Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Doug Ferron was loitering just a few feet down the hallway from the nurse’s station. From here, he had a good view and he could hear what was said. That hot little bitch was trying to find out about someone who had been on this floor. She was showing a picture to the Head Nurse. She was asking, “Do you recognize this girl? Her name is Samantha Davis. I already told you when she was admitted.”

The Head Nurse replied, “I’m sorry, but we can’t give out patient information. You’ll just have to check at the information desk downstairs.”

“I just came from there. That old cow down there is useless! She really should be fired! She’s incompetent and impolite too.” Now there was a pleading tone in the bitch’s voice, “Look, this girl is a very good friend of mine. I’m just trying to find out what happened to her. She may need help.”

“I’m very sorry, but I can’t go against hospital rules. If the patient is a good friend, I’m sure she’ll contact you.”

The bitch shoved the picture back into her purse. Damn she was hot looking! That little short skirt, tight blouse, stockings and high heels looked great on her. Doug’s cock had been getting hard the whole time he was watching her. Now she said to the Head Nurse, “Well fuck you very much!”

She turned and came back down the hall. When she passed Doug, he fell in behind her. God damn, she was moving on fast. Her little ass was bouncing double time beneath her tight little skirt. When she got close to the elevators, Doug said, “Hey wait a minute.”

The bitch glanced back at him and then turned back to the elevators. Doug said, “OK, have it your way. If you don’t want to know about that girl you’re looking for, it’s fine with me. I’m busy anyway.”

The bitch spun around and came over to where Doug was standing. She said, “Look Mr. Geek, if you’re going to give me some bullshit line and then try to date me up, you can just fucking forget it. I’d have to have both hands cut off before I’d let you touch my pussy. I suppose you get my meaning.”

Doug thought I knew she had the hots for me. She’s talking about her pussy the very first thing. She’s probably trying to get me turned on by talking dirty. Doug said, “It’s no bullshit. You want to know about anything that goes on here. You come to Doug, not the snooty bitches at the nurse’s station. Most of them couldn’t find their asses with both hands and some of them have very big asses.”

The bitch said, “OK I’ll give you a chance.” She pulled a paper from her purse and handed it to Doug.”

Doug glanced at the picture and said, “Yeah, I know her. What’s your name?”

“What’s it to you Mr. Geek? Was she here?”

“No she wasn’t here. I just imagined I saw her big tits, with the big dark pink nipples and her cute hairy pussy. I just imagined she was calling herself Samantha Elliot. Not Samantha Davis.”

Anna thought I didn’t think even Samantha would stoop low enough to fuck a pig like this. Christ, besides being ugly, he stank to high heaven. If he’d ever taken a bath, it wasn’t in recent memory. Yet, it seemed he really did know something. Anna thought she’d better be a little more friendly. She didn’t want to piss the geek off too bad. “Look Doug, I’m sorry. I’m just fed up with trying to get some cooperation from this pack of toads around here. My name’s Anna and if you can tell me anything that’s of value to me; I’ll make it worth your while.”

Doug thought I know you’ll make it worth my while. Then he said, “I know a lot, but we can’t stand here in the hall talking. I could be canned. Follow me. We’ll go some place nice and private to talk.”

Anna didn’t want to be on the same planet with this geek, much less alone with him. But she figured there wasn’t any choice. She followed Doug down another hallway. When they came to a door down at the far end of the hall, Doug pulled out a set of keys and unlocked it. Once they were inside, Anna saw that it was a patient’s room with a bed and a couple of chairs along the wall. Doug sat on the bed and patted a spot beside him. “Come on over and take a load off Anna. We’ll have a nice long talk. This room isn’t used anymore and we have it all to ourselves for as long as we want.”

Anna wanted to spend the least amount of time possible with Doug and she was already getting nervous about being alone with him. She said, “I prefer to stand.”

‘Suit yourself Anna. What do you want to know?”

“Tell me everything. How did you know about Samantha’s body? Was it just a guess or did she let you fuck her.?”

“It wasn’t a guess, but I didn’t fuck her either. I would have liked to though. Anyway, I’ve probably seen more tits and pussys than any man alive. They’re always giving people up here something to make them sleep. Those hospital gowns aren’t much covering. It’s easy for me to sneak into a room and catch a quick peek at some cute babe that’s been doped up. That friend of yours was out cold for almost a day. I got a real good look at her. She was so hot; I went back a couple of times. I was almost caught. She got a real bad conk on the head. Fell on the concrete somewhere and the 911 guys brought her in. I’ll bet they took a good look too. She was out cold; so why not? They had plenty of time, in the ambulance on the way over here. Hell, only her head was hurt, the rest of her body was still perfect.”

“OK I believe you. Now tell me what else you know.”

“Not so fast. You said something about making it worth my while.”

Anna started to reach into her purse and Doug said, “Forget it. I don’t want money.”

“What do you want?”

“Entertainment, I’d like to see some tits and pussy on a chick that wasn’t doped up. How about doing a little strip tease for old Doug?”

“Fuck you Doug! Just forget it. I’m leaving now.” Anna turned toward the door.

“Suit yourself. I’ll bet you’d like to know where that Samantha is right now wouldn’t you? I’ll bet that’s what you want to know most of all.”

Anna stopped and turned back. “How do you know that? Hell, you’re lying. I can tell.”

“I’m not lying.”

“I don’t trust you. I’d be taking a big risk.”

“I’m the one that’s taking the risk. How do I know if your tits and pussy are even worth looking at? I’ve seen plenty. Then, you might not do a very good strip tease. I’m taking a big risk of being disappointed. You’re right. We should just forget it. Let’s go. Samantha’s probably happy where she is. I’ll bet you want to find her and screw things up for her. Yeah, I’m sure I’m right about that. Like the nurse said, if you were a good friend she’d contact you. Of course, we both know you’re not a good friend. You’re the one who’s lying, not me.”

Anna said, “OK, I’ll take a chance and give you what you want. But if you don’t come across or if you’re bullshitting me, I swear you’ll be very sorry.”

“I’m not worried Anna. I know what I know. The sooner you start stripping, the sooner you’ll know what I know too. It’s as simple as that. No bullshit.”

Doug started to hum a stripper tune and pat his hand on the bed in a drum beat rhythm. Anna put her purse on a chair. She began to move her body in rhythm to Doug’s drum beat. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. She wiggled her body and thrust her shoulders back so that the blouse slipped down over her arms and dropped to the floor. She bent down, picked up the blouse and swung it around over her head. She let the blouse fly and it landed on the bed beside Doug. Still gyrating her body to the rhythm, Anna turned away from the bed. She brought her hands up behind her and unfastened her bra. She slipped it off and threw it back over her shoulder. It landed on the bed beside the blouse. Now she slowly turned around and began moving her upper body to make her tits bounce and wiggle.

Doug thought damn she’s good and her tits are great! They’re little, but God
they’re nice. Doug’s cock was so hard he could barely sit still. Anna brought her hands down to her waist and slowly pushed her skirt down ov
er her hips and part way down her thighs. She let go of it, wiggled her body and it fell in a heap at her feet. Anna stepped over the skirt and kicked it aside. She turned away from the bed again and moved her hands to the waistband of her panties. She began to wiggle her little butt and Doug had hard time keeping his drumbeat. He thought Jesus H. Fucking Christ she’s making me crazy! Anna was slowly sliding her panties down. Soon her plump little ass was fully exposed and Doug’s pulse rate was through the roof. When Anna’s panties dropped around her ankles, she stepped out and kicked them aside too. She slowly turned back toward the bed and Doug’s eyes almost popped out. Damn, damn and double damn, her pussy was shaved! How much hotter could it get? That was it! Doug snapped like a twig in a hurricane. He sprang up, grabbed Anna and had her in the bed in less than a heartbeat.

Anna thought she saw Doug making a move toward her, but she couldn’t be sure. How did she end up in the bed with Doug on top of her? Finally, Anna’s brain caught up with reality. She began to thrust her body upward and kick her legs furiously. She opened her mouth to scream and instantly, Doug’s hand was clamped over her mouth. Then his other hand went up and pinched her nose shut. Anna thought oh my God he’s going to kill me! Anna instantly stopped struggling and it probably saved her life. It gave Doug a little time to calm down and think. He asked, “Do you want to breathe?” Anna nodded. “Are you going to lie still and be quiet?” Anna nodded. “Do you swear?” Anna nodded. Doug let go of her nose and she began to draw in deep shuddering breaths.

Doug took a deep breath and leaned down over Anna’s face. He said, “Now I’m going to fuck your little bald pussy, that’s the part of my entertainment I didn’t tell you about. Now I’m not going to fuck you otherwise, no pun intended. I’ll tell you where Samantha is when I’m done. Now I’m going to take my hand away from your mouth. If you scream, it’s going to be the last sound you ever make on this earth. Got it?”

Anna was feeling faint and tears were coming to her eyes. Doug’s breath was so foul, that her stomach was churning. She’d do anything just to get his face away from hers. Anna managed to nod again and Doug slowly removed his hand. He said, “We got a deal now?”

Anna coughed and said, “Yes, just get it over.” She was thinking oh Christ; it’s hard to imagine what diseases he has.

Doug pulled his cock out and Anna’s eyes widened. It was huge! Not the monster Frank Nichols had, but almost. Doug didn’t waste any time. He grasped Anna’s legs and pushed them back toward her chest so far, her shoes were dangling on either side of her head. Doug began to run a finger up and down Anna’s hairless little slit and then sank it into her love tunnel. Anna clenched her teeth to keep from crying out.

Doug said, “Damn Anna, this is one tight little pussy! It’s going to be great!” Now he brought the head of his cock to bear on the entrance of Anna’s love tunnel.

Anna’s pussy wasn’t very wet and she closed her eyes, trying to think of something hot to get her pussy juices going, but it was no use. When Doug started ramming his over sized member into her little pussy, it felt as if she was being split wide open. It took all her will power to keep from screaming out, but Anna knew her life might depend upon her keeping quiet. Doug finally got his cock rammed fully home and before Anna could get used to it, he started pumping it in and out of her. Now she thought she knew what Allison must have felt like. It was hurting so bad, Anna was sure there was going to be permanent damage done.

Doug was going wild. God in heaven this was the best fuck he’d ever had! Admittedly, he hadn’t had very many. For some reason, women were shy around him. Anyway, driving his cock into this tight little pussy and watching Anna’s sexy legs waving in the air as he rammed it home; was a vision from heaven. All too soon, he shot his load, but Doug kept on pounding his cock home for a good while longer. It felt too good to stop. Finally, he pulled out and got up. Anna just lay there panting and moaning softly, with tears coming from her eyes. Doug thought I’ll bet it’s the best she’s ever had and she’s too overcome to say anything. You better watch out, she might get the wrong idea and think I’m in love with her or something silly like that. Hell, I’m too young to be tied down. I hope she’s on the pill. Now Doug was getting antsy. Damn I have to get back to work he thought.

He said, “I have to go now. Get dressed.” Doug picked up Anna’s skirt and panties from the floor and tossed them onto the bed with the rest of her clothes. Then he repeated, “Come on now. Get dressed.”

Anna said, “I need a few minutes. Am I bleeding?”

Doug glanced down between Anna’s legs. Damn, there was a little blood there, but not much. He said, “Just a little. Don’t be a baby.”

Anna struggled up into a sitting position and brought her legs around over the side of the bed. She reached for her panties and gasped as she bent down to slip them on. Then she said, “OK you’ve had your fun.” Where’s Samantha?”

“There’s this doctor here, John Sherman. He got the hots for Samantha big time; I know, believe me I know. She left here in a cab and I’ll bet a thousand bucks that cab was going to John Sherman’s house.”

Anna was pulling her skirt up. She stopped and hissed through clenched teeth, “You lousy fucker. You fucking lying little geek. You don’t know anything! That’s just a guess, not a fact!”

“It’s not a guess. That son of a bitch Sherman has been going around here with a dopey smile on his face, ever since that hot little bitch left this hospital. He’s getting that pussy now and loving it! There’s something else too. He was banging one of the nurses here and he gave her the boot. I heard them talking about it down at the nurse’s station. I’ve thought about dating her up myself now. I can tell she’s had the hots for me for a long time. Well I have to go.”

“Wait, where does this Doctor Sherman live?”

“Do I look like a fucking phone book? You can get the address. I’m going. Better get a move on yourself.” Doug thought about asking Anna out. She’d probably jump at the chance. Then, he thought better of it, she might get the wrong idea and expect a commitment.

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