My Friend's Little Talent

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School had just let out, and everyone I knew was relieved and ready for summer. Everyone except me of course. I went to a local college, while everyone else I knew was able to leave home and go to big name schools. Thankfully through the power of the internet I was able to keep in touch. Throughout the spring semester I had one friend whom I paid special attention to. We knew each other since junior high, and were both in the same graduationg class. Renee and I were always very open with each other. Plus her being much more sexually experienced than I always gave us something to talk about. We would spend late nights talking about fantasies, sending private photos, and going into great deatial about our bodies.
When summer break finally came along, so did she. She lived within very close distance of my house. So we always knew when the other was around. One night we were having another regular nightly conversation. “Gently graze the tip of your cock, and imagine my tongue”, she said. She always knew how to put thoughts into just the right words, that would send me into outrageous orgasms. Being over online chat naturally it was more psychologically arousing, than physically. After a solid hour or two of trading scenarios and orgasms, we finally decided to say good night. Before we left she asked what I was doing. “Going to class.” I said. “We’re not all lucky enough to be out a week early like you.” She laughed and said “Well if you’re free tomorrow, stop by and we can catch up, I haven’t seen you in so long.” I went to be with thoughts racing through my mind, but ultimately leading to, “Nothing will probably happen.”
I got up the next morning and immediately turning on my computer, nothing was going on so I thought I’d go ahead and get ready for my last few days of class. About an hour later, she was on. We started talking and I got that familiar feeling. I was horny, and ready. We began talking, and rather than wasting another day simulating, she seemed to brush off the entire sexual idea, and just wanted me to come visit with her. I thought, oh alright, there’s always porn when I come home.
I arrived at her house a meer 50 yards away, and she let me in. We walked to the living room where she had light music playing, and a relaxed setting. I didn’t think anything of it, and took a seat. We sat on opposite ends, and began talking. Having real conversations, about life, the school semster, the usual, “How have you been?” I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made a remark, or a lame sexual reference joke. And I did just that. Upon habit I made a little comment about my dick, and a steady beat passed before she softly said witha grin, “Let me see it.” It took a second for he words to process in my head, considering until this point no other girl ever asked to see my dick. I got relaxed and decided to have a little fun, so I smiled and said “Ok, but I need to see something from you.” She got the hint and stood up, while I slinked down in my seat, getting real comfortable.
She got in front of me, and decided to tease, she had on a low cut shirt, tight jeans. The sight alone was getting me going. She slowly took off her shirt and showed me her bright-green bra. I said, “I need more than that babe.” With that she first released one tit, then the other. Both of her big beautiful tits were hagning right in my face, I had no choice but to grab them. I slowly massaged them and rubbed her stiff nipples. I was fully focused on them when she said “Kiss me.” It was as if her voice had complete control over me, I obeyed and we locked together in a deep wet kiss. Our tongues finding each other, and practically trying to suck the air out of each other. My hands soon got rougher and I was squeezing her large tits without mercy. I soon broke our kiss and made my way to her neck. I latched one and began sucking on her soft skin. I kept going lower and made my way to each breast. I used a little teeth and alternating between sucks and licks. Back and forth between both, I gave each a fair share of pleasure. I came back up to give another kiss when she gave a few but pulled away. I saw the look in her eye, and knew what she wanted, what she had already asked for. I leaned back once again, and unbuttoned and uzipped my jeans. I started to slide them off, when she helped me to speed up the process. I reached into my boxers, and gripped my cock firmly. I pulled it out, holding it right in front of her, hard and ready to go. Before I could let go, she took it from me. Holding my cock in her soft hands, she gave it a few strokes. Soon after she wrapped her hot mouth the head, and let her tongue go to work. She lowered her hand to the base to give her mouth more room whens he proceeded to go deeper. Pulling away she said “It’s so thick.” I wasn’t ashamed of my cock, but not boastingly proud. I’m average with a 6.5″-7″ penis, and my pride come from the girth. And she was finding this out very quickly. She lowered her head back down and began sucking with a steady bobbing motion. I put my hands on her head and let out a sigh. She raised up and let her tongue roam over and under my throbbing cock. She gently flicked her tongue on the tip getting light tastes of precum, and sending me closer to the edge. I allowed her to go back down for a few more strokes before placing my fingers under her chin to look me in the eye. I said “If you keep that up, you’ll be washing cum off your face for a week.” As she smiled I said, “Trade me places, it’s your turn.” I got up and my boxers fell completely off, I though fuck it, so I took off my shirt and stood before her completely naked. It wasn’t long before she joined me. With a little help her pants and thong had practically vanished.
I wasted now time making my way to her dripping pussy. I started out lightly flicking her clit, and dragging the tip of my tongue over her lips. I opened my mouth and took her completely in, my lips rubbing hers, sucking her clit, and thrusting my tongue inside her wet cunt. I began licking faster and with more pressure, each moan was permission to increase the intensity. I slid one finger in and began twisting and thrusting as to help loosen her. She raised her hips and in a sigh said “Ooooohhhhh fuuck.” I inserted another and began rubbing her g-spot. All the while focusing and completely sucking in her clit. She had a mini orgasm with a slight grip on my fingers and the tensing of her body, I knew what she wanted. Before I could say it, she screamed, “Fuck me Dave!” I needed no more persuasion.
I stood up and grabbed my cock. I positioned my self between her legs and rubbed my dick along her slit. I wanted to make sure there was enough wetness on both of us. I put the tip of my cock at the opening of her pussy. I thought about going slow and letting her adjust, but the I thought, Fuck it, she’ll get used to it. So in one powerful thrust I slammed the entire length of my cock inside her. She screamed out a bit in more pleasure than pain. I slowly slid back and began a steady rythem. She opened her legs as wide as she could go, I grabbed her ankles and began picking up speed. I was soon going in and out full lengths of my cock. Her pussy was so wet that with each thrust her pussy created a sloshing sound followed by a hard slap of my balls against her ass. I was thrusting wildly while she was rasing her hips and grinding, trying to match my speed. She began to moan loder and louder as she dug her nails into my back. She began screaming and rubbing her own clit, as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and make it nearly impossible to move. I felt a warm rush of fluid over my cock and knew she was cumming. I could feel her juices pour over us and combine with our sweat to make it even more slick. I raised up so my cock would go directly inside her, and began short very fast strokes in and out her pussy. All the while I asked pantingly,”Where do you want it?” She said, “Just do it, cum inside me.” I gave several more hard slow strokes, and felt my cock stiffen even worse, and my balls raise. Time stood still for a moment as we both knew wha
t was comming.
I pushed in as far as I could go and let out one monsterous roar as wave after wave of hot cum flowed inside her. I pulled out and let the last few drops drip on her clit. I looked at her smiling face when she said, “Let me have it.” I reaached my hand between her legs and inserted two fingers to let my own cum leak into my hand. I moved my cupped hand to her mouth and let a small amount of cum pour over her tongue. She played with it for a minute to really get a taste. She closed her mouth and swallowed, and said, “To think we have all summer, what are you doing after class?” “OH SHIT! I have to get to class.” I said pulling my pants up and tucking my cock back inside. “I’m not busy after.” I said. “Me either, call me later. I could always use a stiff cock.” She said. I smiled and walked out the door thinking, this will be the longest class period of my life.

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