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It was my senior year, and I was on a class trip to Daytona beach, Fl with a few other students from my school. We were driving down from my undisclosed hometown, and this girl I knew, that I hadn’t ever really thought of (sexually) by the name of Erica, caught my attention. She was very good looking. She was about 5’5, tanned, short dark hair, very large breasts, and had a very nicely shaped ass. She wasn’t supermodel thin, but she definitely wasn’t fat. She kind of had a teasing kind of a look to her, meaning, she didn’t look like a skank or a whore. She definitely knew how to present herself.
This really wasn’t the only reason she caught my attention. It was mostly because she had been flirting with me quite a bit on the bus. That is the biggest turn on for me.
She would occasionally smack me in the ass or grab my crotch, which turned me on, but I really didn’t think it meant anything. I just thought it was her way of joking around. I defiantly didn’t expect what would happen later.
One day though, we were on the beach, and she went running by me in a very revealing two-piece bathing suit. The main reason it was so revealing is because it didn’t belong two her. It belonged to another girl who was much smaller in proportion to her, so, because it was smaller on her, her features stood out quite a bit more.
Anyways, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to repay the kindness she had paid me on the bus, so I went over to her and tickled her sides, getting her attention. She turned around and smacked me on the arm. “Stop that!” Erica yelled playfully. We began talking and flirting a little bit. Then I got up the nerve to ask her if she had ever had sex before. “No,” she said, “all I have ever done is give oral sex. But I probably would be open to it if I met the right guy.” I smiled at her, and she leaned up and kissed me. I was so surprised, that I almost didn’t hear the our chaperones telling us that it was time to go back to the hotel.
When we got back to the hotel, I started towards my room, when, all of the sudden, I heard Erica call my name. I stopped to talk to her for a few minutes and she asked me if she could come to my room with me. I said “yes, but you will have to be quick about it because I don’t want any of the Chaperones to see. “
When we got to my room I didn’t think anything was going to happen other than just watching a movie or just talking and hanging out. But as soon as we walked in the room she pushed me on the bed and took off her tank top and pulled down her tight jean shorts, still wearing the bikini that was too small for her. She then unclasped her top and let it fall off, leaving her wearing only the bikini bottom.
Seeing that I was a little puzzled and in disbelief of what was happening, Erica smiled, walked over to me, and sat down on my lap facing me. She then kissed me on the lips while sliding her hands up my shirt, rubbing my chest and pulling my shirt up with it. She then raised the shirt over my head and pulled it off of me. She began kissing me on my neck, then started moving down my chest until she got to my shorts.
I was still wearing my swim trunks which are transparent if you look close enough , she could see my penis as it began to harden, signifying the fact that I was starting to believe this was really happening.
She then moved her hands up my legs, rubbing them over my crotch, up towards my waistband, and slowly started pulling them down. Revealing my now fully naked body. At this point, she again moved her hands up my body towards my now very stiff penis, gently taking hold of it.
She slowly began stroking it up and down with her hands, not gripping it, but lightly running her fingers across it. She then stood up, walked over to my ice box, and picked up a piece of ice. As I watched her, how she moved, and how every part of her body reacted when she moved, I nearly came to an orgasm just lying there. She then walked back to where I was laying and knelt back down, then started to rub the ice all over my penis with one hand, while stroking it with the other. It felt so cold that at first it almost hurt, but it eventually started feeling good, especially when she started blowing my penis at the same time.
She then took what was left of the ice and put it in her mouth, sucking on it, and when it was gone, she lowered her mouth down to my penis and slowly licked it from top to bottom. I nearly came to an orgasm then, but she seemed to sense it, and stopped. She then stood up and pulled me up to sitting position, and asked, “would you like to remove my bikini, or should I?”
I quickly moved my hands up the back of her legs and ran them across her tight ass, and over to the strings that tied the bikini on and pulled the knot loose, letting them fall to the floor. She then put her hands on the back of my head and pulled it into her crotch. I immediately stuck my tongue in and she began squirming. I once again placed my hands on her now bare ass, gripping it tightly.
After about three minutes, she managed to moan for me to stop, which I did and she sat back down on me as she had done before and lowered dripping vagina onto my fully erect penis, slowly sliding down and putting me in place. I tipped her back a little bit and began to suck on her right nipple, while I squeezed and fondled her left breast. She moaned and then whispered in my ear that she was ready, and started lifting herself up and down, pumping me in and out of her.
The feeling was amazing. I never would have imagined it feeling this good. “Harder”, I yelled, but she didn’t want me to get off that quickly.
I then put my hands under her ass and lifted her up, then I turned around and laid her on her back. It was my turn. I started pushing into her and pulling out, as she started moaning with pleasure. “Ohh yes, please don’t stop baby, don’t stop.”
Then, as we were fucking, she told me that she wanted to try something, another position. I pulled out and got off of her. She told me to sit on the edge of the bed, then she sat down with her back against me, legs still spread, so that she could slide my penis back into her moist slit. Then she started pumping my in and out of her again.
I slid my arms around her and grabbed hold of both of her breasts and started squeezing them again, making sure to pay extra attention to the nipples.
Finally, we both came to an orgasm at the same time, letting out a moan. When all of the sudden, someone started banging on my door. It was a chaperone, yelling for me to open up the door while beating on it. I quickly wrapped a towel around me as Erica pulled her shorts up and threw her tank top on, leaving the bikini on the floor.
I opened the door, and the Chaperone pushed me out of the way, knocking the towel on the floor leaving me standing there naked.
“What was going on in here?” the chaperone screamed. “Nothing, I swear,” I answered while trying to conceal myself with my hand. “Well then why are you naked, and why is Erica’s bikini on the floor?” I was speechless as was Erica. Then the Chaperone noticed my penis beginning to stiffen out of nerves and said, ” I think Im beginning to understand.”
“Erica,” she said, “Take off your shirt and shorts.” Erica obeyed taking her cloths off. Then the chaperone said, “I wont tell your teacher as long as you do one thing for me.” Whats that? “asked erica. “Just so long as you two give me an encore of what just happened in this room.” Erica and I glanced at each other, smiled, and complied. The end

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