LindsayLohanshowsmewhat she thinksofme part 3

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I woke up and saw Lidsay sleeping with her head on my shoulder and arm on my chest.I just admired her beauty and gentlely touched her face with my hands.Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me.Lindsay gave me a kiss and got up out of bed.She went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.I got took my clothes off and went in after her.
“Can I join you?”I said.
“Sure,I don’t see why not?”Lindsay said with a grin on her face.
I got in with her and she kissed me.I could feel her body press up against me.She felt so soft.I took the soap and washed her entire body.As the water hit her skin she turned me on even more because she looked even hotter nwhen she was wet.She got on her knees and took my shaft into her mouth.
“Oh Lindsay ur so fucking good.Don’t stop.”
“don’t worry I just getting warmed up.”
She went back to sucking my cock.I then pushed her up against the wall and started to eat her pussy.Lindsay began to moan louder and louder.Her fingers went through my hair.She pushed my head into her pussy.
“Oh ray ur soooo goood!!I going to cumm soon.Please stick ur manhood in me now!!”
So I did as she said and I shoved my cock into her pussy.I pumped harder and harder and I went faster and faster.I sucked her tits and that made her moan even louder.After about 15 minutes we both came.We kissed and then got out and dried off.
“Come on Ray I’ll take u out for lunch.”
“okay whatever you say.I’m under your spell Lindsay.”
“Yes you are and your all mine.”
She kissed and sucked my neck marking her territory.We went out to eat at one of her favorite places.One of her friends joined us.Lindsay told her friend Jennifer this was the guy she told her about.Lindsay gave a thumbs of approval. We finished lunch went to a couple of stores and then headed home.

to be continued……………

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