Computer Tecnician Part 1

On afternoon I get a call to go to this government office. They say that one of the users there has called about a strange noise inside her computer. When I get to there I tell the receptionist why I am there and she calls you on the phone and you come to the front to get me.
As I follow you to your desk I look around. It is a normal big office environment with dividers arranged so that each has their own small cubicle. Then my eyes drift to your behind and I catch myself staring. Your firm cheeks have my mind reeling as I imagine the possibilities.

Too soon we arrive at your desk. It is in a corner with a window and a tall divider separating you from the next person. You sit in your chair and show me the tower just underneath the desk. I kneel and listen. The noise is only the fan and I let you know I can have it fixed in no time.
As I remove the cover you turn slightly in your chair and out of the corner of my eye I see that your skirt has ridden up. Fumbling with my screwdriver and trying to get a better look I lean farther over the tower and under the desk.
As if you know what I am up to you open your thighs slightly giving me a glimpse of your pale green flimsy panties. I move farther under the desk and you open more as if in invitation. I put down my screwdriver and move closer between your open knees. Kneeling under your desk I can hear the guy a ways down on the phone and somewhere someone is typing. Throwing caution to the wind I put my hand on your ankle and slide it slowly upward. You flinch at first then slouch down in your chair as I kiss the soft skin of your calf. Sliding my tongue across your skin I leave a wet trail until I get to your knee. I pay lots of attention to the soft skin behind your knee as I rub your calf with my hands. I raise slightly so I can get my head from your knee and kiss and lick my way up your thighs. You reach down and bunch up your skirt so I can get to where we both want me to be…
From between your thighs I can still hear the guy on the phone and the clicking of someone’s keyboard. But most of all I hear my heart pounding from the incredible excitement that I feel….

I lick along the soft skin inside your thighs and you open farther to give me easy access. Once there I slide my tongue along the silky material at the crotch of your green panties. My tongue leaves moisture that mixes with the wet spot that has started to form there. I hear your breathing quicken as you feel my warm breath on you.. With one finger I push the crotch aside and slide my finger between your wet lips and inside to feel your hot wet cunt. In past the first knuckle I slide in, out, then back in. As I lick around the base of my finger I inhale your scent and my cock feels ready to burst. You slip off your shoe and massage me through my jeans with your toe. I pull my finger out and close my lips over it sucking it and tasting your juices. Holding your panties to one side I press my mouth to you, licking and suckling as quietly as I can. You slide farther downward in your chair as I cover your pussy with my mouth, sliding my tongue between your wet lips. First licking around my finger as it fucks in and out of your pussy then upward to your clit. There I savour the feeling of its hardness and suck on it running my tongue around it and over the tip. Your hands push my head into your crotch as I eat and finger your cunt.
Suddenly I hear a male voice say “Hey, have you seen this?”
I freeze and hold my breath. I think my heart even stops pounding.
You say “I can’t get up right now, just toss it over and I’ll read it later.”
I hear footsteps and start to breath in short gasps. You move your foot on my cock again as I start to relax. You look down under the desk and whisper “We will have to go somewhere soon my cunt can’t take much more teasing” I manage a smile as I slurp over your clit and your toes pleasure my stiff cock…..

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