Carol's Awakening (Part 1)

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Carol was on her third wine, feeling as mellow as the cabernet. The conference post-mortem was being held in the hotel bar, and the other six members of the group seated around the low table were noisily discussing the session from that afternoon. Carol’s thoughts had drifted to her husband; perhaps she could use some of the ideas on self-improvement to help liven up their sex life? Images began forming in her mind and she suddenly realised she was turning herself on . . .

“So, Carol, how easy do you find it – stepping out of your comfort zone? Ever really wanted to do something – say in the love-making line – and couldn’t give in to your own wants?”

Startled out of day-dreaming, Carol realised she was being spoken to and tuned back into the conversation. Barry, who had just spoken, grinned in her direction. Carol scanned the faces, and felt herself blush as her eyes locked with Ryan, directly across from her. Ah – the self-assured and gorgeous Ryan Parkin who, at this moment, was staring intently at Carol, waiting for her to answer. Self-consciously, Carol tugged at the hem-line of her short skirt and re-crossed her legs.

Carol tried a feeble chuckle, although she felt as though the guys had turned into mind-readers. Sometimes being the only girl in the group really took its toll. “OK, well yeah, I suppose . . .”, Carol stammered, and once again caught Ryan’s eye. He appeared as though he knew exactly what she had been thinking about. Embarrassed, Carol decided to retreat. “Well, its been a long day, guys. If you don’t mind, I’m going to have a bath, and have an early night. See you all tomorrow”. With that, Carol picked up her purse, stood, and headed off to her room.

Fifteen minutes later, Carol was soaking in the tub in her room, thoughts drifting back to the earlier conversation. She’d only been married twelve months, and felt uncomfortable – or self-conscious – whenever her husband wanted to try something new – and for her, ‘new’ meant anything other than the missionary position. “Why can’t I let myself go?”, she wondered aloud. Carol picked up her razor and finished shaving her long legs. Looking at her mass of dark pubic curls, with razor still in hand, she thought “why not?”. She stood in the tub, and lathered up her unruly bush. Working from the top down, Carol decided to remove it all. Her mound was now completely bare, and spreading her feet slightly, she used one hand to part her outer lips whilst the other hand deftly maneuvered the razor. Everything felt so smooth, and plump! Examining herself in the mirror as she towelled off, she ran her finger up and down between her shiny labia. ‘God’, she thought, “I’m soaking”.

Having donned only a thong and a wrap-around robe, and feeling extremely horny, Carol was brushing her shoulder-length curls when there was a knock at the door. Looking through the spy-hole, she felt a rush of heat through her body when she saw Ryan standing there. Carol opened the door.

“Hi. I hope I’m not interrupting your solitude, but there’s something I want to discuss with you”. Ryan’s deep brown eyes were smouldering. Carol felt as though she was on fire.

“I’m here to help you overcome one or two things”, he said, “and I’ll get straight to the point. I believe you need some direction. You, Carol, are going to perform for me. You are not going to hold back. You are going to do what you feel like doing, and what I want you to do, and believe me, you have no reason to feel self-conscious.”

It was as though a dormant switch had been turned on inside Carol. She took Ryan’s hand, led him into the room and closed the door. Ryan was wearing tan chinos and a denim shirt. He loosened another button at the neck as he pulled a chair and positioned it near the foot of the couch. . He sat, with legs spread out in front of him, and commanded Carol to lay along the couch. Carol was beyond rational thought – “Maybe I’ve been invaded by aliens?” she wondered, but was beyond caring, as she lay down, with the robe still wrapped around her.

“OK, Carol, shut your eyes. Pretend I’m not here. I want you to explore yourself”. With her head back and eyes shut, Carol ran her hand over her covered breasts and felt her nipples growing harder beneath the satin robe. Pulling the robe open to one side at the top, she exposed one breast and tweaked the nipple harder. He mouth was becoming dry, and she was only vaguely aware of running her tongue around her lips.

Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her robe was only thigh length, and from his vantage point, looking straight up the length of her legs, he could see a hint of flimsy white material covering her pussy. He raised his eyes to her breasts. The robe was now pulled apart from the waist up, and Carol was massaging both breasts.

She then moved her right hand down to the lower edge of her robe, and scrunched it up to her crutch. She spread her legs apart slightly. Carol then ran her hand lightly over the fabric between her legs. Ryan could see a darker patch on the fabric where Carol’s juices were starting to run. Hooking a finger inside one edge of the fabric, Carol pulled the crutch of the panties aside. Ryan felt a gasp escape him as he stared at Carol, massaging her perfectly bare pussy. And it was dripping! Using both hands how, Carol bunched the crutch of her panties into one length of fabric – like a rope – and ran it up and down her slit. The sensation nearly took her over the edge.

Carol was beyond all thought. She was aware of sailing on a higher plane and at this point, was ready for anything.

“Pull your knees up, Carol and open your legs further. I want a better look at what you’ve got there”. Ryan’s voice was husky, and she stared towards him. With one hand, he was rubbing a substantial bulge in the front of his trousers, and with other, he was removing his belt.

Carol willingly acceded to his request. She again moved her panties to one side, whilst giving her clit and G-spot a thorough workout. She was moaning softly. As she parted her legs further, she spread herself wide open. Ryan groaned.

“Alright – not so fast”, Ryan demanded. “Stand up”. Carol almost couldn’t stop from bringing herself to climax, but she didn’t want it to end now. She let her panties fall back in place, and stood on shaky legs before Ryan.

“Take off your robe now, babe. You’re doing fine”. Carol let the robe fall to the floor, as Ryan cast his eyes over her slender frame. “Now, get down on your hands and knees, butt towards me” Ryan directed. Carol turned her back, slowly dropped to her knees and put her hands out in front of her. She rested her head and shoulders down near her hands, pointing her round arse directly up at Ryan. He got another spectacular view of this wonderful, shaved, dripping wet pussy. Just then, Carol brought one hand up between her legs and began tweaking her clit, and slipping two fingers in and out. He could hear the juices slurping and oh, how he wanted to drink at that fountain.

Ryan stood, and peeled off his shirt. Kicking his shoes and socks off, he opened his zip and pulled down his trousers and boxers in the one movement. His eight inch erection was throbbing . He commanded Carol to roll over onto her back on the floor, as he gathered up pillows from the bed. Standing over her, he placed the pillows under Carol’s upper body and kneeling between her thighs, Ryan picked up her right leg and placed it over his left shoulder. Cupping her raised butt in his hands, he drew her bald pussy to his mouth. So smooth and slippery! Carol was on the verge of coming as Ryan’s tongue expertly probed her G-spot and alternately sucked on her clit. r />

Carol was pulling Ryan’s head deeper into her until she thou
ght she couldn’t stand it any more. However, he then did something totally unexpected. He released her from his mouth, and reached out and took hold of an empty wine bottle on the coffee table nearby. He rubbed the neck of the bottle over her clit and in a hoarse voice said “I really would like to see you fuck yourself with this”. Carol eagerly took the bottle from him and rubbed herself with it. Laying back on the floor, Carol alternatively rubbed the neck of the bottle over her clit, and inserted it further into her cunt. She then positioned it upright on the floor, and squatted down over it. Ryan masturbated, as he watched as more and more of the bottle disappeared inside Carol, and she raised and lowered herself onto it, holding the bottle with one hand and supporting herself with the other. She had worked up a steady rhythm, head thrown back . Abruptly she put the bottle to one side, lay back, and furiously fingered herself to a shuddering climax. Ryan was on the verge of collapse as he watched. She pushed him away and made him stand. Kneeling before him, she took the head of his cock just into her mouth, and twirled her tongue around the tip. She felt his knees trembling as she sucked, twirled, and nuzzled. Gradually, she took more and more of him into her mouth, sliding up and down his shaft. She could feel him pumping harder, and moaning as he gripped each side of her head. Faster, and harder, Ryan couldn’t hold back anymore, and came with a roar, shooting cum down Carol’s throat.

They both collapsed onto the floor, staring at the ceiling.

“See what you’ve been missing?” Ryan breathed into Carol’s ear.

Carol looked at Ryan – her wonderful and patient husband of twelve months, and murmured “Yeah, not a bad start. But wait til you see what I’ve thought of for an encore!”

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