his hot meat into her mouth. She takes it in slowly at first, teasing his head with her tongue. She wraps it around his head swirling his pre-cum in her mouth. She spits on his dick with the wet mixture and strokes his cock furiously while licking his head. Jack lets out a loud sigh as he feels her tongue doing wonders. “Ah please don’t stop.” With him saying this Samantha takes in 5 of his 7 inches and begins bobbing her head back and forth. She slows down and lets the dick go further down her throat. She begins to gag and he pulls out quickly. “I told you last time not to try it. I don’t need you suffocating on my hardness.” All she does is smile and continues to suck. After a minute of sucking his dick Samantha lays on the bed her back downwards. She opens up her legs allowing her slit to come nicely opened. Jack takes advantage of the opening and slides his cock in. Samantha lets out a shrill “oh my god” and Jack begins to pound into her. His cock soaking up the nectar of her cunt. He stops with the basic fuck and climbs onto the bed. He tells her to wrap her arms around his neck. As she does so he lifts her up, pushing her air back so it won’t get tangled and lays her down. He lifts each leg, placing it on his shoulders and holds her thighs with his arms. He pulls her body to his so that they are very close. He enters her slowly. He lets go of her thighs as she keeps them in place, and he grabs hold of the upper half of his dick. As his mushroomed head enters into her slit she moans quietly. “Please baby, I want you to fuck me.” Jack turns his dick clockwise as he pushes his cock further and further in. This motion sends and wave of orgasmic feelings down to her toes. But it wasn’t an orgasm. As he is fully in her. He pulls her body up onto his and he sits on his ass with his legs behind him. Much like how a Samurai would sit before a fight. He grabs hold of her silky thighs and begins to flex his butt cheeks making a rocking motion into her. This causes his cock to be able to move quickly and hard. HE speeds up the tempo, making loud pa pa pa pa pa sounds as his cock enters over and over and over. By this time Samantha is screaming with pleasure as he is going quickly in and out, the fullness of his cock is to much for her to bare. She cums all over his pulsating cock but he continues. He drops her legs and picks them up from under neath. Jack leans in and starts hammering into her sweetness.”You wanted your brains fucked out of you right?” Well now I’m doing it!” He feels his hot cum to climb upwards to his dick head. He holds back as Samantha has another orgasm this time she scratches his arms as she tries to hang on to the constant rocking. He feels his tip go numb for a second then feels the warm cum flow freely from his opening. He fights through it the feeling immensely pleasurable. He stops as he feels drained and slides out. Samantha’s whole body is shaking from the excruciating orgasms she endured. She lays back her breasts twitching along with her cunt. Jack lays beside her, both of them staring at the ceiling. They hear a knock at the door and enters the Daniel’s couple.

To be continued

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