A letter to you

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Meeting you was fate or so you told me many times, so many sites to go to so many things to do but we ended up at the same place online. You were different from the others right from the start you were honestly open when you spoke an made everyone feel at ease. Then we went into another part an we used the instant messenger, and we talked about anything n everything night after night. I scheduled my life around yours just so i could spend those few precious stolen hours to visit with you. Over the years it became a habit, long letters you would send online n to my home. Little gifts that made it seem much more real than we were then i fell head over heels in love with you. I was willing to be whatever you wanted when you wanted and you knew this. So you decided we would meet and and we spent ten glorious days in heaven as far as i was concerned. Your kisses were like bursts of lightening every time your lips met mine my body would quiver uncontrollably and you would smile. Your touch omg how does one describe a touch of pure pleasure, fingers seeking my out my sensitive spots and when you crossed one your stroke brought a low groan to your ears. You were perfection as a man, from your soft spoken words to your hands that caressed to your manhood that was so awesome you laughed at me when i first saw it. I have loved you for a long time and i love you now even though you no longer have a need for me. I post this next piece as a reminder to you of how much i love you then n love you know

Waiting on the day of your arrival becoming more nervous with each second that passes, the web cam showed you what i looked like but still the nerves of meeting you after the long years was almost unbearable. When i walked out of the house an seen you driving down the hill i was shaking so hard i didnt know if i would be able to meet you at the end of the drive. When you got out of the truck i was like damn your tall an you laughed and i melted. Then you pulled me close an we kissed and i was like omg you are real. So many things i wanted to do with you but all i could think of right that second is I want another kiss. Into the house we went n up the stairs to get my bags for the trip. In the truck i just kept looking at you and thinking he is real now get it together. We pulled into a motel for the night and got comfy neither knowing for sure where to start, you been driving for a couple of days to get here and i was wound up tighter than a drum but needing your body naked was on my mind. The kisses set me on fire an your body reacted when i begin to undress you feeling your hard cock under your jeans straining to be released and me being the dutiful person i am helped it out of its confinement. Kissing your lips as you lay back my mouth goes to work on your body, finding your nips sensitive to my tongue and your body jerks when my tongue runs down the stomach to your groin. My hands grasp your balls and you groan, so very gently my tongue flicks across the hard tip of your cock as my hand massages your balls. Your so big i know i cant take you all the way down without gagging myself but i begin with the tip and start sucking you in deeper n deeper then your hands lock into my hair and your hips begin to move and your fucking my mouth and i moan on your cock and the vibration of my moan makes you push in deeper and harder. You know i enjoy giving head an can suck you forever if you would let me, your body is in working faster and i can taste the start of your cream filling and i suck harder wanting every drop you have. I shift a little and my nipples are hard an rubbing the sheets and i pull your balls away from your body and you plunge deep as possible an hold me there while your cream shoots into my throat. Even after you relax i continue sucking on your cock bringing it back to attention and you grin as i eye you from your groin. Your words so low but i hear you say climb on up and i stand over you and lower my body on to your hard cock. It opens me wide but you have to thrust to make it enter and you chuckle and say i like that look. I wiggle rotate my hips letting my body engulf your hard shaft and slowly begin to move enjoying every inch of you and your lips reach up and clamp onto my hard nipple and when your teeth grazed it my body convulsed and i seen you smile as you knew what i needed. We had talked so many times about how to reach the ultimate cum and now you used that knowledge. I came an came and you enjoyed it as well. When it was your turn you had me get on hands n knees and push my ass in air you know i love it like that. Your hands on my hips pushing deeper into me and your cock filling me whole. Time after time we enjoyed our sex, your kisses, your lay where my head laid. Coming home i tried not to cry, crying not because i was ashamed of what i had done but crying because i was already missing you. It was going to rough but we would make it with our online connection, our chats. You had promised me you would always be there for me that you loved me needed me and i was a part of you. Then months later i get the feeling something isnt right and of course instead of just letting it go i send you a mail asking. The response floored me, you cant be with me any longer but you love me. You will remain my friend, then you wont be my friend but you love me and i will always be a part of you. So maybe what i need to know is do i sit in the corner waiting on the time you decide i am needed again , cause the love i feel for you is still there. I still wear the things you gave me as presents, i still have the items to play with. Only thing different is i don’t have the man that made me feel like a woman again worthy of giving myself to. You say its rough on you to do this but I am not sure i understand that at all. So to you my dearest sweet friend, remember me on days you need a thought and on nights when your cock is hard an you know i can ease the pain there, but remember always there is a slut somewhere in the usa that would give anything to hear you say ( and you know what that is )

This is my thoughts as i once again sit in a excited mood needing a hand to guide me to the ultimate orgasm, lips to kiss and a cock to suck on but mostly someone you understands my needs my desires and my wishes to spoil one man and cater to his every whim…
Not sure if this is considered a story but i hope someday you read it.

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