House Keeper

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Hi let me tell you my story, and about me…
My name is Miranda, Hispanic female 5’4″ i weigh about 110lbs. I had been married for many years to a worthless man, worked all my life as an accountant and finally blew up…Job was stressful, and married was the worst thing. I had been saving money for many years now, and had deciced to make my move, I left a “Dear John”letter to my spouce, packed up and moved across the states, I figures Texas was good. I just landed and got the ads right away, had a cup of coffee and something caught my eye “HOUSEKEEPER NEEDED, MUST LIVE-IN FULL TIME, YOUNG PROFFESIONAL COUPLE SEEKS GOOD PERSON” Clearly not my thing, but it would be a house to sleep in until I really get things going for myself. I called and the lady on the other line scheduled my interview that same evening.
My interview went splended, I explaned how I had just got the by plane from California, and was needin gto start life over she took me in, even with no experience, I knew how to cook Mexican food, and wash of course…
That first night was odd, me and Madaline had dinner out together, her husband was away on a business trip, and she wanted to get to know me. Madeline was beautiful, 5’7″ tall long fit legs and a Bust size just right. I have always been attracted to men, and never before slept with a women, Let me tell you, She changed that, that first night. Like I said we went out to eat, We both dressed up, I myself wore a black dress suit, my bust size is a 38c clearly visable due to my tiny waist. Madaline wore a red suit, her size 36c were perked out and yelling my name….Dinner went fab, we got along perfect. We got home, and she offered me a drink, we drank and got a tad bit tippsy, she leaned over a kissed me, her breast rubbed against mine, and in a moment we were making out like never before, she nibbled in my hard nipples, and touched my box with such easy, she drove me crazy, we were bare naked in the living room, kissing and holdiong each other, SHE WENT DOWN ON ME OOOOOOH MY GOD she was twisting her tongue just making sure she did not miss a spot, and then, as I was moaning and groaning in excitement she slipped her long fingers in my box, aching to get fucked I rolledher over and began my expoloring for the first time, I know how I wanted to feel. Her husband walking in minutes later and they both took turns with me the rest of the night, My job has never been fullfilling as this one..I love my job

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