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The line -up had already started,despite the drizzle,the cold,and the early hour on a Monday morning.
It was a rag-tag assembly of people,young girls,some alone,some with a guy,some with another girl. All were here to try out for the chance to appear live on stage at Andre`s live sex club,called,simply, Andre`s.
The owner pulled up in his low key car,an old,slightly battered Mewrcedes,with a knocked out tail light.
Andre` stepped out of the car,juggling his coffee,freshly baked muffin,and Wall Street Journal. His top men,Bert and Ernie,opened the door for him and gave him a sheaf of papers.
`They`ve all been checked out-no under age,no fugitives,all signed`,asked Andre`?
`Yes,boss`,answered Bert. His was charged with doing the preliminary work on all applicants. No need to invite the police to visit.
`Okay,give me five minutes,and I`ll be at my spot. Set them up,guys`.
Andre went to his seat,two tables back,facing the stage,and set up his breakfast and paper. The first act sauntered on stage.
This was a gal with obviously some experience,and in fine form. She quickly shed her jeans and sweatshirt-they never seemed to believe in panties,these people-and got to work on the pole.
Up and down she went,licking the pole,riding it,grabbing it with her muscular thighs,rubbing it against her smooth pussy,showing off her ass to fine advantage,sometimes dropping to the floor to look up at Andre,cupping her boobs as if offering them up to him .All in all,she was quite georgeous.
Andre` was enthralled. He watched the pole,notcing its shine. Brass. Copper. Copper stocks. He qucikly looked at his paper`s stock listings,and made a call.
`Ira !! Andre` here. Listen what happened to those mining futures you conned me into getting ? All I see is war in that country,copper going in the toilet,and..`
Andre looked over to Bert,motioned him over to the girl,who was escorted off the stage. Ernie went to the pole and wiped some Windex on it.
`Yeah,yeah I understand. Stll,I don`t want to go into this again,Ira . No more investing in Africa. Get me some simple T-bills next time,friend`.
The next act was a and woman. They seemed very athletic,and Andre was about to find out why.
The act started simply enough,with the girl swirling about the guy`s legs,handling and groping his cock. Then the man reached down and grasped the woman upside down,so that her head was level with his cock and her feet around his head. In this position,the couple proceeded to do a sixty nine,with her lips sucking on his massive cock-Andre` estimated it at an impressive twelve inches while the man explored her pussy with his tongue.
Andre` was staggered by the athletic ability this required. He gazed at the girl`s powerful grip,her perfectly shaped legs-he liked muscle on his women-and her suspended boobs,hanging in mid-air. He made another call.
`Hi,Mid-city gym ? Andre` here. Listen when is my trainer showing up today, at three ? Look,tell her I`ll want to ad something to the routine,I want some more balance added to it. Yeah,balance like in circus acts. I don`t want to get old and falling all over the place,right ? okay,thanks babe.`
He got off the phone,and motioned to ernie. Maybe,keep these on our list.
Next was a single girl whose anantomy and general physique screamed out `UNDER AGE!!` to Andre`. He cast a weary look at Bert,and walked over to the girl. He fished a twenty out of his pocket,and sweetly informed her that he had all he needed for the time,why not try his friend at the corner,by the burger place.
The girl eagerly took both the twenty and the advice. For his part,Andre` always had a keen eye on the competition and on ways to sandbag them. The owner of that establishment was an even bigger scumbag than he himself was. Andre` had standards. A discrete call to the constabulary would do fine.
Next up was a bondage act.A man and a woman with the woman on top,and the lowly man wearing cuffs,a blindfold and a look of weariness. The domme proceeded to correct the last condition.
She rubbed one of her boot-clad legs against the kneeling sub`s ass,taking care to poke his balls with the tip of the boot. The slave responded by rocking back and forth,eagerly polishing it while showing his servitude.
The domme then used her riding crop to push his head down to the floor,and then placed her heel on the back of his neck.
The riding crop then traced a line from the back of his neck to his ass crack,back and forth,before settiling on his posterior. One tap,two taps.then a crisp `Wack`.to the ass and a prompt from the dominatrix,~What do you have to say to Mistress Claudia ?` And the two were into their routine.
For his part,Andre` noticed the perfect fit of the leather vest on the domme,how it hung there perfectly,and how the cap accented her eyes just so.
He made another call.
`Louie ? Andre` here. Listen I need another suit,maybe a touch of leather in it. I`ll have to come by to show you what I mean…`

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