Can not wait to meet up next

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Dear Sex slave, in response to you last email as to what will happen when we meet next.

First of all I would like you to masturbate in front of me. Undo your jeans and put you hand down your knickers. Slowly peel off your jeans and put your fingers up your pussy. After a while you should lower your pants to your feet. Sitting on the edge of a bed with your knees wide apart but you feet togethor you are to use your fingers to make yourselve cum.

Then, and only then, I will pour champagne over your nipples which I will then lick off. More champagne will then be poured over your clit letting the bubbles excite you before being licked off.

Then you are to use your thumbs to open your pussy lips and I will pour the drink in. Using you pussy as a drinking vessel I will take a long drink. Then I will fill it up again and SUCK the drink out and deposit the contents into your waiting mouth.

Afterwards I will then again fill the “drinking vessel”. This time I will push my cock into your champagne filled pussy take it out and make you suck the drink from my cock. I will do this a couple of times, cock to pussy to mouth, until a mixture of your cum, champagne and my cum is deposited deep down your thoart.

Then I pour the rest of the Champane over my balls and anus. You will then lick and suck it all up until my cock is again hard and ready to shag you.


Dear Master
It seems awfully unfair that I have to make myself cum in order for you to cum in my mouth after fucking my champagne filled pussy. I’d rather imagined it to be more like a game of Fucking Roulette – I fuck you with my mouth for 1 minute, then you feast on my pussy for 1 minute, taking it in turns and who ever ‘shoots’ first loses.

I have treated myself to a new toy over the Christmas break. It’s a vibrating tongue with 3 speeds. I lubricate it with a pleasure enhancing gel that intensifies and heightens sensitivity, so it simulates your mouth in between my legs. Speed 1 is used for when I imagine us just starting; so you’ve kissed me to the point of saturation, unbuttoned my top and are fondling my breasts, my nipples getting harder with every lick. Speed 2 is used for when kissing and licking are just not enough; at this stage you have me sat on a platform with my skirt hitched up above my hips, teasing the inside of my thighs with your hot breath and wet tongue, working your way up. Speed 3 is for when it all just gets too much and there’s no going back from fucking each other senseless; you come back up licking my mouth and kissing me while peeling my clothes off. You then lift me up with my legs wrapped around your waist and take me over to the bed, lay me down with my legs apart and you penetrate deep with your tongue; like you haven’t eaten for days.

I also have a little surprise for you for next time we meet – an edible cock ring made of candy beads. It’s supposed to keep you harder for longer, so this will be slipped on around your dick and pushed down to the base near your balls. Because the ring is made of candy I will be licking and sucking you like a lollipop. To add to the intensity I will also use a cocktail flavour body lick and splash this over the end of your dick, teasing the ridges along your tip as I lap it up. While I’m busy feasting on your cock I’ll use my new toy on your balls so you get double the fun, and with my one and only free hand I’ll stick my finger up your anus and play with your g-spot.

After you have cum in my mouth I may treat you to something to eat and a drink to try and help build your strength up before dragging you back to the bedroom for pudding. Again, barely through the hotel room door, your shirt undone with your chest exposed I will use a warming massage lotion to rub into your nipples as I know you like me to play with them just as much as I like you to play with mine. As your clothes come off the oil goes on, bit by bit until I’m sliding up and down you. By this time, my massaging every part of your body makes you so hard and wanting to shag me, you take me back over to the bed and you penetrate me from behind. You told me that doggy style was the best position because my breasts and clit can still be fumbled with while being fucked stupid. It’s not long until you are putting your ‘armor’ on then with you sat on a chair in front of the mirror in the room (as I know you like to watch) I sit astride you, licking your mouth, kissing you while sliding up and down on your dick; taking it easy, nice and slow as to try and make it last but lust takes over and you can’t help but manouvre my hips up and down on you faster and faster – then we cum together.

The anticipation of seeing you next turns me on so badly; it’s a shame you can’t feel how wet I am. The thought of you in that suit, tie loosened with your top button undone, looking at me over the top of your glasses – you wouldn’t last a second.

Now – you think about this over the next couple of weeks until I see you again.

Yours truly drenched and hungry for you

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  1. TheOther Woman

    Wow! Talk about leave me with a wet pussy reading your story – if you have this in stoe for someone then all I can say is lucky fuckin woman!!!

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