AMISHI has Second HoneyMoon with Neighbour

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I had just turned Eighteen, when my life took a whole new meaning for me. I had started having wet dreams and I started learneing all about sex through reading about sex and watching porno films. I had always dreamed of getting some older lady to have sex with me. This was primarily because I had the misconception that the older women had a bigger Pussy and were more hornier than the younger lot. But it just did not happen. As a young boy I had always been well endowed so much so, that the kids at college called me “Small Donkey Dick.” after seeing me dress and undress in the gym. I was seen by many boys not as well endowed as me as a freak.

Both my parents worked and my older sister and I spent a lot of time together. In many ways we became very close. One day my sister had been peeping into my bedroom when I had been reading a porno story on the internet and she saw what nature had endowed me with. “Oh gosh” bro she said. “That’s one hell of a porker you have there. I wish you were my boyfriend instead of my brother”

I tried to chase her out of my bedroom but she said insisted on staying and she got a measuring tape and measured me hard at 71/2 inches. “I know a few girls who would love that up them.” She said. But she did nothing to introduce me to any of those girls.

Like most boys I worked doing a lot of odd jobs for neighbours for pocket money, and my Horny Neighbour, AMISHI quickly became a close friend of my mothers who had recently moved into the same building in South Mumbai.

AMISHI, was not all that fair, but was hot and fuckable. She was a short sexy wheatish complexed married woman of about 38 years of age who knew how to dress, she used to provocatively and always wore chuddidars, skirts and t-shirts. The t-shirts and chuddidar tops would have deep cuts in front that would show her 40D sized breasts. The skirts would be knee length and a bit loose so that once in awhile it would fly and give nice view of her milky thighs or if she wore chuddidars the pant would be very tight so as to stick to her legs and give a clear outline of the structure. She always enjoyed men giving her the sexual looks. AMISHI would smile at men looking at her tits, or peeking at her boobs. In fact, she had NFO’s or ‘Nipple Freak Out’s’ going on. Her nipples were always rock hard and are so noticeable through her thin tops she wore. Above all AMISHI had a lovely personality. I started to notice after a while that she always seemed to come to our house when I was alone at home, on some excuse or another. She occasionally gave me pocket money and given the chance she would sit and talk with me as long as possible. I quickly developed a crush on her and even sitting next to her would give me a massive erection.

At first we talked about all sorts of things but gradually she cleverly led our chats on to more intimate things. She was a very tactile person and she would frequently give me and a kiss when she thought it was appropriate she talked she also liked to touch. It was not unusual for her to sit holding my hand when she was talking, or when leaning over for some reason she would rest her hand on my leg. I must admit I liked her touching me. At that time I was still a virgin, not having yet got the nerve to go any farther than a few passionate kisses. She often asked me whether I had any girl friends, and occasionally she would ask me what I did when I went out on dates with girls, and one day she came right out and asked me.

“Do you know what having sex is all about, Harshil ?”

I assured her that I did, and I told her that I would marry a pretty lady just like her, and we would have lots of children. She blushed and seemed quite pleased with me.
Then she said “So you think I am Horny and Sexy, Harshil.”
And in my teenage honesty I said. “I think that you are very lovely, and Sexy.”

To my surprise and delight at the time she put her arms round me and hugged me close to her breasts and said. “Oh thank you Harshil you do my ego the world of good. Perhaps honey I am waiting for you.?””

She kissed me on the side of my face just missing my lips. But her hand rested momentarily in my groin as though by accident as she seemed to lose her balance.
I had to admit that at the time my cock was as extremely hard when she was around. At first she looked slightly embarrassed. Then she said I am so sorry Harshil, but was that your cock I just touched , or have you got something in your pocket?” I laughed and I said that everything there was all me. But then she said “I bet you are popular with the girls.”

“I wish.” I said boldly. “I don’t have a girl friend and I think my sister keeps putting them off, but then as I said I want them to be as sexy and horny as you.”

One weekend shortly after that conversation my parents and my sister went to a family wedding. I made it clear that I was not going, and eventually my mother asked AMISHI if she would look after me. AMISHI suggested that I went and stayed with her to keep her company. I was quite happy to do so, and I must admit that my fantasies ran riot and I dreamed about a weekend with AMISHI all the previous night, although when I awoke common sense told me that no attractive woman like her would be interested in a young boy like me. My parents went away on the Friday evening and AMISHI seemed very nervous. At first I thought I had offended her. But after she had helped herself to a few drinks and allowed me to have a glass of wine with dinner AMISHI suddenly said.

“Why don’t we have a shower and get ready for bed Harshil. We can watch TV afterwards or perhaps you might like a video.”

I had just got in the shower and started to wash myself , when I was suddenly joined by a very naked AMISHI, wearing a shower cap, who boldly said. “Move over Harshil let me wash you.”. I was a bit embarrassed and gave a little protest, but then I realised that AMISHI seemed to spend a lot more time washing my groin and my now very erect cock, which without much trouble she had succeeded in getting quite hard. Then she placed one arm around my shoulder and at the same she pulled me close against her ample breasts and started kissed me on the mouth.

“Ooh. darling” She said. You are very big for your age. I hope you don’t mind me making a fuss of you like this” And then she put her hand down and slipped my cock between her legs where it rubbed very sensuously against her shaven pussy. Then she started kissing me again on the mouth. I did not mind in fact this was my dream coming true and I started to respond. I responded as I took her in my arms, and then she said. “Lets dry ourselves honey and go and watch some TV.”

I must admit that I was a little disappointed, and soon we were sitting on the couch with her wearing a thin tee shirt, and me with just my dressing gown. However, the TV she decided we should watch was some porn films and they all seemed to be about boys my age having sex with older married women and girls.

As we watched she put her arms round me and pulled me close as we watched the screen and now I had got the message that AMISHI had carnal thoughts where I was concerned, and my cock was rearing up and ready for action. She slipped one hand under my dressing gown and gently fondled my cock while she encouraged me to play with her nipples.

Suddenly she switched the TV off and taking my hand and without speaking she took me up to her bedroom. In the bedroom she stripped off her house coat and had me take off my dressing gown and she put her arms round me and said. “Harshil dear just imagine that today we were married and tonight is our honeymoon and I am your lovely new bride which you are going to make love to for the very first time.”

As she spoke she was running her soft hands over my body and quite boldly she was playing with my cock. In bed we lay face to face, as she played with my cock while at the same time she was kissing me passionately on the lips. I quite naturally responded by playing with her nipples and I was soon laying in her arms sucking on each nipple in turn, accompanied by her loud moans and groans, which told me that she was enjoying every second of it. She pulled me away and then so that I was lying on top of her and I found that she had maneuvered her body and my cock was just pressing against her pussy lips. I could feel some moisture running out of her pussy as she slowly opened her legs and using one hand guided my cock inside her. Her hands were clasped tight round my buttocks as my cock slid inside of her waiting pussy. I could feel her cunt muscles clenched hard against my cock and producing a range of sensations that were so totally knew to me.

This was my first fuck and I was in heaven as together AMISHI and I got into a rhythm as she pulled me up upwards and hard against her body. The rhythm got faster and faster until I knew that at any minute I was going to shoot my stuff into her. I felt my back arch as suddenly I let go a long spurt of my juices into AMISHI . I felt her tighten around me and just as I thought I had finished, her body clenched me tight and she let out a loud noise something between a scream and a groan and I felt her have a massive orgasm as juices washed over my cock as they leaked out on to the bed clothes. Her hands were all over me, and she cried out again as she continued to hold me close. I felt her fingernails scratching my back as she seemed to have a whole series of smaller orgasms. She hugged me close and kept on kissing me. I was soon hard again and time after time we came, until exhaustion set in. That night we slept together naked, our naked bodies intertwined until the early hours when we awoke, as AMISHI once again guided my hard cock inside her once again I responded and this time it seemed even better than before until once again as dawn broke we parted totally exhausted. Then to my surprise AMISHI moved her head down my body to take my cock into her mouth. She started sucking and moving on me until once again she brought me to the brink of orgasm And then it happened… spurt, spurt, as I came in her mouth.

AMISHI told me to stay in bed as she slipped her house coat on she asked me. “What would my darling husband like for breakfast.” Those two days and nights with AMISHI were heavenly, but what they did was to arouse my sexual appetite. AMISHI and I kept up the pretence between ourselves that we were married, and we got together at least twice a week sometimes more.

Then about a week after our weekend together my parents told me that we were moving house to North Mumbai. But since I was in the last year of college,my mother said that her friend, friend AMISHI had offered to let me stay with her until I finish college.

Mother , could see I was relieved and it was not long before I could move in with AMISHI and we could continue with our make believe marriage. We were very happy together and it was a year later when AMISHI one evening said. “Harshil dear our marriage has born fruit we are going to have our first child, but don’t worry darling, no-one will ever know who the father is.

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